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Monday, 25 November 2019

Valet Service

Story by Anthony Vallance from Janus 130
The noise coming from the yard was growing ever more raucous; the squeal of voices rising above the splashing water and the rattle of buckets. Steven tried to concentrate on the figures in front of him but the shouts and the laughter were growing increasingly distracting. Finally giving up, he slammed his pen down on the desk and marched to the window which overlooked the courtyard. What he saw was no surprise, the two new girls were playing up again: throwing water, flicking each other with wet rags, turning the hose on each other, soaking themselves with gay abandon. He watched them for a moment, the anger welling up as he saw that the car they were supposed to be cleaning was still sitting under a thick layer of dust.
Jen and Tina had seemed a good idea at the time; they were attractive, flighty young girls, both students at the local college, just the sort to attract custom. The valeting service was a new sideline for Steven, the courtyard was an ideal resource going to waste and his first thought had been to get a couple of girls to clean customer’s cars during the summer. His main business was organising corporate functions, which ranged from buffet lunches to three course meals, and he knew that attractive, liveried staff were good for business. But there were a million and one other valeting services in the area, and so having a couple of uniformed young lasses had been the perfect way to grab attention. Unfortunately the heat of the summer seemed to have gone to their heads, and as the day wore on they had been getting more and more boisterous, acting like a couple of young lads rather than flirtatious girls.
As he watched, he saw Jen turn the hose on the windscreen of the Jaguar, squirting a strong jet of icy water onto the glass, before suddenly turning sharply to spray the silvery water onto her friend. Their uniforms were soaked through, white blouses sticking wetly to their bodies, short gymslip skirts sodden, water coursing down bare thighs to soak white ankle socks and tennis shoes. Tina reacted to the jet of icy water by pouring a bucket full of soapy water over her friend, and screaming joyfully when the water splashed home on a direct hit.
Jen suddenly looked up and saw Steven; she turned away quickly, whispering something mischievous to her friend. They both giggled and then set to work, finally directing their attention to the Jaguar. Three other cars were waiting, parked to one side, looking tired and dusty when they should have been gleaming under the bright summer sun. It was no good, Steven realised, both the girls were going to have to go. Having them around had been a good sales gimmick but nothing more: customers wanted more than just a pretty face, they wanted the job done properly.
He had hardly sat down when another great cry of shock sounded from outside. This time there was no waiting, he strode across to the window but the picture that greeted him was far worse than he had imagined. Tina was sprawled across the bonnet of the car, her skirt in wet disarray her white panties showing completely, her blouse partially open, and, worst of all, a deep scratch in the pristine paintwork of the car. The two girls looked up at the same time, their good-humoured expressions giving way to the realisation that they had finally gone too far.
‘What the hell have you done?’ Steven demanded, anger surging through him. He had dashed downstairs and was standing by the Jaguar, appalled at the damage the two women had inflicted on it.
‘I’m sorry Mr Barrie,’ Jen whimpered, ‘it was only a bit of messing around…’
‘Messing around?’ Steven demanded incredulously. ‘I don’t pay you to mess around, you’re here to work. Christ, girl, what am I supposed to tell the owner?’
‘The bucket slipped,’ Tina said, trying to explain how it was that they had caused so much damage to the most expensive car in the yard.
‘We’ll pay,’ Jen added quietly.
Steven resisted the urge to laugh out loud. ‘Do you have any idea how much it’ll cost to repair that? It’s a Jag, not your boyfriend’s tatty old banger. If you worked through the entire summer you’d still not be able to pay for the damage. The paintwork on a car like this costs a small fortune…’
‘But we didn’t mean to,’ Tina insisted guiltily, looking down at the puddle forming around her feet.
‘As if it matters whether you meant it or not,’ Steven told her sternly. ‘What matters is that you’ve damaged a customer’s vehicle, and that the damage is going to cost a fortune to repair.’
‘Does this mean we’re out of a job?’ Tina asked mournfully, her big brown eyes suddenly wide with anguish.
‘What do you mean, we’re out of a job?’ Jen demanded, rounding on her friend. ‘I wasn’t the one to smash the car, that was you,’ she cried accusingly.
‘But you pushed me!’ Tina responded angrily.
‘Quiet! Both of you!’ Steven cried, his patience stretched to the limit. Not only had they wrecked the car: now they were about to break into a fight. His anger silenced the two girls at once. They stood side by side, bedraggled, wet clothes clinging to their bodies, hair soaked through, a sorry pair ‘Upstairs, to my office,’ he directed, his anger controlled, but a veiled threat in his voice.
The two young women went first, feet squelching as they walked, doing their best to retain their dignity but failing miserably. They should have been bright and sexy in an innocent sort of way, instead they had been nothing but trouble. The fact that they were students had suggested that they would act responsibly Steven had counted on that but his confidence in them had been badly misplaced.
The Jag belonged to one of his best customers, Jeremy Read, and a damaged car was bound to have a knock-on effect on the rest of the business. As they climbed the stairs to the office Steven was treated to the sight of Tina and Jen’s bare thighs and a flash of white panties under the damp skirts, their skin still wet and glistening.
‘Honestly, Mr Barrie,’ Jen began as soon as they entered the office, ‘it was an accident… I mean everyone’s allowed to make one mistake,’ she explained, smiling sweetly as though she and her friend had done nothing more than drench each other in cold water.
‘I’m not interested in your excuses,’ Steven snapped angrily. ‘Stand there, both of you,’ he ordered, pointing to the space in front of his desk.
Both the girls moved into place, though there was no change in Jen’s rather insolent attitude. Tina seemed more subdued, perhaps because she was the one found sprawled on the bonnet of the sleek black vehicle.
Steven picked the phone up and jabbed the number sharply. ‘Jeremy Read please,’ he said, speaking to Jeremy’s secretary. ‘Jeremy, Steven Barrie here. Yes, it’s about your car. No, not quite. I think you’d better come over. Yes, I’ll explain it then.’
‘Please tell me that isn’t the Jeremy Read,’ Tina whispered, her face becoming even more sombre.
‘Shit,’ Jen whispered. ‘Our Principal’s been trying to get him to sponsor some of the courses at college.’
‘I suggest that you think about what you’re going to tell Mr Read, and what you’re going to tell the college authorities as well,’ Steven told them. ‘If Mr Read doesn’t report you, I will.’
‘Please. You can’t do that,’ Tina whispered. ‘We’re sorry, what more do you want?’
‘Look, we’ve offered to pay,’ Jen added. ‘There’s nothing more we can do.’
Steven shook his head, he could see the real panic in their eyes. ‘I’m afraid I’m one of the old school,’ he explained, ‘sorry just isn’t good enough. As for Mr Read, I think you’ll find him less than sympathetic. He’s going to demand that you’re punished in some way, he wants people to pay for their mistakes, and that doesn’t mean just in financial terms.’
Jen glared at Steven for a moment. ‘What does that mean? We’re not kids you know.’
Steven laughed. ‘I’m afraid if you act like juvenile delinquents you should expect to be treated like them. In fact that’s given me an excellent idea, one which I’m sure that Mr Read is going to enjoy.’
‘What sort of idea?’ Jen asked suspiciously.
‘It seems to me that you two young ladies deserve a sound spanking,’ he announced coolly.
Jen shook her head, but it was Tina who spoke up finally. ‘If we’re spanked, does that mean you won’t report us to the college?’
Steven shrugged. ‘I won’t report you, but I can’t presume to speak for Mr Read.’
‘What about paying for the damage?’ Jen asked. If we’re… if we’re spanked do we still have to pay for the car?’
‘I repeat,’ Steven told her, ‘I can’t presume to speak for Mr Read.’
The two girls hardly dared look at each other. Will it hurt?’ Tina asked quietly, looking down at her feet so that nobody would notice the red flush of shame that coloured her face.
‘Of course,’ Steven replied simply. ‘This is going to be a punishment you’ll not forget, either of you.’
‘I don’t want to be… punished in front of her,’ Tina whispered.
‘You can’t be serious,’ Jen said, sounding shocked.
‘Quiet!’ Steven cried, slamming his hand down hard on the desk. ‘Tina, outside, I think that Jen’s going to have the honour of going first.’
Tina’s eyes were already full of tears. She looked at her friend mournfully then did as she was told, walking quietly out of the office to leave Jen alone with Steven.
‘Now,’ he told her sternly, ‘you’re too soaked to go across my lap, unfortunately. Across the desk I think, and any more lip and you’ll regret it.’
Jen looked as though she were about to argue again, but then she admitted defeat. She moved across to the very edge of the desk, standing straight so that her flimsy blouse was wetly transparent across her bulging breasts. There was still something insolent about her manner, perhaps the way she moved, or the look in her eye.
‘Bend over, across the desk,’ Steven directed.
She obeyed, spreading herself flat across its polished surface. He stood and walked round slowly. The skirt was short and barely covered the swell of her backside, revealing everything of her long, smooth thighs. He reached down and flipped her skirt over her waist, making her draw in her breath sharply. Her white panties were drawn tightly into the cleft of her bottom-cheeks, exposing the taut, round globes perfectly.
‘I expected much more from you and your friend,’ he told her coldly. ‘You’ve disappointed me greatly, perhaps this will give you an idea of just how great that disappointment is.’
He raised his hand high and brought it down with a stinging slap that sounded loudly around the room. She cried out, squealing with horror as the second stroke landed with equal power and precision. He stepped back, her perfectly exposed bottom-cheeks were each marked with an oval of bright pink, the faint outline of his fingers only just visible.
Jen was strangely silent, he had expected her to shout and scream, but perhaps that would have been giving in. He raised his arm again and brought it down hard, spanking her on the left side firmly for several strokes before switching to the right side. He aimed carefully, making sure that every inch of her backside was being warmed up.
She moaned softly several times, trying hard to resist the temptation to scream at the top of her voice. He spanked her diligently using his hands to inflict punishment at the top of her thighs as well as across the centre of her rear side. Several times she squeezed her thighs together, as though trying to get away from the smarting pain he was inflicting so expertly.
‘In future,’ he hissed, beating his hand down again, ‘you’ll think twice before misbehaving.’
‘Yes… yes I will, Mr Barrie,’ she replied at last, her voice quivering.
When he stopped she tried to get up but he pushed her down. ‘You’ll do as you’re told,’ he warned her.
He stepped back to admire his handiwork. Her beautiful backside was patterned a deep, painful red. Her knickers had worked deeper between her bottom-cheeks, exposing even more flesh and pulling deep into the plump lips of her sex. Her long legs were still locked straight, and the pale flesh of her thighs merged slowly with the redder colour of her bottom. When he touched her momentarily he could feel the heat of punishment on her flesh, and he could only guess at the stinging sensations she was still feeling.
‘Stand in the corner now,’ he instructed. ‘Over there,’ he pointed to the big window overlooking the yard.
She walked stiffly across the room, her eyes full of tears and holding none of the casual insolence that had so annoyed him earlier. She walked to the window and looked down at the damaged car, the scratch clearly visible even at a distance. Without being asked she put her hands on her head, assuming a traditional ‘just punished’ position.
‘Lift your skirt,’ he ordered, ‘I want your friend to see exactly what she can look forward to.’
‘Yes, Mr Barrie,’ she replied, lifting her skirt over her waist, exposing her punished backside.
‘Tina! Here, now!’ he called.
Tina came in looking ashen, she immediately saw her friend, hands on head and chastised bottom on display, and her face coloured with embarrassment. She walked limply across the office and took her place over the desk, lifting her skirt herself.
‘As you were the one across the bonnet of the car,’ Steven told her, looking approvingly at her pretty little bottom on display, ‘I think it only fair that you be punished accordingly.’
‘No arguments!’
He tugged her panties down quickly, pulling the white cotton briefs down to her knees. Her naked backside was fully exposed, her round bottom-cheeks slightly parted so that he could glimpse a pale tuft of hair and intimate folds.
‘Next time,’ he warned her, ‘you’ll think of this first.’
He raised his hand high and let loose with a single hard stroke that landed directly between her rear cheeks, making her cry out with shock and pain. He began to smack her in sequence, first one side and then the next, beating out a steady corrective rhythm on the pure white flesh of her backside. He saw her fists clenched tight and he knew that the pain was flashing through her.
Soon he had built up a pattern of marks on each of her rear cheeks, and then down across the top of her thighs. She was crying out softly, moaning away the steady ache that he beat hard into her flesh. There was no letting up though, she remained in position, her bottom lifted high to receive a just but strict discipline.
He touched her when he finished, felt the wet heat from her sex briefly. Her panties had slipped down between her ankles, he made her step away from them.
‘Join your friend there,’ he ordered, ‘I want Mr Read to see that I have things in hand when he gets here.’
Tina stood on the other side of the window, avoiding Jen’s gaze, both of them with hands on head and backsides on display. Steven knew that it was only a matter of minutes before Jeremy arrived, but he wanted to enjoy the look of the punished girls for as long as possible.
‘He’s here, Mr Barrie,’ Tina murmured a few minutes later.
Steven rushed downstairs quickly, hoping to get to Jeremy before he set eyes on his damaged car.
‘I really am sorry about this,’ he exclaimed.
‘What the hell happened?’ Jeremy demanded, looking askance at his damaged car, the black paintwork scratched wide and deep.
‘That’s what happened,’ Steven explained, pointing up at the office window. The young women were still there, hands on heads, eyes averted, a perfect picture of guilt. ‘They were messing about in the sunshine when one of them slipped and crashed a bucket onto the car.’
‘Messing about?’
‘Perhaps we ought to discuss this upstairs,’ Steven suggested.
‘This is going to cost a fortune to fix,’ Jeremy complained loudly.
When Steven pushed the door of the office open Jeremy entered and fell silent. His eyes were drawn naturally to the two young women’s backsides, one partially clothed the other completely bare, both of them bearing the obvious marks of a recent punishment.
‘I see you’ve already taken some action,’ Jeremy declared loudly. He strode towards the two women, angry but intrigued by what he was seeing.
‘We’re sorry, really we are,’ both young women trilled in unison. They were red-faced but made no move to cover up the source of their acute embarrassment.
‘They’re both studying at the college,’ Steven informed him.
‘Who’s your course supervisor?’ Jeremy demanded angrily. ‘Is it Mr Jackson?’
‘Please,’ Tina begged, ‘you won’t tell on us?’
‘What do you think Miss Peterson’s going to say?’ he continued.
Mention of the college Principal’s name seem to strike white fear in both women. ‘Please… Please, we’ve been punished already.’
‘Not by Mr Read you haven’t,’ Steven pointed out. ‘Well, Jeremy? What do you think?’
Jeremy suppressed a smile. ‘I suppose you do need to be taught a harsh lesson,’ he mused.
‘We won’t do it again,’ Tina promised.
Jeremy nodded sagely. ‘On the chair,’ he decided. ‘You first,’ he pointed to Tina, ‘and take your gym shoe off.’
Steven pulled the leather seat into the centre of the office and Tina, missing one shoe, climbed onto it. She was on hands and knees, her bare bottom perfectly round jutting high in the air. Jeremy touched her, stroking his hand across her spanked backside. She quivered, raising her backside higher, offering herself to her punishment.
Jeremy gripped the gym shoe tightly, raised it high and swung it down in a smooth arc. The slap of rubber sole against firm flesh resounded like a gunshot, Tina’s wail of complaint like an after echo of sound. Her right buttock sported a red imprint of her tennis shoe, a livid mark that was only the first. Jeremy matched it with a second stroke on her right side, making her scream louder.
Tina started to struggle, unable to cope with the flurry of harsh smacks on her bottom. Steven stepped forward and gripped her by the shoulders, holding her in place so that Jeremy could issue strokes five and six across her punished backside.
‘Six of the best,’ Jeremy told her with grim satisfaction.
‘Now stand by the window again,’ Steven added, helping her off the chair.
‘Now, you madam,’ Jeremy said, ‘and take your knickers down, girl.’
Jen slipped her panties down and then took Tina’s place on the chair. Her bare bottom was fuller than Tina’s, and her sex more prominently displayed. Jeremy wasted no time with formalities, he used the tightly gripped gym-shoe to punish Jen with hard, swift strokes that made her cry out on each impact.
One, two, three, four, five, six: each stroke was hard, landing with an explosive thud that made Jen wince. Her bared backside bore each impact, scarlet footprints raised on her already pink bottom. When Steven touched her afterwards he could feel the imprint, he could sense the heat that smarted painfully on her flesh.
‘Now,’ Steven said, pointing Jen back to her display place by the window, ‘what do you propose Jeremy?’
‘Are you dismissing them?’ Jeremy responded, sitting on the edge of the desk and watching the two girls, his eyes fixed on the marked bottoms and the tearful expressions on their faces.
‘I’m leaving the decision to you,’ Steven responded. ‘The cost of repairs will come from my insurers, but what about the inconvenience this is causing you?’
Jeremy smiled. ‘That function at my house, the one next week,’ he said, ‘I think it only right that these two help out there, for free of course.’
‘Agreed,’ Steven responded eagerly. He knew that Jeremy liked to have pretty girls in attendance at his private functions — it always impressed his clients.
‘And of course if they make any mistakes there then they know now what to expect,’ Jeremy added.
‘Yes, sir, Mr Read,’ Tina responded instantly.
‘Yes, we’ll do our best,’ Jen promised.
‘Good,’ Steven smiled. ‘In the meantime I think they’ve got a job to finish, there’s a yard full of cars to clean.’
Jen turned, she lowered her skirt modestly and made to pick up her discarded panties.
‘I think not,’ Jeremy told her. ‘I think it only right that you go down and finish the job as you are, skirts high so that you can be reminded of your punishment.’
‘Yes, sir,’ the young women agreed.
‘And sir,’ Tina added. ‘We really are sorry.’

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  1. All these years on the internet and I'd somehow never seen these Hardcastle pics, thanks!
    I wonder if the girls will have other 'duties' at Mr Read's party apart from just serving drinks and getting spanked...