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Saturday, 21 December 2019

Little Miss Narcissist

Photo feature from Janus 59
Petra is a lovely girl. Just 18 years old, she is awakening to the developing beauty of her lovely young body. The telephone hardly stops ringing and the list of her admirers simply grows and grows. She strings them along of course, never saying yes or no, but continually promising and teasing.
She delights in this new-found power, aware that the lithe, nubile body is the object of their attention. She wears clothes that enhance her girlish appeal and make the most of her sexual attraction. She has discovered the lure of cosmetics and perfume and the mirror is her constant companion. She is critical of her charms and continually inspects and admires them. But mostly she admires.
She has been told that this obsession with her own body is unhealthy and unnatural for a young girl. It can breed vanity and selfishness and in time arrogance and egotism. These are vices that cannot be tolerated. But Petra does not learn.
She refuses to heed all warnings and continues to enjoy the touch, feel and sight of her tender and soft feminine flesh. She is given one more chance and knows that the consequences could be painful and even marring to the flawless perfection that obsesses her every waking moment.
Youth is impetuous though and Petra is not concerned. She will soon learn of her mistake and the lesson will be valuable, salutary and painful.