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Friday, 24 January 2020

Letters from Blushes Supplement 4 — A long-suffering niece; Requests; John Hotten research letters

From Blushes Supplement 4
Dear Sir,
May I put forward the point of view of a spanked niece as opposed to a spanking uncle. My mother and father were killed in a road accident and I was sent to Scotland to live with an elderly uncle at the age of sixteen. From the very start uncle made it quite clear that smacked bottoms would be commonplace occurrences. In the area we were situated discipline was strict so it was not considered odd to hear girlish screams from the farmhouse we lived in. Thinking back I must have been quite a present for a sixty-year-old man living on his own. Virtually every night I would get a smacking for something. To this day I can remember the revulsion I felt as I stood in front of him with my skirt pulled up to my waist and he made a meal of taking my knickers down. Then I would have to go over his knees for a spanking that seemed to take ages. All the time he was smacking he would ask me how much it was hurting. He seemed to like to hear me cry.
Another of his favourite tricks was to follow me out to the toilet. It was an outside toilet that had obviously been used for something else in the past. It was about eight feet square with a toilet in the corner. When he got me in there he always had an excuse to smack my bottom and he always insisted on doing it before I had a wee. That was something else that seemed to excite him, me busting for a wee while he spanked me. It eventually became a near nightly ritual. I would be taken to the toilet, have my bottom smacked then had to wee while he waited for me.
As I got older the spankings got harder and more humiliating. By this time I realised Uncle Herbert was just a dirty old man but I couldn’t do a thing about it, I just had to suffer it. He used to love talking about what he was going to do to me and give detailed accounts about taking my pants off etc.
Now let’s be truthful at 17 no girl wants to have to stand in front of an old man holding her skirt up. And she most certainly doesn’t want to have her bottom spanked crimson.
I eventually left when I was 17½ but right up till that time, Uncle Herbert must have had the time of his life. He had a friend who used to come round and play crib with him. I think I was a status symbol with uncle because he was always telling him about my punishments. The friend used to love it and was always asking about my behaviour. The only good thing was uncle never let him watch. He would come up with all sorts of useful advice though. Like one night he asked uncle why he didn’t cane me. Two days later a cane arrived in the outside toilet. The nearest neighbours being ½ a mile away must have been a godsend to uncle. The first night he used that on me, he promised me six strokes but I wound up with fifteen.
Perhaps another daughter or niece who has suffered similarly could add her views.
A long-suffering niece.

Dear Editor,
I’ve tried all the spanking magazines but Blushes stuns me. It’s mind blowing and beats every other magazine on the market. Blushes Supplement No. 2 was so fantastic that I decided it was only fair to answer your questions on those two girls and your out of this world sequence of pictures.
The first shot alone was worth £5. There they are bare-breasted and waiting. The only improvement would be to have them in handcuffs and held by neck-chains. The succeeding shots are fantastic. I would prefer no pants but this is nearly as good. How many strokes 18 each last 6 with pants down. Let’s have marks on thighs too. Extra for struggling. Well strap them to the trestle, otherwise lots of open legs kicking, no extra. Get up 10 extra.
Yes let the second girl witness and weep. I prefer the dark-haired beauty, but only just. They can look haughty before, but pleading at the end and the one that had been dealt with should be on her knees ready for her next task, throughout the other girl’s punishment. The legs apart is a mind blower — if only she was strapped to the trestle! What lovely breasts.
Now you ask for ideas — well.
A bet with the caner as referee because all strokes will be applied at the same force. Say a side bet of £100 to be put up by both girls. Winner takes all. Which is the girl who takes the most strokes. Caner stops when requested. Loser kisses winner’s bottom and pays up.
Keep up the standard anyway and you’ve got my money every time. Such realism. How do you do it and the photo standard is the highest quality.
B. Young, Cardiff
P.S. I wish I could buy your videos. But I just can’t have them posted.

Dear Editor,
I just bought Supplement No. 2 and followed with great interest the series Punishment Shorts you made for reader J.P. of Hants. To wet those shorts was something extraordinary and not to be had before but the shorts were made by no way transparent the only photo one could guess some weals was the bottom one on Page 21. One or two shots at the end of the session shooting the girls without the shorts but with some strong weals would have been excellent. Now to my request.
I would like a series called Six of the Best with a mature woman (30 or 40 years) advocating a nice, broad nude backside, not flabby but a real meaty one and she getting 6 hard cane hits, one after another in well-chosen places right across her bum-cheeks with plenty of time between the single strokes to show in the next photo the result of each weal. It is entirely up to you regarding the preliminaries just as long as the main theme of Six of the Best is fulfilled and please those as real good close-ups. The last may show the whole girl either still across the table or the like.
The series Upon Reflection was excellently done, page 2 and 3 really showing some weals and when allowing a peek into the private parts which adds spice to the set. The script on page 13 spoke about Jemima getting the almost statutory twelve good strokes but I failed to count more than three what a pity to have missed the other nine additional stripes.
Well dear sir, I hope my request has not been set too high for your standards and whatever legal shenanigans may obstruct. I shall be looking forward to all future issues with great interest and hope you are able to continue the good work strengthened by a few helpful remarks from your reader.
Frank H., Bonn

For those of you who missed Blushes 10 [how could you bear to?], here is a brief resume of the service we are offering correspondents. So put down your cane and pick up your pen, for, if you need any help in composing a reader’s letter, or would like to contribute in some way to Blushes ongoing research into spanking and varieties of punishment [hence R.S.V.P.], drop a line to John Hotten Research Department, Blushes at the usual address. Hotten will then elicit your spanking experiences by letter, phone call, questionnaire or perhaps even by personal interview. Anonymous contributors remain most welcome, but if you can furnish an address for correspondence, Hotten will be in touch. Your letters will also be acknowledged.
‘Bizarro’, please get in touch. Your letter creased us up with laughter but we were also intrigued by your rather schoolgirlish hand-writing… no, surely not, that would be too much to hope for!
We thought you might be interested to read some of Hotten’s private comments originally intended for the Editor’s eyes only which preface the letter he has received so far.
A fairly typical schoolgirl caning account, starting off implausible but becoming quite convincing in describing the girl’s reactions. The interesting thing is that the writer, a lady with an active interest in discipline, didn’t want to write it down at first and took a good deal of persuading, so it’s not mere exhibitionism. And she confided in me that in writing it she had only ‘flowered up a bit a rather similar experience that I actually had’. Amazing she even apologised that she couldn’t supply a photo of her caned bum ‘as obviously I didn’t get any photos of this ordeal or any others that happened at school!’
Dear Blushes,
Having read some of your readers’ accounts referring to discipline at school and such like, I wondered if you might be interested in my own experiences.
When I was going to school, there was no spanking or caning used officially, and although I had heard of a few incidents involving our History Mistress, I didn’t really take them seriously. There was a group of us girls who were, perhaps, rather unruly at times, to say the least! This was probably due to the fact that, in most cases, we were not disciplined, apart from a good telling off and extra homework and so on. So, after a while this was like water off a duck’s back!
One day Rose, one of the girls I used to go around with, told us that she had been kept in after class and had been given a good telling off by our History Mistress, Miss Hart. The silly girl had apparently left some rather rude drawings in the back of her History exercise book! The book had been handed in to Miss Hart, who discovered them, and although Rose denied doing them, they had her handwriting on them. According to her account, the Mistress told the girl that such behaviour deserved a good old-fashioned caning! She took from her cupboard a thin crook-handled cane and made her hold out her hand, giving her several biting strokes across her palm. When the punishment was over, Miss Hart remarked that any similar misconduct would result in a hard caning across the girl’s bottom!
Well, really us other girls were not that convinced about Rose’s account, as she was a bit of a fibber, and some of us even suggested a dare to prove she was lying. I was one of these little ‘show-offs’ then, and to show the other girls that I didn’t care, I did some really rude drawings of Miss Hart and one of the masters, and purposely left them in my history book! Naturally, I wasn’t very surprised when, in due course, my name was called out and Miss Hart told me to stay and see her after class. There was quite a bit of giggling going on from the other girls and I must say that I remember feeling quite important.
Miss Hart waited until all the girls had left the class and then locked the door behind them, so I thought: maybe she’s really going to cane my hand! After staring at a pile of books on her desk, she eventually looked me straight in the eye.
‘I can’t make up my mind about you,’ she said as she opened my exercise book, revealing the naughty drawings. ‘This is NOT a coincidence, is it?’, she demanded. I didn’t say anything. She went on, ‘If you girls think that this behaviour is funny, then you must be taught a lesson!’
She went straight to the cupboard and took from it a thin cane. Crikey, I thought, Rose wasn’t kidding! ‘You probably knew that Rose Page tested this, didn’t you?’, she asked. I didn’t want to say anything. ‘Well, if you didn’t want to believe my warning to her, then you must take the consequences…’ I just smirked and thrust out my hand for a caning. ‘Oh no, my girl’, said the Mistress, ‘a hand caning didn’t work, did it?’ She looked at me grimly. ‘But a good caning on the bottom will!’
I’m sure you’ll believe that I was really taken aback by this remark and I could feel my knees going weak, especially when the strong arm of the mistress forced me over the desk. My little short school skirt was then carefully folded up and over my back. I was glad that I had my navy-blue fairly thick school knickers on, as sometimes I had worn only thin ones. The cane thrashed across the seat of my navy-blues with two hard strokes. WOW! It didn’t half sting! It was such a thin whippy cane, it seemed to bite right into my bum!
I had four more strokes which made me shout out a bit. Almost in tears and rubbing my bottom, I began to stand up. ‘STAY WHERE YOU ARE GIRL,’ the Mistress shouted and she hastily readjusted my skirt across my back. ‘RIGHT!… KNICKERS DOWN!!’ she commanded. I just couldn’t believe it was really happening. I can remember saying, ‘But Madam, please, please, I won’t…’ To no avail. ‘SILENCE!!’ she bellowed. ‘KNICKERS DOWN PLEASE… NOW!!!
I was in a daze as I pulled my school knickers down to my knees, exposing my bare bottom. She paced up and down, apparently viewing the target. Then, without warning, I heard the swish of the cruel cane and the thin stick embedded deeply into my bare bum-cheeks. The impact and pain was so great that I was sprawled screaming across the desk. Two or three more hard strokes were applied while I struggled to cover my stinging bottom-cheeks with my hands, but she thrashed my hands so severely that I quickly had to remove them.
The vicious cane lashed into my soft buttocks I can’t remember how many times. I was screaming out in pain and trying to avoid the strokes for what seemed like an eternity!
At last the beating stopped… my bottom was like a burning fire and although I will never remember how many strokes of the cane I got, I shall always remember that seeing to. I had no trouble the next day in convincing the other girls of my ordeal — my bum was proof enough! And need I add that the other girls didn’t take any further chances with Miss Hart?
P., London


  1. That "By request" photo has the perfect setting... cold brick and flagstone flooring; such a bleak, comfortless room, ideal for any house of punishment. But the girls; two different sizes of shorts, and one girl not to attention...disappointing. Apart from that it excites the imagination.

    1. It is perhaps a tribute to the overall power and allure of the photograph that the details which you have now brought to my attention have previously escaped my usually attentive gaze. Certainly, the girls' shorts should be identical - standard prison issue, as it were. Blushes slipped up a bit there (though it is the girls, of course, who should be made to suffer for it!) On the face of it also, both girls should be standing rigidly to attention, arms at sides, eyes staring unblinkingly forward. But I don't know, is it possible that the blonde's different stance somehow adds to the overall composition in some kind of subliminal way? For as I say, despite the perceived flaws, the picture still 'excites the imagination' as you say. I will say that though the blonde is the more conventionally pretty of the two, there is something about the brunette, a sort of resigned vulnerability, that I find very pleasing in a young victim.

    2. Yes Allan I would suggest barking ‘hands on your head!’ to the slovenly girl on the left who fails to get her hands by her side. She is instinctively covering her pubic bush area albeit still covered by the punishment shorts: she knows she will soon be naked & stretched across a trestle (as we know from the full sequence of pictures elsewhere in Blushes)

    3. For the fully naked pictures of her see the sequence where the old caretaker has her strip in the changing rooms

    4. "She is instinctively covering her pubic bush area" Indeed, Marco. Why on earth that didn't seem immediately apparent to me I really do not know! Of course, any girl who displays such defensiveness towards her assets requires additional punishment.

  2. Another great collection of letters.
    Love that picture of the brunette getting caned hard across her soaking wet shorts.I swear I can hear the whop
    of the cane connecting with her bottom
    every time I look at this snap.
    Superb photo!

    1. Yes, great picture. Very natural look of distress on the girl's face also. This picture very nicely sums up for me how I'd imagine life to be in a young females' 'reform and rehabilitation' establishment. In the spring and summer months at least, thin, tight white cotton shorts like that and plimsolls need be the only uniform. If a girl needs warming up there's plenty of other ways of doing that than clothing.

  3. The 'long suffering niece' - on one level this reads like a rather believable account of abuse. But then surely one must ask, why post it to a 'spanking magazine'? So no, my dear 'Pat', or should I say 'Patricia', I dare say you didn't enjoy standing in front of your old Uncle Herbert with your skirt up and your knickers down so that he could have a good look at you and then having him spank your bare bottom crimson. I expect you'd have much preferred to have been out gallivanting with boys of your own age, flaunting your young self before them and turning them on. No shame and embarrassment there though, hey?

    What a girl wants and what a girl needs are often to be found at separate polar extremes. Young women need a firm hand to stop them running wild. I'm surprised that spanking and caning were seemingly all uncle did get up to with you, him having to deal with all that nubile, young wantonness and everything. He'd certainly have been entitled to take his pleasure in other ways. Would have taught you right that would have, that and the cane, that men are there to be pleased and not to be made subject to women's foul, coquettish wiles. Shame that uncle didn't let his friend watch you being caned, maybe even let him have a go himself. That would have taught you also. So sorry you managed to get away!

    1. Yes, make believe only I suspect. However her situation is plausible. I was always taken with the quote from Sherlock Holmes "..the lowest and vilest alleyways in London do not present a more dreadful record of sin than does the smiling and beautiful countryside. Look at those lonely houses, each in it's own fields, filled in the most part with poor ignorant folk who know little of the law. Think of the deeds of hellish cruelty, the hidden wickedness which may go on, year in, year out, in such places, and none the wiser."

    2. Excellent quotation, Allan. Fertile ground for the spanking imagination I'm sure. Of course, the isolation would have been so much greater in Conan Doyle's day, a great basis for some historical spanking fiction as the situations can be made to seem so much more credible than if depicted as happening in the present day. It's for similar reasons that near future 'new moral order' type narratives appeal to me so much.

  4. 'What a girl wants and what a girl needs...'
    Well,I am pretty sure we can all agree
    that what she needs is exactly what we all want her to have...a good,long,hard
    and severe caning for her and all the other self entitled,endlessly teasing and tormenting girlie-whirlies out there who who try so very hard to frustrate us with such frequency.
    The very idea of such a reform centre existing where girls are dressed like this is (even if only in our dreams) so
    When not thus attired at the reform centres they will still be required to wear their adult school uniforms,of course.So it's basically a win-win scenario for us chaps anyway,eh ?

    'But I don't wanna wear my silly old school uniform n'stuff and bend over for six of the best again',wailed Michaela.

    'Not a problem,my dear.You can spend the next month stripped to your shorts
    and bare breasted at the local reform centre where you will be lucky to get less than sixty strokes a fortnight rather than a mere six of the best.
    Shall I phone them now and get them to collect you,Michaela ?'

    If only! Ha ha!

  5. Perhaps for failing to stand to attention properly,the blonde should have her shorts thoroughly wetted before "drying her off" with a long,whippy birch until her other cheeks are dripping wet and her rear ones are bone dry!

  6. There is something about girls in reform school that is so erotic.Plenty of bare bottom birching for them min 36 strokes.

  7. Well said,Anonymous.
    Reformatories and old atmospheric schools etc are always fantastic settings to imagine or read about a girl being in or whatever.
    Agree with you about a minimum of 36 strokes of the birch at the reformatory. What about minimum strokes
    given of the cane at said institution ?
    18 ? 24 ?
    What do you think ?

    1. I say free rein. Stress increases if someone doesn't know when or how they'll be punished. So keep them on tenterhooks. Turn them into frightened bunnies. Allow them to escape punishment altogether with a debasing (and amusing) act of atonement. There's plenty of time; how long...weeks at least, maybe months, perhaps even years.

  8. For me one of the greatest evocations of this is the cover of Roue number 15 (sadly, I cannot currently find it anywhere online) – there is no girl or anyone else in the picture, which is just of a bare, drab looking room dominated by a large, barred window looking out on to the projecting brick wall of another section of the building and the exterior of another barred window. The entire scene is immediately redolent of some kind of cold, reformatory or prison type institution. By the window sill is a high wooden stool across which lies a long, whippy, crook-handled cane. Upon the window sill itself is a thick, leather tawse and what looks like a pair of navy blue girls knickers. Very atmospheric indeed!

    1. It's available at I had assumed all of us spanking magazine fans were familiar with the website but perhaps not.

    2. No, I'm afraid that as far as spanking magazines are concerned, other than the publications I have in my possession from days long gone by, this wonderful website is largely my world. When looking for an image of a particular magazine cover I usually google image search for it which on this occasion proved unsuccessful. I am sorry I didn't realise that the website you have mentioned was there under my nose and does indeed contain a small picture of the magazine cover to which I was referring but thank you for pointing this out.

    3. Glad to help. I've ordered several of their digital mags and never had any problems.

  9. Anonymous looking for Roue 15

    If you want your own copy (and there’s really no substitute in my opinion) then try Rambooks London website & you can order it. Or pop in and see them on the Holloway Road.

    I’ve got some of my favourites from there