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Friday, 10 January 2020

Letter from Blushes Supplement 3 — Blushes photography

From Blushes Supplement 3
Dear Editor,
Congratulations on the latest Blushes Supplement which is adding a new dimension to an already excellent publication. The one outstanding aspect which puts Blushes head and shoulders above its competitors is the standard of photography. Your photographer is a talented professional who is not just giving us pictures of girls bending over, showing their bottoms. Your pictures are imaginative, artistic and erotic, some outstandingly so. Attention to a few details would make them even better. A small amount of editing would ensure that the text of the story matched the photos (or vice versa for the photographer’s brief). A story describing a girl receiving the strap should not have photos of her being caned. The Reich girls’ uniform is itemised to include black suspender belt and black silk stockings, yet the girl being caned, so entrancingly, wears white suspenders and stockings.
The caning of Suzie in Issue 7, describes her blue stockings although she usually wore black, but the two outstanding photos show Suzie wearing white stockings. Also could you start persuading your beautiful models to take the cane or strap for real and photograph the build-up of red weals on their bottoms. Your photographer’s ability should be able to show these in all their swollen glory, with a bit of careful cross-lighting. Remember that allowing 15-20 minutes after the beating lets the weals swell up to their goose-pimpled, swollen best.
Could you also make fewer photos per page, but larger. A maximum of four per page is enough and normally one carefully selected is best. Everyone has their own individual tastes but to encourage you to better photos, I consider the finest photos of all in Issue 7 and Supplement 1 were page 36, 44, 46 (this was outstanding, what a pity it wasn’t colour with weals), Supplement page 12, 19 (bottom), 18 (top and bottom), 21 (top) and 37. Your photos with the girls thighs parted showing their pussies are marvellous, especially when the pussy can be seen in all its detail — please make the girls keep their legs apart.
Blushes 7, p46
Blushes Supplement 1, p37

Valerie, as promised, in Issue 7 was excellent photography, but a girl should be made nude progressively — let us see the clothes come off and I do like a girl with beautiful breasts if they are to be stripped. Valerie was too tiny in this area. A Poor Show showed lovely schoolgirl navy-blue knickers, but the best photos were black and white and too small. Club and Attic Again were also excellent but too small and no colour. Nicola’s Friday needed a strap or cane — hairbrushes and hand spankings should be few and far between. The Reich Girls was fantastic, especially the snow shots — more, bigger in colour please especially with those opened thighs.
Canings and strappings (plus some birchings) should be the centre of most stories and eight strokes as a minimum, twelve to eighteen the norm and twenty-four for exceptional severe cases.
My wife was caned severely at school some thirty years ago, when corporal punishment was common in schools. Now she still dresses in her old school uniform for me to take down her green school knickers and cane her bottom hard. When she was a schoolgirl they had to bend across the Headmistress’s desk for the cane, arms stretched above their head. Her skirt or dress was raised above her waist and her green cotton school knickers pulled up so they were tightly stretched. She received up to ten hard strokes of the cane across her bottom, leaving livid red/purple weals. When she became a sixth former she was allowed to wear white cotton knickers and for severe beatings they were pulled up in a narrow tight bunch in the crack of her bottom, leaving her buttocks bare for the cane. The sixth formers had a thicker, heavier cane and ten strokes with this laid on hard.
I met her once from school and she was obviously distressed. She had been caned hard, ten strokes with her knickers pulled up so the cane was applied to her bare buttocks. We went to her house where we were alone and she pulled up her pink cotton summer dress and bent over to let me see her bottom. I eased her knickers down over her hips to her knees. Her bottom was a complete mess — ten vivid, corrugated, swollen, purple/red tramline weals. Two strokes were low down across the tops of her thighs. All were hot, tender and painful. I bathed them for her and let my fingers slip between her thighs and into the soft moist warmth of her pussy until she came with my fingers slipping in and out of her. It took over six or seven weeks for these weals to fade. That was a proper, severe thrashing with the cane.
Her father used the two-tailed tawse on her bared buttocks and would give her up to twenty hard strokes, bent across the back of an armchair.
Now, for our own love play, she has lots of school uniforms in all colours — bottle-green, navy-blue, brown, grey and gymslips, short straight and pleated skirts, summer dresses, cotton knickers in school colours, nylon knickers in school colours, knee socks, ankle socks, white tennis and games clothes. All add up to a great variety of school clothing so that she can play the role of the naughty schoolgirl. We have lots of genuine school canes, curved handles, straight ones, thin, medium and thick ones, genuine Scottish Lochgelly Tawses with two and three tails in M, H and XH grades, and we make birches from time to time, plus a couple of French martinets and a couple of riding whips — a short one and a long thin dressage whip. She will bend over and take her knickers down, when instructed, and take up to thirty hard strokes with cane, strap or birch across her bared buttocks and thighs. I always punish hard, no soft gentle strokes, all searing hard raising heavy purple/red weals and yells as they strike her bare buttocks. Her average thrashing is about twelve to fifteen strokes leaving her buttocks and thighs ridged with swollen, purple weals, hot and tender to the touch. But boy oh boy doesn’t it turn us both on for passionate sex afterwards. Her bottom is never unblemished and has been wealed for over thirty years.
Please keep up the high standard of your excellent photographs, make the stories exciting in detail and above all make sure those punished bare bottoms show good red weals.


  1. Bob here.
    Great letter.JPT sounds like a very lucky guy having such a lady in his
    Wish I could say the same but alas not.If only! Ha ha!
    Fab letter though,as they generally are.Always worth reading.

  2. What Valerie again proves to me is that the model used 5here is, infinitely more sexy than some plastic totted bitch like Jordan.

  3. His wife's arse has certainly been through it down the years what with the cane at school, the tawse from her dad at home and then 30 years and counting of 'searing hard cane strokes' etc. from chappy here.

  4. Bob here.

    Yes,she really has been through it indeed,I agree.
    A lady who can take and presumably enjoy that level of consistent severity
    is a rare and amazing woman.We know that they certainly exist though as the
    various interviews on this blog often
    inform us in the words of such spanking legends as Antonia Du Bois and Sophie
    I bet those two are still insatiable little scamps now...even though I imagine they must be well into their fifties.
    Also bet they still look stunning as well.Girls as pretty as that frequently
    retain their beauty really well.

  5. I approve of the letter writer’s pickiness - If a girl’s tits are too small she should have it made clear to her - it won’t do