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Friday, 17 January 2020

Letters from Blushes 10 — Ideas for features; Spanking research

A bumper crop of letters from Blushes 10
Dear Editor,
‘I supply the ideas, you supply the girls to receive the punishment’, that’s an opportunity not to be missed!
As an ardent admirer of your pretty models, their gorgeous bottoms and fascinating punishment positions, here’s a few ideas:-
1.   Any form of bondage is I suppose illegal (otherwise you’d surely have done it) but I’d love to see scenes with three girls where the first is held across a table or stretched on tip-toe by the second and caned by the third. Or perhaps the ‘punishee’ should have to grip a rod or place her ankles either side of some pegs in the floor.
2.   Please feature more ‘girl caning girl’ pictures. The au-pair sequence in Issue 6 was a real turn-on but too brief!
3.   Don’t forget the sexiness of panties! Tight, brief, lacy or transparent panties add another dimension. All too often the girls are nude, let’s see an interim stage with panties on, pulled just below the bottom, then at the ankles.
4.   Anything red is sexy. Particularly red high heels, panties and stockings.
5.   A few pictures showing one girl stripping and ‘preparing’ another would be relished. I can particularly visualise one girl bending right over a table, legs together, while the other is kneeling down to ease a tight pair of panties down, bit by bit.
Now a few possible scenarios in which to include the above suggestions.
A.   Fashion model suspected of jewel smuggling is taken aside by a uniformed customs girl for a strip search! This involves the suspected smuggler having to strip while each item of clothing is searched. She then has to kneel on a desk, legs apart or stand on a chair touching her toes for a thorough body search! Upon finding diamonds — guess where — the randy customs girl offers the smuggler a choice of being prosecuted or caned. Choosing the only sensible alternative, she then has to re-assume the search positions but for a caning now. Perhaps the necessity of having to adopt the best body search positions could make use of wrist and ankle restraints?
B.   A photographic model is hired by a lady photographer to illustrate a book on ‘The Fascination of Discipline’. The model is required to wear all sorts of sexy gear (tennis outfit with black panties, a tiny gold bikini, high heels and G-string etc) and adopt revealing positions. After a few shots, the photographer suggests including herself as the spanker/caner for realism!
Lastly, just a couple of the sexiest positions I can dream up —
•    Girl dressed only in tight red panties and high heels is standing on tip-toe holding on to the light or something while another girl standing right in front is reaching round and with one hand holding the girls panties tightly into her cleft is caning her with the other arm.
      A full-length mirror would allow us to see the satisfaction on the caner’s face and the anguish on the other’s. The ‘au-pair’ girls mentioned before would be ideal, both girls being adults rather than schoolgirls.
       Secretary stripped to her sexy white stockings, bra and G-string is made to kneel on a desk, facing the back but with her hands on the seat of an adjacent chair (i.e. lower than her head). With knees apart, she is punished by ruler by her contrastingly immaculately-dressed female boss.
Finally, please, please, please, PLEASE! let’s have some pictures of the editor’s secretary in the Spanking Interviews video being caned. She’s got such a cheeky face, a super sexy mouth, beautiful hair and those black stockings and panties suit her perfectly. Perhaps she could be ‘discovered’ playing with herself while the boss is out then spanked and caned over the office desk and typing chair!
Yours in trembling anticipation,
John R, Surrey
Blushes’ ‘By Request’ feature in the mid-month Blushes Supplement has elicited considerable response from readers; some of their letters containing ideas which we shall shortly be illustrating both in the Supplement and in Blushes, and published here as an appetiser for things to come.

Dear Editor,
I had been intending to write to you for some time to congratulate you on the very high standard you have achieved in Blushes both in the quality of the photos and the attractiveness of the girls. It is very nice to be able to admire a particular girl’s face and figure as well as her bottom.
I had been hoping that sooner or later you would feature a girl dressed in nurse’s uniform and my wishes have now been answered in your Blushes Supplement No. 1 — and what a lovely little nurse she is and such a delectable bottom! Could you please feature her again in a future edition — in particular that trolley which Reich Girl Brigita was caned on cries out to have a pretty nurse bent over it. I should very much like to see a colour picture of a nurse on it in the position Brigita is in at the top of Page 21 but taken rather more sideways on so that the line of her bust as well as her bottom can be seen, and if there is another nurse beside it awaiting her turn… well, so much the better. Brigita would look very nice in nurses’ uniform I am sure. I was very surprised that R.P.T. of Cheshire did not include nurses in his list of girls who wear stockings and suspenders. The nurse’s uniform is supposed to be second only to that of the schoolgirl in its attraction and I hope you will feature it frequently.
The other uniform I like to see a pretty girl in is that of the late nineteenth century maid. Until the advent of office jobs for women, the only job most girls could get was in domestic service and fear of being dismissed without a reference must have made many of them submit to C.P. and seduction at the hands of their masters. There have been a few stories in C.P. magazines with this setting but no pictures so I hope you can remedy this.
I enclose a short story which you may be able to use along these lines. It is written with ease of illustration in mind and I hope that if you do like it you will illustrate it appropriately. Brigita would make a very nice little maid too.
Do keep up the good work and, please, more nurses, and how about a video with a hospital setting?
Jon S, Sussex

Dear Sir,
Just a note to say what a fabulous magazine Blushes really is.
But here I would like to make a few suggestions on what sort of things you might include:-
•    Or even Morris dancers (as anyone who has seen these knows what a good display of bottoms and knickers you get)
•    girls doing handstands
•    biting their bottom lip
•    in pigtails
•    in straw boaters
•    sucking their thumbs
•    lifting their dresses
•    standing with their knees together and their feet apart
•    perhaps in very short gingham dresses (PLEASE)
•    sitting with their knees up and legs open (knickers on)
•    girls who tease showing their knickers at every opportunity
•    girls who let you spank them in exchange for sweeties
•    or offer their titties so as not to be spanked too hard
•    also a teachers pet who shows her knickers just to get better marks and always wants to wipe the board just to show them off.
Looking forward to the next issue.
J.C. Chester

Dear Editor,
I am Bizarro!, anonymous letter writer and attention seeker! Now then, the spanking? The punishment and humiliation. Discipline!
The strict gym mistress, naughty schoolgirls, little pleated gym skirts, P.E., the swishy regulation school cane, navy-blue cotton gym knickers. Bizarro! writes to all kinky magazines. Pretty, prim and proper Pauline the sixth form prefect, the games’ mistress’s pet in her tight white shorts and gym top and white knee socks and best white pumps — the school bully and her friend Patricia wearing her black leotard tights and ballet shoes, both caught in the changing rooms… smoking!! Side by side, touching toes in the headmistress’s study. The school secretary — pretty floral print dress and large red-framed specs — brings in the punishment book — six of the best each, administered by the games mistress, the secretary and the head watching, tut-tutting, a disgrace to the school. Crocodile tears and stinging bottoms…
The school secretary tells her husband what a humiliation it was and orders him into the bedroom. Soon he too is touching his toes and his little black underpants are lowered. Miss takes the cane to his bottom the same day.
Then it’s her turn and the French maids’ outfit comes out from the back of the wardrobe!
There’s no answer to that, is there!

[Research on spanking and varieties of punishment] — An open letter to Blushes readers.
There you sit, reading the latest Blushes, wondering how many bottoms are really spanked and caned the length and breadth of Britain. The answer is — probably more than you’d think. In an effort to garner some hard research, Blushes has appointed a journalist with practical experience of the spanking scene to venture out into the field.
John Hotten is, naturally, a Blushes devotee and reports that he has just made contact with a retired Scottish schoolmistress who has agreed to discuss her many years of wielding the tawse on the trembling palms and quivering bottoms of recalcitrant schoolgirls in Scotland. Then there is the 40-year-old lady P.E teacher in Kent who admits she likes to spank and cane young men; and the husband and wife team who offer a disciplinary service to both sexes in Central London. But, above all, Hotten is interested in you, our readers. So, from this issue onwards, Blushes is pleased to announce a unique service to readers interested in contributing to the magazine.
It may well be that, after perusing the letters section in Blushes or other spanking magazines, you have been motivated to put pen to paper to share your memories, opinions and fantasies with fellow readers. You’ve looked forward to seeing your letter in print and rushed your envelope to the post box… only for your efforts to go unacknowledged and unpublished without any indication why your work was not suitable.
Blushes obviously cannot publish every letter received, but this does not mean that we are not grateful to everyone who has taken the trouble to correspond. Some letters are unsuitable for publication because the content is not sufficiently attuned to the interest of Blushes’ readership and yet the writer has clearly got a good letter in him or her, needing only some guidance on subject matter and perhaps a little reshaping of the final article. At the same time, many readers may wish to contribute but lack the skill to organise their thoughts on paper. Blushes believes that the silent majority have valid spanking experiences to share with us and should be given a hearing. Hotten will remedy these problems.
To avail yourself of this service, address your letter to Hotten and include an address to which your correspondence may be sent (accommodation address acceptable) or your telephone number. He’ll acknowledge receipt of your letter, seek your agreement to any changes needed and, if the letter is not usable, give you guidance on composing a more suitable letter. If you have an interesting spanking experience to relate but don’t know where to begin describing it, Blushes’ researcher will help by sending you a questionnaire or, if you live in London/South East, by arranging a discreet interview. You talk, he takes notes and asks questions and later translates your interview into a reader’s letter which can be submitted to you for final approval. We hope this will lead to a greater range of published viewpoints and a greater authenticity in accounts of corporal punishment witnessed and experienced, making Blushes’ letters pages essential for the student of contemporary chastisement.
Those of our readers who can only contribute anonymously are still most welcome, but if you do wish to take advantage of this service, please address your letter or enquiries to: John Hotten Esq., Research Department, Blushes at the usual editorial address.
Here are some letters that John Hotten has already elicited from Blushes readers, with his comments intended for the Editor’s eyes only which lend the letters that final ring of authenticity.

A very cheeky letter this. I know the writer quite well, he’s absolutely crazy about Blushes. Should generate some feedback from other Blushes readers, I think, who probably all have their own highly idiosyncratic ways of assessing a girl’s spankability etc. Do you think he’s a bit too severe on the girls, though? I put this to him but he was unrepentant, arguing that a bottom caned is a bottom wealed, as far as he is concerned!
Dear Editor,
I don’t know how the two delectable schoolgirls on the cover of Blushes 8 would fare in an I.Q. test, but on my scale of reckoning they score top marks! Who can doubt that they had the highest S.Q. in their school? I refer, of course, to spankability quotient’. I suspect that the majority of Blushes readers assess a girl’s spankability quotient in relation to the nubile contours of her hips, as with the girl reclining on the wall; indeed, both lovelies had gorgeous hips as we saw in the outstanding photo sequence inside, ideal hips for going over a tutor’s knee for an explosive spanking. However, let us not overlook prettiness of facial features as a contributing factor in a girl’s spankability quotient. My theory (a bit discriminatory, I must agree) is that: the more beautiful a girl is the harder she should be spanked! Do any Blushes readers agree?
There is another school of thought that would argue that the more innocent and vulnerable the schoolgirl looks, the more severe should be her chastisement. According to this system, of which I would also claim to be an adherent, the meltingly doe-eyed look of the girl on the left on page 62 of Blushes 8 would automatically equate with a sizzling rear — and that’s the kind of arithmetic Blushes readers like!
Should less delicately proportioned girls be downhearted about their low spankability quotients, then? Not a bit of it. For the broader the bottom and the fatter the thighs, the higher the girl’s W.Q. — you guessed it, whippability quotient! Heavy-framed girls may not appeal for over-the-knee treatment, but the tight bottom-cheeks of a girl with high spankability quotient like the one doing the handstand on page 31 offer a less rewarding target to a whippy length of malacca or, rattan than those of a girl with a capacious derriere like the one on page 44 of Blushes 7. You can almost feel how her bottom could absorb the most energetic cane-whipping a disciplinarian could tender.
Following, as one tends to do, an endless number of female posteriors clad in skin-tight jeans along London’s Oxford Street, one must conclude that most girls either have high spankability quotient and low whippability quotient or high whippability quotient and low spankability quotient; congratulations to Blushes on outstripping (no pun intended!) your competitors by photographing a number of girls with stunningly high scores on both spankability and whippability! If any of your readers are prone to scoff at this claim, I would refer their painstaking (pun intended, this time) scrutiny to the attractively wealed bottom of the girl on page 12 of Blushes Supplement 2.
Here is a girl so pretty and so… so perturbable… that she exudes an aura of magnetic spankability, and yet as page 12 proves, this is allied to a rather substantial canvas for painting weals with a cane. This, dear Editor, is causing much confusion in the minds of assessors of Blushes’ girls’ spankability and whippability quotients! Having discussed this problem with other admirers of your magazine, may I suggest to readers a few out of a possible series of tests for settling the question? This might even help you decide which punishments to impose on your models!
2.   How fully do the buttocks swell the knickers? Does flesh spill out the edges of the elastic? If so, add 20% to her whippability quotient; after all, a spanking would be wasted on all those layers of flab. But if she has a tight, trim bottom, add 25% to her spankability quotient: a little spanking goes a long way on a cute little bottom.
3.   How pretty are her features? The prettier she is, the higher her spankability quotient. I will leave the exact percentage up to your judgement of the girl under scrutiny, but be generous in awarding her percentage. As they say, you have to be cruel to be kind, and the higher the spankability rating you give, the less likely she is to end up howling under remorseless cuts of a crook-handled punishment cane. We don’t want to be cruel, do we? And the girl might even prove ‘grateful’ for such lenient treatment, if you’re lucky. If the girl has a face like the back of a bus, though, or the demeanour of a militant feminist, I strongly recommend a very high whippability rating. Downright ugly girls (not that we’ve ever seen any in Blushes) should be caned with especial severity, of course; after all, what have you got to lose?
4.   Strip the girl naked and make her touch her toes. Does the breadth of her bottom, viewed straight on, obscure sight of her breasts? If so, add marks to her whippability quotient (and to her fat rump please — well, its’s asking for it).
5.   Give her a few exploratory swipes with the cane on the bare buttocks. Does she merely whimper? Then add marks to her spankability quotient on the grounds of good behaviour. Does she scream and protest vigorously? Then add marks — say 35% — to her whippability quotient and immediately proceed to give her the soundest cane-whipping she’s had in her whole seventeen or so years. That will give her something worth complaining about!
Of course, the possible permutations are endless. Perhaps Blushes readers would like to suggest further tests for determining the most appropriate way of disciplining each errant girl who’s earned a good hiding. Do any readers feel, for instance, that virgins need only receive a conscientious spanking, whereas wanton tarts deserve nothing less than the cane giving hell to their backsides? In any event, when your tests are complete, you need only total the relevant percentages to decide which disciplinary method will best provide the means to an end — the girl’s end, that is.
So, dear Editor, if you ever need a professional spankability or whippability quotient assessor, feel free to call on my services. Of course less professional assessors may find that the percentage points they have awarded to the modern teenage Miss add up to more than 100, but not to worry; that only provides a good excuse to slap and swish those girly bums even harder!
Congratulations, finally, on the world’s finest scenes of schoolgirl discipline. Blushes was long overdue in a jaded field: Viva Blushes!
Your loyal reader,
J.M., London

Don’t know if you can use this one. I’ve spoken to the writer who’s genuinely fascinated by schoolgirl spanking but hasn’t told us anything here we couldn’t have guessed. He’s promised to write a much more detailed letter next time.
Dear Sir,
I would be most pleased to write some stories for your magazine. I have written quite a few spanking stories for a few people and they have requested me to write some more for them, so they must be fairly good. I love to spank or cane a nice young round bottom. I have just watched five girls walk past me… I wonder if they were wearing navy blue school knickers underneath?
I very often fantasise about girls in school uniforms being placed across my lap for some hand-spanking on their knickered bottoms, followed by me making them stand facing me with their skirts raised above their waists whilst I slide their knickers down to their ankles, then place them over my lap once more for some bare bottom spanking. Then I would order them to strip all their clothes off, bend over a stool where I would then give them a good session of my tawse making their bums very red and sore.
I also like them in very tight shorts for lots of fondling and spanking! Bye for now.
M.M., Dorset

You might find this one quite amusing but it’s also factual — I’ve seen the original letter and the photo of the lady’s lovely bare bottom, passed to me by the writer. I’ve just contacted the lady to see if she’d be interested in modelling her peachy bum in the magazine and she’s going to let me know.
Dear Blushes,
England is often referred to as the natural home of corporal punishment and is likely to remain so if the ‘bring back the birch’ pronouncements of two Tory M.P.’s following the football hooliganism perpetrated by Millwall fans recently are any guide. And it seems that a lot of people make a living out of spanking and caning: the staff and contributors of the many spanking magazines, the professional ladies who specialise in correction, and the freelance raconteurs. Would fellow enthusiasts be interested to know how this last group operate? I recently answered an ad in a contact magazine which was worded to attract the attention of those intrigued by schoolgirl discipline. Within a couple of weeks, I received a letter (and photograph) from which verbatim extracts appear below and which is particularly interesting as regards the economics of schoolgirl discipline. Despite the writer’s claim not to be running a business, Blushes may well wonder how much money she is making and, indeed, how many amateurs are supplementing their incomes from spanking and caning in this way — this without even mentioning those cane manufacturers and/or suppliers like the Bognor Cane Company of Bognor Regis or Mr P Whitaker of Suite 8, Royal House, Sovereign Street, Leeds LS1 4BJ whose ads for Crook handle school rods £2.75 each or 3 for £7.00 p&p included have been appearing in magazines lately.
Quote from the aforementioned letter:
‘I am very interested to hear from others who like the spanking and caning scene, especially on bare bums! I have sessions with my friend **** who is often my schoolmaster. He also has other naughty girls over for sessions, so, needless to say, lots of naughty girls have been bending in all sorts of positions, some caned on their navy knickers, others with them down to their knees are spanked and caned on their bare botties. I can tell you, I’ve had my bare behind well caned and I would love to secretly tell you about it in every detail and let you see photos to prove it. My schoolmaster is very strict and makes me bend over the chair or kneel on the floor so that my pink bottom is well presented to him. Then he gets out one of his canes and puts some stripes across my bare bum! Ooohh, how it stings!!
I am hoping to do at least one session a month with **** (more if I can afford it) and I am looking for a few other people who are interested in this scene so that I can tell you all about it and send you some exciting photos. I have no intention of running a business, so any money you send for photos will pay for the processing and help to buy school clothing and new props for scene sets and also give a little in expenses for any other naughty girls who get a discipline session. I can do sets of 10 photos and a nice naughty letter from £4 (black and white). Reductions on full sessions (30 to 40 photos), some colour available on request.
Many of my regular pen friends contribute a few pounds a month. This way we are able to keep in contact and I can send them letters and photos of all the latest escapades. This also helps me to know how much I can spend on each session. From five pen friends that I have at the moment, I receive £3 from one, £5 each from two others, and £10 each from the other two, but at the moment I seem to be spending out more than I get in! I have just bought some new school wear, and we had a couple of new girls over and I had to pay some expenses, so I’m hoping for a few extra friends to join in the fun and make the sessions more exciting with the extra money to spend on them. I badly need some new school knickers!!
P.S. Enclosed — photo of me just after my navy knickers were pulled down, ready for a good bare bottom caning! Love, ****’
So, there you are! What do you think of that? And how many perfectly respectable-looking housewives throughout England are topping up the housekeeping money by doing the same? Perhaps Blushes should do a special report on the ‘Scandal of the Schoolgirl Housewives’ — with lots of photos, of course. Best of luck to your fine publication.
John, London

A superb letter from Sweden, this one. Apparently genuine too, as a lady friend of mine has corresponded with Lena a number of times at the published address. I’m quite interested in the reference to hair-pulling as a forerunner to beating — perhaps we could see this quite natural domestic disciplinary scene in a future photo sequence. There’s a brilliant amateur drawing of Lena using the carpet beater on her prone, bare-bottomed daughter. Should we reproduce it, do you think? Anyway, excellent to have some information about Swedish discipline!
P.S. Let’s leave it in its original charmingly broken English.
Dear Sir,
Excuse for my not so good English but I hope you understand most of the letter. I believe in corporal punishment for naughty children. I am a mother to two girls and when they are naughty or misbehave they get punished at home. In Sweden corporal punishment for children is forbidden since 1979, but I don’t care about that and I know there are many parents in Sweden using corporal punishment whatever the law say.
It is most I who spank our daughters when they should have it. I do not use a cane like in your homes. I have never had a cane and here in Sweden I think that it is difficult to get one. I use what we call Rottingen when I spank my children. Rottingen is a carpet beater that we use to clean our carpets with and it is usually used in many homes. It is made of rattan and you could buy it in stores and so. It is about 1 to 1.10 meters long and I think that it sting a lot when you give a spanking with it, you certainly can hear when the girls cried and shout when I give it to them.
When my girls, some one of them, have been naughty, she had to go to the children’s room and I get Rottingen from the cupboard in the kitchen where I have it. Then I go to the girls’ room and then the girl who has been naughty have her hair pulled and I told her to undress. So she had to take her jeans or skirt off and also take her knickers off or undress completely naked.
Then the girl is told to lay on her bed on her stomach and then I stand by the bed and spank the girl on her bare bottom regularly! And I can told you the girl crying and screaming when she got it! In person I think Rottingen is very good to use to spanking children with. It is easy to use Rottingen and I promise that it give a sore bottom to the girl.
Yes, I do agree that the best place for children to be birched, caned or so is on the bottom. I favour the bare bottom when I punish my children. I think that girls also should be punished on their bare bottom. I also ignore sobbing and cries when I spank my daughters. In person I use to give my children about 30-35 slaps with it in their bare bottom when they get Rottingen. And after they had red marks around the whole bottom!
In my home corporal punishment is used when the children are naughty, disobey, don’t come home in time, break things (clothes and so!), misbehaving and other things. My girls use to get Rottingen nearly every week for something they had done. Sometimes spanking is used one to three times a week, some weeks not at all. It depends on the children themselves of course. It is not fun to give them that but necessary. But I think it is only good to give children a good spanking when it is necessary. I hope that more mothers than I do this, in your country too?
At summer when the children have summer vacations from school, we live out in our summer residence and if the girls are naughty and so there, they or the one of them who has been naughty had to go with me on their room and have trousers and knickers down or off completely and lay over my knees and have a soundly spanking on the bare bottom with a birch! And I can tell you when the girls get that they cried a lot.
I used Rottingen yesterday when my youngest girl had been naughty and she got a really good spanking with it on her bare bottom yesterday afternoon!
I don’t think Blushes is available in Sweden and if it is I think it is rather expensive. You could publish my name and address in the magazine perhaps someone will write to me about c.p. when they read it. You have my address here: Mrs Lena Johansson, Riktargatan 62B, 64400 Torshalla, Sverige.
Many greetings from
Lena J.

This letter is absolutely true, for what it’s worth. The gentleman has an enviable collection of spanking magazines but a less enviable collection of spanking experiences. However, as he’s seventy [and I have spoken to him and do believe him], he must have been at school in the 20’s when the cane flourished in British schools. I’ve asked him to recall any canings he witnessed or underwent. Anyway, how many Blushes readers are in their seventies?
Dear Editor,
I go for Blushes, which is a very good issue. I also go for drawings, in fact I go for most drawings of C.P., the more explicit the better, and with drawings they go further than they do with photographs, I notice. I have thousands of loose cuttings, all of good stuff, bottoms, scanty knickers, etc., the result of the cannibalisation of a very large number of men’s magazines, a step I had to take because of space problems. But I have never cannibalised a C.P. magazine, all are complete as bought! Among my favourites is a magazine issue entirely composed of Wicked Wanda drawings. I got that in London years ago, from a bookstall outside Victoria Station in the same road as Victoria Coach Station. I don t think that particular magazine ever got to the provinces. I’ve never seen another copy, anyway. There’s a certain amount of C.P. in Wicked Wanda and drawings of lots of nice bottoms in and out of brief knickers!
As to my age, I am seventy (70). I’m glad I’ve reached there but I don’t like being there, if you get what I mean. Personal experience of C.P., not much. Opportunity would be a great thing. Willing women are about as scarce as hens’ teeth. I did have one a few years ago, a much younger woman who’d been a friend of mine for years, a bisexual female. She claimed to be gay but I know for certain that she was bisexual. She shook me one evening (she used to stay with me at times) by asking to be tied up and beaten. So I did, first of all doing what I’ve wanted to do for years — shave off her pubic hair. I detest female pubic hair. The girls who pose nude with masses of hair there might as well keep their knickers on! She didn’t mind and I, of course, had splendid ultra-close-up views of her orifices and left not a hair in sight near either of them!! I really enjoyed that.
Then she had a walloping, tied face down over a coffee table. She took it in silence and seemed to enjoy it. I know it turned her on sexually. She had a really wet pussy, all right. Incidentally, I have never had sex with her. At that time I thought she was gay. It was later on that I discovered that she was bisexual. Anyhow, I regret to say that a little later on she said that she’d like to return to our former relationship, just being the very good friends we’d always been, so bang went a lot of lustful plans I had in mind for the future!! That’s life, ain’t it!!
Dave, Gloucester


  1. Poor old Dave of Gloucester will be no more of course. He would've loved the internet and opportunities it allows. But at least he had his moment.

  2. It's an hilarious letter. Poor Dave. Spanking became ever so mainstream between my teens and now. It was really taboo when I was growing up so Dave would find loads more opportunities now I suspect.

  3. I'm with depilatory Dave on the subject of hirsuit pussies .... baldly to go ...

  4. I mispelt hirsute, though 'her sweet' pussy may have been just as apt!

  5. As entertaining as I found J.M.'s formulations on 'spankability and whippability quotients' it all sounds, in practical terms, a bit like too much hard work to me. The simple fact of the matter is that whatever a girl's physical proportions and psychological disposition I'd be very disappointed indeed if her bare bottom were to get away without a sound caning and preferably a good preliminary fiery spanking also. I wouldn't really like to get myself tangled up in J.M.'s percentages at such moments!

    J.M. also asserts that the more vulnerable and innocent seeming a girl appears to be then the more severe her chastisement should be. Whilst I'm undoubtedly wont to agree I do think that in such cases one's natural fervour should be tempered by a degree of benevolence, which perhaps takes into account a young lady's inexperience and relatively tender years. It's not a matter of letting her off in any way, just a case of judging what is enough to make her adequately suffer (by means preferably of the cane), and for you the disciplinarian to fully enjoy yourself, without resorting to barbarism. We should remain, I believe, civilised men at all times. Of course, any refusals or inability to receive punishment in the desired manner should be countered with great firmness on one's own part. A kindly, charitable nature can only be pushed so far.

    I'm not really one who is very much interested in caning girls I do not feel a sexual attraction towards but here I must very much agree with one exception which J.M. mentions - militant feminists. They're usually very ugly although of late their malign influence does seem to be spreading to some of their prettier sisters. The thing is, despite any physical ugliness, I think I would very much enjoy caning the life out of one of these creatures and any other female who dares to obstruct and frustrate men in their natural pleasures and appetites. If a 'new moral order' ever does come to pass I feel pretty sure that this is one score it will be very keen to settle.

    John R mentions the gorgeous dolly secretary from the 'Spanking Interviews' films (see video section). One of life's biggest mysteries to me is how on earth in these otherwise excellent films did this particular young lady escape unthrashed? It just seems so unBlushes like! Most disappointing. Whilst I'm at it, is she 'Valerie' in 'Henry's New Girl' etc.? I'm thinking she is but I'm not 100% sure. I think the perky breasted girl on the right of the fourth picture up on this blog entry (sitting down on the featured Blushes cover and holding the upside down girl's legs in the other picture) is one who is featured in the 'Spanking Interviews' and very nice she is too!

    Where is everyone these days btw?

  6. JM in a ridiculous fret. Basic - women need dealing with. Pretty girls need hitting more from the word go: otherwise they use their looks to use you.

    ‘The hostility pretty girls deserve’

    The other category are the big-titted. They look ridiculous at best but I think they suit caning as their udders hang nicely when you lean them forward for punishment. And they find it humiliating.