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Saturday, 4 January 2020

The Chair

Largely wordless photo-story from Janus 35 featuring Joanna
The Chair is not for sitting on — well, not for the moment anyway…
An interview with the lovely Joanna will follow…


  1. Without question, the finest Janus photo-story of all time. Judy

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    2. Is there something you would line to share with us Judy?

      FWIW I've always loved this shoot . Beautiful girl in the loveliest distress.

      Always a bit in love!

    3. Milady, perhaps you could expand on your thought so that I do not go off on a tangent? Judy

  2. Bob here.

    It is a great sequence of photos,Judy.
    I remember owning this (and many other
    issues) of Janus years ago.
    The classy photography,beautiful girls,and great mix of articles and very good fiction always made this one
    of my favourite mags.
    Blushes (as I have rather belatedly discovered through this blog)was/is also excellent too,I think.

  3. Totally agree with the comments.

  4. A lovely middle class girl. Interested to read her interview

  5. The last photo is superb. Perfectly submissive and receptive to whatever we perverts have in mind

  6. Have her washed, shaved and brought to my tent

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  8. Bob here.

    If the photos above relate in some form
    or other to one of your past experiences,I would love to hear you expand upon any details here.
    Only (as ever) if you wanted to do so,of course.Whatever the case,it is always lovely to see and read your posts here and,indeed,the comments of everyone else on here.

    Respectfully yours,

  9. Bob, you never tire of asking questions! This photo story is imaginative and well presented. Joanna is very beautiful girl with a gorgeous bottom made for the cane. She is well dressed and reveals nice lingerie that also reveals her intimate parts. The tan lines on her bottom add to her beauty and, as I know, an experienced caner can make the most of that target. Her downy hairs on her legs and bottom and her full thick bush are lovely. The strokes of the cane are genuine as are her tears. The various positions adopted offer ideas to any of us to use and I suspect she enjoyed CP even before doing this photo story. Do we know who caned her?

    Yes I have bent over a chair many times for the cane including when 18. It is a stable position. Some of the positions she uses are traditional but others do more to reveal her intimate parts that provide an improved target.


  10. Bob here.

    Thanks for posting back.I also think that bending over a chair is a pretty ideal position really.Quite classic actually.
    I really am sorry for always asking questions.Partly it is because I am pretty inquisitive and partly just because I enjoy reading your opinions and am still grateful for all your insightful earlier posts.
    Not many ladies would bother to correspond to the extent that you have and do on this sort of subject matter,Judy and I respect and admire you for that.
    Thank you once again (as ever) for your
    interesting comments.

    With all good wishes

    1. Bob I understand your need for answers. Have you ever caned or spanked a woman? It would be nice to see other female readers adding their views. Judy

  11. Bob here.


    Lovely to hear from you,as ever.
    I agree that it would be great and most
    welcome if more ladies would post here on this blog.Milady de Larmes is a very
    regular "voice" here but other than her
    and your good self,of course,the female
    presence is quite limited really,which is a real shame.
    I think,perhaps sometimes with good reason,that some ladies (not all) may
    feel nervous or whatever about commenting.That is why (for my own small part) I always endeavour to try and be as welcoming,polite and friendly
    as possible when posting to anyone here
    obviously,but extra so towards ladies to (I can only hope) make them feel relaxed and happy to chat and banter here with us chaps and also in the hope
    of encouraging more ladies,Judy.
    That is why I always try to be kind and
    polite when I post here;in order (for my small part) to try and encourage a nice,friendly forum.

    I have not had anywhere near as many exciting spanking experiences as you,Judy but yes I have had a few spanking adventures,including one weird
    (but fun) occasion where I caned a girl
    over her jeans with a length of bamboo.
    In all honesty,my adventures in real life are pitiful compared to those that you have been so kind to share,Judy.
    I can expand on all this with you if like but don't want to bore you.
    Sadly,I have only ever spanked one girl
    on her bare bottom and she didn't like it,so that was that,alas.
    Such is life! Ha ha!

    With respect and all good wishes