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Saturday, 17 October 2020

The Uniform Series 8: Cara, The Waitress

From Janus 126. Sadly the last in this cute series.
‘Sometimes people are just so rude, you want to tip their order all over them.’ Cara Edwards chirped, half serious and half giggling at the vision of doing such a thing. Not really the kind of action one could really imagine this quietly spoken young lady to be capable of.
‘But the boss would take it out on my rear end I can tell you. Oh, don’t get me wrong, he’s very nice. But most would find his disciplinary policy a little unusual.’
Cara is just eighteen and is working hard to save up a little money for her first term at university where she will read English. ‘I find waitressing easy, I think I am naturally subservient.’ Cara giggled again.
‘It was my boss that suggested I do some modelling. He has always been very complimentary about my figure and rather overfamiliar with my bottom. Always petting it and giving it a gentle squeeze whenever praise is due. It’s no wonder he suggested I model for Janus.
‘Well, I’m sure you will enjoy your day with us. You’ll feel at home in your waitress outfit as you’re accustomed to wearing it almost every day. How do you feel about being spanked?’
Cara suddenly became very coy and a little flush in her cheeks was apparent. She looked up through her lashes and parted her lips a little, as one does when about to share a confidence. Her mouth twitched as though she was choosing her words carefully.
‘This isn’t my first introduction to spanking, you know…’ Cara’s voice trailed off as her flush deepened. She nervously giggled and looked very uncertain.
‘So when did you stumble upon it then?’
‘Earlier this year the boss threw a party to celebrate the successful first year of the restaurant. We all ate and then began to wade through the unlimited alcohol the boss had laid on.’
‘The boss had gone to his office to finish his figures, or something. Later he put his head round the door and asked me to bring him another beer. Feeling a little unsteady through a combination of alcohol and my silly high-heels, I tripped up the stairs and along the dark corridor and knocked on his door.’
‘As I entered, I realised that nearly half of the beer had left the glass and was now sloshing around on the tray. I felt very silly and suggested that I go and get another. As I giggled the beer dripped from the tray and onto his trousers and as I bent down with a serviette in an attempt to mop it up, the whole lot toppled over making a loud noise and a mess of beer and broken glass on the floor.
‘When I think about it now, I’m pretty sure I had an inkling of what would follow. All those times he had fondled my bottom had registered in my head. He told me to go and get a dustpan and brush, a cloth and a wooden spoon.’
Cara tipped her chin upwards and cast her gaze on the ceiling in reminiscence. ‘Feeling such a fool and in a hurry to get the mess cleared up, I grabbed the wooden spoon amongst the other things without thinking and stumbled back upstairs.’
‘He watched patiently as I mopped the floor, all the time turning the wooden spoon over in his hand. When I had finished he called me over to his side and began to size up my bottom with his hands. Gently he leant me over the desk and began to stroke and pat my bottom. The pats turned into smacks and each smack came harder than the one before.’
‘It didn’t seem like long before he had pulled up my skirt and was now smacking me through just one layer. Occasionally, he would stop and stroke the length of my legs.’
Cara’s fascinating account paused momentarily and the flush returned. ‘I could feel his hand stroking my skin now under my knickers and little by little the movement of his hand was pulling them down as if by magic. I was surprised to find myself excited by what he was doing.’
‘Suddenly, he delivered a much harder blow to my bottom, it was the wooden spoon. God it stung! By the time he had finished my bottom was purply-red and very stingy.’
‘It sounds to me as if you enjoyed it then. Have you been spanked since?’
‘Yes, my new boyfriend says he will try anything once, so one evening when we were joking around and he ended up spanking me. It was very pleasurable. He spanks me all the time now. He likes me to dress up too.’
And what about you, do you like to dress up?’
‘I like uniforms. I love my waitress outfit. Everybody’s always commenting that my skirts get shorter and shorter. I like people looking at me as I walk past their tables. I think high-heels and the tie really set it off — “saucy” you could say.’
‘So you like spanking, what about that stingy wooden spoon?’
Cara laughed and opened her bag. Out popped a wooden spoon. ‘I kept it as a souvenir. I couldn’t resist it, but I don’t keep this one in my kitchen cupboard, it’s strictly for the bedroom.’
‘Well, it’s about time we put it to good use then isn’t it, young Cara?’


  1. "‘Sometimes people are just so rude, you want to tip their order all over them.’ Cara Edwards chirped"

    Oh my! Fleas...take that buddy!

    "HOW VERY DARE YOU! Miss Cara Edwards!!!!
    That is a bare bottom skelping for you at once, young lady. Right here. Right now!! I have passed sentence, already. Now fetch me the wooden spoon!"

    Oh my! What a fast n furious start, Fleas. And continues at a delicious pace. I soooo love this!
    And why am I laughing, already ?! The humour is more impressionable than the wooden spoon!

    Oh my! The botty reveal in those two black n white photos is quite superlative...Yup! "the seat of learning" duly uncovered for sure! :-)

    Hi there Bob, I bet you hate this one eh ?!! Ha-Ha! ;-)
    What a gorgeous, impossible lil' brat.

    Wooden spoons are meant for cooking, right ?!
    Oh dear! Initially, the wooden spoon was my mother's "best friend", peppering my bare, soft botty, OTK, a real right good'un. (And then alas, she gotten herself a cane)
    Thanks Fleas - a lush piece of Janus content.
    Brenda xx

  2. A very pretty girl and therefore in need of a lot of punishment otherwise she will use her looks to manipulate. Once we see her tits and bush it’s clear she needs caning

    1. Pretty from the front, waist up. But a flat, boyish bottom and scrawny, crooked legs. Typical of Janus's standards in this era, along with the cold, formulaic photography and insipid text. Much better to remember the Janus of the mid to late 1970s, when it had a real sense of mischief and adventure.

  3. Bob here.

    A pretty girl.Not the most spankable bottom in the world, but I am not complaining.Mind you ,she should have got the cane.Naughty girls should always get the cane...and plenty of it!
    Ha ha!

    1. Hi Bob - I will second that, already!
      Never a wise word spoken :-)
      Brenda xx

  4. Pretty girl = needs to be smacked. I'm sure that at the time of publication there was a central London restaurant, School Dinners, frequented by businessmen where waitress service was by women scantily dressed as schoolgirls. I never went but wonder whether anyone here did.