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Friday, 31 January 2020

Letters from Janus 58 — Properly Teased, Delightful Stripes, Punitive Preferences & Punishment Clothing for Belinda

From Janus 58
Properly Teased
Bravo, bravo!
After reading Janus for some years, and being the sort of person for whom something earth-moving must happen before being motivated to put pen to paper, I now find myself compelled to write to you for the first time because such an occurrence has happened not once but twice. Of course I refer to CP Tease (Janus 53, 54).
I think that Sophie has one of the best all-over figures ever featured and certainly has the cutest and cheekiest face I have ever seen in your magazine. I’m sure with the range of punishments and dress shown in these two layouts, there must have been something to satisfy all of your readership, although for me everything was ideal. CP Tease would have made a tremendous video!
May I put forward two of my own personal preferences? Firstly, could we have more features with clothing (especially knickers) being ripped off, as in CP Tease II? Secondly, I would like to see more pictures with the models’ legs apart when being punished.
I particularly like the readers’ wives pictures and the letters that go with them. My thanks to P.J. for the prints of his wife, and I hope that others will follow his example. I would like to say how much I enjoyed your Poor Julie strip.
London SE12

Delightful Stripes
As a regular reader of Janus I write to you once again. This time I wish to compliment you on issue 54 which is much the best for some time. The model who plays the role of Sophie Fennington is absolutely delicious and the photo story beautifully told.
Many readers have enthused, quite rightly, about Wendy in Janus 45. There are several similarities between the story of Wendy’s training and that of Sophie. For example, the almost total nakedness of both girls is excellent and this is the way I like to see CP administered. The collars worn by both, and the cuffs by Wendy and the belt by Sophie, merely emphasise their nudity. The most important similarity between the stories is the wish of each young woman to receive CP and the love of his victim by the man handing out the punishment.
The main difference which makes Janus 54 the better is the selection of photos. Whilst sadly, as you explained in reply to my previous letter, you cannot print colour photos showing punishment marks, in any case the black and white photos of Sophie’s striped bottom are really excellent. This may be due in part to the choice of instrument of correction. The riding crop is second only to the cane itself in my list of favourites. Both leave nice clear evidence of each stroke and decorate the female bum most beautifully.
Apart from the thrashing of Sophie, Janus 54 contained other delights. The Perfectionists was a good fantasy and also highlighted the need to administer corporal punishment with love. Even the sci-fi story Living in the Past hinted at an empathy between caner and caned. Of course the object is for the girl to feel pain, but perhaps to enjoy the pain rather than suffer it. I am only sorry that Andrea does not enjoy her punishment, even though she accepts it — she should think positively as did Antonia du Bois.
Keep up the high standard. I suggest it is time that Wendy returned for further training. We already know she has the most delightful backside. This time I hope Mr Stanton will cane it. Wendy should be dressed as before, i.e. totally nude apart from collar and cuffs. It would be a nice change if the caning were delivered with Wendy in the upright posture, used so you say for whipping slave girls. Then let us see some really good photos of that lovely bottom with its decoration by cane or whip-cord. Both can produce beautiful stripe marks.
London SW6

Punitive Preferences
I must congratulate you on the excellence of recent issues, especially over the last 18 months or so. The models have been absolutely superb and the settings attractive and imaginative. The stories too have continued at their high level and Janus remains the best CP magazine in spite of problems encountered from those who know best what is or is not good for us.
I am not sure which has been my favourite photo-set. I do like very much those with a punitive aspect. Liz and Lucie were great in issue 44, it was a joy to see the punishment of Belinda in issue 56, but if pressed I think I would have to say that the caning of Sharon in issue 47 was probably the best recent feature. I thought the whole episode had a very good atmosphere to it and Sharon’s body is absolutely fantastic. Janus’ best of all time, in my view, was the splendid lashing of the elfin Paula in issue 38. That was a classic.
I was one of those who responded to the Wendymania of a year or so ago and you were kind enough to print my appeal for foot discipline to be included as a topic in Janus. I do appreciate the problems but I am still hopeful and waiting. I am a little surprised that none of your correspondents has responded with a few pictures — if printed I am sure they would guarantee a form of celebrity for the first girl to submit in this way. Perhaps the delightful Lies…
I have been very pleased to see the occasional return of a former model for a second public chastisement. Might it not be an idea for readers to nominate their favourites of, say, 1986, or issues 30-40, 40-50 or whatever, so that an overall choice could be included for another session, with the understanding that they might not be willing (is that possible?) or perhaps no longer reachable. In the same way, please let’s have a swift reappearance of the instruments used to beat Lali in issue 50 and Mary in 51 — thongs have a symbolism and psychological force that canes do not. May I therefore get my vote in early and request the use of one of these fine, similar instruments to provide a brisk whipping for Sharon (of issue 47) and Jackie (issue 50) — perhaps they might use it on each other?
I have seen your advert asking for models and it has often intrigued me. It would be very interesting to know roughly what proportion of your girls are ‘one-offs’ compared to those who are ‘professional’, i.e. on an agency’s books. There is no ulterior motive in this, it is just a matter of personal curiosity. If the ‘one-off’ figure is high, as I suspect, it might encourage others who would like to pose for Janus but who have lacked the confidence to apply. I would also like to add my sincere thanks to all those game girls who have been chastised in Janus over the years and who have provided us with such fine entertainment.
London SW11
Approximately 80% of our models are ‘first-timers’. Yes, would readers please nominate their favourites from issue 20 onwards, and we’ll see who’s contactable. — Photo Ed.

Punishment Clothing for Belinda
Issues 53 and 55 of your magazine take up again the fascinating and exciting topic of girls being punished through tight denim jeans. Letters in both correspondence sections, each with a rear view of a well-filled pair of girlish jeans close by, plus the stunning photos of Belinda in Janus 53 and the flashback to sexy Jilly Waistrose in 55, make both issues a must for all those interested in the caning of clothed female bottoms. I say caning because only a cane (or riding crop or similar) can really bite through the denim to deliver a properly severe thrashing. It is a pity that Jilly only got the tawse across her burstingly-tight be-jeaned bum, for a caning would have been better and I would love to see her agonised expression during her bare bottom whipping being caused by a punishment in jeans.
When a girl is to be caned in tight-fitting jeans the strokes should be directed low down to the full meat of her bottom, avoiding the pockets of her jeans and striking through just one layer of denim on the part of her bottom where it hurts most. An additional reason for punishing low when caning through jeans is that a girl’s knickers (if she is wearing any) will ride up when she bends over, thus leaving only the denim of her jeans to be cut through by the cane. The girl should be ordered to bend right over and jut out her bottom to the fullest extent, and this can be achieved by making her bend her legs as if she were about to sit down. The caning can then be delivered with a slight upward motion from horizontally behind. Please, please feature Belinda in jeans again and give her the cane across her gorgeous bum.
Not only jeans present a girl’s bottom in an attractive way for punishment. Jodhpurs are also very enticing — as amply demonstrated by Mrs S.R. on page 49 of Janus 55. Only the riding crop is really suitable across a full-to-bursting pair of girlish jodhpurs, and I hope this is what the lady received. A must for the future ordeals of Belinda is just such a thrashing in a riding school setting.
It was nice to see Belinda keeping her panties on for her spanking in issue 55. Of course with them tightly folded into the crack of her bottom and then pulled up even further, as shown on pages 10 & 11. The good thing about this is that the girl can really move her legs and bottom around in response to the pain of her punishment, without showing more of the secrets of her rear end than you would be allowed to print!
As a final suggestion for punishment clothing for Belinda, what about a very clingy skirt without knickers, like that worn by Sophie Fennington in issue 53? The photo on page 7 is very stimulating.
Hamburg, Germany


  1. Where did that feet caning artwork come from! Never seen anything like that before from these magazines.

    1. As far as I know it was an original piece by Hardcastle to illustrate that letter.

  2. Love letters pages. Always fun.