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Saturday, 15 February 2020

Survey: Vote for your favourite Janus model (20-60)

OK. Time for another survey. Janus conducted a poll themselves, back in the day, on their readers’ favourite Janus models appearing for the first time between issues 20 and 60 inclusive. So I thought we could mirror that and compare the results. I have included all of the final Janus top 10 (I will publish that list just before I publish the results of this poll, in about two weeks time) and added in 10 of my own favourites from those they overlooked.
Please check out the 20 nominees below and then vote hereAll votes are anonymous. You can only vote once but you can vote for as many different models as you like.
Do, by all means, use the Comments section on this post to lobby for your own favourite(s).
1. Anonymous ballet dancerPunishment Ballet (issue 22)

3. Belinda LaineBelinda (53), Belinda's Test (55), Belinda's Ordeal (56), Belinda Again (65)

4. Claire BrierleyCorrective Medicine (48)

5. Claire LakeContact Point (52)

6. CynthiaSweet Music (21)

7. Deborah Spencer-SmytheThe Huntswoman and the Debutante (33), The Punishment Series (40)

8. Jilly WaistroseMoral Welfare (26), Comforting Jilly (95)

9. JoannaThe Chair (35), Authentic Interview (35)

10. LisaLady Gretchen's Girlfriend (25)

13. PetraLittle Miss Narcissist (59)

14. Pippa MarshallBurning Injustice (23)

15. Sandra TaylorExertion Mansion (32)

16. Sarah JaneSarah Jane (49), Sarah Jane (50), The Sorcerer's Apprentice (51)

17. SelinaThe Pleasing I (60), The Pleasing II (61)

18. Sophie FenningtonCP Tease (53), Mister X (54), The Punishment Series (60)

19. Tracy WilkesThe Video Nasty (27)

20. Wendy EastThe Return of Mr Jardine (39), Wendy's Training (45)

I think we can all agree that’s a very enticing line-up. Here is the link again to register your vote — survey.


  1. Shame no Bambi or Alice but oh-my-word!

  2. A very difficult decision, though I have my own hunches about who will come first, second and third. I, however, have eventually plumped for Nurse Claire Brierley purely because I like the idea of a pretty nurse being caned, especially one wearing the kind of nice, crisp, feminine uniform nurses used to wear before the dreary forces of 'feminism' (such a very ironic name for that movement seeing as one of their main intents seems to be to de-feminise everything!) prevailed as Nurse Brierley does here, and she is very pretty. The story accompanying the photographs was also very good. I even thought it was going to have a classic Blushes style sting in the tail, sorry tale, but then there was a last minute second 'sting' (i.e. cop out) and not one which found very much favour with me! However, still a good story. Bit of a shame we never get to see Nurse Brierley's pussy though and nor do we read of her cringing shame at Dr Handley having a good old gloat at it (at the very least!) as he surely would have done. Nevertheless, a good story and photographs and model overall. I very much like the theme that in the implementation of corporal punishment upon the bare buttocks of pretty young ladies a man can do good as well as openly enjoy himself as he does so, and that his obvious enjoyment is part of the justified humiliation involved for the young lady concerned. Being more of a Blushes man I do hope we can eventually look forward to a similar contest to this for their young ladies.

  3. There's only two types of men. Those, into Janus or Blushes. Anyone not into spanking is a pervert as far as I'm concerned.

  4. Great work Fleas especially in pulling together pictures of the girls from different stories. Janus could be a bit staged and self-consciously a photo shoot. It’s between Antonia Du Bois and particularly Claire Lake as the naturally distressed expressions would not look out of place - in Blushes!

  5. I tend to go for the girls here whose hairstyles are less specifically anchored in the 80s. I veer towards Selina for her potential as a switch combined with sheer f-ckability, and Tracy Wilkes is always a delight though more so here because she reminds me of her Blushes work. But in the end it's between the schoolgirls for me, with Wendy East pipping to the post the highly smackable Nicola Redway on account of her innocent prettiness and meekly submissive charms.

  6. So many choices! I am into retro CP so Wendy East is charming as is Joanna and Pippa Marshall. Apart from taking a caning the first two have gorgeous pubic bushes. Pippa Marshall hides her modesty but has a very nice bottom - shame Jardine did not cane her properly! My vote goes to...

  7. What about Headgirl Ginny Norton from the Headgirl's lesson.

    1. Good shout. Jilly Norton was/is very cute. However she doesn't qualify as (a) she only appeared in Janus via ads/reviews of their St Winifred's video rather than as a magazine model; and (b) she first appeared in the role in Janus 15, so earlier than the cut-off for this poll.