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Monday, 16 December 2019

Blind Obedience

From New Blushes 2.12. Nice (recycled) pictures, but I’m afraid the quality of the writing is typical of the later New Blushes output.
It was worse than being ostracised! She had done nothing wrong and yet she had the distinct feeling that she ‘did not belong’. It was true that the rest of the small town dwellers spoke to her and were pleasant, but there was a distinct feeling that she did not share their social events. She did have a very special friend and that was because that friend lived next door in the semi-detached house.
‘Do you know, I have lived here six months and still hardly know anyone,’ Tammy complained.
‘Maybe it is because you are single.’
‘But I don’t want to marry… yet,’ she complained.
‘Well,’ Lorna spoke guardedly, ‘the club does not usually accept singles. Unmarried members can cause complications.’
Tammy’s eyes opened wide in disbelief. At least she now knew that there was a ‘club’.
‘Complications?’ she questioned in an incredulous tone.
‘Yes. You know. An unmarried woman can get the men all stewed up just by wanting to be the one who lays her… all that sort of thing,’ Tammy was about to explode that she had never heard so much rubbish in all her life.
‘And who, pray, decided that strange rule?’
‘The Colonel. He is the president of the Country Club and he does not lend himself to unmarried young ladies being members of the club.’
‘But it just is not fair,’ Tammy burst out as she felt the gripping pangs of helplessness tightening inside her.
‘Look. Tell you what. I’ll speak to one or two of the others when we meet tonight and we shall see what we can do.’
‘Would you? Please, Lorna, I’m getting pretty fed up being left out of things. Especially in such a small town.’
That was how it came that Lorna was in the Colonel’s sitting room that night speaking earnestly to the great man himself.
‘I think the bait that has been set has been taken,’ Lorna smiled.
‘Splendid. Splendid.’ He rubbed his hands together.
The fact was simply that the Colonel had a yen for the shapely young Tammy and he had wanted her to be in a situation whereby he could exercise his authority over her torso, especially on the rounded area of her bottom.
Ever since he had seen her loading groceries into the boot of her car, and this had caused her to bend right over so that her rounded backside had pushed against tight-fitting jeans, his thoughts had often returned to that fateful afternoon and his hankering nature had ached to have that same bottom similarly bending but in a complete state of nudity and preferably over his knees; he ached too to hear the soft lips of the lovely Tammy pleading with him to give her bare bottom a really good tanning.
The impossible dream might soon become a certain reality and with the help of one of his favourite club members he had constructed what at first had been a complicated plan. But it had paid dividends and now the preparation for the young lady to willingly expose her bottom — and anything else for that matter — was fast coming to realisation. He told Lorna how to proceed so that he would soon have his nefarious way with the girl and Lorna was only too pleased to be finding favour with the great man.
‘You may be, and I emphasise ‘may be’, allowed to join the club. But like everybody else you will have to undergo the usual initiation ceremony,’ Lorna explained.
‘That sounds reasonable,’ Tammy was beside herself at the very idea.
‘Well… I think I should explain,’ Lorna was trying to make herself sound as though she did not think Tammy was capable of such a stringent test.
‘What’s to explain. Even at school we had to go through an initiation before we joined our sorority.’
‘Yes, but this is not child’s play. This is deadly serious.’
‘Just tell me… please,’ Tammy was impatient. This life of half-solitude was getting her down.
‘Well, you prepare yourself in your very best clothes. Silk stockings and all that sort of thing. Then you have to be prepared to present yourself to a member of the club who is usually a senior member… he will present you with various tasks… challenges we call them… and you have to accept his instructions… without hesitation.’
‘I accept,’ Tammy responded without even thinking.
‘Wait a minute,’ Lorna frowned. ‘There will be obvious sexual connotations.’
‘Of course there will,’ Tammy surprised Lorna. ‘I’m not that thick.’
‘But if you should change your mind halfway through, then there will be no recriminations… because you will not know who your examiner is.’
‘Come again?’ Tammy was thrown.
‘You can change your mind at any time you like because you will not know who is examining you. You might guess but you will never be certain — you will be blindfolded.’
Lorna remained silent for effect. Tammy felt her face blushing and did not know why.
‘Blindfolded?’ she asked softly.
‘Yes. Lots of initiation ceremonies resort to the initiate being blindfolded.’
‘Well… yes, I expect they do. Anything else I should know?’
‘Not much more I can tell you really. Now remember, you must not hesitate to do exactly as you are told. I think I can warn you without giving anything away, that you will probably end up stripped. You will also get a spanking… on your bottom…’
Tammy felt a decidedly strange sensation spearing into her system. The fact that she was about to encounter a strange ceremony was one thing, but she was not so naive as not to sense that this was a rite that was for the pleasure of the person who was to ‘test’ her suitability for membership.
‘Well… do I tell them that you agree… or not?’
‘Of course… I… I accept and agree… can you answer me one question… how many will be present when l am… er… undergoing this ‘test’?’
‘Only the person who is examining you. Nobody else I can assure you,’ Lorna told her.
That was a relief. It was strangely odd to have to be agreeing to this set of rules, but the thought that half the townspeople might be present was more than a little humiliating!
Tammy had to admit to feeling the butterflies of something absolutely forbidding in her tummy. She had certainly been involved in schoolgirl ceremonies but they did not come up to the stern requirements now being presented to her. The fact that she would be unable to identify her ‘inquisitor’ caused very odd reactions and she knew that whilst she was under the instructions of whoever it might be, she would be experiencing sexual responses. She had no illusions whatsoever that this was being practised purposely to enhance her torso to a state of acceptance of a good spanking, and ensuring that she could be of a submissive attitude.
It had been a long long time since her shapely young body had been subjected to punishment, and that was when she had been but a young child.
The Hall was a large building set in its own grounds. Sprawling lawns and flower beds lay in profuse seclusion at the rear of the Manse. She was surprised to see Lorna.
‘Don’t worry… I am only here to make sure that you are properly prepared, then I shall be away.’
Tammy felt that her whole world had suddenly been cut off. Blackness, deeper than the densest pitch of night encompassed her mind when the black blindfold was placed round her head and fixed firmly in place. It was a good fitting coming close below the eyes and sitting properly over the eyebrows to ensure that the wearer really was in a world of black.
‘Wait there Tammy. You will be taken from here,’ she assured the lovely girl.
Tammy sat down on a wooden-seated chair and tried to get her mind to accept the inky blackness that encompassed her. She heard footsteps coming down the wider staircase.
‘Quite a nice day. We shall go into the garden.’
A firm hand was placed into her arm just above the elbow and she felt herself walking, still uncertain, into the warm sunlight.
There was no breeze even and then she felt the softness of the lawn beneath her feet.
‘Stand there,’ she was warned and the guiding hand left her.
‘Remove your top,’ she heard the directive.
Even as she blushed she felt the waist area of her top and lifted it clear of her head. Her skirt was soon coming off, and with each movement she felt her face blushing deeper and deeper.
The colonel was singularly delighted with what he was able to view. She wore white, and this pleased him, white for innocence!
‘Now you may remove your slip.’
As her trembling fingers eased the garment down to her feet, the seated man was able to study the shapely breasts that responded to gravity and could be seen as the bra slipped from her body. Gradually she was reduced to just panties, brassiere and stockings and also her black patent shoes. Lovely legs, he had to remind himself and the tapering thighs, all the way up to her panties were clasped tight together.
Another smile played on his lips. It would be so absolutely delightful to have her spreading her limbs wide and knowing that she was doing so to enable his hands to stroke, feel and play at his leisure.
‘Now the brassiere,’ he said, and by this time he had moved so that she could sense his own seated torso next to her.
She felt his hands on her arms when her shame-responding body had rid her of the brassiere.
Her breasts without the confining brassiere were outthrust and very proud as the nipples started to peep out from the small pinky aureoles.
She felt him pulling her arms down so that they were on the bench seat each side of him. Her head was actually in contact with his chest but then she felt warm, smooth palms ensnaring the prickly reactive nipples and gradually she was reacting to strange sensations of randy thrills as he played with her aching swollen titties.
‘Good… very good,’ he complimented her. ‘The knickers… I think we shall have them off.’
It was the first time that she felt a sense of shame so fully that she hesitated. There was something so absolutely shameful and obeisantly humiliating in removing one’s knickers, that it was natural to hesitate. But it had been just slightly hesitant… then with a resolution that she hardly felt, Tammy was thrusting them from her as though to get it over and done with as quickly as she could. Thoughtfully, he held her to help her keep her balance. It was truly strange to have to take her clothes off in the state of being ‘blind’, and the loss of her vision added to the loss of balance. Her equilibrium was disturbed so she was grateful for his firm grip. Then she was naked except for the stockings and standing there not knowing what he was studying, only feeling that dreadful state of uncertainty. He was in fact looking at the soft furry bush of her pubes. The lips of her cunt where they joined the tummy could plainly be seen and she expressed a perfect model of attractive womanhood. He looked steadily at the full thrusting breast as the slightly uptilted globes seemed to respond to her breathing.
‘Give me your hand.’
She held out her right hand and felt him take it. Then she was being guided to stand next to him, although she only became aware of it when she felt his thigh press into her own legs. She almost fell over his lap rather than glide over it, but at last, she was aware that she was indeed stretched virtually naked over his knees and her bare bottom very properly and purposefully placed for the intended spanking. Tammy chewed her lower lip when she felt once again, the warm palm on her body… this time it was not on her titties, but slowly caressing, almost lovingly, she thought over the rounded orbs of her bottom.
‘You know what I am going to do, don’t you?’
‘Yes… I think so,’ she replied awkwardly.
‘What am I going to do, Tammy?’
‘S…spank me,’ she felt even more awkward and foolish now.’
‘That’s right. I am going to spank this very shapely and bared bottom.’
She did not think it was necessary for him to be so specific and explicit in his intentions and quite truly she felt that his emphatic warning belittled her and she pulled even harder on the cheeks of her bottom to keep them tightly clenched. The colonel saw all this and smiled. He was sure that he could help her to forget all such illusions of modesty!
Tammy waited an eternity and could not switch off entirely because his hands seemed to stroke all over the rounded cheeks and even the tops of her tapering, shapely thighs. She responded naturally each time she felt his actual fingertips caress near the soft vulva area at the rear, and soon unwanted yet undeniable little thrills rippled through her sex area. In the end, she grew too tense and tired of holding herself so tightly and the Colonel was gratified to see the easing of the shapely bum. Tammy could only wait until he was ready to play the next part of this game, and even the sensation of foolishness had departed. Gradually she discovered she was reacting sexually! The realisation came over her suddenly when the emotive hotness of her quim manifested itself. The seated Colonel smiled even wider when he saw how her thighs relaxed and then without any command from her own mind, involuntarily spread… slightly at first and then more and more so that the secret furrow of her intimate vulva was not only fully on view but her torso had seemed to ease itself into an even round posture!
Tammy held her breath when his hand ceased the pleasant caressing action. Then he was keeping it firmly placed on her bottom as though this was a physical warning that the spanking was to begin.
The first stinging slap came down and he was able to see the clear imprint of his hand on her right nate. The red imprint contrasted deeply with the creamy smooth colour of her bottom. Then he gave her another spank, same strength but on the other cheek. She gasped but did not move and so he was able to continue the slow methodical action of his pistoning hand as it rose and fell so that the rounded spheres gradually changed to two speedily reddening balls, and by now, Tammy was vocally responding to let him know that she was feeling the painful responses on her bum.
She wiggled and she writhed as the tireless and well-practiced hand brought her backside to a high temperature, and what she found was more confusing was that, despite the pain building up to furnace heat on her behind, there was a strange hotness emanating from her sex orifice!
The more he spanked, the hotter her sexual reaction seemed to be.
It was very much like a Catch-22 situation. She felt that her sexual emotions were needing the stimulus of his spanking hand, and yet at the same time, her backside certainly did not!!
At last he let her slip from his lap and then she was on her knees… she felt his hand at the back of her head…
‘Now I want you to prove that you are able to perform orally,’ he surprised her.
She opened her mouth feeling foolish at not being able to see what it was she was going to have to suck! She did not have to wait for long… a surprisingly hard muscle was being eased into her gaping lips and then automatically she was able to take over the act. Once inside her mouth, Tammy knew how to proceed. She tasted the maleness of the man and let her tongue lap round and round and her head was slowly moving backwards and forwards.
She felt his fingers at the rear of her head and he warned her to close her eyes… the sun was very bright and he thought she would close her eyes for a while… she discovered her arms round his seated body and her mouth was getting more and more eager in an agitated state to bring him to complete sexual relief.
‘Mmmmmmmm… mmmmmm…. nnnnnng,’ her mouth moaned as she enjoyed the full erect muscle in her mouth…
‘Steady…’ he muttered and to her dismay he was lifting her head clear ‘Turn round.’
She scrambled so that she was facing away from him and now her eyes had become used to the brilliant daylight… he told her to get her head right down and she did so, and this made her spanked bottom rear up properly. As she spread her thighs so she felt him actually kneel behind her… a whinnying sound escaped her mouth when his stiffened muscle thrust easily into her wet quim…
‘Oooooooooooher… mmmmmmmm… oh yes… yessssss,’ she gurgled as the thrilling enactment continued to stretch the lips of her sex tightly round his demanding pole.
‘Enjoyed this afternoon,’ he said in a sexually tight tone. ‘haven’t you?’
‘Oh yes… I have — all of it,’ she moaned.
‘Then we shall do it more often… without the mask.’
‘Yes… yes please… anytime,’ she assured him.
He seemed endless and tireless as his shaft slowly pistoned into her very randy quim.
No other man had managed to get her into such a state… it was the constant, tireless act that seemed to overcome her.
Her sex was more excited than it had ever been and with his hands still stroking the recently slapped cheeks of her bottom, Tammy found herself in a strangely masochistic state of wanting to feel those hands once again bringing the hot painful liquid heat to boiling point!
‘Spank me… Colonel…’ she had, of course, recognised who it was that had been directing her ‘Initiation’… ‘please spank my bottom… hard. I love it… AAAAAAAAGHER… OOOOOH… AH… OW,’ her voice was once again reacting to the hot stinging sensation as his hands once again started a tattoo of hand spanks onto her very rounded and tight-skinned cheeks.
Within fifteen minutes, she was in his large bedroom and kneeling on the bottom of a four poster… her hands and arms were stretched out along the mattress… he had found the thin whippy cane and now he was letting her know what a real thrashing was like.
Onto the red plateau of her recently spanked buttocks, the redness having been placed there by his palms, he was now raising the lines of deep-seated fire by bringing the cane down in slow, measured strokes to enhance the sheer unexplainable and unimaginable fire of very hot pain lines that he insisted she accept. Her knees widespread, had helped her retain the thrusting state of her hot buttocks, but this did not prevent her from thrusting the sore cheeks from side to side in an exaggerated movement of writhing womanhood… he gave her twelve reasonably hard strokes and then she collapsed after he told her that the chastisement was over, she once again felt his enormity thrusting into her randy quim.
This ‘belonging’ business was one that she discovered was well worthwhile. Just as she is his favourite young filly, as he calls her, so he is certainly her very favourite mentor!


  1. A girl looks her best when upended, bare-bottomed and humiliated.

  2. "she once again felt his enormity thrusting against her randy quim"? The only enormity here is of the degradation of Blushes prose! "Randy" and "quim" are examples of quaintly obsolete vocabulary. I think I only ever came across "quim" in porn magazines of a certain vintage.