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Thursday, 13 February 2020

An Appointment with the Inspector

From Blushes Supplement 31
He glanced up from the file and his eyes met hers. She felt herself shiver. ‘Karen Edley,’ he said. His eyes went down to the file again. ‘Number 754A83. Age 19. Have you been to see an Inspector before, Karen?’
‘No sir.’ Her voice sounded strange. Dead scared in fact.
‘I see. Your first time. Good. Come round here then, Karen. Let’s have a look at you.’
She had been standing in front of the wide expanse of his polished wooden desk top, its reflecting surface bare except for the file and a telephone. Karen had hesitatingly knocked and then entered, closing the door quietly behind her and then stepped forward to stand at attention two paces from the gleaming desk. Arms straight at her sides, her shiny black patent leather high-heeled shoes together. Now she stepped forward again, telling herself to keep calm. Stepping obediently forward and round the desk to where he meant, at his side. Just keep calm: you knew what you were going to get, what a girl always got on a visit to an Inspector. It wouldn’t be nice, it would be awful but not really impossible. Probably thinking about it, dreading it, as she had been doing ever since receiving the notification of her appointment — probably that was worse than the actual business itself. Tell yourself that anyway.
‘That’s better. Mmmm. You’re a pretty girl, Karen. Aren’t you? And a very nice shape too. That must attract the boys, I’m sure. Males in general. Mmmm?’
Karen Edley was indeed a pretty girl with glossy black hair cut short and dark, lustrous eyes. And her figure too, as the Inspector had remarked, slim and shapely in a striped blue-and-white sleeveless top and grey skirt. Slim, but her firm, high tits were prominent enough, thrusting out the front of the tightish top. Karen shifted her feet nervously in the shiny black high heels. ‘I… I don’t know, sir.’
‘Don’t know, Karen? I’m sure you do. I am sure you’re well aware how attractive you are to the male sex. Do you have a regular boyfriend, Karen?’
‘Yes sir.’
‘But not indulging in what you shouldn’t, I hope? Sexual intercourse.’
Karen shook her head. ‘No sir.’ Blushing slightly perhaps now. A girl wasn’t allowed to have intercourse before she was married. For reasons of public hygiene as well as for moral considerations. Not with a boyfriend at least. However a member of the Party could have an unmarried girl as a girlfriend and if he wanted to have intercourse — as one would assume he would — there was no problem with that. Members of the Party were not covered by the rules for normal citizens. And if a Party member saw a pretty girl and wanted her then he had her, it was as simple as that.
‘And no… ah… special relationship at present, Karen?’
The Inspector was referring to that: a relationship with a Party member. Karen shuffled her feet nervously again, knowing what he meant. If a Party member saw her and fancied her she wouldn’t have any choice. It wasn’t a nice thought. She thought of it at times and so of course did Simon her boyfriend. He sometimes asked her, obliquely, not wanting to come right out and ask directly but obviously afraid that Karen might have been approached by someone. For perhaps a one-night stand or something more permanent but either way Karen would have had to say yes. In a way it was perhaps surprising that she hadn’t been approached yet as she was such an attractive girl. That clearly was what Simon thought, and feared. Partly the reason was that Karen worked in a factory with other girls and women. If she had been a typist for instance there was no doubt she would have been had by someone by now. She shook her head and said. ‘No sir,’ to the Inspector.
‘No? Hmmmm. Surprising perhaps, Karen?’ The Inspector meant the same thing: it was surprising that someone hadn’t had a go at her. ‘And you’ve never… ah… had anything like that?’
‘No sir.’ Red-faced now.
‘Mmmm… well you’d certainly be a very attractive number for someone.’ His hand came out and slid lightly over Karen’s shapely tits, held in only a skimpy lightweight bra under the thin top. ‘It’s good for a girl, to have something like that. An educational experience. Yes.’ His hand squeezed a firmly jutting boob and then came away. ‘All right. Let’s see some more of you. Lift your skirt. Right up. I assume you’re wearing stockings and a suspender belt.’
Relieved at least that the Inspector had stopped playing with her boobs Karen obediently lifted her skirt. The playing with her tits came as no surprise and although it was not nice there was nothing you could do about it: certainly not complain. The same went for being asked — or told — to lift up your skirt. And anyway, knowing what was sure to come…
Karen’s sheer black nylons were fastened with the slim straps of a sexy black suspender belt. Above the taut straps and the soft bare upper thighs was a pair of tight and brief knickers, blue-and-mauve patterned on white. The pretty knickers hugged Karen’s womanly hips and the swelling mound of her Mount of Venus. All in all it was an enticing show — but then you knew what you were supposed to wear for an appointment with a State Inspector. And if you were sensible you did.
‘Very nice,’ the Inspector said approvingly. ‘Good. I had a girl come to me last week wearing tights.’ He shook his head. ‘One would expect any girl to know better.’ He smiled a little grimly. ‘But I’ve no doubt she’ll remember the next time. What do you think, Karen?’
As he spoke the Inspector’s hand took hold of that bulge at the top of Karen’s thighs. The ripe pubic mound warm in the tight nylon of her knickers. ‘Do you agree, Karen?’
Karen gasped out something that was meant to be agreement. You did not disagree with an Inspector. But his fingers were intimately handling her pussy. One finger sliding in along the line of the lips, at Karen’s entrance.
Stroking it with his middle finger the Inspector said, ‘I gave her the cane until she was quite sure she couldn’t take any more.’ He laughed softly. ‘But then of course she found she had to take some more. You understand, Karen?’
Y…Y…Yes sir.’ The finger was still doing its awful, knee-trembling business.
‘And what about Karen Edley then? She will have to have the cane too of course. Naturally. A girl has to be given a taste of it when she comes to see an Inspector. We know that. Don’t we, Karen?’
Karen did know it. If you got an appointment with an Inspector you were going to get the cane. That was a fact of life — or of the State. Even if you wore the recommended sort of outfit. High heels and stockings. A suspender belt under a short skirt. You were still going to get the cane. ‘Y…Yes sir,’ she stuttered.
‘A young woman needs a touch of the cane now and then. A little reminder on discipline. Still, when she’s worn the right sort of outfit and there are no real problems noted on her file — well, it won’t have to be a particularly severe one. Not like that Samantha I think her name was.’
His hand was still rubbing along the lips of Karen’s pussy. She had her knees slightly apart now, so as not to appear to be trying to stop what the Inspector was doing. Karen could feel she was getting wet there, unavoidably with what the Inspector was doing. Her knees and thighs were trembling. It was really dreadful having to stand at attention holding your skirt up while he did this to you. She had been expecting to get the cane but hadn’t really thought about this. This dreadful sweat-making business.
‘Shall we get them down then, Karen? These pretty knickers. As I say you’ve got a good report, no problems it would seem. But I need to give you a reminder with the cane.’
He took his hand away from Karen’s now moist slot. That at least was something, not to have his fingers there. Karen took a deep breath to try to compose herself. The Inspector’s hand was at the top of her knickers. Sliding them down. In a way the cane would be a relief. When she’d had the cane this dreadful interview would be over. The cane would hurt, it was bound to. Don’t think about it, try to close your mind. Everyone had to have it sooner or later. Some girls of course with problems on their files got it lots of times. So don’t get panicky. At least the other thing had stopped…
Suddenly Karen’s breath hissed out. Her knickers were down and the Inspector’s hand was back there. Her pussy. Now on the bare: the bush of soft black curls. His fingers in underneath. Where she was now sticky wet.
‘You like this, do you, my dear? You like me doing this.’
She shook her head. Not knowing what to say and not really able to produce any words. The Inspector’s fingers had slid in Karen’s wet entrance, in between the slippery lips. ‘You’re quite responsive, aren’t you? Does your boyfriend do this? Stimulate you?’
Karen’s mouth opened but no words seemed to want to come out. It was not illegal, a couple going out regularly were not committing any offence by practising stimulation, or masturbation. Karen let Simon do what the Inspector was doing now, his two fingers stroking her clit. ‘Y…yes…’ she finally managed. ‘Yes sir.’
‘And do you do it to him? Stimulation?’
‘Yes sir.’ In a tiny, gaspy voice.
‘Your hand? With your hand? Or do you use your mouth as well. Sucking.’
‘Mmm… only m…my hand, sir…’
‘Mmmm. Well there are no problems with doing those things, Karen. The State allows them. An acceptable safety valve for young persons’ emotions. As long as you don’t engage in the actual thing. Good.’
The awful hand came away. ‘I don’t think I’ll do that any further. I think you’re in a very good state right now to have the business. A bit hot and bothered, eh Karen? Just nice. I’ll give you a spanking first and then it’ll be the cane. Come on, let’s have you over my lap…’
The room seemed to be going round and round in Karen’s head but she was over the Inspector’s lap all right. Her head hanging down near the floor and her bottom nicely up across her thighs. The Inspector’s hand came in between her trembling thighs for a brief rub at Karen’s hot wet sex and then the hand was slamming down onto the upthrust cheeks. Hard stinging spanks that knocked the breath right out of her lungs. Knocked it out in gasping yelps as slam after slam thudded in onto Karen’s unprotected bum. She hadn’t even thought of a spanking, just the cane. And the caning, which would follow this, would be worse because a caning had to be worse than a spanking.
I can’t take the cane Karen told herself. The Inspector was still slamming his hand down on her poor bottom which was writhing and rolling about. I can’t take that cane. I’ll have to tell him. But of course the Inspector would take no notice. Or if he did it would only be to give her extra strokes of the cane…
She didn’t want to tell Simon. Though he would know of course. About the cane. Everyone would know that she’d had the cane because a girl always got it when she saw an Inspector. They would know it at work and the older women would be bound to tease her as they always did when a girl had gone to see an Inspector. Girls of Karen’s age didn’t tease so much — because there was every chance that it could be their turn next week or the week after. Yes they would all know as Simon knew. But Karen didn’t want to talk about it.
She didn’t want to think about it. The spanking… and then the cane. ‘We’ll have you stripped down for the cane, Miss. Everything off except your shoes and stockings and the suspender belt. Then I want you up on my desk. On your back on the desk, your legs held up above you.’
No she didn’t want to talk or think about it — although it was all throbbing indelibly in her mind. That long, whippy cane slicing down onto her upturned buttocks already smarting from the Inspector’s fierce spanking. That cane… ‘Take your hand away. If you do that you’ll simply get more strokes. Is that what you want? Hold your legs with both hands and keep them there. Relax the buttocks… and keep them still…’
No she didn’t want to think about it but it was filling her head to the exclusion of everything else. Which included for the moment that other thing. What the Inspector had told her before she had left, when somehow Karen’s shaking hands had managed to get her clothes on again. He was going to give her name to a friend of his, a Party member of course. A member whom he was sure would be extremely pleased to meet her. ‘I’m sure you’ll be exactly what he’s looking for. And it will be good for you, Karen. In fact it’s just what you need, a pretty girl of your age. Nineteen is about the ideal age I think.’
Karen knew what it meant but at the moment the full impact hadn’t hit her. She couldn’t properly take it in because her mind could only really think of the caning still. Later, though, she would, when the immediacy of the caning was less. And then… she wouldn’t tell Simon. She couldn’t possibly tell Simon. That she was going to have to meet this man. Who would want something else. The thing she wasn’t allowed to do with Simon. She couldn’t tell Simon. She would have to keep it from him. Somehow.


  1. Another fascinating glimpse into the world of the 'new moral order'. I would have made one slight adjustment to the very enjoyable text. When the inspector starts to finger Karen's naked pussy and asks whether she's enjoying what he's doing to her it should have been made very clear, to the reader at least and probably to Karen's own anguished perceptions also, that there is no 'correct' answer to his enquiry. If she answers in the affirmative she will be accused of sinful wantonness. If, however, she seems unappreciative of his ministrations she will be accused of insulting his pride and interest in her. Either response will result in additional cane strokes.

    1. I quite agree. The whole point of such inspection is to play with the young lady's mind. Whatever she does will be the wrong answer. If she tries to be seductive and beguiling or responds with inappropriate enthusiasm to the inspectors' probing hands and finger then she quite rightly needs a severe dose of the cane to cool her down. If she is timid and overly modest this shows a lack of appropriate deference and a failure to appreciate the efforts the man is going to. In that case the cane will warm her up nicely. Either way her bottom and thighs will get a taste of it.

    2. The other central theme for me here is also the very nature of the 'new moral order' as a project, that it is a thoroughly and unashamedly reactionary endeavour to turn back the clock to the days of rigid class stratification and extreme patriarchy. It is a sweeping away of the liberal, free and easy, do your own thing, egalitarianism which has dominated over so many decades now and has resulted in so much crime and lawlessness (a repeated theme in Blushes new moral order type stories). It is about re-establishing social order, acceptance of one's lot, and deference towards one's betters with harsh punishments for those who demur. Key, of course, to such a hierarchical project is the idea of privilege, that those higher up the pyramidal structure of power have claims over those below and those below have a duty to give it to them. Thus it is, for instance, that the pretty young factory worker woman in this story must, outside of the bonds of marriage, have her sexual appetites constrained as a basic matter of law and order policy. Gentlemen of the ruling party, on the other hand, have legitimate sexual claims on young women of the common herd. They are entitled to such pleasures by dint of their own social and economic rank. At the same time, this is excellent training for the young women concerned, teaching them their roles in life as pleasers of men and not teasers of them. That most of these 'party men' will be far older than them and thus unattractive to them is all to the good. In this way they learn that the needs of a man comes first. Sex in itself then becomes a matter of punishment and discipline, the 'stick and the prick' I call it. That's what pretty young women need, old man's stick and old man's prick.

    3. The world you describe has been the norm throughout most of history and in most places in the world. It is only a (hopefully) brief moment of insanity in parts of the Western World that has led to our current sorry state of affairs with delinquent youth making our city streets no go zones and the poor tax payer having to pick up the bill for endless accidental offspring of drunken or drug addled frolics. No, far better a 'short sharp shock' now than years of regret later Older generations knew only too well that letting young females run rampant and express their sexual allure as they saw fit, as with our current fad for 'empowered females' can only lead to disaster. You put it so well: the stick and the prick are the best way to teach a young lady the lesson that men are for pleasing not for teasing!

  2. Although the pretty girl’s breasts are described here as ‘firm, high, prominently’ and ‘shapely’, we don’t see them naked in these pictures.

    She appears again in Supplement 34 where there are lots of pictures of her in ‘Not For Reproduction’ where her skimpy white vest is pulled up and then off to reveal her naked breasts while she grimaces through her bottom punishment

  3. The picture of her looking down gives the game away: she is clearly telling a lie when she says ‘no sir’ & try as she might she can’t hide her shame.

    Anyway she won’t have any say in it from now on. We can tell that from her downcast expression which accounts for the humiliation

  4. One of the earliest introductions to the plight of young ladies in the New Moral Order, though others may correct me. By the time this came out, Blushes was really hitting its stride and had a clear sense of what its readers want which is the appropriate combination of pain, humiliation and sexual menace

    1. Yes, in this case the offence is spelt out to her (though she of course lies and denies it) and it’s also central to the punishment & her rehabilitation (along with exposure of the same areas for corporal punishment).

  5. The photographer proves the fact that pretty girls only use their charms to manipulate: he takes too many portraits & seems to forget that the only thing a girl deserves here for a pretty face is the cane