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Monday, 10 February 2020

Midship Girl

From Blushes 44
‘Hello,’ she smiled. And then… ‘Oh!’
Because there were two other men as well further along in deck chairs on the deck of the boat. Yesterday there had been just the one, this one who said his name was Bill Canning, 50ish perhaps. These other two now smiling at her would be about the same age. Were they going to? She had come wandering round the marina yesterday looking at the boats, a pretty perhaps shy-looking blonde on holiday. Shy-looking but in a pair of very brief white shorts and sandals which showed a pair of lovely long, slim legs right up to her crotch. ‘Hello,’ he had said, all eyes, taking in the pretty face but perhaps even more those super long legs and of course there were tits as well under that top. ‘Hello there. Would you like a trip? My boat could just do with a pretty girl like you.’
Peggy had blushed because she was shy, with strangers at least. She shouldn’t have said yes because she was here with Gavin her boyfriend. A week at a guest house in the town. But Gavin wasn’t with her on her walk round the marina, he was off arranging about a fishing trip he wanted to do today. Peggy wasn’t keen on spending a whole day in a little boat probably smelling of fish and had been a bit annoyed at Gavin insisting on doing it. He said she didn’t have to come, she could stay with her parents who were also with them at the guest house.
‘Thanks very much,’ Peggy had said sarcastically. So she shouldn’t have said yes to the stranger on the big, expensive looking boat in the marina… but she had. She could tell Gavin and her parents she was doing something: looking round the shops, on the beach, something. She wouldn’t say she had gone with a strange man in his boat of course. But now there wasn’t just that one, them were these other two as well, now getting up out of their deck chairs.
Maybe she should have walked quickly off, away, but instead she was holding Mr Canning’s hand as he led her along the plank onto the boat. ‘So you wore them,’ he said. Bill Canning meant the short shorts. ‘Wear those shorts,’ he had told her yesterday. ‘They’re just the thing for on board. What he had meant of course was that they showed all of those lovely legs, cut so short that at the back you could even see a bit of her arse. They were tight too, tight not only over that scrumptious arse but in front too. Moulding the mound of her pussy.
‘Wear those shorts,’ he had said and she had smiled and blushed and given a little shake of her head. Then with a little wave she had walked off on the high-heeled sandals, the long legs and her arse in those shorts almost making Bill Canning burst a blood vessel. He had thought perhaps she wouldn’t, would put on something else if she came, because she might easily change her mind, think better of it. But she hadn’t and she had worn the shorts, and the same sexy high-heeled sandals. With a blue knitted top today. With her pretty face, some pink lipstick on the full-lipped mouth, and her big blue eyes and short hair. And of course those mouth-watering legs and her arse in the tight white shorts. Her pussy there at the top of those long legs, with a dark fuzz on it.
Peggy had wondered about the shorts but what else did you wear on a boat. Not a skirt because you’d be showing your knickers all the time and anyway she wanted to get a tan, get her legs brown. Gavin thought the shorts were too short, and so did her mother for that matter, but of course it was all Gavin’s fault anyway for insisting on going fishing. She had hoped even this morning that he might change his mind and they could go on the beach together. But he hadn’t and so she in turn had decided to do what she had said, although it was a bit scary, going off with a strange man. And she had worn her shorts, although well aware that they were rather short.
Mr Canning was introducing her to the other two men. One was called Jack but she didn’t catch the other name in her confusion at suddenly finding these other two here. Yes they were going on the trip. Perhaps she should have guessed that a boat this size might need more than one man to sail it. ‘These chaps are my crew,’ Mr Canning said. ‘And this lovely creature with these lovely legs is our junior member of the crew. Our Midship Girl shall we say.’
Peggy was blushing, confused by the shock of finding three of them and very aware of her short shorts. She should have worn jeans, she certainly would if she had known there were to be three men. Anyway she probably wouldn’t have come if she had realised that. But she was here and they were crowding round her on the deck. She was trying to smile and not show she was scared. The one called Jack grinned and said, ‘Well we all know what happens to Midship Girls. They get their bottoms smacked at the first sign of any disobedience or insubordination. That’s the first rule on board ship. Especially if they’re wearing sexy little shorts that are showing their bottoms off to all and sundry!’
That naturally only increased Peggy’s confusion. She didn’t know where to look — or indeed where to put her long bare legs or the tight little shorts which stopped short at her crotch and made very clear the rounded bulge of her Mons Veneris. Red-faced she put her hands uncertainly in front of her. Then she felt Bill Canning’s arm round her waist. ‘Well, as Captain of course, I shall be in charge of the Midship Girl. And if her shorts need taking down for a spanking that is clearly the Captain’s responsibility. Don’t you agree. Peggy dear?’
Peggy didn’t know what to do or say. It was perhaps a joke and she shouldn’t be silly and not be able to take a joke. The other two were noisily saying that wasn’t fair and they should all be in charge of the Midship Girl. Mr Canning pulled her round to face him. Pulled Peggy close so that she was up against him, her tits in the blue knitted top hard up against him and her tummy in the tight white shorts too. And then with his one arm tight round her waist his other hand was on Peggy’s bottom. On the tight seat of the brief white shorts.
‘Well, we’ll see about that. For the moment you two get her underway. While the captain goes down below with the Midship Girl. To give her a few basic lessons in seamanship, etc.’
Manoeuvring the steep stairs down to the cabin, her high-heeled sandals uncertain on the shiny wood, Peggy had even more, stronger, second thoughts about her adventure. It had seemed like a good idea with Gavin being so unreasonable and it would teach him a lesson. Not that she intended to tell Gavin how she had spent the day. The thought had entered Peggy’s head that well, things might get out of hand but she hadn’t really thought so; the man, Bill Canning, had seemed a nice friendly bloke, not someone who was going to rape her. Though of course they always said you couldn’t tell, the nice-seeming ones could be nasty. But she was 20, she could look after herself. Couldn’t she? Peggy was not at all sure of that now. Not with now the three of them. With that awful business, the things that had been said up on deck. And of course Mr Canning putting his hand squarely on her bottom like that. His hand cupping one cheek. It had taken her breath away. And what now… down here in the cabin. Peggy felt a panicky wish to get off the boat… but from up on deck there were the sounds of ropes being cast off. The boat was swaying. Through the porthole Peggy could see they were moving out past the other boats.
Bill Canning had to get those shorts off. Or at least down. He had wanted to get them off ever since setting eyes on Peggy yesterday. She quite simply had one of those bums that made you think of nothing else except getting at it. Those sexy shorts of course — and the long slim legs that the shorts left completely bare — made it worse, made the feeling just about uncontrollable. You could sometimes get that feeling and there was nothing you could do about it: very frequently that was the case. But this sweet young cunt had said yes to a trip and she had come in her sexy shorts and her high-heeled sandals. That had to mean only one thing: this sexy young puss was ready for something.
‘Take ‘em down,’ Bill told her. He had sat down on a bunk. His voice was thick with the prospect of getting at this hot young bird. ‘The Midship Girl has to take her shorts down. And her knickers if she’s got any on. For her first lesson in seamanship. Or do I mean seawomanship.’
She was standing in front of him on those sexy long legs with a silly look on her face. Her face going red now. What did she expect then, the silly young cunt? She was hot for a bit of fun but perhaps wanted to pretend she wasn’t. A lot of these young cunts were like that. Tripping around in sexy high heels and shorts so short they almost showed their pussies and with their hot slots throbbing away between their legs and a look on their faces as if it was the last thing they ever thought about.
‘Take the shorts down,’ he repeated. ‘It’s one of the first rules of seamanship. A girl gets her shorts taken down first thing when you put to sea. Gets her bare bum spanked. And if she’s not quick and co-operative about it she could easily get something else, eh? What your boyfriend does to you.’
The girl had even more of a silly look on her face now. ‘Look…’ she managed.
‘Do you let him do it? I bet you do. You young girls are all the same nowadays. I bet he did it last night. Come on, be honest.’
Red-faced Peggy shook her head. She shouldn’t have come. This Bill Canning wasn’t nice at all. ‘No I don’t. I didn’t. And look… I just came for a trip. Not… for any of that.’
Bill Canning leered. ‘I’ll tell him that you did it with all three of us. How’d you like that? Now come on. I just want those shorts down. And your knickers. It’s a game we always play when a girl comes on board. She has to have her bare bum spanked. It’s the rule of the ship. You’re not a party-pooper, are you? Not a prude?’
The pretty young cunt licked her lips. No doubt that hot thing that was barely covered by those shorty shorts was steaming away like a wild thing. Ten to one she had done it last night with that boyfriend: squealing out, ‘Ooooh! Don’t stop, please don’t stop! I love it.’ But they liked to pretend butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths, that they didn’t really have that thing there between their legs. ‘Look…’ she said again. And then her hands were going uncertainly to the waistband of the shorts.
‘That’s a good girl. It’s just a game we always play. Only a bit of fun. Get them right down. And the knickers too.’ There were knickers, white ones, semi-transparent, as the shorts were reluctantly slid down. The bulge of her puss stretching them out, so tight you could see the in-curve of her slit. ‘And the knicks. Come on, right down, that’s a good girl. I’m sure you don’t mind showing me that pretty bum, eh? Or that other thing. Come on, take your hand away from it…’
With her shorts and knickers finally down Peggy’s hand had immediately come across to cover her pussy. He pulled her forward and then pushed the hands away. Soft golden-brown fuzz a bit darker than her head and in the fuzz at the bottom of the triangle, where her legs began, you could see it. The lips of her slot. ‘No…ooo,’ she yelped. ‘Don’t be silly,’ he said, his voice croaky, sliding his fingers onto it. ‘I bet you do do it. Don’t you. That boyfriend.’
‘No!’ Peggy yelped. His fingers were sliding in along her moist cunt-lips.
‘I don’t believe you. Don’t tell me you’ve never done it: Eh?’ The fingers had slipped in between the wet lips. Peggy’s knees were buckling. ‘No. I haven’t. Well j…just once. Twice. But that’s all. Look… Don’t… you can’t…’
‘Just twice eh? Well I bet you let him do this all the time then. Put his fingers in your hot little box. Yes? Naughty girls love it, I know. They can’t get enough of it, can they?’
He really had his fingers in there now. The fingers had found Peggy’s clit and were working on it. A really swoony feeling. It was dreadful for Mr Canning to be doing it but it felt really swoony just the same. ‘Nooo…ooo’ she whimpered.
‘You do. You love it. Right here. That’s very naughty. Our Midship Girl will have to be cured of that. We’ll have to spank her bot until she doesn’t want it. Oh yes.’
Peggy was gasping, making little mewling sounds… and her hips were shamelessly bucking against Mr Canning’s hand, his devilish fingers. She couldn’t help herself, standing now with the high-heeled sandals some six inches apart so that there was room for Mr Canning’s hand to get right in there. At her hot, throbbing cunt. Peggy couldn’t help herself, it felt so fantastic. She did let Gavin do it, and frequently she got a real kick out of it… but Gavin didn’t do it quite like this. It was driving her out of her mind… really…
Suddenly when she was really flying, almost about to come… it abruptly stopped. ‘That’ll do then, my girl.’ And Mr Canning was pulling her down over his lap. Peggy was over his lap and his hand — which had been doing that fabulous thing — was now shockingly slamming hard down onto her bare and unprotected bottom. Oh Jesus Christ.
Splat… Splat… Splat…
Gavin asked what she had been doing all day. Peggy shook her head. ‘Nothing much.’ Was she blushing? The thought of what she had done — or rather what had been done to her… Mr Canning. Those other two. It made her feel weak just to think about it.
‘A…are you going again? Fishing?’ she asked. Hoping to make it sound nonchalant. Because they wanted her to go again. Another trip on that fancy boat. If she didn’t agree, Mr Canning had said with a leer, they would tell Gavin about today. Everything.
‘OK… I… I’ll try…’ she had said as she stumbled off the boat in a state of not really knowing which end was up.


  1. girls realy were that stupid years ago

  2. Nicholas brilliant comment. All this woke shit has really fucked things up. The amount of self aware beleaguered droids you see these days is depressing.

  3. Bob here.

    I so agree.The woke culture of the snowflake generation is indeed deeply
    And do the thoughts and philosophy they
    expand on make them any happier ?
    Not one bit,as far as I can see.