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Friday, 16 April 2021

Spanking Art — Four from Culver

What a treat — a bumper crop of collage art by Culver. Culver’s own descriptions and titles accompany them.

The first one may give you a clue as to who I personally would like to see make it in the semi-final against Wendy East! This is in no way intended to prejudice the outcome!

Blushes vs Janus 4

The second rounds up four spanking models for a Blushes detention, using still images from various videos (College Classics, Spanking For Pleasure and Cheek To Cheek).

Who’s First

The third collage imagines a Cheek To Cheek spanking model in the clutches of Mr Evans, at Roue's St Angela’s. Alan Bell's artwork is unretouched — unlike the model, I dare say!

Mr Evans

The fourth image uses a drawing printed in correspondence in Blushes Supplement 15 posted recently. How I've used it hopefully speaks for itself!

Too Kool


  1. Really good artwork. Great stuff.

  2. By Order of the Burning Bot. Certificate X

    Ha-Ha!! Sensational Culver, thank you kindly, Sir! What a delicious treat :-)

    Oh my! "Too Kool For School" is my fave with those here terrible twos- bubble-gum -cuties of high maintenance calibre; but all your wonderful collages do a great societal service Culver, ridding the free world of the scourge of those God darn, exasperating, precocious, lil' princess brats! Who are marauding the malls and running amok in our stores, shouting:

    "Yeah, Like, WHATEVER!"
    "Like, Like, WHATEVER, WHATEVER!"


    "Come right here at once, Natalie, said Darcy back at home, flexing the whippy-spanking stick, that lived in the cupboard for naughty bottoms. He gotten real mad, already!

    "Pull down your (Daisy Dukes) shorts right now missy...yes, and your panties! You've been asking for some tickle-tail with my cane for quite some time, young lady!"

    Boo-Hoos and sore botties a bunch :-(

    Yup! Too Kool for School - "One way ...or another...I'm gonna getcha!"
    A Blondie temporal reference on the muzak there, Darcy ? :-)
    I reckon Natalie gotten some Parallel Lines on her botty!

    So love collage 3 - Alan Bell's totemic drawing of Mr Evans of St Angela's, is such a visceral favourite of mine, from my original viewing in Roue back in the late 1970s!! Soooo loved those pioneering first copies: authentic creativity & brilliance.

    Oh my! I spent a lot of the 1960s exactly in that position (at home, not school, obvs.) panties diligently South, "cute deer/bear behind", awaiting the switchy-cane. Well, OK, the living room chair was slightly different, I guess!

    This could be one of the greatest ever weeks for your grand Blog postings, Fleas ?! IMHO, naturally! Thanks a big bunch y'all.
    Brenda "Yeah, Like, WHATEVER, Guys?!!" xx

  3. Oh yes, I remember that film Too Kool For Skool when it came out. I did indeed see it in wide screen 'spankarama' at the Eros Cinema Club in Soho (it was on very limited 'members only' release). A group of 1970s dollies get it into their pretty young heads that they're 'too kool' for their expensive, fee-paying, private 'skool' and bunk off to have regular sex sessions with a slightly older group of working class ruffians (which, funnily enough, included 'Duffy' from Please Sir!).

    Fortunately, their escapades do not escape the assiduously watchful eye of school caretaker Mr Ducker (Larry Martyn) who then dutifully reports the girls to his good friend, and Senior Master, Mr Wackford (played by a mysterious chap who went by the name of 'George Culvan' who I've never seen in any other movie – not any other 'mainstream' one anyway!) Mr Wackford then informs the errant, hot panted, stack-heel booted, young lovelies that if they wish to avoid the shame of expulsion (and the prospect of thousands of pounds of their parents' hard earned lolly going down the drain) then a period of 'home schooling' must surely be in order. He also informs them that if they really are 'too kool for skool' then they need something to warm them up!

    Cut to the interior of Mr Wackford's home where we quickly discover the source of his aforementioned 'heat treatment' – palms, straps and canes being vigorously applied to the completely naked bottoms of our four nubile young miscreants. I must say it was an absolute joy to hear and watch four such well known young lovelies being truly put through their spanking paces. The bare naked squirming and writhing, the tears, the howls, the copious flow of tears, and pleas for mercy all seemed absolutely genuine. How fetching also did the girls look in their new 'abbreviated' school uniforms, as shown in the film poster. Truly sensational.

    Another aspect of the film that I very much enjoyed was that Mr Wackford and Mr Ducker were also joined by a few other well known faces from British TV comedy of the time, Bob Todd, Tommy Godfrey and Cosmo Smallpiece. All three of these gentlemen lend enthusiastic hands to the proceedings, involving much groping, squeezing and pinching of all areas of the young ladies' naked bodies. Mr Wackford tells the girls that since they exhibited no shame in engaging in brazen antics with 'Duffy' and those other young 'louts' then they will not mind performing something of the same for himself and Mr Ducker and their guests. Of course, being nakedly exposed to the lascivious attentions of a group of, to them, sexually repulsive older men, is not at all the same thing as being lustily screwed by a number of handsome young bucks and all four girls blush deeply right down to their naked tits.

    The film ends with the reluctant girls being escorted up the stairs to various bedrooms, though in what I suppose you could call true 'Blushes fashion', what happens there is very much left to viewers' imaginations.

    'Duffy' and Carol Dawkins

    Sally Jeeson

    Madeline Smythe

    Frances Pascale

    George Culvan (with Sally Dawkins over his knee)

    Larry Martyn

    Bob Todd

    Tommy Godfrey

    Cosmo Smallpiece

    1. Sorry, that should have said 'Carol Dawkins over his knee'.

  4. Thank you, Michael. Brenda, thank you for your enthusiasm! It's Culver, this time, not the excellent Darcy. The Blondie reference you pick up on must have been subliminal. With the caption you mention, I was thinking more of the 80s 'uniform debate' which the inked drawing of the alternately dressed girl was originally intended to illustrate in the correspondence of Blushes Supplement no. 15. I snaffled the ink drawing and imagined this 'debate' as a concept behind a 70s style sexploitation comedy, tempered by a serious disciplinary theme, starring comedy actresses of the 70s sometimes nominated in this blog in connection with the OBB (Order of The Burning Bot). But Debbie Harry could certainly have used a thrashing too. Perhaps my subliminal thoughts of her were inspired by having chosen blonde bombshell Amber Scott among the four early 90s spanking video models awaiting the cane in my 'detention' collage. Culver.

    1. Hi Culver

      Firstly, thank you for your amazing art!! We so appreciate your talents (& Darcy's ha-ha!) & Fleas' unique curation of artefacts.

      Yes, apologies, that's the second time I've referred to your work as Darcy! Maybe I'm a dizzy blonde (Blondie)...or like "that silly twit", as someone once described that gorgeous, original girl in Blushes with the big frizzy 80s hair & nice, squishy-white, chubby botty. I reality, it is a luxury to see Darcy's great drawings & your art in the same week!

      I am a Blushes aficionado thanks to Fleas' great Blog. I am more au fait with the late 1970s genre of early, pioneering Janus & Roue & then the first Blushes editions in the early 80s. Needless to say, as an American, Nu West featured strongly for me too, back in the 1980s (especially Debbie & her redoubtable real life mother)

      The Damascene/gamechanger moment for me was the art work, stories & films of Alan Bell at Roue, and the contemporary Janus editions & films of 1978/79 - like the seminal Late for School (1978), The Riding Lesson (1978), The Gym Lesson (1979) and The School Lesson (1979). These had such a massive impact on me!!
      And then of course, The St Winnifred's Trilogy (1983)...with sound. Oh my! :-)

      Moreover, I was not an expert on Alan Bell as an individual, per se, until Fleas' Blog so well informed me!
      Rest assured Culver that we do revisit all your great art on this Blog...a reference compendium, if you will.
      Thank you Culver & Fleas.
      Brenda xx

  5. Anon. I think you and I must have been sitting at other ends of the same row of the Eros Cinema, watching that same film, one lost afternoon decades ago. I would have been wearing a dirty mac with a copy of The Times held over my lap. You understand exactly where I was 'coming' from in that collage. Your film research is exemplary and helps considerably in stimulating memories of that lost classic. Edited highlights of the film's spanking action later found their way onto video and you might have found me, too, a few years later, in the mid-80s, enjoying the fuzzy, cut-down purple video version in the grubby, short-lived Spankarama 'cinema' off Old Compton Street, a short walk away from the Eros Cinema in Soho. Culver.

    1. Ah yes, Culver, such happy memories! Thought of as all good fun in those days. You might remember me also:

  6. Brenda, I share your enthusiasm about thoughts of Natalie's Daisy Dukes and panties coming right down. I was substituting Janus's original kitchen spoon with the hairbrush in the hands of 'our man from Blushes', but the cane is there too, hanging in the background by the kitchen window. For the life of me, I also wanted to include in my collage the ear-pulling moment from the beginning of the original Janus photoshoot but I couldn't quite make it fit.

    Please regard this collage as last minute leafleting through the letterbox supporting Natalie ahead of the closure of this week's poll. I'd love to see Natalie go up against Wendy (and 'our man from Blushes' go up against them both). Call it legitimate democratic campaigning. Culver.

    1. Well, I guess you can't win 'em all! But you can certainly spank 'em! Culver

  7. Great. Thanks Culver. Confirms yet again why I prefer Blushes to Janus. As soon as you put ‘our man from Blushes’ with Natalie or Wendy, they even look more subordinate. He sums up the look and approach of Blushes, which they worded in the back issues ads on the inside front pages: ‘exploitation of vulnerable young ladies’ (Blushes 3) & ‘fully exposed and comprehensively punished’ (Blushes 6). And always the suggestion that ‘susceptible girls’ would be given the Blushes ‘other’ by the unwanted older men.

  8. Anon. Ah, I thought I recognised you! Thinking more about Bob Todd, you may recall his brief cameo in 'Scars Of Dracula' as a comically enraged Burgomaster pursuing his bare bottom daughter, played by Delia Lindsay, to her bedroom with the obvious intention of thrashing her. He'd caught her entertaining a lusty young buck who'd made a rapid escape from the house. 70s X-rated farce that could so easily have segued into an intense spanking scene. Fortunately, unlike 'Too Kool For Skool', 'Scars Of Dracula' is readily available on DVD!

    Thank you, marco. Yes, indeed. Culver

    1. Hi Culver. Yes, I think I saw Scars of Dracula on Talking Pictures channel a while ago. Scars of Spankula, that would have been a good film.

  9. Bob here.

    Fantastic collages,Culver.
    The Wendy and "Who"s first" ones are my faves.

  10. Bob here.

    "Whatever" girls are SO in need of some good caning across their insolent, cheeky bottoms.
    Surely you have not joined the ranks of
    the "whatever" girls,Brenda?!
    Ha ha!

    I will have to keep a close eye on you,my girl.Ha ha!


    Bob xx

    1. Hey Bob.

      A "whatever girl" ? If only, Bob. I would wear that badge with pride... "INNIT!"


      Oh my! I was more goody two-shoes like, The Waltons ha-ha! Oh my! My fairest botty was far too soft & sensitive & my mother too Spartan & strict with the rod, for me to be a "whatever girl!" ....never too late though, eh Sir ?!

      Yes, you will sure have to keep a close eye on me Bob! ha-ha!
      Not forgetting, as you know, that I gotten chaperones to keep me out of trouble as a teen in the 1970s! Oh my! With the cane in the cupboard. Those were the days!
      Hugs n spanks, Bob.
      Brenda Queenie B xx

  11. This gives me the perfect opportunity to do what I was going to do today, anyway, which is to thank our intelligent, witty community for their contributions to this blog. (And, as always, thanks to Fleas, plus in this instance especially to Culver.) Terrific ideas, and thank you 'Anonymous' for the very funny 'memories' of that film. (I'm not sure which of the anonymice you are.) The images of the 70s crumpet you chose are scorching, and it's nice to be reminded of the British repertoire company of lecherous old men in vintage comedy, who stretched well beyond the confines of Carry On and Benny Hill. Incidentally, do I remember correctly that the original of 'Frances Pascale' did a nude set for Penthouse? I have a distinct memory of her holding a flower while displaying perfect breasts.

    1. Yes, James, you do remember correctly (see links below) and thank you for your kind comments.

      She also starred as Mimi the maid in Keep It Up Downstairs (a couple of movies after Too Kool For Skool).

      Full movie here:

    2. Wonderful, thank you. I couldn't rest without hunting down the original of that 'flower' pic without the pesky logo over her lovely nipples. Photos of her bare bottom are very rare, but I've found a couple and it is a GORGEOUS little arse. Also included in my brief gallery is the most 1971 photo you'll ever see, promoting some forgotten show. FP is the middle crumpet.

    3. Ha! Ha! Yes, that final pic looks like it might be a promotion for Too Kool For Skool 2!

      The enlarged flower picture, shorn of the Penthouse logo, is indeed very beautiful. Such lovely breasts.

    4. Couldn't help but wonder who the other girls were in that pic. After a great deal of searching I've discovered that the girl on left is Luan Peters, probably most famous for her role as the sexy Australian woman in The Psychiatrist episode of Fawlty Towers, who Basil kept finding himself in compromising situations with, most memorably when he put his hand around the corner to switch a light on! The woman on the right is Sue Shifrin, who seems most notable for marrying pop star, David Cassidy.

      They are promoting a film called 'Go Girl' (1972)

    5. Sorry to have put you to the trouble of researching that image - I didn't think 'Go Girl' was sufficiently memorable for it to be worth supplying a direct link rather than creating a single gallery. But the new info is certainly interesting.

  12. Thank you for your appreciation, James and Bob. Anonymous: thanks for the links to Ms Pascal's wonderful glamour photos. I'm always reminded of her by the spanking model Trudi Baxter, who seems to resemble her a little: Ms Baxter is the 4th girl boxed in my 'detention' collage. Culver

  13. James: Some impressive pictorial research, there. FP certainly has a caneable bottom. I agree with Anon that the last photo could be a promotional image for Too Kool For Skool 2. Anon: As I remember, that's the one where Mr Pounder lets fly with his belt at the 70s minxes' hot-panted bottoms before baring them for the cane. Culver

  14. Many thanks to Culver for the stimulating collages (especially Wendy with Our Man from Blushes) and to all for the research and wit demonstrated above.

    DfG (another former habitué of the Spankarama cinema in Moor Street)