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Thursday, 5 December 2019

Seven Lessons for Knicker Watchers

An essay by Clement Gardner from the early days of Janus (2.03) when it was still a general fetish magazine rather than being fully dedicated to spanking.
For knickers to be properly significant in the life of a fully developed watcher, basic training must be undertaken at a very early age. In fact, most parents are fully programmed by their own upbringing to provide those subtle incentives necessary for success almost as soon as it is realised that ‘Baby’ is ready for reclassification as ‘Son’ or ‘Daughter’. Concurrent with this phase is a progressive transition of clothing from the practically indeterminate to the sexually recognisable.
Through the initial years, smocks must give way to dresses on the one hand, or shirts and trousers on the other; nappies and rubber or plastic pants are replaced by knickers or underpants. Underpants are usually concealed in a dressed state, knickers can be on view in careless moments, and motherly concern develops, fostered by the knowledge that her own generation is aware of the erotic overtones associated with a raised skirt. At pains, therefore, to stress the necessity of keeping knickers covered up in company, mother is soon able to generate interest in the question of why knickers, not functionally different from socks or vests or hats to the uninitiated, are somehow special.
To questions of why knickers should not be shown, especially to small boys, unsatisfactory answers are given — it’s rude, we just don’t do it, it’s naughty. It’s naughty? That at least is interesting.
Little boys are similarly admonished — don’t look, don’t ask to look, don’t touch! It’s naughty!
Following this fairly standardised introduction to the subject, the responsive pupil now has the following facts, one might say at his fingertips:—
(a) Knickers are a special and enviable prerogative of girls.
(b) Knickers are associated with an interesting adult reaction.
(c) To show, see or touch knickers is somehow naughty.
Information is useful, experiment is essential; soon the ardent young researchers are exchanging views as it were. Sensations, such as the feel of the puckered materials at knicker’s leg or waistband or the twang of elastic on bare legs, are discussed at length. For proper naughtiness, girls lie on their backs with legs kicking mightily, knickers fully on view, and boys up-end girls to ensure unrestricted visibility of the delights beneath the dresses.
During this early field work, or probably at least contemporary with it, a basic difference between boys and girls will be discovered. A further fact can now be added to basic information:—
(d) Knickers are special because they cover that which makes girls different from boys. Therefore, and since adults do not want knickers uncovered, knickers are exciting and should be investigated.
Looking back on experiences in this period, we more mature knicker fanciers must surely feel a pang of regret for the passing of black stockings from the school uniform scene. It is difficult to relate today’s tights and navy-blue stretch nylon briefs to the magnificence of the senior girls we used to love in gymslips and white shirts, black stockings, white suspenders and navy-blue knickers — a combination to stay the hearts of all who had graduated from Lesson 1.
It will be realised that the groundwork covered so far may have taken the student well into his schooldays. If the art of knicker watching has been developed progressively, and if sexual attraction is evident, your student whose roots lie in the era of stockings will recall the power of the raised gymslip as demonstrated by senior girls. He has been trained to recognise that knickers are attractive. He is now aware that his schoolgirl friends are attractive. His only possible conclusion is that attractive schoolgirls have doubly exciting knickers! Shapely young legs in black stockings, handstands in the playground, gymslips falling round the shoulders, stocking-tops black against white suspenders and plump white thighs, navy-blue knickers pinching the flesh with elastic at legs and waist, a strip of white skin at the waist and the gymslip fully inside out!
Schoolgirls at play, heaving up each other’s gymslips and holding them aloft, the victim giggling and twisting, thoroughly enjoying the thrill of having her knickers exposed even to the gaze of her own kind, or romps in the long grass behind the gym — tickling and spanking with the objective of keeping the knickers in view as long as possible. Sometimes the knickers and the gym-slips are green. Bottle-green knickers hold attraction for many, brown gym knickers for others. Whatever the colours, the raised gymslip and the stockings/stocking tops/white thighs/ suspenders/knickers combination is locked in at this stage, and remains basic material for any serious leg, bottom and knicker watcher.
If our knicker watcher is not at this stage aware of the delights of the can-can, he can nevertheless enjoy the school uniform version, for schoolgirls turn cartwheels with aplomb, allowing the gymslip to fly wildly. The can-can is devoted to the study of knickers against an exciting vibrant backcloth of cascading petticoats. The first feeling for the tumbling action is aroused by watching gymslips uncovering those delicious black stocking tops, the straining suspenders and navy, green or brown gym knickers. (Some observers have referred to coarse material and baggy bloomers — disparaging terms for garments which were in fact disappearing as early as the 1930’s. During the 1940’s the ubiquitous ‘Utility’ Makers introduced tighter materials based on cotton or later, synthetics, and although the gym knickers were a comfortable rather than a tight fit, one of the fascinations was the way in which the legs of the knickers overlapped the elastic in a gentle fold. If the wearer bent down or performed an acrobatic, one could watch these folds disappearing as the knickers tightened over the buttocks and reappeared as a standing position was regained. Also constant wear soon applied a satisfactory sheen which left them soft and smooth to the touch. The modern replacement of elastic in the legs by elasticated cuffs can only be regretted by the serious watcher.)
The message is slapped home, so to speak, by observing the spanking of schoolgirls. Caning particularly on the backside is, and was comparatively rare, but many have been able to witness the unceremonious hoisting of a gymslip by an irate mistress and to follow the raining of spanks on the writhing seat of gym-knickers alternately taut or creased as the victim wriggled delightfully. The erotic sight accompanied by the crack of the hand and the shrill squeal of the spanked schoolgirl is basic minor sadism and often has to be worked out in later life, but that is a different subject.
The above two lessons, if properly learned, are sufficient in themselves to qualify the watcher for the next stage. However, there are very likely to have been other basic and fringe experiences, to broaden what might be called the overall view of knickers. In childhood, whilst at play on the floor, a standard procedure is to peer up a variety of skirts and dresses without let or hindrance — opportunities envied by many more mature experts. This ensures broad familiarity with D.K.’s (Directoire knickers), French knickers, knickers with frills, plain white knickers in silk or nylon with elastic at thigh or waist. This is an important style since it is often acceptable to a D.K. fancier as well as to those with more eclectic tastes because the elastic and puckered material is in evidence and yet the legs end at the top of the thigh and not the knee. Thus stocking tops and suspenders are uncovered, but the knickers have the D.K.’s folds, creases and softness.
Outings and picnics will have taught the student to chase and surreptitiously trip the girls in their summer or party dresses, and he will have seen the frills fly as many colours and different styles, shapes and sizes of knickers are thereby presented to his gaze. He will have enjoyed the rise and fall of skirts and dresses in slap and tickle sessions, and have absorbed impressions from the dance floor. The value of dancing has diminished alarmingly since the mid-sixties, but older watchers will remember with quickening heartbeat the jive rock scene. Can-can-esque, skirts made from complete circles of material flow horizontally from the waist and, under mountains of frothy petticoats, the stockings and knickers could be fully studied from shoe to waist. Positive acrobatic steps often prolonged the exposure, as girls swung over men’s shoulders and with legs aloft, the skirts and petticoats poured inside out from the waist.
Other more physical experiences will have firmly established knickers as powerful sexual symbolism by this time. For a devotee, the role of knickers in arousal is unquestionable. Knickers are, therefore, exciting in their own right, and they also act as sexual triggers both for acts and memories of earlier days — days of security, warmth, lower stress and happy experiences.
The adult knickers expert is therefore, able to use sight or touch as a symbolic aphrodisiac. A husband at rest can be aroused by looking up his wife’s dress, or a wife can arouse a husband by raising her skirt. A boy may discover urges whilst wrestling in play with a fully-dressed girl and finding his eyes inches from dark stocking tops and knickers amidst petticoats in disarray. Quite unintentionally, the male mind is diverted from buses to catch and work to be done by capricious blasts of wind lifting dresses and buffeting a girl’s ears with the hem. Tired sheet-metal workers were revitalised some years ago when they realised that stainless steel judiciously laid about, reflected exquisite views of plump young thighs above the stockings and very clear details of the knickers beyond as messengers and office girls clicked by on high heels. Office workers time their arrival at the foot of steep stairs; assistant shop managers watch pretty young assistants climbing ladders to reach stock. The variants too numerous to list — but none of them is ever boring!
Which is just as well for some voyeurs. The spectrum of knicker watching ranges from a glance and faint uplift in spirit (about as faint a reaction as you or I observing tights under a miniskirt) to one hundred per cent reliance on the availability of knickers for any sexual release at all. In this case, the effects of Lessons 1 and 2 have generally been so impacting at an early impressionable age that knickers become the beginning, the middle and the end, and heterosexual development is halted right there. So the knickers become the sexual partner. The sex act is with the knickers, the satisfaction is because of the knickers, the lift must be to seek the variants mentioned above.
You may say that knicker watching is always entertainment, and we will discuss here Show Business and its contribution to the cause. For example, the can-can was the subject of a great film of that title. Fortunately, the dress depicted was biased for modern viewing, and frilly knickers left inches of naked thighs above the black stocking tops. The knickers were white, the dresses were red, and the whole panorama energetically revealed amidst enormous billows of frothing, swirling white petticoats. Other films not worthy of mention have included snatches of can-can with girls wearing net tights! But Carry on Cowboy was well worth seeing for the inclusion of a very pleasant version. Benny Hill helps a lot — his television shows have included nurses! There was also the famous mini-skirted lady fire officer sliding down the station pole wearing black nylons and black panties. An ascending lift stops suddenly but a girl’s dress doesn’t. Charlie Drake is another friend. One series included a schooldays’ number in which his pretty young ladies wore authentic school uniforms and demonstrated navy-blue knickers and black stockings to the full in cartwheels and other frolics ending bent right over with their backs to the studio audience. Even the Black and White Minstrels and the Good Old Days are worth a glance from time to time, with chorus scenes in Western saloons, or girls in gingham and petticoats doing acrobatics in a hoe-down. Catch old films sometimes — Gracie Fields of all people was once swung round by her ankles: fans of Directoire knickers would enjoy this sight. A cabaret once made the pretence that the lady in the acrobatic trio was unable to take her part. An apparent amateur from the audience was persuaded to take her place — in an ordinary dress! D.K.’s were fully uncovered as she swung by hands or feet from one to the other of the two men.
Soon after the 2nd World War a magnificent force was in use at some, notably seaside, fairgrounds. Dresses were long and usually worn with petticoats, stockings waiting to be exposed, and knickers to delight the heart just begging to be uncovered. As the girls came off the Helter-Skelter, or Cake Walk, or emerged a little blinded after the dark of the Ghost Train, they were asked by the operator if some article, possibly a purse, was theirs. As they stepped forward to see, a great blast of air was released below their feet and dresses and petticoats swept upwards in joyful abandon!
However, it is clear that students wishing to further their studies of the wonders of knickers should be selective in their television viewing, and it is only to be regretted that little which is meaningful can be recommended for home movies experts. Were we in the USA a series of correspondence courses with 8mm film illustrations could be recommended. Not, as far as is known, available in the UK, though why not is beyond imagination, there is in the States a branch of 8mm film sales known as ‘Raised Skirt’. These nubile young ladies simply raised their skirts. The activities are fairly straight forward, and the movements simply involve ensuring the skirts go as high as possible whilst the camera explores the nether regions from the tip of nylon-stockinged feet to the elastic waistband of the knickers. Although the American word for knickers is of course ‘panties’, the American garments worn in these films are very satisfactory. They are usually pure white, close-fitting, apparently nylon with elastic at waist and leg, and are also quite often completely plain and sheer. Acrobatics are performed — slowly so that the camera can linger properly on stocking tops and knickers — and often the girl helps by pulling up out of the way any lagging part of her dress or petticoat. Sometimes the skirts are just lifted high by the girl whilst the camera circles around. Then down she bends and the camera watches the wrinkling, creasing or tautening of the knickers in close-up. There is no time-wasting striptease of the clinical British variety and the films certainly add a great deal to the enjoyment of home movies for our Transatlantic cousins!
There is only one exciting way of presenting knickers in conjunction with tights. In this format, the mini- or micro-skirt becomes an asset. I had the good fortune to have time to consider this at some length whilst flying over the Atlantic. Our short-skirted air stewardesses wore white knickers over their dark tights, and one girl had to bend across two seats to free an obstinate seat belt in the third. From my position across the aisle, the view of twin knicker-clad buttocks wobbling in sympathy with the strenuous efforts of the arms — for quite three minutes! — decided me that flying really was the way to travel! Occasionally visual exploration of the mini reveals a stocking top or two, and the following points may assist progress.
Often, basic work begins at school. In my own case, I had the assistance of an iron spiral stair. Thoroughly lethal to those wearing high or thin heels, the openwork nature of the steps and risers ensured that to follow a sixth-former in gymslip and black stockings up the stairs was a real treat. One could follow closely enough to watch the thighs between stocking tops and knicker elastic, or one might stay directly below and follow (at some risk to one’s neck joints) progress straight up the front of the gymslip and navy knickers, or the back, or between the legs. Good timing enabled one to look up as a girl, gymslip flared out by the speed of her descent, came down with stocking tops, suspenders and knickers on view.
With similar backgrounds, many office workers will have checked their building for possibilities. Good timing is essential, and satisfactory results can often be achieved at the end of the lunch hour since girls will have gone out without coats and will be climbing the stairs in numbers which will generally offer several viewing choices. Again, the experimental voyeur will soon know which girls can be relied on to wear knickers over tights, and in the absence of the real thing will be happy to lift his eyes at the right time. Underground stations are worth a check — Charing Cross appears to be notably draughty — if two or more trains arrive at the various levels simultaneously, a positive gale can sweep up some stairs or escalators. I had the pleasure (with about twenty others) a few years ago of seeing two short flimsy summer dresses blow out horizontally from this effect. Stockings were worn, and blue knickers to my right with white knickers to my left were happily followed by the crowd for a few steps before the delightful owners discovered that their wayward skirts were afloat.
Earlier we referred briefly to ladders in shops. Watch out for ladies cleaning windows. Check your local supermarket — how far do the girls bend forward whilst emptying the carts at the cash point? A little research can pay big dividends, but if your best efforts appear disappointing, do not despair. If you can find an assistant, preferably female though not essential, please consider the following possibility. If your accomplice, with careful timing, just beats one of two pretty short-skirted girls to the stairway or escalator and ‘accidentally’ drops a suitable object your kindly girls will often bend quickly to grab it. The voyeur following behind will be rewarded as skirts shoot upwards knickers forgotten in the rush to help. Girls side by side on escalators are most vulnerable — there is little room for manoeuvre (we are indebted to a group of northern schoolboys who perfected this technique on the narrow stairs of school buses using wrapped sweets as bait).
Check your local restaurants too. An American acquaintance once took me for lunch to his favourite table in a US mid-West city. The mini-skirt was acceptable in the more conservative areas of the States quite some time before tights were, particularly away from the main coast cities. So in the late sixties it was still possible to enjoy the mini in the context of thighs, stocking tops and suspenders. The favourite table was so positioned, close to a raised section of the restaurant, that the eye-level of the lower was the thigh level of the upper. As my host anticipated, three young secretaries took a higher table less than ten feet away, and we happily watched stocking tops, thighs, knickers and suspenders as skirts rode up and down, legs were crossed and uncrossed and knees were parted and brought together. The girl in the middle sat facing me — I ate very little!
Early experiences will have pre-determined the way in which the watcher needs to view — for some the biggest kick comes from being in sight whilst the knickers are studied, for others a place of concealment is essential. At schools extensive use is made of boiler rooms, changing rooms, broom cupboards etc. A basement boiler room often has a window at playground or games field ground level and ranges of girls can be observed. Some will know this, and will show off their knickers to hidden watchers for the exhibitionist’s thrill this provides. Adjacent changing rooms have holes bored through the walls, the watchers see gymslips lifted over stocking tops, school knickers, bras and heads. Tennis clubs show summer dresses pulled up and off — and short white tennis dresses with pure white knickers put on. White ankle socks and pumps remind many of happy days.
Small businesses like shops and garages are fruitful viewing haunts for the fortunate — one may read of peep-holes and missing knots in planks in floor or wall to show the opportunities. I remember a young lad being invited into the stock room beneath a friend’s family shop. The rafters were bare, and the old floorboards of the shop above were warped, with eye-sized chinks between. We spent some happy hours in the dark on packing cases comparing the legs and knickers of the two pretty young assistants above us which ranged through the week from short white knickers with elastic at the leg to black wide French knickers with frills at the front.
Science can of course help us in our quest. Observing a gentleman lying on the beach through a pier-side telescope, I realised he was directing binoculars up the high cliff slope. He was intently following the descent of girls down the steep path and was enjoying the delights of summer dresses caught in the sea breezes. More ingenious is the use of a small concave mirror placed strategically at a crack in the garden fence near a bus stop. The ‘small end’ half of a telescope can then be used to focus the reflection of any knickers suitably positioned. The developer of this technique operated from a garden shed close to the fence, and whilst he conceded that the field of vision was lamentably restricted, he was able to count the stitches in the knickers of those owners who leant against the bus stop post.
Remote control cameras are also worth a thought. Choose a place where traffic noise or running water will drown the click of the shutter. Position the camera low down, reasonably hidden of course, short-focussed and pointing upwards and await a prospect. With your remote control device, operate the camera from a distance sufficient to indicate unconcern. Try a shopping basket rigged to operate the camera concealed amongst the groceries as soon as it touches the ground behind a young lady in a miniskirt. Much of interest here stems from developing the film — who can say what delights will be revealed. The true knickers man can of course be disappointed if no knickers were being worn.
The simplest simulation of a real-life situation is provided by glamour photography.
Views up skirts or dresses blown up by the wind or perhaps just skirts lifted high — and the full range includes shots of girls up ladders, lying down with legs raised, use of mirrors etc. etc. All these can give good coverage of the stocking tops and knickers theme, not to mention petticoats, thighs and suspenders. One could wish for more imagination and ingenuity in the posing of some shots, and one must also regret the failure of the glamour cine film makers to give more care to our subject.
For the serious student of knickers, however, nothing can take the place of a good woman versed in these matters. Her co-operation makes many things possible — the Janus features and letters contain many examples. Quite common is the spanking routine in which a girl wears a complete schoolgirl uniform. This gives a man the chance to repeat the thrill of once more lifting a gymslip’s hem over black stocking tops and thighs to uncover, as in his earlier days, the navy-blue or bottle green school gym knickers which played such an important role in his development. For the girl there is the thrillingly remembered embarrassment of having the gymslip lifted and the inevitability of the stinging spanks which follow. Items of dress are obtained by mail order and many are the shivers of anticipation as airline stewardesses, service ranks or can-can dancers appear to order in the bedrooms. Then what a hoisting of skirts, dresses and petticoats follows! What running of appreciative hands over the knickers of one’s choice, what a twanging of leg elastic or suspenders against bare flesh, what a panorama of stocking tops to the rescue of one’s frustration!
One aspect of the subject not mentioned in this article is the attraction for some of the uncovering of knickers by lowering trousers or skirts. Older readers will remember with affection the dear Land Girls in their breeches, but the attraction of dresses going up is surely virtually universal, the rustling of layers of petticoats irresistible to most, the fascination of dark stocking tops supreme as they gently grip the thighs, the appearance of ranges of colours and styles of knickers against an incomparable background!
Black stockings with heavy seams, white pleated skirts, pure white knickers, elastic leg knickers, black suspenders, summer dresses lifted so that everything from toes to bra is visible — whatever the combination desired it can be arranged. With the serious help of girlfriend or wife, it is possible for energies and urges to be released which otherwise will lead to despair and frustration.
As we have shown, our fetish is developed in us often without our assistance. It creeps up on us — we’re stuck with it — we enjoy it! But simulation is a great aid in feeding our interest, and in releasing the tensions, helps to avoid social dangers and keeps our enjoyment on a purely fun and frolic basis.


  1. Christ, I'm losing the will to wank

  2. I never feel comfortable laughing at another persons kink for obvious reasons, but this seems an awful lot of effort for little reward. Thank God for the internet and may we never again be reduced to correspondence courses for 8mm movie stills.