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Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Finishing School Discipline

The first in an excellent series of films from Paradox.
M/2f; time: 59 minutes
There are several films in this series. We reviewed them a few years ago for another site, and now we have the delightful task of re-watching them all for review here. Put simply, these films are in the top rank of the most enjoyable vintage British spanking CP we have ever seen. We would assume from the acting and settings that the performers must have melted down in laughter many times.
Open with the typical British exterior — a forbidding castle-like structure in the distance, seen through barbed wire.
The academic character Basil Sterling smokes a pipe at his desk. A knock at the door. ‘Come!’ Miss Thompson reports, a morsel of a schoolgirl in red blazer, blond pigtails. Basil is consulting his punishment book — it seems Thompson has now been summoned 14 times. Thompson fidgets, sullen, deadly cute. Basil explains the CP procedure, not a surprise to Thompson. ‘I’m going to spank your bottom.’ He slaps his palm with the ping pong paddle. ‘I represent the County of Ping Pong.’
This actor never needed scriptwriters. He could prattle his way through any film, adding just enough insouciant irony that we know this is not going to be a gynaecology study. After a scolding, Thompson must report back at 5pm.
Thompson returns, intentionally slovenly. ‘If you complain, the punishment will be repeated next week… we don’t beat around the bush here, we beat the pupil.’ OTK in Basil’s office, blazer off, ‘Lift your skirt,’ regulation knickers. Struggle, squeals, facials.
Thompson stands. ‘Take your pants down.’ She stands in front of his desk and strips — jumper, tie, shirt (button trouble), non-regulation bra ‘get it off!’ When Thompson is naked, Basil pauses a moment and lets his eyes wander. With a tape measure, he does the official measurements and is quite pleased with himself.
Over the desk again for the ping pong paddle. The spanking concludes — she shows her bottom to Basil and her student pussy to us. Basil makes some punishment book entries and Thompson runs off naked.
FADE. This long film continues. Another knock. ‘Come!’ It is Katie Pringle-Paterson, a brunette with two ponytails. She’s been dallying with boys in the village, led on by Thompson, who, Basil prattles on, ‘is now in the dormitory applying ice packs to her backside.’ Long scolding, Basil gets his cane, Katie reflexively goes to her bottom with her hands.
Over the desk. ‘I’m not going to pre-determine the strokes… I’m going to feel my way.’ A half-dozen on her shorts, the same on bare skin. With his tape measure, he measures the diameter of her bare bottom. Why? Can’t hurt. More bottom examination and frontals. Katie gets a ‘rousing finale’ from Basil. Closeups of marks and weals, varied and random, looks good to us. She runs off in tears.
FADE. We’re not finished. That evening, Thompson returns in two-piece flannel pyjamas. One of Basil’s snitches heard her say ‘Silly softy Old Sterling’ in the shower (or maybe he has camera and microphones in the shower). She is shaking. He takes her OTK. ‘This time I’m really going to drive the point home.’ Pyjama bottoms down, very loose panties down. Top off, bra off — Basil files her bra in the top drawer of a cabinet.
A moment in just panties, then more spanking. Thompson gets to touch the cane, in preparation for her inevitable next visit.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:


  1. The man in this series of films is a bit too comedy pantomime for my liking, not to mention his terrible fake moustache. Much prefer things to be played straight and with genuine menace with someone like Alan Bell at the helm. Camerawork a bit boring also, with too much in static long shot. Which is a shame considering the very sexually attractive nature of the young ladies appearing, see 'Thompson' here for instance (and there's a brunette in this series who is probably the most delectable creature I've ever seen in a spanking movie). Camera should have been prowling all over her. Thought her reactions were a bit OTT for a light hand spanking also. Good, however, that she was fully stripped for action in one scene, just a shame it wasn't a caning (although the text above suggests that might be yet to come in the series). Thought that 'landing strip' was something that should not have been allowed to pass without comment and scrutiny. Should young ladies really be grooming themselves in that way and, if they are, for what reason other than sexual misbehaviour? I don't think knickers should be worn beneath pyjamas either. Pity we didn't see more of the face of the other girl (don't know if there was a reason for that?). She had a nice body and looked great in that little pleated skirt. Good caning also though once again camera could have been a bit more a part of the action.

  2. The man does too much of a John Cleese act vocally: he's very Basil Fawlty, with a silly moustache added, and for me this detracts from my enjoyment of the video as spanking porn. I like Thompson, though, her uniform and the close-ups on her face as she reacts to her spanking. This same model sometimes appeared as a spanking domme as well as a submissive in videos and magazine photo sets of the same era.

  3. Sophie Fennington's ex-husband, isn't it?

  4. Not her husband but he has been around for years and still is. Caned AJR nicely. That and others on Spanking For Pleasure site.