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Friday, 5 March 2021

Letters from Uniform Girls 11

Dear Sir,
I have bought a copy of Blushes 20 and must say it is one of your best publications yet, and all the others are great!
What a glorious body the girl who portrayed Anthea Ryder has, what a superb arse! It hardly needs shaping up in a gym.
Also the feature on Clarissa Wrangham was excellent — no wonder even a vicar couldn’t keep his hands off her. The story and glorious photographs also highlighted the fact that underneath many a demure young woman’s outward respectability lie bras, briefs, suspenders and even basques waiting to be revealed! Not to mention superb behinds aching to be manhandled.
But by far the best item was Ministry Business featuring the very attractive Hilary Wareham — what I wouldn’t give to have her over my knee in my office! The pictures on pages 28-29 were excellent, from standing full-skirted to bent over a table having skirt raised and knickers drawn down.
The whole sequence highlighted the attraction of French knickers worn by beautiful women, as was also shown to perfection by teacher’s wife Sarah Tillot in Whispers 5. Briefs are just right on younger girls, blue or sexy for daring schoolgirls or under sports skirts, but French knickers are wonderful on the fuller womanly body. I share also the dream of writer A.T. in Supplement 12 [actually Uniform Girls 10] of raising Julia Somerville’s skirt, drawing down a pair of silky knickers and tanning her backside.
I also enjoyed reading the letter from A.J. of South Wales in Blushes 20 who shares my liking for girls in school uniform, and must agree with the writer from Solihull that the feature on schoolgirl Sarah, she of the short skirt and black stockings in Supplement 12, was fantastic. It would be interesting to hear what other readers would rate as the best three girls over recent issues, dividing their replies into:-
a) Most attractive overall appearance of a woman.
b) Most attractive schoolgirl.
c) Best behind.
How about it? The girl bent over the desk in the white shorts on the cover of Blushes 20 would take some beating — so to speak!
Andrew T

Dear Sir,
I have just bought my first copy of your magazine Uniform Girls No. 10. What an excellent product, very stimulating.
I had reservations about the £5 cover price, but bought it anyway. Whilst I think it is rather overpriced compared to the amount of content, it is well worth it for the subject of the contents. All those lovely girls being spanked and the stories are very well written.
Personally, I would like to see more girls in school uniform (with their lovely, white socks) being taken in hand. Also, for the price, couldn’t some gentle bondage be introduced? A gorgeous girl tied hand and foot, her pants pulled down and her bum spanked.
I must admit I do like bondage and I would subscribe to your magazine, regardless of price, to see pictures of pretty girls in a dusty, rarely-used room being tied up and spanked. I’d also like to see girls in tights being punished; stockings are the great turn on, but there’s nothing wrong in a lovely rounded bum in soft, nylon tights.
Keep up the good work and I hope to purchase another copy in the future. No. 10 with its outdoor Nun/Saint story and photos was superb. How about a captured policewoman being stripped and spanked in a future story. Finally as my ‘addition’ to the celebrity spanking, As well as Selina Scott, how about Doctor Who girl Nicola Bryant (wearing a leotard) receiving a firm spanking; or Heather Locklear of Hooker. Wow.
Nicola Bryant
Heather Locklear
Discretion is the better part, M. T.

Dear Editor,
First can I say how much I enjoy your magazine. I have read all the competition and can honestly say that you are leagues ahead of them!
Last year I worked in Germany for a long period as one of a team of engineers on secondment to the German railways. I soon discovered that the Germans love CP although they have a much more severe outlook on the discipline of girls than we do. I made several contacts at work and soon found myself a leading member of a private ‘men only’ club existing to discuss and practice all aspects of CP and male domination. Membership was about equally divided between Germans and expatriate Englishmen like myself. One hot evening in August we held a contest to decide which of the members was our ‘Champion Chastiser’. We did this because there had been so many (good-natured) arguments regarding respective member’s prowess with cane, tawse and birch.
Various Instruments
All 20 of the members gathered in the hall of a local private school of which our chairman, Hans, was headmaster. As it was the middle of the summer vacation we had the place entirely to ourselves. We took our seats with eager anticipation in front of a low stage bare save for a heavy wooden chair and a small table on which could be seen the various instruments of punishment to be used in the contest. Hans outlined the proceedings. There were three competitors and each would be given 45 minutes in which to demonstrate his expertise in the fields of spanking, humiliation and the use of tawse, cane and birch. Each competitor would use identical instruments (all new) and he demonstrated these. The tawse was a heavy Lochgelly, nearly two feet long with three, nine-inch tails while the cane was equally severe, three foot long and about half an inch in diameter. The birch comprised 12 long straight branches each about a quarter inch in diameter and with the buds and small twigs left on to provide additional punishment to a tender bottom. Hans was obviously proud of it telling us that he had selected the birch rods himself that morning. He went on to say that the competitors would be allowed a maximum number of strokes for each of these instruments and, at the end, would be awarded marks by all those present for both technique and presentation. We were assured that the girls to be used for this contest (all daughters of club members) had been selected because they were in need of a very sound thrashing. He finished by telling us that the order in which each competitor would come on and which of the three girls he would get had been determined earlier by drawing straws.
Tall Slim Blonde
To keep this letter to a reasonable length I will describe only the performance of the first competitor, Phil, a colleague of mine, who was also the subsequent winner. He stood in the centre of the stage and Hans clapped twice. A door at the back of the hall opened and a tall slim blonde girl called Eva appeared and slowly walked up to the stage, her head bowed and a look of apprehension on her face. We knew her well. The 17-year-old daughter of one of the German accountants in the company, she had been a wild and unruly child and it was only now — largely through the support her father received from the club — that she was being slowly tamed. The costumes for the girls had been devised by Hans and it got a gasp of approval from us all — high heeled shoes, black seamed stockings gartered at the top of each thigh and a black velour mini-dress which covered her bottom with only an inch or two to spare.
When she reached the centre of the stage Hans started the clock. Phil first ordered her to do a slow turn, presumably so that he could examine her and prepare his strategy. The dress was completely backless, held up by a halter fastening at the neck, and there were silver buttons from waist to hem at either side. Her firm breasts were only just covered by the ‘bib’ of the dress and, to complete the picture, her golden hair was held in two bunches by black velvet ribbons. Phil pulled the chair to the centre of the stage and, sitting on it, ordered the girl to lie across his knees. He then slowly raised her skirt to reveal a pair of white cotton pants which clung to every contour of her slim bottom.
‘Take her knickers down!’ someone shouted but Phil only smiled. He knew that he would get marks for the timing of his presentation and he certainly wasn’t going to reveal her charms within the first minute. Holding her down with one hand firmly in the small of her back he began to apply heavy slaps to the seat of her knickers covering the whole area from stocking-tops to waist. The rules allowed him up to 50 spanks and he delivered the full quota while she squirmed delightfully. It was tantalising to imagine the crimson buttocks hidden from view beneath her knickers.
Eyes with Tears
When she stood up at last her eyes were wet with tears. Phil next picked up the tawse and, to our surprise, ordered Eva to lie on her back on the stage with her feet pointing towards us. She did this reluctantly, tugging the hem of her dress down and pressing her legs together to avoid us seeing too much. She was ordered to put her hands behind her head and then, kneeling beside her, Phil removed her high-heels and slowly pulled each of her stockings down and off leaving her long shapely legs bare. Still kneeling, he then brought the tawse down hard across the front of her thighs, exactly in the centre. Taken by surprise, Eva let out a scream but in seconds another stroke hit her, exactly the width of the tawse higher. She was given ten strokes in all which covered her thighs with scarlet, perfectly spaced weals.
Gripping her ankles Phil then raised her legs straight up until they pointed to the ceiling. Once again we had a delightful view of the seat of her knickers. Holding her ankles steady with one hand he again applied the tawse, another ten strokes, this time to the backs of her thighs and leaving an identical pattern. Because of the length of the tawse, in this position its tails curled right around her legs and punished further the fronts of her thighs. The stiff leather left the girl crying aloud now but before she was allowed to stand Phil slowly parted her ankles, still held up above her, until they were spread wide apart and the gusset of her knickers which she had tried so hard to conceal on first lying down on the stage was now fully revealed. Phil knew that such humiliation, albeit subtle, would get him extra marks.
Dress off next
We knew that her dress must surely come off next but could not have anticipated the finesse with which Phil would accomplish this. Eva was made to stand right at the front of the stage, facing us, and raised her arms high above her head. He then knelt beside her and, putting his hands up under her skirt, pulled her knickers down from under it. She winced as the elastic passed over her sore thighs but they were soon at her ankles and off. He then began to undo the buttons at each side of the dress until, as he unfastened the uppermost buttons at her waist the back half of the dress came away completely and she was now only protected from our gaze by its front hanging loosely down from the halter neck. Eva begged him not to ‘expose’ her but with a tantalizing slowness he reached behind her neck and undid the last support for the remnants of her dress. Immediately it dropped to her feet and, teased once again, we saw that she was not entirely naked as we had expected her to be but wearing a tiny white g-string, her pubic mound only just covered by a lacy triangle. With her hands still held up over her head Phil made her do a few slow turns. We could now see the beauty of her young body and, for the first time, admired the heavy red colour on her bottom left by the spanking. The g-string left her bottom entirely bare, a single strand of white elastic running down between her buttocks. Her breasts were as firm and well-developed as we had imagined them to be and were pushed out prominently by the position of her raised arms.
Phil had now used half the time available to him and realised that it was time to move on to the humiliation stage. This consisted of five minutes rigorous PT, including running on the spot, shoulder stands/bicycling and press-ups. By the time Eva got to the press-ups she was exhausted and glistening in sweat but Phil doubled her agony by applying the remaining 20 strokes of the tawse hard and evenly across her bottom — one stroke each time she managed to raise her body from the floor. As she only managed 12 press ups the last eight strokes lashed down as she lay panting for breath despite her pleas for mercy. The thick leather of the new tawse left a livid pattern of weals across her bottom, still very sore after the spanking. There was now not an inch of white skin to be seen from knee to waist.
We wondered if he had forgotten the cane but, PT over, he ordered Eva to walk over to the table and collect the long varnished rod with which he would continue her punishment. Soon she was bent across the back of the chair on tip-toe and her bottom high in the air. He pushed her feet a few feet apart and we could now see that the g-string only just covered her most intimate parts, a thin strip of lace running between her legs. Her bare breasts hung down very appealingly and her knuckles were white as she gripped the legs of the chair. He raised the cane and brought it down with a crack like a rifle across the tender join of buttock and thigh. Her yell rang out but immediately the second stroke fell, exactly parallel and one inch higher. He went up and down the writhing girl’s bottom with great accuracy until it sported 20 raised ridged weals, covering the markings left by the tawse with no overlap.
He had another ten strokes of the cane to use but, presumably saving her bottom for the final agony of the birch, he placed the chair at the very front of the stage and positioned Eva about three feet from it facing its back. He then made her raise her left leg straight in front of her until her ankle rested on the back of the chair, about three feet from the ground. She kept her balance with difficulty in this humiliating posture, tears running down her face. He then applied five strokes to the front of her left thigh to be followed by five to the front of her right thigh after she had reversed her position. The strokes were evenly spaced and we applauded as, when she stood facing us with her legs together, the weals on each leg matched exactly.
The Birch
More humiliation now as he forced Eva to walk up and down the stage showing off to us every aspect of her punishment. The deep wealed crimson of her bottom and thighs stood out in marked contrast to the white of the rest of her body. She was still sweating heavily after her PT and the pain of her flogging and tears smudged her mascara dripping down onto her breasts. While she was parading before us Phil picked up the birch. When Eva saw this she ran from the stage only to be caught by two of the members and dragged back again. They soon had her held down over the back of the chair, this time with its seat between her legs to keep them wide apart. Hans announced that, owing to the girl’s disobedience, Phil could give her ten strokes rather than the six laid down in the rules for the contest. The thought of what was to come brought loud screams of protest from the wriggling girl, still held down tightly by two members. Phil pushed his fingers into the waistband of her g-string and pulled it down to her knees, stretched taut between them. At last she was fully exposed and her humiliation complete.
It soon became apparent that her birching would be severe. Each hard stroke from the 12 long straight rods covered an area six inches across and drew ear-piercing screams from the sobbing girl. Phil worked methodically, with a ten second pause between strokes, up and down her bottom, not forgetting a couple for her thighs. She was shown no mercy at all, and the last stroke coincided exactly with the ‘time-up’ buzzer.
After allowing her to pull her g-string up again she was taken down from the stage and stood in the midst of the members who examined her in detail, awarding their marks and searching, in vain, for an unblemished inch of skin on bottom or thigh. Eva’s father then told us that he was delighted with her punishment and was confident that it would put an end to the girl’s misbehaviour which had included shoplifting, drug taking and general insolence to parents and teachers.
Although the other two competitors were also very good, with one or two tricks we hadn’t seen before, neither of them equalled Phil’s panache in combining undressing, humiliation and a slow, well-timed beating. He was awarded the following marks (I still have my score card!):
Spanking, 50 slaps 8/10
Tawse, 40 strokes 9/10
Cane, 30 strokes 9/10
Birch, 10 strokes 9/10
Humiliation, 10/10
Total marks — 45/50
Phil was presented with his prize — a heavy leather tawse with the words Champion Chastiser embossed on it in gold.
The next contest is to be held in July this year and if I get there I may enter myself. Have any of your readers come across similar contests in the UK?
All the very best wishes,

Dear Blushes,
I should like to tell your readers of a club which my wife and I have formed with a group of like-minded friends. We meet once a month in order to discuss and practice the corporal punishment of our girls. All the members of the club have daughters and it has been agreed among us that any offences committed by the girls during the month will be recorded scrupulously so that punishment can be given at the club meeting in front of all the other members and their daughters. Naturally, the club is selective in choosing members and at present we have six couples with, between them, eleven girls in their late teens. Our club rules are as follows.
(i) All punishments must be given before all the members. Members’ daughters will usually be present to witness the punishment of other girls both to increase humiliation and to set an example.
(ii) To guard against leniency, parents never punish their own daughters but rather this is done on a rota basis by other parents present.
Strip to Knickers
(iii) At the beginning of each session all the girls present, whether they are to receive punishment or not must strip down to just their knickers and stand to attention.
(iv) After hearing each girl’s offences from her parents, the assembly decides:
— the implement of chastisement to be used (birch, cane etc)
— the number and severity of the strokes
— on which part of the girl’s body the punishment is to be given
— whether she is to retain her knickers during the punishment
— her posture during punishment
— whether a supplementary or alternative form of punishment (other than a beating) should be given e.g. humiliation, PT exercises or one of the special punishments described later in this letter.
(v) Girls may not be bound during punishment but must obediently adopt and maintain the posture ordered. Any girl who cannot do this will be held down forcibly and receive an additional six strokes for disobedience.
(vi) All punishments are to be recorded and a full file kept on each girl and her improvement.
(vii) The identity of all members and their daughters are to be kept strictly confidential at all times.
Our last meeting
Perhaps it would give your readers a better idea of our activities if I describe our last meeting. We met at the large detached house of our chairman, a local solicitor, and immediately on arrival we, the parents, went into the lounge for sherry while our daughters went upstairs to the bedrooms to undress. After ten minutes or so we went down into the large cellar of the house which has been converted especially into a punishment room for our use. It has a cold, stark atmosphere, lit by a number of bright spotlights. Along one wall is a rack containing what is by now an impressive collection of canes, tawses, birches etc, all of which get regular use. In the centre of the cellar stands a solid table which has been covered in heavy-duty coconut matting with very sharp bristles. There is also a padded punishment bench about 3’ high and 6’ long.
While the members seat themselves in comfortable armchairs, the girls line up along one wall facing their parents and, at the chairman’s command, cross their arms behind their backs so pushing out their firm breasts — a humiliation which is an important part of our technique. One at a time they step forward to receive their punishment and I will now describe (briefly) what happened to each of the seven girls punished that night.
Karen (17 years)
Offence: Cheek to parents, poor work at school.
Made to perform 20 deep knee squats and then ordered to touch toes for six hard strokes of the cane across the seat of her knickers. Three strokes of the heavy tawse on each hand.
Knickers pulled off
Julie (16 years)
Offence: Theft from supermarket, bullying.
Made to lie on her back on top of the table. Knickers pulled off and legs parted wide. Ordered to remain in this exposed position for two minutes (very uncomfortable on the sharp bristles of the matting). Given ten strokes with a heavy tawse across the front of her thighs then turned over (legs still apart) for ten strokes on the backs of her thighs. Pillow pushed under hips to raise bottom and given twelve hard strokes of the birch on her bottom. Julie had to be restrained during the birching and so received 18 strokes in all.
Sandra (16 years)
Offence: Lying to parents and teachers.
Three strokes with medium cane across each hand. Two minutes of running on the spot. Eight strokes with plimsoll across seat of knickers.
Maggie (17 years)
Offence: Smoking.
Full ten minutes of hard PT including press-ups, knee squats, running on the spot and sit-ups. Made to lie across bench and knickers removed for 20 strokes of the birch across bottom and thighs. As Maggie had to be restrained during the birching she was ordered to lie on her back on the table and then received six strokes on the front of her legs with the cane. Needless to say, her punishment was increased by the pressure of the sharp bristles of the table-top mat on her birched bottom.
Susan (16 years)
Offence: Topless sun-bathing with boyfriend, laziness in the house.
Made to stand to attention, hands held high above head — knickers not removed but pulled as tight as possible up into the crack of her bottom. She was then ordered to touch her toes for six medium hard strokes with the martinet on her practically bare bottom. This was followed with an hour’s housework (menial cleaning tasks) for our host.
Sexual Offences
Janice (17 years)
Offence: Flirting with boys, caught in bed with boy-friend, drunkenness.
After much deliberation it was decided that, as Janice’s offences were primarily sexual, humiliation was essential to instil a sense of shame. She was told to stand on the table and remove her knickers and then to adopt a deep knee squat posture. She was made to remain in this position for ten minutes during which time all the members present examined her closely. To increase her feeling of childishness and shame my wife was then elected to shave her private parts and, the necessary equipment being procured from upstairs, this was done slowly and very methodically. She was then ordered to lie across the knee of each member in turn to receive 6 hard smacks on the bottom from each. She will receive also 10 strokes of the birch at our next meeting and must remain shaved for six months, wearing only a tennis skirt (no knickers) at home.
At the end of the session the girls knelt in line and thanked us for administering their punishments before they returned upstairs to dress. As more sherry was poured we then wrote up in detail the proceedings of the meeting and examined the Polaroid snaps taken of each girl. This was followed by discussion of new methods of punishment.
A major problem affecting us at present is a suitable punishment for sexual offences. The humiliation which Janice was made to suffer worried us greatly afterwards as it could easily excite a girl — the very opposite of what was intended. We have now heard of a method much used in the States which, we believe, will ensure complete repentance from the most brazen girl. The apparatus comprises a wedge-shaped piece of wood which is bolted to the top of a conventional saw horse whose legs can be adjusted in height. The angle of the wedges varies from 80o — 30o The girl to be punished is made to remove her knickers and sit astride the horse so that the sharp edge of the wedge presses between her legs. The horse is then raised so that her toes just touch the ground. She is forced to remain like this for a period decided by the members.
Punishment Outfit
There are many surprises in store for the girls in the next few months. For the next meeting they will have to wear a specially designed punishment outfit (see drawing appended) which gives us far more scope for stripping the girls to various degrees as part of their humiliation. Our very generous host intends to put a nine-foot fence around a secluded part of his garden and build an elaborate obstacle course within it so that the girls can be put through the most rigorous circuit training/PT in the open air. This will usually be reserved for days on which there is an extreme of temperature. At Christmas there will be a special meeting on Boxing Day at which the girls will cook and serve their parents and invited guests an elaborate meal — dressed in their punishment outfits, of course. This will be followed by a prolonged punishment session at which each girl will be punished on the basis of their total misdemeanours over the year (God help Janice!). I have enclosed with this letter an example of our Punishment Record Card (Janice’s) to show how well documented our activities are and the page from our Punishment Instrument File which describes the horse in detail.
J.N.S., Wilmslow


  1. With regards to what to do with 17 year old Janice’s pussy bush for her sexual offences, these days the punishment would be reversed. Today of course girls her age follow the fad and the bush is removed, so now part of punishment is to make them keep the bush and to a ensure this is done by regular checking by removing her knickers a lot.
    As for putting her off wasting her time with boys her own age when she should be doing as she’s told, she needs frequent fortnights with an uncle figure in the little bedroom with the single bed and no lock on the door so uncle can come and go as he likes. The other with a much older man who she does not want to do it with, along with a regime of bare-bottom canings throughout her stay, would be the best approach to take for the offences with boys her own age.

  2. Almost the perfect scenarios here-teenaged daughters handed over by their parents to be exposed, humiliated and birched in front of an audience in a special room. I can almost hear their echoing sobs & desperate pleadings.

    1. Ah yes, Geoff, such intoxicating music to one's ears!

  3. Letters are always most fascinating, thank you, Fleas!
    Oh my! I always rushed with excitement to see new letters in Janus & Roue in the 1970s, as a student. Those original letters seemed more factual, simple & less contrived in the early days. Indeed, the sound of a plimsoll or cane smacking the bare botty of a naughty daughter at home was just a natural event in British homes in the 1970s. As I always gotten to say, corporal punishment at school was on clothed bottoms, but at home it was on unclothed bottoms!

    This simple, disciplinary & societal "spanking reality" of yore, was of course brilliantly captured by the great, pioneer Alan Bell, in all his superlative artistic work (starting mid-1970s) covered on this awesome Blog. The Janus editors also had truly superb contributions, naturally.

    From the late 1980s & through the 1990s, Readers' Letters in magazines were generally less realistic & involved some bizarre rituals which I found less interesting & rather unsavoury. That is just my own view.

    For sure, my own extensive & considerable corporal punishment experience has tended focus on the quick, domestic, punishment process: dress up, panties down, & a rapid tanning of my bare bottom with the cane. Boo-Hoo! Job done! Oh my! That is how my strict, religious mother raised me & my sister in Georgia in the 1960s & 70s; & it is also the simple analysis that my friends have y'all discussed together over decades.
    All swell & always fascinating to read about the wider "broad church" here.
    Thanks, Fleas.
    Brenda xx

  4. Forcing someone to have sex against their will is not very nice. But then again neither is inflicting a considerable amount of pain on someone against their will very nice either, particularly if they are young, even if they're a young adult. But it's all OK as far as I'm concerned because it's not about reality, it's about fantasy. I just don't buy this some fantasies are OK (beating people but not having sex with them) whilst others are 'unsavoury'. Early Blushes also did have plenty of stories in which sexual acts as well as corporal punishment were involved. I mean it's all about sex anyway, even if it doesn't literally involve an overtly sexual act, and if it isn't it should be.

  5. Dear P.D.M. - I found your "Punishment Competition" to be a quite arousing narrative - very well-written! If at some time you could share the ordeals of the other two chosen daughters, that would be welcomed. Greetings from the States!