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Saturday, 11 January 2020

Sarah Jane (1)

Photo feature from Janus 49, the first of a Sarah Jane trilogy.
Sarah Jane has a smashing little bum. We thought you’d like to see it…
There’s more to Sarah Jane than meets the eye — wait and see!


  1. Approve of the stance she’s made to take to display her pubic thatch - with the gymslip well clear. Hands on head so she doesn’t try anything & cover her embarrassing forest with her hands. She doesn’t know where to look in this picture. She’ll be worried all this close personal attention to her bare bottom is only the start. Young miscreants these days are all for waxing their pussy smooth so they find it humiliating when you insist on a full natural thatch.

  2. Bob here.

    Stunning girl and photos.Another set of pictures that I recall so well from when they were first published.
    Personally soeaking,I adore seeing a nice,bushy thatch on a girl.Never been a big fan of that shaved/waxed look.
    No naughty girl is complete without a nice,furry little carpet,in my opinion.

  3. As a rare female commenting here I also much prefer a full bush and have always kept mine intact. Over the years female spanking friends have generally retained their pubic hair though some shape it in various styles. For an authentic 1940-50-60s scenario I feel a triangle of pubic hair is essential. Judy

  4. Bob here


    Bravo! I 100% agree with you,Judy.
    A good,hairy thatch is indeed essential...even for any more mature schoolgirls,eh Judy ?
    Whoops! Got a bit carried away there,bad boy!

    All good wishes,

    1. Hi Bob. Yes and it is though especially enjoyable when they are embarrassed by exposing their pussy during punishment to a much older man they barely know. Jenny in Treatment for Truants (on this blog last October) is the Blushes epitome of this: her full thatch accentuates her nakedness in a most humiliating way: it looks very inviting but from her anguished expressions that’s the last thing in her pretty little head. I always think unwanted male attention on their bare breasts & bushes is a wonderful and inevitable fact of life for them as their bottoms are being properly dealt with.

  5. The teenage girls who are caned today are very much adherents of pubic deforestation.
    That’s why it is a punishment for them to be ordered to retain their undergrowth. The girl in the pictures does indeed look the most affronted when her bush is in focus. It is obviously in part the connotations of incursion there as part of any punishment. Personally that look of impudence & crossness is also due to having to expose the whole area involved in intercourse (including exposing her tummy right up to her navel)

  6. Personally I feel less strongly on the question of bush. Suffice to say that every pose in this set is a delight, as are the girl's look and expressions. The plain blue background sets off the girl's colouring and her uniform to a tee.

  7. You've got to love Judy's comments. She sounds like Mrs Beaton!

  8. Michael- better Isabella Beeton than some ladies! I'd certainly run a strict, well managed house with a selection of canes and slippers ready to deal with naughty boys and girls! I would like to think that Mrs Beaton had been caned so knew the merits of it! Judy

    1. Funnily enough Judy, this rang some bells with me - that there actually is a connection between Mrs Beeton and our venerable topic of interest although I couldn't quite remember what it was. Done a bit of googling and here it is. Mrs Beeton's husband, Samuel Beeton, was the editor and publisher of a publication called The Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine which in the 1860s and 1870s saw a flurry of letters on the subject of flogging one’s daughter (thinking back I think there was also quite a few on such topics as 'petticoat punishment' for boys - like the flogging letters, all affecting a tone of high moral purpose of course).

      Anyway I'll quote from this link here:

      "Although, on reading, it is hard to believe that Mr. B was unaware of the sexual undercurrents of his contributors, he met any form of criticism with a very modern defiance, saying:

      ‘Freedom has been given to all to express their opinions, for without such liberty nothing can be thoroughly sifted, and we have no desire to repress the candid thoughts of writers because they may differ from ourselves or from the majority.’

      He seemed to take the ideas and suggestions of ‘R.O.D’, ‘A Lover of Obedience’, and ‘Miss Birch’ – all of whom went into graphic detail of how, what and who they enjoyed spanking – as the innocent debates of his readers. Either he was a very naive man, or one who enjoyed sexual exploration and discussion."

      This link is of interest also:

  9. I prefer to shave it all off helps with humiliation