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Sunday, 5 April 2020

My Day with Janus

By Amelia-Jane Rutherford from Janus 166
Before I became a model, I’d always wondered what a photo shoot would be like, and I confess I was particularly fascinated by how a spanking shoot would proceed. Was the spanking actually real? Did the girls the magazine chose really enjoy it? How on earth did they go about choosing the person to actually administer the punishment? And what if the poor model couldn’t cope, and ran out in tears halfway through the shoot? All these worries, and more, circled in my mind on the way to my first shoot for Janus magazine. The concerns were unnecessary, I loved both the experience and the results — I was delighted to see myself on the front cover in Autumn 2006. And that’s why I found myself back in East London on a hot June afternoon, shooting a second Janus photo-story.
Unfortunately, I got rather lost while trying to find the house. I’d been sure I could find it again, but as I wandered up and down a series of streets which all looked the same, I started to worry that I was going to be really late. And I thought that the penalty for lateness at a Janus shoot might well be swift and rather painful…
I finally arrived in the right place, entirely by chance. I was flushed and breathless, and I was sure my hair was sticking up madly. It was a huge relief to discover that neither Mr Fortescue from my last shoot, nor the director had actually arrived yet, either. The photographer, who I’d met before and liked very much, was setting up a complicated arrangement of lights so I sat and chatted happily to him while I began repairing my makeup.
Janus made a great choice when they employed Andy as their photographer. I’m sure the best spanking models are girls with a real passion for CP, and to look convincing as a disciplinarian, some proper experience of CP is certainly a huge advantage. But at a shoot, a photographer with a good eye and real technical expertise is a huge advantage — and the fact that Andy is not a CP ‘player’ gives him the objective view that a photographer who’d prefer to be spanking the model himself might very well lack! Andy is brilliantly interested and open-minded though — despite not wanting to spank me himself, we had a nice talk about what I was hoping the shoot would involve (and specifically which implements I hoped wouldn’t feature) while we both got ready.
At this point, the director and ‘Mr Fortescue’, my tormentor for the day, arrived and everything changed. I’d met both before, at the first Janus shoot; they’re very pleasant, professional and friendly people. However, knowing that I’d soon be over Mr Fortescue’s knee while the director decided how much more spanking I’d need to take before my bottom reached the required colour, made me somewhat nervous (and reluctantly excited). I usually get a strange but insistent desire to escape before the spanking starts, and today I felt it particularly strongly. I hadn’t been spanked for several weeks, and though of course it’s never far from my fantasies, the reality of an impending spanking of unspecified length and intensity suddenly made me rather frightened. I wasn’t ready yet! I wanted to gather my courage first. Andy, however, was all prepared; so the director took me into the adjoining room to choose my clothes.
I like white panties for spanking pictures — they’re innocent-looking, which makes it more dramatic if they get pulled down. So I was glad when the director agreed with me, and I added reading glasses to complete the thoroughly conservative look. He approved my hair and makeup, ‘Mr Fortescue’ announced that he was ready too; so we all gathered in the drawing room to commence our Janus photo-shoot.
I’m glad to be working for Janus now, rather than a few years ago, because now the spankings can be real, and can leave genuine marks. It’d give me a horrible ‘so-near-and-yet so-far’ feeling if I had to pretend to be taking spanking, but as it is, both the marks and my reactions are absolutely genuine!
We began with Mr Fortescue wrestling me over his knee and spanking me. Ouch! He started hard; I yelped in shock, but he didn’t let up, his hand kept descending, fast and on-target; within 30 seconds my bottom was starting to feel awfully hot… Andy began taking pictures, trying to capture the moments of impact when Mr Fortescue’s hand actually connected with my up-raised bottom.
I knew this was a job, of course I did. And I was perfectly aware that my role was to hold my position as well as possible, and take the spanking until Andy had got enough pictures. But the pain is always such a shock! As the heat in my bottom turned to fire, and still the smacks descended, I just couldn’t help wriggling frantically, trying to slow him down a little, or perhaps to throw his aim off, in order to protect the sensitive area which seemed to be suffering the worst of the spanking. It didn’t work, of course. With a good disciplinarian, I don’t suppose it ever would. He simply hooked one of his legs over both of mine, pinning me into position as the spanking intensified. I’d hoped to stay quiet throughout, but as the pain built I’m afraid I found myself whimpering, then yelping, then actually screaming as I waited for the punishment to end…
Finally, to my huge relief, the director called a halt. I collapsed onto the floor for a moment; as always, for me, the feelings of relief and disappointment collided in my mind. I had wanted it to stop, but now I wished he’d carried on! I suppose that exact confusion is why I find myself working as a spanking model…
Hand spanking is often used at photo-shoots as a ‘warm-up’ because it’s meant to make the harder implements a little less difficult to cope with. I’ve never actually noticed it making much difference, but I guessed we’d be moving on to implements next. However, there was no way I’d have anticipated what happened! I was directed to bend over the old-fashioned desk; Mr Fortescue removed his belt. I haven’t been punished with belts very often, but I remembered them as very stingy and fairly light. I thought I’d cope ok. But when the first stroke fell, not across my bottom, but across my shoulder-blades, the shock and pain were briefly overwhelming.
One of the things I love about Janus is that it’s prepared to try new things for photo-shoots, even though spanking will obviously always be the theme. So experiencing my first ever back-whipping for a Janus photo-shoot was a privilege, in an agonizing and confusing kind of way! And it was certainly extremely painful. I could hardly hold position, and started to worry that pedestrians on the street below would be able to hear my cries… I could feel raised welts marking my back and I was unusually relieved when Mr Fortescue started targeting my bottom instead…
By the time we finished the sequence, the adrenaline and endorphins coursing round my body were making me feel light-headed and rather woozy! The lights were hot, Mr Fortescue had been exerting himself for some time, and Andy had started talking longingly about the biscuits he’d brought for us all. So we stopped for a break, and I made a pot of tea, while Andy shared his chocolate cookies around. One thing I love about working with good professionals in the spanking industry is that they know how to ‘switch off’ in between scenes; it’s strange to be having a cosy conversation with someone who only minutes before has spanked you almost to tears, but it’s much appreciated! I like having some creative input, so I asked if I could choose my positions for the next sequences. I ‘enjoy’ being punished in positions that make it difficult to escape, so decided to try kneeling up on a wooden chest, and placing my hands on the floor in front of it — so most of my weight would be on my hands and I wouldn’t be able to use them to protect my bottom. I think these kind of poses make the pictures more dramatic; they’re the kind I enjoy looking at most, so I wanted to create some too!
However, the position did make me feel awfully vulnerable when I discovered that the cane would be used on me next. For dramatic impact, it’s probably the best implement, of course. It produces great, clear red marks, and it’s so traditional and scary-looking. Alas, it’s also the most painful! In private, I can be persuaded into taking a caning if someone convinces me I deserve it, but a caning out of the context of punishment is so hard to face… The first stroke seemed to burn like a cattle-brand; without the comfort of knowing how many strokes would follow, or the security of knowing I was being punished for a real offence; the pain alone filled my mind and only got worse as the first stroke became the second, then the third…
Impact shots are as important for caning as for hand spanking. They’re the only way of showing we’re doing it for real. So a considerable number of strokes had to land before I was finally allowed to stand up and survey the damage! If I get punished in private (which unfortunately does happen on occasion — I’m afraid I’m not always a very well-behaved girl) my favourite part is, of course, at the end. The aftercare is very important to me; being given a hug, forgiven, and taken care of makes the ordeal of the actual spanking more than worthwhile. So it’s strange to finish a spanking shoot because though the pain was real, the punishment was not. Andy was looking a bit pale; the caning really had been rather hard, and I hadn’t been superlatively brave about it. He looked as though he could have done with a hug, too!
But there was still work to be done — I signed a model release as proof that I’m over 18, and got changed into more appropriate clothes for my journey home. I said goodbye to everyone, hoping to work with them all again and really hoping that the pictures would turn out to be good, and popular with the readers of Janus.
Then I stepped back into normal life — onto the tube train home. I didn’t sit down — it didn’t seem wise! But halfway home, on a crowded train, I suddenly remembered Mr Fortescue, in a light-hearted moment, whipping me with his tie (which didn’t hurt at all, of course) while Andy took pictures just for fun. I laughed out loud, to the surprise of people around me, and felt lucky to have had such an enjoyable day at work, when so many people would probably love to have been in exactly my position…

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  1. Ms Rutherford remains a leading fetish model and actress.