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Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Wayward Path

From New Blushes Uniform Girls 2.06
Her friends had warned her. Don’t spoil the holiday by wandering too near the state border of the country that bounded their holiday resort. Apparently the state did not take kindly to being trespassed upon by unthinking and wandering ramblers.
‘Surely, the path is well marked,’ she had argued.
‘It is on the main road, but nature walks hardly warrant state notices,’ her best friend had warned her.
Kelly, the usually bright young blonde of the party was a nature lover and she loved rambling. Quite happy to pass the time of day just walking and exploring the countryside, she was very much alone in her love of ‘all this fresh air’ business. Her friends preferred the night life and gadding about with the local youths. Kelly had studied the map of the local terrain and she was certain that she would be able to stay well clear of the other country’s borders. The forest itself was too attractive to her conservationist mind to let pass. They would be here for some time and she wanted to explore the deep green and thickly studded woods.
‘Oh. Don’t forget Kelly. So far there are no diplomatic relations with them,’ she stubbed her thumb to the other side of the forest area. ‘You get caught on the wrong side of the fence and there is no hope in hell of diplomatic aid at all.’
‘Lordie, anybody would think I was going into no-man’s land. Stop behaving so dramatically,’ she had responded angrily.
‘Bloody crazy that bird is,’ Alicia sighed when the shapely Kelly had strolled steadfastly towards the forest.
Two lovely legs with strong sneakers and yellow ankle socks, and then nothing until the hem of the matching yellow loose-legged shorts but, because the weather looked promising, she was wearing just a light, tight-fitting sweater. Her breasts jiggled perfectly as she walked down the earth-trodden path and into the shaded greenery of the woods.
Kelly was determined to stick to the path simply because there was too much growth off to each side of her. With legs like hers a girl did not go out of the way to get them scratched by green thick undergrowth.
She came to the cross path and smiled when she thought of Alicia’s warning. Unhesitatingly she stepped out along the path to the right, came to the five-bar gate and showed a slight annoyance that it was locked. No real problem, she simply climbed up and was soon over it. The gyrations and different movements that this gave to her curvy young torso was something that any red-blooded male would have given his right arm to have seen. The right leg of her shorts had pulled high enough to reveal more than half of her right buttock and gave the impression that she was not wearing panties! She was, of course, but they were of the very briefest type.
Although she was not aware of it, there were eyes studying her progress! Powerful binoculars were firmly fixed to the young woman as she realised that she had left the forest and was skirting the side of it. Damn! She searched hard for another path that would take her back into the greenery itself. The foliage was much too thick for her to go into the tree area itself and anyway, that would take her from the path. She had to admit that she did not recall the map showing the path going round the outside of the forest.
Kelly increased her pace hoping soon to take up the path at another point. She saw the structure that seemed to be camouflaged by nature itself. When she drew level with the concrete, she was amazed at the numerous flowers, flowers that would have won first place at a Kew Exhibition. The brilliant colours were breathtaking as far as Kelly was concerned. Her camera was soon click-clicking away and she was more than delighted at the shots she was taking. This would really throw her friends at the conservationist club!
She jumped almost out of her skin.
‘Hey! Don’t creep up on a girl like that,’ she snapped.
‘Anglais? English?’
She found herself confronted by two men in uniform. They both looked very severe and they both had rifles and what is more they were with a bloody great Alsatian dog. The canine representative matched them for a look of unfriendliness.
‘What are you doing, Miss,’ the soldier with stripes on his arm wanted to know.
‘Taking pictures of these flowers,’ she said.
‘Flowers?’ he obviously did not believe her.
‘Yes. Just look they are beautiful.’
The two men looked at each other in stern-faced disbelief. It had been a long time since they had intercepted an intruder and the last time it had been some old woman in whom they had no interest whatsoever! This was different. One of the men had seen quite an expanse of Kelly’s bottom and the interest was very much in his mind.
‘You will please accompany us,’ the senior soldier did not so much suggest but positively directed.
‘I don’t think that will be necessary,’ she retorted icily.
The dog then joined in by snarling very menacingly and Kelly’s eyes widened with very real fear. This bloody canine four-legged enforcer was something else again. The soldiers spoke reasonably good English and it seemed that the dog was able to interpret her anti mood.
‘It was the gate, you see,’ she tried to explain once she was at the log building outpost. ‘I did not think that it was a border post.’
The men studied her closely. A shiver went through Kelly’s body and she felt very big but decidedly very small. They had confiscated her camera because the attractive flowers were growing on one of their forward defence pill-boxes.
It took only ten minutes for them to explain what they intended to do and after that ten minutes, Kelly was staring at them showing complete disbelief at what she had heard! They had not only suggested but insisted on what she considered a most barbaric solution. They wanted to actually PUNISH her physically. On her bottom!! On her uncovered bottom… and her system could not align to such impossible and unbelievable demonic behaviour.
‘I… I certainly will NOT agree to such… such rubbish. It’s immoral. No. I’m sorry. No way,’ her mind raced for words to express her absolute horror and disbelief that they could even think of such a thing.
‘Pity. The whole business of your spying could have been settled here and now and you could have been escorted back to the gate. As it is we have no choice but to make an official report and send you back to our headquarters, the senior soldier seemed genuinely sad that she was not prepared to be reasonable. Which he was, of course.
‘You must be… well, crazy. I have done nothing wrong,’ she tried to defend herself but saw that she was on a sticky wicket and was playing a losing battle with these two. All the time she had to move her body because one or the other was squeezing the cheeks of her bottom!
‘And please stop doing that,’ she snapped. If only she felt as sure of herself as she sounded. As she spun from one soldier so she inadvertently placed herself in a position to be mauled on her attractive nates by the other. It was getting frustrating and more than a little annoying.
‘At least you will be given a choice of sentence. Probably fifteen years or you may prefer execution,’ the senior soldier said as he held the right nate, but now his hand was beneath her shorts and he could feel the smooth skin of her backside in his palm.
Her eyes widened then. He was not being serious and he smiled to reassure her… ‘No. Don’t worry. They do not execute.’ Then his face was serious again. Kelly had forgotten to remove her bottom!! ‘But fifteen years is certainly possible. And in our women’s prisons… I dread to think what they would do to a lovely girl like you,’ his tone was full of suggestions and it impressed Kelly.
Tears fell in a steady flow down her attractive face as she stood limp letting them pull her shorts off and then the brief panties and they even removed the sweater. They insisted that she stand in the centre of the room, on a table so that they were able to look up at her posed torso. Kelly was a picture that neither of them had seen before in all their lives. Then they had her standing to one side of the table and she bent over, still protesting, but unable to prevent the immediate spanking that they insisted on giving her rounded, naked buttocks. She was beyond herself in a state of mortified reaction to what was happening to her body. And this business of wanting to punish her by spanking her attractive bum… she was still under the impression that it would not happen when the first spank landed. And it hurt! She felt as though a sheet of flame had been placed fully on her right buttock and as soon as she yelled, so her left nate also felt that same flash heat when a hand landed fully onto the roundly thrusting cheek.
She was stretched fully across the table and the junior soldier held her in place as the senior brought his hand down time and time again. He was able to see how the blonde beauty was able to wriggle her bum from side to side and her lovely legs kicked in furious tempo as she tried to avoid the smacking palm. She screamed her protest as her backside took much more than she ever thought it could or should.
‘Now you,’ the senior man said.
A different pair of hands gripped her wrists and she was twisted over. At first she was petrified that they were going to do something entirely different and she was shocked with the thought that having turned her on her back they were going to take the grossest liberty of all. She was still confused when she was laid backwards on the table and her knees were held to her chest by strong hands.
‘Oohhh… nooo…. aggher… ow…. ow…  owwaaaahhhh…’ her voice let them know that they were having the desired effect.
The junior soldier preferred the leather-bound cane and this whipped down onto her bending, bare and very reddened buttocks.
Kelly never joins in the song ‘I love to go awandering’ now… or ever.

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