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Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Finishing School Discipline 2

The second film in the series.
Basil Sterling returns as the cane wielding Headmaster in this Paradox classic. Amy Watson has been caught cheating in a cookery theory exam and faces corporal punishment. Basil is furious at this act of wanton dishonesty. Grangethorpe Finishing School has a long fine tradition of turning out ladies of distinction. However, Watson is a grave disappointment. An example is to be made of her and she is soundly spanked on her ample behind and Basil canes her severely. Thompson and Pringle-Paterson don’t seem to have learnt their lesson and are back for more and a French tennis student also experiences the stinging pain of the English cane.
M/f; time: 60 minutes
Part 2 of one of the most entertaining series in all of the CP genre, in our opinion. Filled with pretty girls, humour, absurdly funny situations, and all the CP fetish cues, British style. And credible punishment.
Mr Sterling, one of the British CP masters found through early British films, presides in his school office, in academic robes. fiddling with his pipe. A knock at the door, Amy Watson reports, wearing full schoolgirl kit, including a blazer. Sterling gives her a long and comical scolding. ‘I want you back here at four PM, in a clean pair of underpants, to pay the price.’
FADE, brunette Watson reports and is quickly OTK. White panties and a tight little bottom. She immediately begins to moan. ‘We don’t like this, do we?’  ‘No, sir.’ Sterling discovers that these knickers are unauthorized nylon, an excuse to take them down. As Sterling prattles on, he gets in a fondle and feel any chance he can. He takes up his ping pong paddle, named Derek. More feels. And yelps. The actress fights back laughter at the silly dialogue. ‘This is one of the most marvellous bottoms I have seen.’  And surely unscripted, muffled voice from the floor, ‘And do I have to thank you for that?’
He directs Watson to take off her clothes. ‘Pardon?’ She stops at her gymslip, which is too bad, because there was plenty more to see. ‘This shouldn’t be happening, sir.’ Great worried facials — her bottom looks wide and feminine here. Sterling scolds with his cane, lots of talking time certainly saves the models’ bottoms. Seven cane strokes over the desk, squeals and tears. ‘Feel free to scream, Watson.’ Sterling traces the lines with a finger.
Watson stands in front of him, giving Sterling a full frontal, he glances down occasionally, while he makes punishment book entries.
In a separate episode, two girls return for their evening session, Philippa Thompson and Kate Pringle-Patterson, from part one of the series. They wear nighties. After long scolding again, both girls are spanked OTK on matching flower-print panties. Sterling is finding lint to pick off Katie’s bottom and is fascinated by it.
The girls line up in front of his desk. Sterling fondles both girls’ boobs. They endure. This is the evening session. They strip naked — nightie, bra, panties off. Two trimmed little beavers. After a nude inspection, Sterling has salve cream and does both bottoms, he is having his fun.
Fade. Another girl in the office, Antoinette LeBlanc, a tennis player. Janus had a thing about female tennis players and claimed to have published the bare bottoms of some well-known players. Sterling wears a tuxedo here, as if he was going to cram in one more spanking before going to the charity event.
She is a repeat offender. She bends at the lectern, more flower panties. Caned on the panties, then ‘Take those panties down.’ Squeals in French. Some skin pops?  She too stands in front on him for the final scold, but keeps her skirt down.
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  1. 'Amy Watson', surely one of the most delectable young creatures to ever grace a schoolgirl spanking video. Two very impressive bulges beneath that stretchy white vest thing also, shame we never got to see them in all their naked glory. She appeared, however, to be nonchalantly chewing gum throughout her ordeal. I don't think that should have gone unnoticed and unpunished. Although I have problems with this fellow's Basil Fawlty/Lord Melchett comedy act, and that terrible fake moustache, I did like the way he ran his hands all over the girl's bare bum between spankings. I'm sure most pretty young ladies would hate having an 'old man' do that to them but in the context of a spanking it might humiliatingly feel quite pleasant.

    Good to see nice pubic thatches on display and no defacement of the young female body by ugly tattoos. Ah, those were the days!

  2. Not seen the brunette before - very attractive, and a superb bottom. Lee