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Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Sting Operation 1

A Shadow Lane video featuring Chloe Elise.
When a wily young professor (Lance Del Toro) sets up a sting operation to catch lazy students who buy their term papers on the internet, two of his prettiest and least diligent female students promptly fall into his net.
In Sting Operation Part 1, Mr Lawrence exposes Gretchen (Chloe Elise) for the indifferent and dishonest scholar that she is, confronting her with having bought her Charlotte Bronte paper on line. And then he proceeds to expose her slim but very well-rounded bottom for the spanking she deserves. Gretchen is a beauty and her reactions are fantastic. As for Mr Lawrence, he's the kind of strict disciplinarian girls into spanking dream about.
Since Gretchen wants a chance to put her misdeed right, she submits to Mr Lawrence's will and bravely endures a hard hand spanking, a fully nude wooden paddling with a large, frat style paddle, and an embarrassing spanking in the (blush) diapering position, while fully nude. There is a reason for Mr Lawrence's unabated severity, but we won't give the whole plot away. Suffice to say, Gretchen is a very bad girl and is sternly disciplined for her sins by her determined professor.
Lance Del Toro and Chloe Elise make their Shadow Lane debuts in an intense, exciting and emotional scene. This is serious spanking, guarantee to thrill the connoisseur of genuinely disciplinary corporal punishment. This is the kind of video you'll watch over and over. Lance and Chloe are the real deal but they're also totally in the moment of the drama, he portraying the inflexible dominant, she the distressed young ingenue. It's a classic situation that is only enhanced by the very hard paddling, sound spanking and delectable exposure. You'll see Lance and Chloe in future Shadow Lane productions because they are straight out of a Shadow Lane story, she a clever, finished college girl, he a handsome, well-groomed but hard spanking grown up.
M/f; time: 34 minutes
Part 1 of 2, where a professor (Lance De Toro) snares pretty students of his lifting term papers off the internet, papers which are in fact his. Turns out these girls find ways of begging out of trouble by allowing him to spank them.
Gretchen (actress Chloe Elise) is caught and confronted. Light brunette Chloe is young here; she went on to make a number of spanking films with several producers. Gretchen begins the begging to be forgiven, and she seems willing to do almost ANYTHING. If she takes a spanking, she can pass the course and be given a chance to re-write the paper.
OTK on the couch, skirt up, white panties down. The professor will have some fun. He moves her to the diaper position to continue the spanking.
When he leaves the room to get a paddle, Gretchen takes off all her clothes and is posing for him when he returns. ‘What the hell are you doing?’ He brandishes his fraternity paddle. Gretchen puts her palms on the couch, knees locked, very fetching in just her heels. She takes a paddling and handspanking, a bemused expression on her face.
Part 1:
Part 2:

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  1. Janus, Roue, Nu West, Blushes...Shadow Lane

    Oh my! What a lush princess brat being naughty from just around your neighbourhood block?! Gorgeous Gretchen gotten her comeuppance.

    The great Shadow Lane formed in 1986 by Eve Howard & Tony Elka, previously of the great Nu-West, late 1970s. Those five companies in the above chronology sure kept my attention. Plus ca change!

    Cutey Chloe Elise has gotten such a fairy-soft botty, complete with nice tan lines, albeit a lil' too feint for my liking :-)
    Her wibble-wobble blancmange of a dimpled bottom turns a nice shade of raspberry ripple under the countless, well-deserved smacks of authority.

    Why yes, I would prefer to see her nice, snuggy, white panties pulled down immediately at the get-go (more realistic chastisement). Thus a shorter film in the making. And I would also prefer the Southern strap to skelp a few layers of petals off her magnolia-blossomed nates, rather than the paddle.

    I am also reminded that the superlative Samantha Woodley started out at Shadow Lane. Oh my!...just sayin' :-)
    A lovely treat for y'all thank you kindly, Fleas.
    Brenda xx