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Friday, 13 December 2019

Letter from Blushes 8

From Blushes 8
Dear Editor,
Blushes is marvellous! Just when they thought it was safe to go back on the netball court you come down on schoolgirls like a ton of bamboo! A couple of years ago there were encouraging signs that the spanking press was coming to its senses and making the modern teenager the subject of our unkind pleasure. Then we were suddenly plunged back into the bad old days of baggy bloomers on tarty old models, stories that ended in marital consummation. Not to mention hypocritical editorials.
During this bleak period the street was as always full of flouncing sixth-formers in freshly-laundered uniforms, cheekily cheerful and perkily pretty with unfortunately nothing to spoil their idyll. Come the weekend their newly-blossomed tits would jiggle under cotton tee shirts, their puppy-fat posteriors would be packed into faded jeans or allowed to ooze out under tight shorts. And we had no magazine with which to exploit them. It was a great time to be a sixteen-year-old girl, innocent and carefree, in love with life and keen to do well at school. It was a very frustrating time for those of us who have cultivated a healthy obsession with the bottoms of innocent, carefree sixteen-year-old girls and dream of transforming them into a puffy, corrugated confusion of excruciating weals — transforming the owner, at the same time, from a bright young miss to a totally demoralised cry-baby.
That may strike some of your readers as cruel, but I’d rather be accused of cruelty than hypocrisy. It’s about time we stopped being embarrassed by the glorious truth that we enjoy seeing teenage girls suffer. So let’s have some good honest malice to sweep away the cobwebs of humbug which have beset all spanking magazines for the past couple of years. And for heaven’s sake let’s concentrate on schoolgirls, real schoolgirls or at least realistic schoolgirls. After all, it’s the prick-teasers abroad today that fan our lust and create the demand for Blushes.
I’m sure I’m preaching to the converted, at any rate if Blushes 3 is anything to go by. Katie is adorable and I could only wish for a straight-forward frontal picture of her posing in complete school uniform (perhaps with her knickers down, though). I loved the moment when her uncle threatened to sell her pony if she didn’t let him have his way with her! I wish I could drop a bombshell like that on a real girl of Katie’s age, and watch her face! No wonder Uncle savoured the moment. Perhaps Brucie will end up at the glue factory after all — I’d love to see Katie’s face then.
I take issue with A.D. of Derbyshire (Blushes 3) when he lambasts you for the historical/factual item in your debut magazine. It is always good to have solid evidence that girls have been flogged. My only comment would be, let’s have more up to date items when possible. And make sure you publish names and personal details of the victims — one never knows, the local library assistant may have been the centre of some spanking scandal a few years back!
I would also like to see, for variety, some factual articles on peripheral issues, for example about school uniforms themselves. For instance, the uniform regulations of some of today’s notable schools, the manufacturers of school uniforms and underwear (Teenform, Cherub etc), a survey as to what girls wear for PE these days, where to buy uniforms, DIY hints on how to alter a uniform to better show off a shy young figure, and stills from films and TV programmes that feature schoolgirls. And if any readers have nieces who look particularly fetching in uniform, there’s nothing like the real thing when it comes to schoolgirls!
Any comments?
Reader’s opinions as expressed in published letters are not necessarily endorsed by the Editor. WE thought we were bringing a touch of subtlety to spanking publications.
Still here? Never mind — when he comes back from supper he’ll probably have thought of something to keep you occupied —


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Fantastic letter. There certainly speaks a man after my own heart.

  3. This letter, which I remember well, was a kind of manifesto for the sort of content I liked most in a spanking magazine.

  4. In truth there seem to have been quite a few (very entertaining) letters in this vein. For instance I have before me, in my own possession, a copy of a magazine in which a letter writer calls for "greater severity" in story lines and for the "reduction of every single victim to a quivering demoralised wreck". Some (as here) write to extol the virtues of Blushes over more 'staid' spanking mag rivals, others to lament what they see as a drift in Blushes own standards. Having said all that I do think that this particular letter is a standout example of the 'genre'. The perkily cheerful and carefree teen girl "idyll" which the writer rather alluringly conjures up for us, and which of course he observes with all of the predatory relish of an old fox eyeing a hen house, is really quite fabulous. By the way, I'm by no means an expert chronicler of British spanking magazines. I have a few fondly remembered, re-read and preserved 'Blushes stable' publications from the old days, everything else I know about the subject having been gleaned from the internet, and this excellent blog in particular. And so I do wonder about who were the precise targets of this letter writer and others when he speaks of being "plunged back into the bad old days of baggy bloomers on tarty old models, stories that ended in marital consummation. Not to mention hypocritical editorials." Does anyone know? I have noticed that Janus tended to pull its punches a bit more than Blushes in the denouements of its story lines (although its photographic depictions and female models were usually of a very high standard).

  5. I am pretty sure the writer was targeting Janus. For all it’s many fine points, and in a way we owe it all to Janus- but it was their drift away from realistic looking schoolgirls that made me look elsewhere. Blushes and Roue were amazing publications. They hit the nail on the head - and the many tearful school girls stripped slowly for our enjoyment firmly n their buttocks and thighs - and for that I am extremely grateful.

  6. The more I read the letter the more I agree with it - I do like the simple request for a full frontal of a schoolgirl with her knickers down: obviously this would reveal her young pussy. Blushes is full of photographs showing the bare pussy and tits. The obvious suggestion being that we readers would do what we want to these intimate female parts as we would do what we wish to their bare bottoms - the key word the writer uses is ‘exploit’ and indeed one of Blushes’ tag lines was ‘the exploitation of vulnerable young ladies’. He’s spot-on: I like Blushes for the ‘demoralised cry baby’ & to see ‘teenage girls suffer’. I also approve of his attention to detail like ‘watch her face’ as intercourse looms as well as adjusting school uniforms to better present a ‘shy young figure’ to the cane etc. Lots of distress.

  7. If teenage girls were delivered "on the doorstep"of every spanking minded gent
    in the land,like some sort of surreal
    real life adult action figure,you can
    be sure of two things at least.
    1: They would all be wearing school uniform.
    2: The "acessories" with your "action figure " would include a large selection of canes,straps and other implements.
    Come on know we all want one! Ho ho ho!

  8. I wonder what position would be taken by the correspondent who penned this missive if he was asked to comment today on the incident which took place on 7 December when WSAV reporter Alex Bozarjian was smacked on the bottom by a passing runner during a live broadcast (footage which has gone viral). This attractive young woman is more Janus than Blushes but the incident would have been suitable for comment in either journal.

    1. Yes the CBS This Morning post spank analysis is interesting. She says ‘he hurt me’ though if he hadn’t been busy running a race as he passed by and smacked her bottom, he might at least have taken her knickers down

  9. It is for the man to decide when no means no. A playful slap on the pert bottom of a teenage girl or even a wedgie by inserting a finger into her anus is perfectly acceptable behaviour and i commend it to the house.

  10. For sheer malice, and honesty, probably my favourite Blushes letter of all time! I suspect the tarty old models referred to were probably in Swish...

    1. Funny to think that the publishers of that now own West Ham United.

  11. Yes letters like this confirmed Blushes as the one for me. I remember a letter referring to ‘the hostility pretty girls deserve’ which also encapsulates the approach

  12. Bob here.
    These letters from Blushes are really
    absorbing.The first cp mag I ever bought was Swish.Then I discovered Janus and more or less stuck with that
    title.I have no regrets about that but
    I must say that these Blushes letters
    are superb.Just fantastic!