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Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Amelia Jane Rutherford Volume 2 – Part 1: Amelia Jane’s Second Audition

The second compilation video from Strictly English featuring the fabulous Ms Rutherford. The wheelbarrow spanking is simply top-notch.
M/f; year: 2006
Amelia Jane’s second audition Part 1 (in Volume #2): The film is a mechanism for semi-nude performances by Ms Rutherford. We see her changing clothes in preparation for a spanking film audition, talking to another girl. Amelia creeps downstairs in a white blouse and very short plaid skirt, feigning nerves.
Fade to the audition scene itself. Amelia lies on a couch, her 6’2″ body appearing to be all legs. She gets up and teases a male actor, who is trying to read a newspaper. ‘OK, that’s it,’ he declares. ‘What’s going to happen now?’ She goes OTK, her skirt flips up by itself to expose red lace panties worn with the usual elan Ms Rutherford reserves for knickers.
Amelia stands and bends over, the guy pulls her panties down. He manoeuvres her into what is called the ‘wheelbarrow’ position. The red panties have been restored. Ms Rutherford does not participate in the gynaecological shots which derive from this spanking position.
After a bit more spanking, the audition ends and they actors hug. Back upstairs, bottom shot as she goes.
Part 1: Amelia Jane’s second audition
Part 1a:
Part 1b:
To be continued…


  1. I agree with the description but the knickers should have been off. The male actor is not the best really. If only Alan Bell was there.

    1. Indeed Michael. Alan Bell in The Detention Room & Reform School Discipline. Fortunately Fleas has posted both those previously

    2. Yes, if ever there was a situation begging for the knickers to come off it was that.

  2. Such a gorgeous actress and model. Wish she had bigger boobs