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Saturday, 28 December 2019

Reich Girls 4

From Blushes 10
Telling a girl that you thought she was Reich Girl material was always an excellent ploy for a Youth Counsellor or Youth Leader or any one of the other State officials associated with training and welfare of the nation’s teenage youth. To become a Reich Girl was such a sought-after honour that if a girl was told her name might be put forward she would right away be eating out of the official’s hand, eagerly doing whatever he wanted, allowing whatever he wished. And naturally the instructor, before sending her name in, would quite properly want to carry out a few ‘tests’ first — simply to confirm first impressions.
You could of course tell a girl she was Reich Girl material even if she clearly wasn’t quite up to that extremely high standard. She would willingly allow whatever was wanted in the way of ‘testing’, but later, when she had been fully ‘tested’ it would be necessary to regretfully say that perhaps after all… She would naturally be desperately disappointed but there would be no problems. She would know that Reich Girl business was highly confidential as was only to be expected with such an elite organisation, and this confidentiality must extend to the testing of potential recruits. So nothing of the ‘testing’ procedures could be disclosed, not even to her mother. But of course if she was a good girl and continued to work hard and conduct herself in the best possible way, then next year she might be ‘tested’ again when she was a little more mature.
With Gertrud Scheaffer, however, this latter ploy would not be necessary; for clearly she was Reich Girl material, at least as far as the physical attributes. True she was a brunette but that was not a problem, for there were certainly brunettes in the Reich Girls. Hans Kluger, Senior Counsellor at Bad Uhlen Youth Camp, feasted his eyes.
It was the first morning of the summer camp, the 50 or so youths and teenage girls having arrived the previous evening. The camp, of tents and simple wooden huts, was situated in a little valley on the shore of a lake, and all the youthful campers had been instructed to take an early morning swim. A swim in the cool clear water was a most healthful exercise for young people. At the same time it allowed Counsellor Kluger and his assistants to get an early revealing look at the girls in their figure-displaying skin-tight swimsuits. Counsellor Kluger’s eyes, while taking in all the girls, were soon rivetted on 17-year-old Gertrud. Yes, here undoubtedly was something special.
For as the pretty teenager emerged from the water the brief body-hugging white garment revealed every curve and declivity of a provocatively trim and tightly-rounded form. Not only that but the thin material was partially transparent now it was wet so that the dark circles of nipples could plainly be seen, as could the shadow of a black bush on the prominent mound at the top of her thighs. Catching the Senior Counsellor’s keen gaze she smiled shyly, while shaking water from her raven-black shock of hair.
Hans Kluger, tall and blonde though now, in his fifties, needing to touch up greying temples, stepped briskly forward to place a towel round pale shoulders on which crystal droplets shimmered in the bright morning sun. In a voice that was soft but authoritarian as befitted his position, Counsellor Kluger suggested that they go back to his office for a little talk. Gertrud, blinking wet black eyelashes, said ‘Yes, Herr Counsellor.’ The assistant, Counsellor Rudolf Zimmermann, was delegated to organise the other members of the camp. ‘Get them changed and then a brisk march through the woods. Bring them back in time for lunch.’ Meanwhile Senior Counsellor Kluger must have an important talk with Camp Member Gertrud Schaeffer.
On the way to the office Counsellor Kluger casually let fall the magic words. Reich Girls! Gertrud, wrapped in the towel, felt a shiver of excitement. It was naturally something she had dreamt of but any hopes she had entertained had been dashed when in the spring two other girls in her year at school had been invited to join but she had not. They were both blondes and also from middle-class families which meant that a certain amount of influence could be exerted. Gertrud’s father was a factory worker and also she was a brunette. All the girls at school said it was very difficult if you were a brunette.
In the privacy of Counsellor Kluger’s hut the enveloping blue towel was removed. Gertrud stood smartly at attention before the Counsellor, arms straight at her sides, slim shoulders back and high firm breasts thrust impressively out. The tip of a pink tongue nervously moistened full red lips. Standing before the authoritarian figure of the Camp Counsellor in her brief skin-tight garment, Gertrud experienced another shiver of excitement. She knew what the suit revealed and this knowledge combined with heady thoughts of the Reich Girls produced a hot glow between her legs.
‘You seem to have a perfect young body, liebchen.’ Hans Kluger told her. His hand reached out to test the firmness of a breast and Gertrud gave a little gasp. Fingers and thumb took hold through the thin material of a nipple which rapidly became fully erect, it and its partner thrusting stiffly out. ‘Yes, liebchen, it does seem perfect, as I am sure the Reich Girls officers would also think.’
Gertrud nervously tossed the still wet mane of raven hair. I am a brunette, Herr Counsellor. The Reich Girls like to have blonde girls.’
Hans Kluger smiled. ‘I can of course see that you are a brunette, Fraulein.’ His eyes went from the sensuously pretty face down to the dark shadow on the prominent pubic mound. The Counsellor’s hand followed suit, and came down to lightly cup it. ‘This also, Fraulein, I should imagine is brunette, is it not!’
‘Yes, Herr Counsellor,’ replied Gertrud, heart thumping. The hand started making softly stroking motions, fingers reaching in between her still wet thighs. ‘But that is not a problem. There are of course brunettes in the Reich Girls. And why not: is not our revered Fuehrer also dark haired? Yes, liebchen, all that is required is for a girl to portray the ideal of German maidenhood. A perfect body, such as you appear to have, is the prime requirement.’
‘Yes, Herr Counsellor.’ Gertrud’s face now had a healthy pink glow as a result of what Counsellor Kluger’s hand was doing between her legs. It was extremely arousing and it was something Gertrud was not a complete stranger to. The overseer at the factory where her father worked had done it to her on one or two occasions and because he was her father’s overseer Gertrud had thought it prudent not to object, although she knew it was not something he should be doing. She also did it to herself at times, although again as you were told at school it was not something girls should indulge in. It was a self-indulgence, a self-gratification, when at all times a girl should be thinking and striving for the good of the Fatherland. On the other hand if a person with the authority of the Camp Counsellor wanted to do it then clearly that was different. He would have his reasons and it behoved a well brought up girl to stand still and accept it.
Hans Kluger’s strong Nordic features also now had a healthy glow as he murmured, ‘Perhaps, Fraulein you can now remove the swimsuit. So that I may confirm my strong impression that your body has indeed the excellence required by the Reich Girls.’ The caressing fingers gave a final brisk rub and were removed from between Gertrud’s soft thighs.
Naturally Gertrud did not hesitate. As a properly brought up and likewise submissive girl she would not think to question the Senior Counsellor’s word. ‘Certainly, Herr Counsellor.’ Delicate hands reached for the straps which on her slim shoulders held the swimsuit tautly in place. One and then the other were slipped down. The full high breasts popped out, their ripe dark red nipples sticking enthusiastically out like fat thumbs. The damp suit was slid on down, to expose the slender waist, the ripe flare of her hips. The breasts swayed, softly pendant, as she bent to slide it down the long legs, and then off.
Gertrud placed the removed garment on the Counsellor’s desk, straightened up and came back to attention for his perusal. His eyes ran over her, and so then did his hand: jiggling a firm breast, squeezing a nipple, palming the flat of her abdomen, finally cupping the hair-covered rounded bulge of her pubis. Naturally, as a normal healthy 17-year-old. Gertrud found all this distinctly arousing but she remained admirably still throughout Counsellor Kluger’s intimate examination, only a slight trembling of the thighs and a somewhat increased heart and breathing rate betraying her excited state. She was told to turn. Counsellor Kluger continued with a manual exploration of Gertrud’s rear quarters: back, waist, the trimly moulded buttocks. Finally an instruction to part her legs and stand in an at-ease position. Though Gertrud was certainly not at ease as the hand, still at its busy work, slid in between the parted quivering thighs. Stroking the silky inner thigh surfaces and then up to that very special place. Definitely not at ease now, Gertrud’s breath coming in noisy gasps, her heart going like a train.
‘Any boyfriends, mein kleines Fraulein?’ queried the Counsellor.
‘No…no… Herr Counsellor.’ With all that gasping it was not easy to get the words out. ‘I… not… a proper boyfriend…’
‘That is good, Fraulein. In the Reich Girls a girl must treasure her purity.’ As if to demonstrate this the Counsellor’s large thumb slid up inside the gasping girl.
Shortly afterwards the Reich Girl hopeful was up on Counsellor Kluger’s desk, lying on her back on that blue towel. Clearly one must make thorough checks when dealing with a matter as crucial as whether or not a girl’s name can be put forward as a Reich Girl candidate. That was what Senior Counsellor Kluger was doing as he instructed the nubile teenager to part her legs, this time nice and wide. A girl’s purity must be tested and tested thoroughly. Gertrud was sweating now a bit but like the sensible girl she was she knew it had to be done. Not only was she sweating, she was also responding. She couldn’t help it. Through the mounting excitement she viewed this development with some alarm because perhaps she wasn’t completely pure in thought and deed. That in fact she had allowed this sort of thing before, or done it to herself.
But whether that was the case or not she couldn’t help it, she was responding. Arching her hips and thrusting her slippery wet groin against those active fingers. She bit her lip as the writhings simply got worse, more and more abandoned. She heard herself gasping and grunting and squeaking, like some uncontrolled animal in heat. More and more. Finally with a wild desperate shriek Gertrud came.
Tears now; the reaction from all that overwhelming emotion and also the fear that by behaving in that abandoned manner she had wrecked her chances with the Reich Girls. When she wiped away the tears. though, she saw that Counsellor Kluger, looking down at her, at least had a slight smile on his face. Gertrud stuttered apologies. She was still spread-eagled on her back. Counsellor Kluger’s hand came back between her legs.
‘Do not worry, liebchen. I can tell you that a certain degree of natural girlish passion is quite acceptable for a Reich Girl. It shows she has spirit and as long as it is not used indiscriminately it will be welcomed. In fact I can now tell you that I shall indeed be forwarding your name to the area Reich Girls office.’
This heady news paradoxically brought a fresh flood of tears. Counsellor Kluger saw that the pretty girl was still in a highly emotional state; and perhaps it would therefore be appropriate to give her another release from the tension. His hand began expertly operating again in the hot and slippery fulcrum of Gertrud’s thighs. It immediately produced renewed bucking and writhing of shapely hips. Gasps and grunts and high-pitched yelps were once more to be heard in Counsellor Kluger’s little office. Becoming steadily more and more urgent.
The summer camp at Bad Uhlen lasted for one month and we may be sure that in that time Gertrud Schaeffer was thoroughly and repeatedly tested; for pleased as he was with that first day’s performance Hans Kluger, a very thorough man, was most keen to continue in order to make quite sure of his judgement. Gertrud Schaeffer, pleasantly submissive and a credit to her honest working-class parents. was quite agreeable to being tested in any way or manner that the Senior Counsellor saw fit.
One area he did choose to test intensively was the girl’s reaction to corporal punishment, a subject of considerable importance for a potential Reich Girl. As Gertrud explained to Counsellor Kluger she had had some experience of this. Her father was in the habit of using his leather belt on the backs of her thighs for quite minor offences; and also there were two masters at her school who likewise used a strap. Not that Gertrud was a problem at school for she was an excellent pupil but unfortunately these two gentlemen did like strapping the prettier girls, on any excuse whatever. They strapped the bare backs of the thighs, the bottom with knickers tightly drawn up and also on the bare bottom with knickers down.
Hans Kluger heard all this approvingly for he also liked to deal with any of the pretty girls in his camp on the merest of pretexts. As Gertrud very soon discovered, Counsellor Kluger used a two-tongued strap and also a three-foot-long cane. This latter, especially, she found excruciatingly painful when delivered to her bare bottom, but as Counsellor Kluger told her it was just the sort of training that the Reich Girls demanded. The Counsellor did not shirk himself, training Gertrud with the cane or strap at least once a day and sometimes more when he could fit it in. He was an extremely busy man with all the other campers to consider as well, including other girls who, though they might not be Reich Girls aspirants, nonetheless needed a regular taste of the cane or strap if they were to become fully responsible and disciplined young citizens. But certainly whenever Counsellor Kluger had a spare moment he was always prepared to devote it to Gertrud. And Gertrud, being a sensible girl, knew that her almost continuously smarting bottom was really a sign of just how lucky she was.
The Counsellor also instructed her in another area which would be a major help once she was in the Reich Girls; an area of knowledge in which, not having a proper boyfriend, Gertrud was until now quite ignorant. Quite early on, the second day of camp in fact, Counsellor Kluger broached this subject when he and Gertrud were in the privacy of his simple sleeping quarters, sitting on his bunk after a session of applying the strap to Gertrud’s bare bottom. He explained that working with teenage girls, and especially with all the time he intended to devote to Gertrud herself, was inevitably a strain on a man’s constitution. It meant his body was being constantly stimulated, resulting in excessive arousal. If this had no outlet it could have serious consequences for the individual’s health.
To show just what he meant Hans Kluger unbuttoned his trousers. Gertrud was quite simply astonished. She knew what it was all right, from classes at school etc. but she had never before in real life actually seen… It was scarcely possible to believe it could be so big… and so rigid… And when the Counsellor invited Gertrud to put her hand on it, it felt almost red hot, and throbbing. She at once could understand what Counsellor Kluger meant when he spoke of over-stimulation, and obviously if he stayed in that condition for long it could well result in injury. Consequently when he told Gertrud that there was something she could do to relieve the problem she was happy to oblige. By the time the month at Bad Uhlen was over Gertrud had become very expert at relieving such a state, and this expertise was certainly going to be another plus in the Reich Girls.
So the month at Bad Uhlen eventually came to an end. A most instructive and rewarding four weeks for Gertrud Schaeffer and she warmly thanked Counsellor Kluger when it came time to leave. By this time the paperwork for her candidacy was well advanced. Gertrud attended the required interviews and also had her medical examination. All went well and in no time at all there was the glorious night of her Initiation. The awesome candle-lit ceremony in which she wore that stunning white silk gown. And then the silk gown removed, to stand nude except for her white high-heeled sandals, to be received as a bride of the Fatherland. That was something a girl would always remember.
Soon after that, following a short period of initial training, Gertrud had the honour to be selected to appear in a special film. It was not a film that the common people were allowed to see but one reserved for the entertainment of the very highest in the land. By this time the first snows of winter were on the ground and part of the film had to be shot in the forest. Gertrud had to appear partially undressed in some scenes, and even completely nude; but between shots there was hot coffee and schnapps and a nice warm blanket which the director put round her.
Remarkably, parts of this film have survived through all the turmoil and dark days which were shortly to follow, and so we can still see the charming and delightful Gertrud, giving her all for the Fatherland as she always did.
That was the last of the Reich Girls stories that I have, although I think they did in fact return but were subsequently re-edited as the Alpine Girls Club (as in fact were some of these ones) to remove the overt Nazi themes.

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