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Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Spanking Art — Darcy 8

More original illustrations from Darcy:

When Anna married the wealthy Lord Sargent she was delighted when he agreed to let her mother and daughter live with them. The only proviso was that they must accept the same lessons in discipline that Anna does. Regular spankings, birchings and canings for every misdemeanour. And then, on Sunday evening, they line up for a weekly refresher. Lord Sargent must be exhausted. What a good man he is. He’s even offered to take in Anna’s sister.


  1. That pic of the line up in the last pic is great.

    1. I like the dirty old grandma. Wonderfully forlorn expression on her tired old features.

  2. Bravo, sir! Three generations of trollop brought under the lash. What a lovely thought! If the lure of filthy lucre is their motive then they surely deserve to suffer.

  3. Thanks to Darcy for these.

    Perhaps the girl holding the cane has just reported to her uncle's living room as instructed only to find their elderly neighbour, Mr Rogers, sitting in the armchair facing her. Invited by Uncle Basil to witness her punishment - "helps bring her down a peg or two" Basil had chuckled on the phone - Mr Rogers settles back to enjoy the show.

    As to the second drawing I would certainly enjoy seeing the teenage daughter, in a similar or further state of undress, receiving a sound birching from Lord Sargent.


  4. The first pic is nice enough but the family scene is amazing!