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Wednesday, 11 December 2019

The Flogging of Lady Constance

Video featuring Sophie Fennington
M/f; year: early 1990’s; time: 31 minutes
An absolutely golden oldie we are privileged to bring to your attention, starring Sophie Fennington and maybe her husband John North, surely made during their Tallion/SFP era when they appear to have produced their own work. The setting at a sprawling country estate and the costumes are pure Victorian. Sophie said in her interview tape that they enjoyed that part of this performance. We like the spankings, and she knows it. She liked the theatre. This is in fact a ‘costume drama,’ except that here those costumes come off.
North and Sophie are seen strolling on the grounds of a classic historic estate, in serious conversation, overdubbed by a soundtrack of pastoral piano. It seems Solicitor Basil is tasked with explaining to Lady Constance that there are ‘unusual technicalities’ in the late Lord Rothmere’s Will to be administered before she can inherit from her uncle all that they have surveyed. ‘Your wayward spirit has not been channeled,’ he says, and refers to the lord’s fondness for the rod. Sophie knows about this and gets the message. ‘This is an outrage. Surely, Basil, there must be another way.’ Well, there always is in these films, we would advise Sophie, but in this case we prefer the dictates of the Will. Basil leaves her to read the leather-bound Will and think it over.
She calls Basil back and accepts that ‘there is no other way.’ He has returned with the riding crop. He circles and caresses her with the crop and upbraids her. ‘We shall proceed. Lift up your dress.’ Voluminous skirts are gathered and a great rustling operation is needed to display a single-piece undergarment with pantaloon legs. She bends over and Basil begins a handspanking. Sophie’s sweet struggles are unparalleled over the years.
This Will must be quite detailed. They move to the fully-furnished, elegant library. Basil slaps a tawse in his palm. ‘Remove your clothes.’  ‘All?’ ‘Yes, all.’ They must have goofed the script, because she stops after taking off the massive layered dress and bends over the piano in just her pantaloons/shift. He cracks the tawse across her bottom. She squeals and wiggles. It’s OK to rub.
At last it is time for the shift to come off. With some slow and painfully erotic untying and unbuttoning help, she is soon naked. And now some words about Sophie. Smashing innocent blue-eyed blonde; wispy waif-like thin; un-enhanced natural body, with a skinny bottom compared to more recent standards; and an actress in every sense. She is sweetly reluctant whenever her clothes have to come off. She takes her spankings with realistic discomfort. The ‘Oh, if you must…’ aspects of her submission are as erotic as any emotion we’ve found in the genre.
Basil continues with the tawse. The camera catches her nudity from several angles. Time for Lord Rothmere’s riding crop. Since he whipped his staff girls ‘in bursts,’ that is what Lady Constance gets — 3 sets of 6. She squeals. We’re given a long frontal gaze while Basil caresses her face with the crop at the conclusion of this phase. She is in a very natural state, tawny and curly.
Basil now has a rod. ‘It is hoped you will remember this (rod).’ Sophie kneels and bends over a piano stool which could be a museum piece. A lovely nude tableau. Basil must kneel himself to get at her bottom. He lays on about 25 moderate strokes. Sophie again is allowed to rub. Her bottom is splotched and deep-red, from handspanking, a tawse, riding crop, and now the cane.
She is permitted to dress and leave. During the piano soundtrack fadeout, Lady Constance strolls on the grounds again, sneaking a check on how her bottom feels.
Part 1:
Part 2:


  1. A captivating girl. I, sadly don't ever recall her being disciplined by another woman.

  2. No her husband was the only one who got to get his hands and implements on her. Typical insecurities I'm afraid.

  3. A great video- Sophie is the perfect choice for the role of Lady Constance. The look and accent of a lady