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Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Punishment Ballet — poetry in motion

A photo-story without words from Janus 22.


  1. This is a lovely photo-story and was one of my favourites when it came out. There is a slight problem identifying which of the two girls with lighter hair is which as there are no distinguishing marks e.g. on their bottoms or leotards. In other photos there is a ring and their ribbons are different on their shoes. I wonder why the tall girl with black hair gets so many extra strokes? That cane is a beauty. I have had one like that across my bottom a number of times and it leaves very distinctive marks. Judy

  2. One of my favourites too. Ballerinas and discipline - so many fantasies.

  3. Bob here.

    Hi,Judy.Hope things are good with you.
    I agree with you and Milady.This is a wonderful photo set and that cane looks
    most effective indeed.

  4. Bob, very well thank you. Those canes when applied well leave a very distinctive set of stripes with clear marks where the peaks in the rod meet the bottom! They don't show up very well if at all here so I am assuming the ballet teacher did not apply it very thoroughly. Judy

    1. Judy thanks for your thoughts on the cane type. I favour just such a cane with raised knots in the wood as it hurts a wayward girl more when it hits her bare bottom and thighs.
      Such a cane is rare in our corporal punishment magazines: there is a fine example in Company Policy in Blushes 31 and its use is central to an excellent punishment which leaves the girl (who is initially feral like all pretty girls) physically compliant after six cuts.
      I think the ribbing on the cane contributes to it ‘biting agonisingly across those so tender cheeks’ and directly prompting her ‘desperate female shrieks’.
      There is of course the aesthetic aspect as the stripes on the girl flesh being enhanced by the extra reddening where the ridges land.

      As the story puts it here in Blushes 31 ‘A young filly’ & ‘the first taste of the bridle’ is the first stage and the second stage duly follows - as the girl ‘numbly allows herself to be helped between the bedsheets’ and it is indicated that ‘she must part her legs’. Already the nasty cane means a girl will do anything to avoid more strokes. She has no choice

      General note: The ridged cane is very long and being of the garden variety it has no handle. What it loses in whippiness is more than made up for by the knots in the wood which mean you can really have a girl in tears and under full control in no time. As Judy testifies.

      I also approve in this story that the teenager is bent over a chair back with her too-short nightie pulled up over her pretty head while her heavy naked breasts hang in humiliation

  5. Bob here.

    I guess she just wasn't caning the girl
    here all that hard perhaps ? Still a
    lovely set of photos,though.
    And really lovely to catch up with you
    My very best wishes to you for a great new year!

  6. There is only one girl who gets it. Interestingly. But she's ever so sweet.

  7. And by God does she get it.