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Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Minnie the Jinx

From Moonglow
Pert young Minnie, the bar maid, is always in trouble. Now she is in trouble for spilling drinks over the grumpy old Colonel at the club. During her punishment, she lets slip that she is also on the fiddle with the Club Secretary, Miss Grant. The Club Chairman flogs and canes the pair of them.
Review from
Starring: Jane Wright as Minnie, Jennie Greenstreet as Sarah Robinson
Approximate Running Time: 42.14 minutes
Minnie is a waitress at a Gentleman’s Club in London, but she is nicknamed Minnie the Jinx. One of the visitors to the club is Herr Hans Hoff from Dusseldorf. He is on an exchange visit from the Department of Trade and he is complaining to Sir Gary about a certain waitress that has no idea about how to serve meals or drinks. Sir Gary wants to know more regarding this complaint so he offers Herr Hoff a drink while they discuss it.
Minnie is the waitress who brings the drinks. While serving Herr Hoff, she trips and his glass of wine lands in his lap. She’s full of apologies as she attempts to mop up the spilled drink, but Herr Hoff is disgusted and excuses himself while he goes to have a change of clothes.
Sir Gary, having witnessed her carelessness for himself, quizzes Minnie about her credentials. It turns out that she got the job by telling a few white lies on her application form. He marches her off to see Sarah Robinson, the Personnel Officer. She cannot produce Minnie’s references when asked for them. Sir Gary is in a bad position — he’s embarrassed that he has such a clumsy, rude, and loud-mouthed girl on his staff. He’s all for sacking Minnie, but Sarah Robinson suggests punishing her instead. Sir Gary agrees.
Herr Hans Hoff is a disciplinarian and carries a suitcase full of punishment implements around with him. He willingly lends the suitcase to Sir Gary when he is told the contents of the suitcase are to be used on Minnie the Jinx. Poor Minnie finds herself leaning over Miss Robinson’s desk, with her skirt up and panties down, receiving a cane on her poor, previously-unmarked bottom.
Miss Robinson holds Minnie’s hands so that she can’t rub her bottom while the caning continues. Then Miss Robinson pleads for leniency on Minnie’s behalf.
After Minnie has been well and truly caned, with her bottom red and bruised, she promises to be a good girl in future. Then Sir Gary asks Miss Robinson if he can see the wages book. However, it doesn’t exist. Now he knows there is a scam going on. The only way he knows is to straighten out this mess by giving Miss Robinson the tawse on her creamy, bare ass.
Both Minnie the Jinx and Miss Sarah Robinson have very sore bottoms by the end of the video. However, they will be allowed to keep their jobs, but woe betide them if they mess up again.

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