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Friday, 7 February 2020

Letters from Janus 59 — Girls in Scholastic Subservience & Arduous Nude Punishment Tasks with Chastisement

From Janus 59
Girls in Scholastic Subservience
I have been buying Janus for some three years now, and there is no doubt in my mind that it is the best magazine of its type available — this despite the numerous rivals which have sprung up over recent months. In the newsagents in my area there are around eight different titles (excluding Janus) which purport to deal with corporal punishment. Accepting the fact that several of the magazines are so shoddy and amateurish as to be of little or no interest to the intelligent purchaser, that still leaves a lot of competition for you to outdo every month — I am pleased to say that nearly every month, Janus comes out ‘top of the class’ in this strangely popular field of magazine competition. (I often wonder just who buys all these magazines? Ordinary people like myself, I suppose, which just goes to illustrate how much fascination there is with corporal punishment amongst the populace in general.)
So, having assured you of my strong support, I am afraid that I must go on to criticise the last two issues of Janus: 55 & 56. These editions were full of the usual outstanding Janus trademarks such as imaginative and well-shot photo-spreads, superbly crafted stories and a fascinating range of intelligently written readers’ letters; the young girls you used were, as always, of outstanding beauty. For all these reasons, I would not dream of not buying my monthly copy of Janus. But perhaps you have realised what my complaint is. These two issues contained very little, indeed almost nothing, which touched my favourite area, i.e. the punishment of schoolgirls. In Janus 55, only the short story on page 44 dealt with scholastic discipline, and 56, sadly, was little better in this respect. Only the readers’ photo of the month on page 50 gave any indication of original genesis of corporal punishment — the chastising of naughty schoolgirls.
I realise that this desire of mine, to see the pages of Janus filled with uniformed and uniformly caned fifth formers, is very selfish; the simple fact which I cannot alter is that I find corporal punishment in a domestic setting far less interesting than in a heady environment of academic subservience. I fully understand that for a great many of your readership, this is not the case, and that you, the Editor, have to cater for as many tastes as possible. All of which brings me to my main request.
Do you not think it would be interesting and instructive to provide a questionnaire for your readers to fill in and return to you, so that you might collate the results, and thus decide what aspects of corporal punishment appeal most to your readers? This would be a fascinating exercise in itself, apart from its possible value to you as an indicator of preferred contents. The results of such a questionnaire might also prove a theory of mine — namely that a publication which combined the quality of Janus with contents consisting entirely of schoolgirl-related topics would outsell every other magazine available every month.
The exact nature of any questionnaire would need careful research and planning, but at least some of the broad categories are obvious. I could illustrate this with my own (perhaps predictable) opinions:
Best text story: Schoolgirl Crush by Michael Burntwood in Janus 46.
Best photo story: The Return of Mr Jardine in Janus 39.
Best drawing: Caned schoolgirl over chair on page 31 of Janus 52.
Most attractive girl (face): Wendy East in Janus 39.
Most attractive girl (bottom): Nicola Redway in Janus 46.
Best issue in toto: Janus 39.
I think that a great many of your readers would enjoy compiling such a list, although a more widely varying set of questions is really needed, and perhaps more than one nomination should be allowed in each category. How, for example, could my list not include the excellent pictures on pages 30-38 of Janus 31, or the mind-boggling illustration on page 48 of Janus 54?
The idea of a questionnaire was covered recently by one of your rivals, although in a typically half-hearted fashion. I find the thought of the idea, in the hands of the Janus team, irresistible. Thank you for a superb magazine, but please, more issues like Janus 39 and 41.
We read your letter with interest and note your preferences, which are far from unorthodox in the genre. No doubt by now you will have read issues 57 & 58, whose schoolgirl content was higher than that of the previous two issues. This issue also contains a schoolgirl story. We attempt to cover a comprehensive range of CP tastes and each issue is a new voyage, another adventure; obviously the balance will vary from one edition to another. Only over a number of issues can one obtain a full picture, for the magazine is an ever-changing kaleidoscope of corrective experience.
The popularity of schoolgirl themes is very great and for this reason we constantly return to them, in both fiction and photography. However, as you say, many of our readers prefer other settings, especially realistic contemporary dramas which regrettably these days are less likely to take place in schools. While schoolgirls remain intrinsic to Janus, they present a slight question mark in terms of censorship in this difficult clime — we have been advised, for instance, not to feature schoolgirls on the cover of the magazine.
The idea of a questionnaire is under consideration. — Ed.

Arduous Nude Punishment Tasks with Chastisement
Thank you for the utterly superb Belinda’s Ordeal in Janus 56. I thought, after seeing this lovely girl’s warm-up (or rather her bottom’s warm-up) in Janus 55, that I was prepared for anything you might do to her but, once again, you explored new frontiers of humiliation and punishment in having her submit to such cruel marching drill. It would have been so easy to have left her in say, T-shirt and shorts, but no, Janus has her totally nude — WELL DONE!
I particularly liked the way in which, despite the severity of the drill, you did not let her off any chastisement. The drill instructor’s cane left very prominent weals on her legs (pages 19-20) while the stout five-tailed tawse was really laid into her lovely bottom: Is it my imagination or is it the sweat glistening on her aching body on pages 15 and 18? There is no doubt that none of this was posed — our lovely lady really was put through the strictest of physical disciplines for our pleasure. Please let’s have more nude drill in Janus — the only improvement I would make is that, for at least part of the drill, the girl should be made to wear a 50lb back-pack which has broad straps pulling her shoulders back, pushing out her breasts.
I am very interested in the unique combination of humiliation, arduous work and punishment in such techniques as drill and punishment PT. Could I also suggest that you show other similar punishments, e.g.:
1.   Hard labour. A naked girl is shown breaking rocks or sawing wood in a prison-type yard under the watchful eye of a burly warder with a whip.
2.   Transport. A rickshaw-type vehicle would be used for a nude girl to transport her master around his extensive estate. He is heavy and yet she must run at a brisk trot, encouraged by a riding crop applied to her back and bottom. Where several girls are to be punished, races would be organised.
3.   Treadmill. Several girls forced to spend anything up to an hour on the modern equivalent of the Victorian prisons’ treadmill — the exercise cycle. The pedal pressure to be set to its heaviest weight and the saddle removed so that the cane or tawse can be applied freely to bottoms. The absence of the saddle greatly increases strain on the legs.
4.   Rowing. A pretty girl, totally nude, compelled to row in a heavy rowing boat round and round a lake. Her master shouts out the stroke and, sitting opposite her, lashes out with a cat at her thighs and torso. Her bare bottom is seated on the customary plank, covered in a prickly material to discourage ‘slipping’, and correct posture is insisted upon.
As you can see, I favour total nudity for the above, but wherever possible high-heeled shoes make the work harder and somehow enhance the nudity. I love the thought of sweat running over the livid ridged weals on the girl’s body, smarting like hell. An obvious observation is that the more pointless the work is, the better.
Finally, can I congratulate you on the incredible drawings in Janus — and especially, in Janus 56, the amazing illustration to the letter from Judy of Manchester (page 48).
This is easily the most erotic illustration I have ever seen in Janus and one which would make a really good poster. I wish the artist, Hardcastle, had produced a full series over two or three pages to illustrate every aspect of Judy’s fantasy life. Could you get one of your models to adopt a similar pose under hot lamps full page in colour??


  1. The best thing about these Letters pages is they provide an excuse to reprint some classic artwork - not to mention Nicola Redway's bottom :D

  2. I do like the idea of arduous work as an ordeal, with punishment for those inevitable failings as exhaustion sets in. Not sure about the complete nudity (we have to have something to look forward to), but certainly scantily or inappropriately clad. One thing I don't get is the high heels; far too dangerous for work.