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Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Punishment at the Dance Academy

A nice CalStar film featuring two pretty girls — Serena Spencer and Jenny Close.
M/2f; year: 1998; time: 52 minutes
Dancers get spanked. In the oak beam room CalStar used, scene of many spankings. A male ballet school administrator confronts a trim blond ballet dancer, played by pretty, animated Serena Spencer, who we saw take memorable scorching spankings in Thou Shalt Not Forgive, and A Very British Compromise, for her failure to perform up to standard. She is in a skimpy leotard and toe shoes.
He puts her through a series of ballet exercises (she can actually execute them); he is dissatisfied with the technical aspects; she admits she did not properly warm up for this interview, and so we move to why we are here. ‘I do know what a girl like you needs… a good spanking.’
After eleven minutes, an OTK spanking begins. Her flimsy leotard leaves mostly bare buttocks. Serena wiggles and moans in the erotic way which has distinguished her performances. ‘Take your leotard off.’ She wears a bra, but no panties — impossible under the leotard. More formal ballet exercises, but naked, anyone bored in the theatre could conjure such a scene. ‘That’s no good… no effort… kneel on the floor.’
More spanking — the oval paddle while bent double, then rocketing cracks with the stiff leather spanker bent over the couch again. Serena surges her bottom in pain, another erotic speciality.
She kneels on the floor again. ‘I’ve got one final thing for you,’ which is of course the cane. About 12 strokes, tears and gasps, before she is sent off, promising to do better.
The ballet admin man has two messages in his notebook today. A second girl, a small brunette [I think this is Jenny Close] failed to depart for Germany on the dancing contract she had signed. She wears short shorts, a peasant blouse, and is dismissive and cavalier about her behaviour, once again getting us to where we have to be. ‘Let’s have you over my knee.’
A sexy struggle, some handspanking, down with the tiny shorts to reveal a black thong. Then down with it. He has her stand for a long inspection of her bottom. He spanks her with the oval paddle while she stands and holds the beams for support. Ballet stretching, but with the thong back on.
Over the couch for a tawse, which affects her so much she can’t stand in place. Pants down to finish with the tawse. ‘One more lesson, I think.’ The cane — 12 crisp entertaining strokes. She jumps around and needs a moment to settle down between each one.
Normal stuff, this video is, except for the nude ballet. Spencer is not given her full opportunity because of the flat camera angle and a milder spanker doing the work.
Serena Spencer Part 1:
Serena Spencer Part 2:
Jenny Close Part 1:
Jenny Close Part 2:

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