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Thursday, 14 May 2020


Photo feature from Janus 62
Sheena was born 21 summers ago in Wester Ross. The daughter of a crofter who had worked hard all his life, Sheena underwent a strict and very moral upbringing. Her father believed in the old values and was a Scottish traditionalist.
Education in the isolated region was provided by a Methodist Church School which was four miles away, and Sheena had to walk. Absenteeism was almost unheard-of and only illness of the severest kind would be sufficient reason for Sheena’s father to allow her to miss lessons. Bleak Scottish weather was a ‘minor’ hazard and Sheena would battle through the Highland winters to attend school.
Discipline in Sheena’s life was infrequent — essentially she was a good girl, but she recalls that it was an integral part of the traditional way of Highland life. Indeed, the tawse was as much a fixture in every household as the bottle of medicinal whisky, or the Clan tartan.
Only three times was Sheena disciplined by her strict and very righteous father. The last time was just one year prior to Sheena’s departure for London, where she now lives with a ‘liberated’ aunt. As on the previous two occasions, Sheena was tawsed on the bare bottom. She explains that she felt no rancour at the time and totally accepted her punishment. After all, she had broken ‘the rules’ and she expected to be punished. It was only natural.
Life for a young Scottish lassie in London was a series of revelations. None more so than the fact that corporal punishment is not the accepted form of family discipline. Sheena had naturally assumed that English youth was subject to the same strictures and control that she had experienced back in the Highlands. She was surprised at the freedom and waywardness of those acquaintances of her own age and believes (in hindsight) that her Scottish upbringing is the more sensible course.
Who is to say that Sheena is wrong?


  1. Marco here

    I agree with Sheena. She has a lovely tawsing bottom & looks especially good in the very last photo, looking all contrite after taking the tawse

  2. Oh my beating heart! What a beautiful girl. And what a beautifully striped bottom!

  3. That is a perfect vision of young womanhood for me. It's just how girls ought to be. Not like the prick-teasing little tarts one sees about nowadays. Very pleasing to the eyes of an elderly gentleman spanker such as myself.

  4. She has a lovely bottom! Surely a candidate for the next vote across Janus from 61 to 110. My other candidates would be Nicola (68), Karina (77), Tamasin (91), Lisa (92), Carolyn (92), Anneke (93), Juliet (95), Erica (98) and finally Lucy (99). What a purple patch the Janus 90's were. If it was possible to place a bet, I'd go for Juliet (Lucy Bailey) in issue 95. Many thanks, PG

  5. She cannot be Scottish, where's the broken nose and missing teeth?

  6. That costume is most becoming on a young lassie. I hope she takes part in Scottish country dancing also. Dress and activities which meet with the approval of her elders instead of being out gallivanting with young ruffians as girls are wont to do without proper discipline.

  7. Fondly remembered by me, this one. The transformation from prancing, dancing bonnie lassie to weeping and cowed penitent is very pleasing. Also it's fun to see the national dress being used in a fetishistic context, and the tawse slamming into that fine bottom.