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Friday, 14 February 2020

Letters from Janus 61 — Model Nominations

From Janus 61. I will set up a new poll tomorrow for readers of the blog to vote on their own favourite models from Janus editions 20 to 60. In the meantime here are some nominations from Janus readers.
Model Nominations
I’ve decided to take up your tricky invitation in Janus 58 to nominate my favourite models since issue 20. It’s tricky because all your models are so damned good-looking. Whilst hoping that you will take the opportunity of interviewing more girls in the Punishment Series, featuring quite a few impact shots, I have, for the sake of simplicity, eliminated those who have already appeared in the Punishment Series, including my all-time favourite model, Priscilla, not to mention others like Deborah, Paula and Nicola. I have also eliminated those models who haven’t shown a willingness to be subjected to ‘impact shots’ in their appearances in Janus. That sadly disqualifies such lovelies as Sarah Jane, with her ‘smashing little bum’, and Crystal.
This still leaves me with an absolute surfeit of beauties. Top of the list is Wendy East (Janus 39, 45) who has not appeared in the Punishment Series. Going back to the earlier issues, my first nomination comes from Janus 25. Louise Derman, possessor of a gloriously round little bum, has accepted several nice whacks with the strap, thoroughly earning a return appearance.
Louise Derman
Patricia Scully’s (Janus 26) stoicism under the cane makes her another deserving case. One good thrashing deserves another, as the saying almost goes. There have been several complimentary letters about Jilly Waistrose, deservedly so, but Patricia Scully gets the real whacking in that issue, and thus my nomination.
Patricia Scully
On to Janus 27 and Tracy Wilkes, who is not only good-looking but has a wonderful look of suffering to delight us with, plus she’s been very naughty and warrants more treatment. She has appeared in some inferior rival publications and videos. If she’s still available, she deserves punishment for that certainly.
Tracy Wilkes
Cheating a little, I nominate Stella Castle from Janus 28. Cheating because she has appeared only on video, not in a photo story. Incidentally, is it her on page 56 of Janus 37? (Yes — Ed.) If it is, more of the cane or the strap whilst she’s in that position would be more than welcome.
Stella Castle
I have, perhaps foolishly, denied myself the chance of nominating Deborah from Janus 33 and Andrea from Janus 35. From the latter issue, I nominate Joanna from The Chair. Quite apart from the brilliance of the idea (thank you, Croydon reader!) and the loveliness of her bottom and legs, she winces most prettily. I’m cheating a little since she has already done an interview, a forerunner of the Punishment Series. But perhaps she could describe how she felt before, during and after the shooting of The Chair. The fact that she is not in the least bit keen on spanking and CP would in this case actually increase my interest.
Donna from Janus 36 and Christine Langham from issue 37 are both brilliant and fully deserving of a recall. Kathleen Sands’ smile as she clutches her bum following her whacking with the ruler in Janus 41 puts her high up on the list of young ladies who should make an appearance in the Punishment Series, so she must get a nomination also. Your little Vietnamese doll, Lali, has already appeared twice, in issues 49 and 50, but deserves a place in the Punishment Series, so I’ll nominate her too.
Kathleen Sands
Also in Janus 50 is Daughter in Disgrace, Jackie Storing. She really is in disgrace, too, having turned up in an inferior spanking mag. A good whacking for this impertinence is surely in order. Perhaps she should also be given a chance to apologise in the columns of a Punishment Series feature after having her cute little bum well warmed first.
Jackie Storing
Karina and Mary both deserve a nomination for their treatments in Janus 51, but Janus 53 and 54 bring us another model in a two-part study. Your CP Tease, Sophie Fennington, is absolutely tremendous. I’d love to read her views in a Punishment Series interview. I’m sure they would be absolutely fascinating. The sight of her lovely bottom ‘pancaking’ under the impact of the cane and strap once more would be a brilliant bonus. Alas for my terms of reference, Andrea has made her appearance in the Punishment Series — but what an appearance! She was good in Janus 35; she’s utterly fantastic in Janus 54.
From Janus 55 comes Opportune Afternoon, a photo story without text, featuring Phyllis and Marie. Presumably it’s Marie getting a couple of nice stingers from the crop. (It is — Ed.) If so, that earns her my nomination.
I have spent much time contemplating the three lovely young ladies in Janus 57. Finally I’ve decided to nominate Anneke and Miss Pym for a joint Punishment Series appearance.
Anneke and Miss Pym
Both Sylvia and Caroline from Janus 58 earn a nomination. You’ve given us some information about Caroline so I’d love to hear more from her.
Whittling down all your beautiful, chastened models to just these nominations has been hard enough, even though I have set a couple of rules to make it easier. Compiling a Top Ten from the nominations is even harder, though the Number One spot gave me no difficulty whatsoever.
1. Sophie Fennington (Janus 52 & 53)
2. Patricia Scully (Janus 26)
3. Louise Derman (Janus 25)
4. Joanna (Janus 35)
5. Kathleen Sands (Janus 41)
6. Donna (Janus 36)
7. Anneke and Miss Pym (Janus 57)
8. Tracy Wilkes (Janus 27)
9. Stella Castle (Janus 26)
10. Jackie Storing (Janus 50)
Reserves: Christine Langham (Janus 37), Karina (Janus 51), Mary (Janus 51), Marie (Janus 55), Lali (Janus 49 & 50), Sylvia (Janus 58), Caroline (Janus 58).
London SW2
We are indebted to this committed reader for his considered adjudgments and greatly appreciate his enthusiasm. We would like to receive Top Ten model nominations from Janus 20 onwards from other readers who never miss an issue. — Ed.

More Nominations
I am writing in response to your request for readers to nominate their favourite models who have appeared in Janus since issue 20. So many excellent girls have appeared in the last 39 issues that I found making my selections a difficult task. After some thought I decided to award each girl who has appeared marks out of 10 for her bottom, facial expression during punishment, legs, dress, punishment positions and her punishableness. After several most entertaining nights I completed my task and list below those girls who topped my list.
1. Sarah Denton (Janus 39)
Sarah’s bottom is far and away the best ever to have appeared in any CP magazine. I would very much like to see her again in school uniform receiving a sound caning.
2. Claire Brierley (Janus 48)
I would like to see Claire brought back again but this time as a schoolgirl. Perhaps the wonderfully strict Miss Forshaw, who appeared as the Headmistress of the Agnes Sutherland School for Girls in Janus 41, could be persuaded to take up the cane again.
3. Lisa (Janus 25)
Lisa would, I am sure, look very nice in a pair of tight jodhpurs. If Lady Gretchen is still available she could perhaps be prevailed upon to administer a sound birthing or paddling in the stable.
4. Emily (Janus 42)
Emily’s appearance in A Victorian Melodrama is my favourite period punishment sequence. She has a most expressive face (the picture on page 36 where she is receiving a cut of the birch clearly shows this) and a pleasing bottom. I’d like her to return as an Edwardian schoolgirl sent to the Headmistress of a strict girls’ academy for a whipping with a little martinet.
5. Patsy Manfield (Janus 57)
Another girl with a superb bottom which fills her tight white knickers to perfection. She would look very nice as a naughty nurse and would, I hope, respond well to a dose of a three-tailed tawse.
6. Pippa Marshall (Janus 23)
Pippa was a most convincing schoolgirl and should be encouraged to return in the same role. Her uniform was delightful although I would have liked to have seen more of her knickers than you showed last time. Maybe she would wear some maroon ones if she appears again.
7. Paula (Janus 29, 38)
Paula is a very pretty girl who clearly enjoys her discipline sessions. Please bring her back to test some more instruments of correction.
8. Jacqueline Storing (Janus 50)
Jackie is a lovely modern miss who responded well to her father’s belt in issue 50. I think she would make a very good girl guide. Perhaps you could give her a uniform and six of the best!
9. Elizabeth Davenport (Janus 29, 36)
Elizabeth administered a good whipping to Bambi in Janus 29 but I prefer to see her on the receiving end myself. Her belting in issue 36 was good but I’d like to see her getting the cane. I liked the way her knickers were pulled up into her bottom-crack; this practice should be shown more often.
10. Joanna (Janus 35)
The Chair was a great photo story and Joanna graced the pages with some imaginative poses. I’d like to see her draped over a whipping stool dressed in her French knickers again. The cane should be replaced with a martinet.
That concludes my top ten. I hope you will be able to feature some or all of them again in future issues. I’m rather sorry that it is only possible to nominate models who have appeared since issue 20 as this has precluded me from nominating my all-time favourite schoolgirl Polly who featured in Janus 19. Other girls I would have liked to include are Lindy in issue 5, Lesley in issue 13 and from the old Janus, those lovely schoolgirls Alison and Peggy in Vol 7 No 10. Naughty secretary Joan in Vol 6 No 12 and Vol 7 No 1 would also have had my vote for a return to the world of correction.
I have been a reader of Janus since 1972 and now have a collection of 149 issues in various formats plus five Spanking Specials. The first copy I bought was Vol 2 No 3 which caught my eye on the newsagents’ shelf because it contained an article entitled Seven Lessons for Knickers Watchers. I was at the time, and still am, a knicker enthusiast and consequently found the article most informative. I was delighted to find that it also contained letters on the subject of CP and I resolved to buy any future edition that I saw.
Janus has changed considerably over the years I have been collecting and is in my opinion the best CP magazine on the market. I do however miss a number of facets which appeared in early issues which you no longer feature. These all relate to subjects which I find are stimulating to read about. I would like to see a new article published about knickers, illustrated by photographs of the different styles and materials available. Janus models could wear the various styles of knicks for a punishment session and report back on the effect. I would love to see a skin-tight pair of rubber knickers used in this context.
Other areas I would like to see featured again are self-flagellation (which I practise myself), something on instruments of correction and an article on CP and masturbation. I would be most interested to hear from other readers who indulge in the latter whilst reading Janus. I am sure there are many who have interesting stories to tell. I always begin a good session by dressing in my school uniform and then give myself a good spanking over my navy-blues (genuine school variety) followed by up to 20 hard strokes of the tawse or short cane. Once this has been completed I pull my knickers up and get out my Janus collection. Reading these soon has me in a state of great excitement which clearly shows through the school knickers. I punctuate my solitary sessions every five or 10 minutes with a further tawsing over my knickers. Each tawsing seems to excite me more than the last and after an hour or so of this treatment my bottom is on fire and another part of me is ready to explode! I then turn to my favourite pictures which I have laid out before me and bring my session to a glorious finale.
W.I.’s DIY CP List
Article or letter
Vol 2/10
Letter — C.J. of Devon
Vol 6/11
Letter — G.W.A. of Doncaster
Vol 7/8
Article — Doing It Myself
Vol 7/8
Letter — Miss A.K.T. of Tunbridge Wells
Vol 7/12
Letter — G.W.A. of Doncaster
Vol 8/1
Letter — J.O.H. of Tunbridge Wells
Vol 8/2
Letter — D.M. of Oxted, Surrey
Vol 8/5
Letter — Mrs G.T. of Maidstone
Vol 8/11
Letter — G.W.A. of Doncaster
Current Janus

Letter — Miss Fabienne H. of France
Letter — Ms J.C. of Florida
As I said earlier, references to DIY flagellation have been somewhat infrequent in Janus. So, for those who are interested in DIY, I am listing (above) articles and letters on the subject which have appeared in Janus over the years. I sincerely hope that Janus will continue to be published for years to come and that you will to some extent find yourselves able to include some of my requests both in respect of my favourite models and of my CP interests.
Walton, Cumbria
Another letter on the subject, which could be added to your list, is ‘Female Self-Punishment’, Janus 56. — Ed.

Pick of the Crop
In response to your comment at the end of N.H’s letter in Janus 58, I would like to have chosen as my favourite Janus girl the lovely young woman who appeared in issue 19 receiving CP in a hotel room after changing into a schoolgirl outfit. However, you say that we must choose our favourites from among those girls who appeared from issue 20 onwards. I would, under those circumstances, have immediately chosen the girl from Janus 31 who captivated us with her portrayal of a day in the life of a schoolgirl. However, I recall that in response to a letter of mine published in Janus 38 you stated that she had emigrated. In this case I wish to nominate Andrea of Janus 35, Command Performance as the girl I would most like to see featured again in the future. Although it would be marvellous to see her beautiful bare buttocks being severely tawsed or caned, I would like, as an alternative, to see her play the role of a strict schoolmistress (academic gown, seamed stockings, stiletto heels) soundly caning the squirming, knickerless backside of a naughty schoolgirl.
On the subject of naughty schoolgirls (and what an interesting subject that is!) I must once again congratulate you on yet another most convincing, captivating and delightful ‘schoolgirl’ to entertain us in Janus 58. I am referring of course to Caroline. She is gorgeous. She has a lovely smooth, rounded, spankable behind. She plays the part of a schoolgirl very well and looks a saucy little madam who really deserves a thorough smacking. She looks so fetching with her skirt raised showing off those schoolgirlish white knickers. I’d love to put her over my knee and give her bare behind what it is clearly asking for. Please feature Caroline again receiving further punishment, perhaps as an erring wife, on that cheeky bare bum.
The photo-feature about the exhibitionist in Janus 58 was also very enjoyable. The girl was very pretty and had a lovely bottom just right for spanking. I was impressed by the way she had the seams of her stockings very straight. This is most encouraging. I do feel, however, that for shamelessly displaying herself at the window she should not have been merely spanked and paddled. She should have been severely caned.
Tyne & Wear


  1. Great idea Fleas. I’d forgotten about the wonderful Anneke & Miss Pym.

    Has that photo story been on your blog Fleas?

  2. I am very much looking forward to the new poll.

    I am delighted to read about the photo-shoot 'Opportune Afternoon' which was always one of my favourites and was quite informative for me. Would you have that one Fleas?

    Another observation - that picture of Patsy Manfield has always stirred me deeply. The look of discomfort, alarm and fear on her pretty face! Oh be still my beating hear .

  3. I will bear those stories - The Secretary and the Mistress (Anneke & Miss Pym), Opportune Afternoon (Phyllis & Marie), and Report to the WCO (Patsy Manfield) - in mind for future updates.

    Might take a while though - there's already a lot in the pipeline.

  4. Love everything you post but if you could ever add the double photo story from Janus 18 of the young feminist teacher who needs a reference and pays a heavy price for it, that would be amazing

  5. A young feminist, particularly if she's a pretty one, getting her painful comeuppance certainly gets my vote. It is with some regret that I notice that some of the feminists are getting prettier these days. Seems like their far uglier and more hardcore, dungaree clad sisters are having some success in spreading their poison to today's impressionable young snowflake girlies. To be honest, come the 'new moral order', I'll be happy to take the hide off even one of those ugly old cows just for the feeling of justice and revenge.

  6. Nurse Claire Brierley's pretty facial features, bathed in post caning tears and trauma, is a strong contender for recognition from me.

  7. Jackie Storing is a wanker's delight.

    1. If I'm not mistaken (and there's a slight chance I might be!) is 'Jackie Storing', the same little darlin' who appears in the illustrations for such Blushes stories as 'Rumours' (Blushes Supplement 13, Sept 2019 on this blog) and was 'Fiona' in Escort magazine (see link)?

  8. Jackie Storing was in a few shoots. Great looking girl.

    1. Rumours is a great photo sequence. She looks lovely especially in the close up of her pretty face starting to grimace as she is put through her bare-bottom OTK; and when she’s standing facing us being lectured with her knickers down