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Monday, 25 May 2020

Artwork — Justice 32

Continuing on the theme of orphaned artwork not connected to a specific story or comic strip, here are three fabulous drawings by the illustrator for early Blushes (I think maybe Alan Bell), which were featured in issue 32 of Justice magazine. Each of them tells a story in itself.
Firstly, here is The Volunteer:
What is going on here? The headmaster stands, hands on hips holding a cane, surrounded by a group of girls — three senior-looking ones (prefects?) one of whom is holding a report, and seven younger plump-bottomed girls in vest and pants, one of whom has her hand up to volunteer. What is she volunteering for? Is this a group punishment and she has offered to go first, or is she volunteering to offer up the name of the culprit the Head is looking for? Are those punishment marks already on the volunteer’s bottom and that of her neighbour? What is that expression on the face of the girl on her left, and what is the role of the prefects here?
Food for pleasant thought, I’m sure you’ll agree.
Next is Punishment Crosses:
In this picture, the young lady has been given a sound strapping on her bare bottom, and has been left in the uncomfortable position of having to hold onto an overhead pipe while not letting her feet lose contact with the wide-apart crosses marked on the floor. Those look like school knickers, tie and socks, so we might guess this is a schoolgirl, but the open blouse, the dingy basement room and the unconventional punishment posture all point to this being an unofficial punishment. Has the caretaker got a new victim maybe? The girl peers over her shoulder in fearful anticipation of her punisher’s return and her toes look like they might lose contact with the crosses any moment…
Finally, here is My Upside Down World:
This is a more straightforward case of a rosy-bottomed schoolgirl receiving her comeuppance over the lap of a teacher, maybe Mr Howell from The Bookstore and Detention Room, while he holds her head down. She looks up slightly and the look on her face is of shame and humiliation — has  someone just entered the room to deliver a message maybe?


  1. Beautiful work and so elegantly drawn. The Punishment Crosses make me convinced its the work of Alan Bell. He had girls stand on books, legs spread, or in squares in various excellent videos. Having a punished girl trying her best to obey and yet receiving more punishment regardless is a wonderful idea.

    1. Indeed. He makes excellent use of a square and crosses in Reform School Discipline 2 (also on this blog). He heaps instructions & humiliations on the girl who has her knickers down and hands on her head. One particular spanking onslaught on her bare bottom and the backs of her legs means she disobeys the ‘in your square!’ barked order. She pathetically lies to him that she didn’t step out of her square. The strap is duly applied as the punishment upgrade and she is reduced to tears. Bell keeps the pressure on her with his usual control and disdain.

  2. Yes, I'm reminded of the scene in A Secret Place (January 2017 on this blog) in which a girl is made to hang on tiptoe by her arms from a bar projecting from the wall whilst she is simultaneously caned and frigged by 'Basil'. This is the follow on from the The Cellar (Jan 2017 also)in which Basil has 'Babs' (his 'ward' I think) balancing a pile of books on her head whilst she is spanked on her bare bottom and, again, simultaneously frigged. Any books falling means punishment cane strokes before the procedure then intermittently continues until orgasm. Both amongst my favorite scenes and both the work of Alan Bell or so I gather. I do enjoy video scenes with Bell in also, such a steely and resolute presence when dealing with matters at hand. And then there's the fantastic artwork which also seems to contain his own very distinctive stamp.

  3. Punishment Crosses is delightful. What an uncomfortable, humiliating position in which to find herself - legs stretched wide like a trollop. And certain in the knowledge that should (when, surely?) she fails to maintain her position many more strokes across her already painful arse - she is only just learning to think of it as her 'arse' - will be applied...vigorously.

  4. Intersting how he titled the work My upside down world. He was an industry leader. And he is much missed. He should be recognised by a blue plaque.

    1. It refers to the young lady's 'upside down world' (over the gentleman's lap) surely?

  5. All three of these drawings are quite
    superb.The almost endless possibilities
    of "The Volunteer" are wonderful to consider and you already summed up "Punishment Crosses" perfectly , Milady
    de Larmes: delightful.
    I couldn't agree more!

  6. Oh these are very nice indeed. Incidentally on Punishment Crosses isn't that a storage heater against the wall? It was not unheard of for an awkward young Miss to spend a little time wriggling her overheated rear on one of these after a good dose of the strap.

  7. The Punishment Crosses reminds me also of another spanking video, one of my favourites, Caned After School (May 2019 on this blog). You don't see Alan Bell's face in that but there's no mistaking the hectoring, insistent voice. The already spanked and tearful victim in that has to position some books at a certain distance from each other on the floor which she does after being told to 'prepare herself for the cane'. She doesn't need any further instruction to do so, it seems to be a well-honed routine. Then she is made to bend bare bottomed over a desk with a foot resting on each of the books so that her thighs are nicely spread. A number of painful cane strokes later the by now sobbing youngster is instructed to remove her knickers completely and then move the books further apart so that when her position is resumed her legs are forced even wider apart. Terrific stuff which for me really captures all the trauma and humiliation of such a caning (it's superb how he pulls her blouse up past her armpits also so that her back and most of her tits are exposed). But for me also there's a very strong sense of proper justice being done. By the end the girl is reduced to a quivering, distraught wreck which is always something that is very nice to see.

    As to the precise circumstances of the 'Punishment Crosses' picture I would guess that, as in the Reform School Discipline film, the location is just such an institution. Don't forget that in such places you're dealing with some very naughty girls, and so the treatment has to be that more severe. I think this kind of thing will be very much the norm in the 'reform and rehabilitation' facilities of the 'new moral order'.

  8. Apart from its other implications, 'The Volunteer' is a hymn of praise to navy blue gym knickers on young schoolgirl bottoms. I sing from the same hymnsheet.

  9. Bob here.

    I quite agree.Nothing beats navy blue
    Knickers , followed by bottle green then maroon and finally white ones.
    At least that's my order of preference.

  10. hi re Alan Bell - he is always in great movies .Apart from

    Jane and the Tutor/ Uncle G/ Half term punishments / first week of term / detention room / what bottoms are for /Sallys first lesson/ Roue verite / after hours/reform school - what else did he do ?