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Saturday, 21 November 2020


Letter from Janus 137
Natalie, Repeat Offender
Dear sirs,
I write to you to level some very serious charges against Janus and those who would claim to be the guardians of serious chastisement on your behalf.
In the past we have had several repeat offenders receive their just deserts within the pages of the magazine (Nicola Redway being my all-time favourite). However we now come across a person who is so brazen that even Hillary Hanbury-Boyce cannot curtail her antics.
Spank her, strap her, apply the wooden spoon to her bare bottom. Punishments by Ms Hanbury-Boyce, uncle, ‘the man in the grey suit’ and no doubt several of the editorial team do not seem to bring a solution to this girl’s behavioural problems.
I refer of course to Natalie.
She appeared in issue 132 to do penance for a shoplifting expedition and then again in issue 133 where she finally finds a benefactor willing to offer her reasonable employment.
Why do I complain? This young lady has already transgressed and continues on her downward spiral. On the evening of May 23rd I was flicking through the cable channels in search of entertainment when I was so taken by surprise I had to do a double take — there she was!! Well I can only describe her actions as woeful. She was starring in one of those adult films where all (and I mean ALL) can be seen. To make matters worse she was involving herself with gusto in lesbian actions, putting that stud in her tongue to some use!
There you have it!! Such dreadful behaviour.
Now what actions are to be taken?
Firstly there is the question of Hilary Hanbury-Boyce. Her lesson to this urchin must have been insufficient and I feel you should express your disappointment to her via your internal disciplinary procedures, obviously letting your readers know the outcome.
Then there is the million dollar question — Natalie herself.
So far you have failed. You have let down those of us who pay good money for your publication but most of all you have failed this young girl who after two visits to your pages has still not recognised the error of her ways and continues to waste her life away.
I believe that a full weekend punishment session is the minimum requirement to address her behavioural problems and to instil some direction into her, this of course would require a monthly appraisal by way of follow up to avoid or overcome any future problems.
As you have been unable to fulfil your obligations in this matter I would be only too happy to help in your planning and implementation of such a project which I am sure would make an excellent photo fantasy!!
Yours faithfully,
From Janus 138
It is unfortunate, but Natalie has turned out to be something of a problem.
Naughty, nubile and supposedly naive, the girl has discovered herself. Natalie has recently become a model. Acquiring inspiration and confidence following appearances in Janus and a realisation that she is the possessor of a bottom to die for, this object of itching palms now actually realises why everybody wants to smack her bottom.
These girls all do it, you know. Once they discover that good looks and an exquisite figure are a distinct advantage in life, pretty girls start the lifelong habit of exploiting what nature has bestowed on them. It doesn’t take long before they notice that macho men go weak at the knees and captains of power degenerate into fawning, acquiescent little boys ready to beg for favour and eagerly prepare to be burnt at the sacrificial altar of female beauty. Empires have crumbled because of it.
Funny, isn’t it. Girl Power has nothing to do with equality, because equality is not something that would be of help to nubile little creatures like Natalie.
It has everything to do with a supremacy of beauty over all else and total exploitation of it. In other words, Girl Power is Sex (with a capital S).
Even funnier (peculiar) is the sure knowledge that most pretty girls are not aware of the anomaly and while sweetly demanding the right to be treated as equals, are actually exploiting a dominance that is patently unequal. It is something they would not be prepared to relinquish. In fact, they would be at a disadvantage without it.
But what of Natalie? It recently came to our attention, by way of a reader’s letter, that this little CP icon has been awakened to the potency of her charms and is mercilessly exploiting them. To quote from J.H.’s letter:
… I can only describe her actions as woeful. She was starring in one of those adult films where all (and I mean ALL) can be seen… she was involving herself with gusto in lesbian actions, putting that stud in her tongue to some use!
I’m sure our readers would agree that if this were true her appearance on some sleazy, second-rate, so-called erotic, TV channel, then Natalie had much explaining to do. It was time to stop the considerate, stimulating administrations to that lovely little bum and break out the cane. Give it something to remember. Natalie had clearly perpetrated actions which had obviously and literally earned her her stripes.
The time had come. Send for Natalie.
Was the girl contrite? No she was not. She could not see that the error of her ways was, at best, degenerate, precocious and wanton. She excused her actions by lamenting that ‘girls only want to have fun’ and that (she was told) pretty girls like her often did that sort of thing. Natalie, being Natalie, believed it.
Shouldn’t she be a little less gullible then? Of course, a wide-eyed Natalie didn’t understand what was meant by ‘gullible’ and couldn’t see that she had done anything except please a lot of really nice men who even paid her a (nominal) fee for displaying her slender assets to a national audience. If she had been a Girl Guide, Natalie would probably have regarded that raunchy performance as her good deed for the day. Really, what can you do with a girl like that?
The conclusion of J.H.’s letter included the suggestion that a more comprehensive punishment session for Natalie was a project that would make an excellent photo shoot. It was a suggestion that couldn’t be refused, or ignored.
Two things clinched it. Firstly, the sure knowledge that she would please a lot of ‘really nice men’ (our readers) and threatening her with a nominal fee easily convinced Natalie to sign-up for another photo shoot. This time though, it would be a little different. Natalie would be required to take six-of-the-best with a nice whippy cane for the first time in her short and eventful young life. All in the name of art, of course. How did she feel about that?
Admittedly, there was a degree of lip-biting and a noticeable amount of hand-wringing. Her eyes expanded to what seemed like twice their size and the diminutive size three shoes were shuffled uneasily. Eventually, Natalie’s saucer-eyes looked quizzically at the cane, her pouty lips parted and the little girl voice quavered ever-so slightly: ‘If… if you think the readers would like it, I… I don’t mind. A cane won’t sting my bottom too much, will it?’
There was no answer to that. We simply phoned the photographer and confirmed the booking.


  1. The attempt in this letter to create a mythos around Natalie as a recurring Janus character akin to Nicola Redway, or Wendy East, was laudable, in my opinion.

  2. Lovely girl. Lovely bum. I always so like this typical cross-referencing of letters with articles with interviews. Added insight & intrigue.
    Great, Fleas, thanks a bunch.

    It says, "Natalie would be required to take six-of-the-best with a nice whippy cane for the first time in her short and eventful young life."

    Oh my! Sure thing. But in fact, Natalie mentioned (interview on this fine Blog, this month) that she gotten a bamboo garden cane across her bare bottom from her mother when she was naughty. I gotten strictly raised the same myself with the cane in the 1960s, but my interviews were less publicised - contained on Uni Campus & bars over bourbon.
    Brenda xx

  3. Must be said she is really cute.