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Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Just Girls

From Blushes 44. Decent pictures and scenario but the writing is poor I’m afraid. In their later years Blushes seem to have employed a Vogon poet to write some of their stories.
Kelly was brunette and Babs was blonde. They were both twenty years of age and had known each other for some three months. When they had first met each girl had suffered the same emotional jolting reaction. Neither of them could guess that they were on the same wavelength regarding their sexual feelings and therefore they wasted enough time before they realised that they could be very, very happy together!
It still took several weeks before they realised their paths matched as far as their emotions were concerned. They had left the office together and had walked straight into a real rainstorm. The drops were coming down in ‘broom-handles’ and neither Kelly nor Babs had a brolly to protect themselves. They ducked into a convenient wine bar and for the first time they spent some of the evening together.
‘It has stopped raining,’ Kelly announced as she peered out of the semi-frosted glass.
Babs felt a stab of disappointment because she was really enjoying the company of her brunette friend. Kelly also responded in the same way. ‘You could always come to my place for some coffee,’ the brunette felt herself going red and this was completely foreign to her nature.
‘Why not?’ Babs felt the same jolting pleasure.
Between the station and Kelly’s residence, the rain started again but not as severely and they ended their journey at the trot.
‘Have to shed these wet things,’ Kelly hurriedly removed her outer coat and as Babs watched, eyes shining with an inner delight, Kelly slipped her skirt off. Shapely legs dressed in sheer nylon stockings were under the scrutiny of an excited blonde.
‘I’ve got some shirt blouses… want to change?’ Kelly asked.
‘I am a bit damp,’ Babs felt her own skirt and then Kelly was away to return with the two garments.
‘I’m pulling a bath,’ Kelly had slightly hesitated despite the fact that she as the one who was usually the dominant member of any liaison.
‘We… we could take it together,’ Babs was not too sure of how she should progress this situation, a situation incidentally that she was enjoying more and more by the minute.
Kelly stood there, her legs still exposed all the way up to brief panties and the air of the room was like static electric.
‘That might be a good idea,’ and now her vocal tone had changed; the effect on Babs was also electrifying.
‘Lead the way,’ the shapely blonde said breathlessly.
They picked up the two shirt blouses and in silence they went to the bathroom which was filling up with steam.
Two pairs of eyes studied the other’s torso as they stripped and there was no mistaking the excitement that each girl was feeling as the stripping action continued until they were both nude and stepping gingerly into the tub.
They faced each other and then it was Kelly who reached for the soap… ‘Loofah… or hands?’ she found her voice slightly strangled. ‘Hands,’ Babs responded in that same strangled voice.
Babs stood up and presented a statuesque form of a goddess and by the time that soapy hands had caressed all over her she was really to be whatever Kelly wanted her to be… her body throbbed and there was an intense sensation of sheer erotic heat aching to be fulfilled.
Then she was repeating the act for the brunette so that when they dried each other they were very aware of the time they had wasted before actually getting to a stage of intimacy.
Very little was said when they were laying on the bed, exploring, testing and generally letting the bottled-up sensational emotion to be released. Soft hands sought out secret areas, and lips paid homage to erogenous zones so that within minutes the room was filled with gasps and moans, squeals of pleasure and delight.
It soon became obvious that Babs was not used to being in the top position and Kelly was soon laying beneath the blonde pulling the half-clad girlfriend down onto her… hands fondled firm breasts and lips sucked into each other’s mouths… Babs had no panties but Kelly’s dark pubic hair had been covered by her white silky briefs. The mark of the dominant member of a duo.
‘I love the feel of your bottom,’ Kelly softly teased the blonde and Babs thrust the cheeks into a very rounded pair of orbs as she knelt, straddling Kelly’s supine body.
‘Mmmm… that feels really good,’ Babs could only moan as the palms stroked over the rounded flesh.
‘I think I shall have to smack it if ever you are naughty,’ Kelly smiled into her friend’s eyes.
‘Do you want me to do something naughty then?’ Babs choked as she responded to the full heat of the pleasure she felt being with Kelly.
‘I ought to have a reason for spanking your bum.’
‘No… no, you don’t. If you think you want to spank me, then you must.’
Kelly artfully pushed her clever fingers between the widely parted thighs and Babs gasped as clever, knowledgeable fingertips plucked away at her soft lips…
‘Oooweeee… oh dear Lord,’ she choked as she capitulated to the sheer hell heat fanning her into the veritable responsive young woman that Kelly wanted her to be.
‘I love you Babs,’ the brunette softly intoned.
‘I love you too Kelly… I love anything you want to do… anything at all,’ she moaned as hopelessly she became engulfed in the sweet euphoria of the sexual responses of Kelly.
‘Would you like Kelly to punish you if you are naughty?’
‘Yess… yes… yes… on my bottom darling… on my bare bum,’ she choked now as she writhed with the thrilling sensations pouring from her body.
Because of their passion-heated pleasure, they just had to make their own bodies respond to their new found realisation of each other and then they were resting, exhausted side by side on the bed.
‘You will stay here tonight,’ Kelly announced.
It was not a request nor was she asking; it was a decisive statement that expressed Kelly’s natural personality of being able to take complete charge of the situation.
‘Yes, darling. If you say so,’ Babs answered dreamily.
‘And tomorrow night, I shall have thought of something naughty that you have done,’ Kelly promised her.
‘Yes, darling… and… and you will spank my naughty bottom,’ Babs blushed with that strange elation of pleasure that she could not help feeling at the very idea that she was going to have to posture her bare bottom for Kelly to spank.
‘Now kiss me goodnight,’ Kelly demanded.
Lips met. Tongues licked…
‘Mmmm… nicce… Kelly… darling… please play with my bum before we go to sleep,’ Babs was beseeching Kelly… the blonde just wanted to feel those hands again, squeezing and playing with the orbs of her nates.
‘Ooooh… yess… lovely… marvellous,’ she moaned as Kelly’s hands closed over the cheeks of her friend’s behind… ‘very, very nice,’ Babs felt decidedly very, very happy and content.
The following day, Kelly turned out some more clothes and they did their shopping. They did not care who saw how close they were when they went to the superstore. The rest of the world could go hand itself. Two parties had responded to something that to them was the most sensational rapturous passion that they had ever felt and Babs did not mind one little bit that Kelly constantly tapped the cheeks of her bottom whenever the opportunity presented itself!
It was all so new. It was a situation that both Kelly and Babs had secretly yearned for and the very initiation of their love for each other had started out as a happy accidental foundation the previous evening that Babs at least felt that they had so much to do to catch up on lost time, she was prepared to go to all lengths, any lengths to help foster and enhance the strong emotive ties that had been tied between them.
Just being with Kelly was a beautiful experience. To be in a state of near undress making physical contact of an intimate nature also added something that helped to balm the aching she had suffered because of the attractive brunette was now an urgent need to keep and foster the thrilling erotica that had now become a regular state of her emotions. She felt that she loved her friend so much, that despite its sweetness, it could still cause her a deep pain, a pain that was encouraged by the sheer pleasure and passion that coursed in an endless stream through her body.
The blossoming erotica was a bonus, she felt and if to give pleasure to Kelly, she had to present her naked buttocks for the spanking hand of the dominant brunette, then Babs was willingly happy to do just that… and more. And deep down, she knew she would welcome the sting of contact when Kelly’s palm came into contact with the smooth skin of her bottom. There was no explanation for the way she felt. She did not look for one and did not even think one should be there… to be with Kelly, now that the initial stages had been broached was sufficient enough excuse to help arouse a deep sensation of erotic pleasure.
And Kelly? Her mind was obsessed now with the way she felt about Babs. The lovely blonde accepting her as her partner and seeming to feel that Kelly was the guardian of their happiness was sufficient for her to take the natural role of dominance.
Her mind could not eradicate the thoughts that had prevailed on their first night together. The touch of the smooth skin of Babs bottom as she had stroked and felt the full rounded globes… and the moaning tones of the blonde pleading with her to stroke, touch and play with those superb orbs kept her in a full state of aching for the night to come once again so that she would be able to have the shapely woman in a bowed position, buttocks fully and nakedly presented and then to have her plead once more for the brunette’s hand to bring a stinging quality to them.
They both realised a state of tense excitement creeping over their bodies as they bathed separately on this occasion and when Kelly announced that she thought it best to wear the shirt blouses, Babs could only happily agree with her. The mode of dress gave them scope to move freely and the denudement of the cardinal areas would be that much easier.
‘Am I really going to have my bottom smacked,’ Babs eyes literally shone as she gazed up into the coral brown optics of Kelly.
‘Have you been naughty?’ Kelly teased.
‘Mmmm… very, very naughty,’ Babs blushed in her own helplessness to prevent this from happening.
Once again, Kelly’s hand was slowly stroking over the smooth-skinned orbs as she cradled her friend. Babs could feel the sensational, throbbing reaction of passion heat from the merest of caresses. Now she was aching for the whole charade to begin in earnest.
When Kelly slowly eased Babs into the tummy down position, Babs clenched her fists as the build-up of her sexuality took on a paramount quality… she felt the shirt blouse being raised until the whole area was completely un-covered and the cheeks clasped tightly together.
Kelly smiled when she saw how the protective response on the smooth cheeks had made the crease a tight line. She knew that once the pain started to build up, all thoughts of such modesty would rapidly evaporate. Only the sting would be infused into Babs mind and body… again, she teased the cheeks in tormenting caresses and soon Babs had to relax as she moaned in the thrilling delight she was experiencing.
‘Deserve a spanking do you?’ Kelly professed the aching heat of the helplessly enveloped Babs.
‘Yes… yes, I do. Please Kelly… please darling, give my bottom a really good spanking,’ she moaned.
When the right hand came down, Babs could not believe that the contact could cause such a stinging hotness.
‘Oowwerch,’ her surprised gasp exploded from her mouth.
‘Lay still,’ Kelly admonished her with mock severity.
‘Ow… Ah… Oh!… It hurts,’ Babs discovered her surprise being vented verbally as the palm came down in a steady rhythm of pain-inducing spanks.
As she began to weave her bottom about, the skin steadily took on a pinky shade, but the continuing smacks brought a bright redness to the surface and still that palm came down in a tattoo of sharp sounds which had Babs pushing hard onto the mattress and then up like a popping cork, and she just could not remain still. The fire blistering the cheeks of her backside generated its own power of motivation: It was impossible for her to stay still as shockwaves of heat throbbed through both cheeks of her bared buttocks.
‘No more… please darling,’ she managed to plead.
‘Up on your knees naughty Babs,’ Kelly countered any suggestion that the punishment was over.
Despite her change of mind Babs slowly dragged her searing cheeks into a rounded position as she placed her hands and knees into the statue-like presentation of her stinging cheeks.
‘Please, Kelly… no more. My bottom really does feel sore,’ she choked.
‘But I have hardly touched you,’ Kelly protested.
‘It doesn’t feel ‘hardly touched’… truly,’ Babs complained further.
‘You just stay still,’ this was Kelly at her most dominant.
Babs felt she had no choice. This had become a deadly female fatale situation… if she refused to do as Kelly told her, then the brunette would not want to continue the association… if she stayed like this, on all fours then she would suffer the further agonies of a spanked bum!
She felt that she chose wisely, because Kelly was now able to spank the slightly tauter cheeks as Babs weaved once again but now with a more exaggerated movement.
‘Naughty Babs,’ Kelly smiled. ‘You have been a very naughty girl haven’t you?… Hey… Tell me how naughty you have been,’ Kelly punctuated her accusations with her spanking hand, each nate being spanked alternatively.
‘Aaaggg… oeeerch… Kelly darling… my bum’s so hot!! Please no more,’ she yelled.
Despite her verbal protest, there seemed to be no move to prevent Kelly continuing her delightful exercise of bringing the now very red cheeks to the epitome of the increased hotness.
It was when Kelly did eventually stop and let her hand rub continuously over the offended cheeks, that Babs realised that she could quite get into this spanking business. Because with the caressing hand came the proof that there was a decidedly thrilling and randy reaction!
Each time the hand stroked slowly, almost like an artist adding the last brush work, the sensation of fruity heat stabbed directly into Babs sexually aroused body. Now she lay there, crooning in a soft tone of pleasurable passion heat.
‘Do you think you will want to be spanked on your bottom ever again?’ Kelly asked her softly.
‘I’m bloody sure I will,’ Babs smiled happily as they cradled each other later that night. ‘Will tomorrow night be too soon?’


  1. I cood right better than that and i cant right to well. Pitchers aint up too much to.

  2. And yet the writing had been spot on in Blushes only a year or so previously. I suggest Company Policy in Blushes31 Fleas

  3. That is terribly robotic and unerotic writing.

  4. I do not wish to seem churlish or ungrateful. Because if this blog were to come to an end today it would have been a fantastic endeavour for which I could not be too thankful and appreciative. But I am wondering if this barrel scraping entry is indicative of there now being very little in the way of good 'Blushes' (incl. Uniform Girls etc.) material to come? I hope not because even within the few old mags I have in my personal possession, there are a number of very good stories which are yet to appear. This causes me to think there might be quite a few others also which I still do not know about. So, as I say, thank you very much for this terrific collection but even so, I am still hoping there is a bit more to come from where the likes of The Loft, Video Lessons, Girl Training 1998, Nursedat, Public Relations Work, Sixteen & Sixty, Morning Inspection, Hot Amanda, Basil & Reggie, Pitman's Penchant, to name just a few, came. But do not get me wrong, terrific work Fleas, I really mean that.

    1. Don't worry, we're nowhere near the bottom of the barrel yet. I generally try to screen out the badly written ones, but occasionally one slips through and once I've prepped it I might as well post it.

    2. Thanks Fleas, that's great to hear.

  5. I don’t think anyone’s really complaining Fleas.

    Keep up the tireless work please