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Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Nurse’s Remedy

Another classic Roué video.
Nurse Whitworth is in terrible trouble. A letter, addressed to Mr Banks, the Chief Consultant, has been intercepted by the Senior Nurse. The missive, from an ex-patient of the exclusive Nursing Home, criticises the establishment and especially young nurse Julie Whitworth. Aware that Julie is on a final warning, the Senior Nurse offers the girl the option of punishment at her hands or having the letter passed on to Mr Banks. Reluctantly, Nurse Whitworth agrees to accept the former. She is spanked over the knee, made to kneel for the paddle, bent over a chair in Mr Banks’ study for the strap and, all in all, is a thoroughly chastised young lady.
Then Mr Banks returns unexpectedly. Irate at what has been going on in his absence, he continues young Julie’s punishment session by caning her well-marked bare bottom. Mr Banks sends the snivelling girl out of his study and then tells his Senior Nurse that he has some unfinished business with her. How, he wants to know, did a letter that was addressed to him come to be in the possession of his Senior Nurse? He bends the cane and the young girl, who earlier had been administering chastisement, now realises that it is her turn to be on the receiving end.
MF/f; year: 1980’s; time: 24 minutes
Poor nurse Julie Whitworth runs into a buzz saw, or we should say, she backs into one. Matron head nurse Ms Banks has intercepted a letter from patient Sir Henry to hospital director Mr Banks about Julie’s poor ministrations. The actors might have confused their script names, because we’ll see at the end of the film that the Banks’ relationship is measured by the length of a cane.
Julie and Ms Banks wear matching white uniforms and belts. Julie is a cunning reddish-brown brunette with long flowing hair and, we’ll see, a fashionable taste for underwear. Banks: ‘Do you want me to show Mr Banks this letter? … I think I will take you in hand … over my knee.’ Julie is given a few moments to review her options. ‘I haven’t got a lot of choice.’
Julie is taken OTK. There is a sexy moment of positioning and the rustling of starched clothing. Handspanking. ‘Don’t struggle.’ Uniform dress up, pale blue panties, garter belt, and stockings. Banks bunches the knickers and keeps smacking. Julie stands. ‘Take your pants off.’ More OTK. ‘Wait till you feel my paddle.’ Julie has been here before. ‘Oh, no, Miss.’
Julie kneels on the floor resting her head and shoulders on a chair. The paddle is a cut-out leather pattern, like a large sole, meant just for bottoms.
Julie is let up and she quickly replaces her knickers. They go to Mr Banks’ study, where the matron fishes out a long leather strap she knows is in his desk. Skirt up again, ‘Pull those knickers down.’ Full-screen closeups of a good licking from the strap.
Mr Banks comes in. What’s this? Matron explains the complaint letter, and Mr Banks is aware Julie has many more violations. He will escalate matters. He tells her to take her uniform off — now we see her sky-blue silk undies include a matching chemise. He gives her a fast moderate caning; pubic fuzz pokes between her legs (1980’s).
Roué uses duplicated screens to depict some of the strokes. Julie counts the last six and earns more because she can’t hold still. Welts appear, especially on her upper thighs. She flashes full-growth frontal intentionally. Julie’s punishment is concluded and she gathers her clothing to leave with the matron, but Mr Banks stops the head nurse. It seems the letter she had was private to him, so now it is she who needs some attention. He likes the work and flexes his cane as the scene ends.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:


  1. Lovely lingerie. Is there a follow up video where we see Nurse Banks get her dose of the cane?

  2. I'm sure it's standard issue for nurses ;)

    Nice of Steve Carell to show up for the caning.

    1. It should be. For the female ones anyway!

  3. Great film. That stroppy, whiney voiced girl (who also appeared in the similarly very good 'The Training of Julia' elsewhere on this blog) makes such a deserving caning recipient. Loved hearing her cries and protests, especially when she was being made to undress for the cane by the man. Young and pretty enough looking also and possessed of a splendid bottom for the cane. Very nice underwear and stockings and suspenders. Good no nonsense older gentleman disciplinarian also. Could have done with him thrashing both fillies throughout the film. Both bent over together, stripped to their underwear and with their bottoms bare for the cane. Shame we didn't get to see the other woman being caned at all. Oh well, always leave them wanting more, as they say!

  4. Five botties named Julie.

    This is superb, Fleas. Thank you! Those five bums are quite fabulous. So funny :-)
    And such great close ups of that wonderful, chubby bottom receiving just desserts in part 3.

    Oh my! Such lovely, harsh, relentless, resounding SMACKS of that nasty cane upon Julie's fairy-soft, velvety, opaline-white botty. Authentic & perfect. A good skelpin' young lady!
    I've not seen this film before. So thanks a bunch, Fleas.
    Brenda xx

  5. Beautiful bottom. Perfect for smacking and caning.

    1. It's a kind of bottom (and a lovely kind) I associate very much with the 1970s and 1980s. As with the nurses' uniform it is sadly part of a bygone era.