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Friday, 27 December 2019

Letter from Blushes 9 – Reich Girls

From Blushes 9
Dear Sir,
May I first of all congratulate you on the high standard you have maintained in both fiction and photography in Issues 2 - 8 of Blushes and in the recent Blushes Supplement. Incidentally, I think it is a splendid idea to have what amounts to a fortnightly issue of your magazine especially as many of your lesser competitors go several months without appearing. I was sceptical at first as to whether you could maintain the high standards you set yourself in Issue 1. To my pleasant surprise you not only did so but you have exceeded them in subsequent issues.
I wish to single out one serial in particular which I hope will become one of the long-running features of Blushes and that is the excellent Reich Girls. This has shown, in its three episodes to date, a degree of imagination that is rare in C.P. fiction. It combines a credible historical setting with a heroine in Margit Hoffman whose torments and sufferings delight the true aficionado of corporal punishment.
Your writers have realised that humiliation is just as much a part of a young girl’s discipline as actual corporal punishment and it is fascinating to observe how Fraulein Hoffman’s innate shame and modesty is continually overcome by her sense of duty and her sense of obedience to her elders, both male and female, who turn out to be both corrupt and immoral. There is infinite material for future episodes and I hope Reich Girls and Fraulein Hoffman becomes a regular part of Blushes.
I wonder if your writers are aware of a book called Strength through joy - sex and society in Nazi Germany by Hans Peter Bleuel (published by Pan Books 1976) in which is described the Bund deutsche Madchen or League of German Girls upon which the Reich Girls are undoubtedly based. There are two photographs in the book, one of League girls in vests and shorts in crotch-stretching postures astride a Rhonwheel — an apparatus that resembles a magnified version of something you would find inside a budgerigar’s cage and another of League girls in white, loose dresses dancing at a Party rally. According to Herr Bleuel, however, the German public had no illusions about the true nature of the League as shown by the nicknames they were given using the initials B.D.M. — ‘Bubi druck mich’ (Squeeze me, Sonny), ‘Bedarfsartikel deutscher Manner’ (Requisites for German males), ‘Brauch deutsche Madchen’ (Make use of German girls) (p.182) which fits with the attitudes and actions directed to the Reich Girls in your stories. Bleuel also refers to ‘the ex-bouncer Christian Weber’ who organised ‘Glittering gala occasions for which female extras were provided by the Reich Labour Service (Women’s. Division), the municipal department of physical education, and sundry ballet schools.’ (p.130). One of these was The Festival of the Amazons in 1938 of which a photograph also appears in the book showing young German maidens clad only in tight-fitting briefs performing an erotic tableau. Another photograph is shown of the Night of the Nymphs held to mark German Art Day in 1939 in which pictures by contemporary German artists with titles such as The Birth of Venus were brought to life using girls dressed only in transparent silk shifts.
As pageants and galas were a regular of German life at this time I am sure Fraulein Hoffman could be employed in these ceremonies with her colleagues from the Reich Girls, either naked or semi-naked, as a Rhine maiden or Lorelei. This enforced exhibitionism would provide an additional humiliation for our long-suffering heroine. Of course she would consent more reluctantly and it would be made quite clear that such activities would be purely voluntary but if she wished to be a credit to the Reich Girls etc. etc.
Also why not hold a Reich Girls Sports Day with appropriate penalties for the losers (perhaps even for the winners?) as physical training was such an integral part of the activities of the League of German Girls, according to Herr Bleuel? Another suggestion relates to dress — along with the costume already utilised in the stories why not add that most Teutonic of outfits — lederhosen — preferably tight leather shorts worn with nothing underneath leaving half the buttocks bare, worn in combination with sleeveless cotton shirts and ankle boots — ideal for carrying out military drill exercises beneath the stern eye of some crop-wielding supervisor. Another idea is to have a health resort at which senior officials can enjoy a well-earned rest from their arduous labours and be attended by Reich Girls as unpaid waitresses, masseuses and general reliefs for their pent-up frustration and tension. Since naturism was becoming popular at this time what could be more appropriate than for the girls to be ‘aux naturelles’. Only the prettiest and most well-developed of the Reich Girls would be invited to perform these pleasant tasks (this would include Fraulein Hoffman) which would be purely on a voluntary basis and any reluctance or coyness could be overcome by appealing to the honour of serving the Reich and the girl’s future prospects within the Reich Girls and similar nonsense.
Other possibilities are a Reich Girls Night Club for the delectation of senior party officials and their wives in which Reich Girls clad in stockings, suspenders and high-heeled shoes provide entertaining diversions. It is also known that The Fuhrer was a keen film fan. Fraulein Hoffman and a few of her friends could surely be persuaded to star in a feature ‘for private viewing only’ of course. The potential of this serial is enormous and I do hope you will continue it and not allow it to fade away after two or three episodes [this is, of course, exactly what Blushes did].
In his book Herr Bleuel refers to a directive from Himmler to Hitler in which he advised him to set up ‘Women’s Academies of Wisdom of Culture’ which ‘would be open to a select circle of females who, apart from their staunch devotion to the National Socialist world of ideas, were blessed with ‘superior intellectual gifts and grace of mind and body’ (p.190). He goes on to state that ‘at the Academy the flower of young womanhood would be cultivated to a pitch of perfection’ indicating that their future use would be primarily sexual, either as wives for high-ranking party members or by the Foreign Office and Intelligence services because of their ‘Mata Hari training’ (p.191). I am sure Fraulein Hoffman could graduate to one of these Academies after her period with the Reich Girls and her adventures would be continued.
I look forward to reading future issues of your magazine and its supplement and wish you every success. Keep up the good work!
A. Draycott, Derbyshire


  1. These services should not be on a "voluntary basis", girls would be selected and any "reluctance or coyness" should be overcome by the application of a 3' rattan cane...

    1. I suppose it all depends on one's definition of 'voluntary'. I rather like the idea of pretty young ladies 'voluntarily' submitting to things they might otherwise decline for the greater good and glorification of the fatherland etc. Never forgetting it is every parent's dream for their daughter to become a 'Reich Girl' in the first place. Refusal to perform her secret duties should mean expulsion and shame and disgrace falling upon both girl and family.

  2. Yes, if voluntary means that a girl offers her 'services' enthusiastically whilst having no real choice in the matter then I agree. Parents should of course bear the cost of uniforms and training, Father's should also be 'encouraged' to purchase an approved tawse and cane for regular use on the girl.

    1. I thought it a rather good idea that this select order of German young womanhood's outward public profile was rather wholesome (though undoubtedly 'holesome'!) and benign. Marching girls, gymnastic displays etc. Something which family and community could take a rather naive pride in. What parents would not know however is their private duties, the secrecy of which the frauleins involved take a solemn oath to protect. For though being sexual playthings of various kinds for elite males is a worthy and essential duty it is not really a matter for public consumption.

  3. Well I've ordered the Bleuel book. Should make interesting reading. Didn't I hear that 900 girls came back from the Nuremburg rally later to find out that they were pregnant? I will have to Check that.