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Sunday, 3 November 2019

To Be Is To Obey

From New Blushes Uniform Girls 2.12
As far as Miranda was concerned, the situation had deteriorated at a very rapid state. First her employer had died suddenly and this had made her homeless. She had lived in as a personal maid and housekeeper. Then she had to find accommodation, and as she sought some suitable employment she discovered that the world was not exactly full of people seeking the services of a live-in servant. Servants they wanted, but did not want them as residents! Her meagre savings dwindled rapidly and the bank was taking a dim view of her withdrawals without managing to put very much in. Then the recently acquired landlady was chasing her for the weekly rent so that she was going from bad to worse. She had few friends, but those she did have were all in the same type of employment that she had been used to.
When Annette telephoned her to tell her she was getting married and that the situation she occupied would be free, Miranda could not believe her luck.
‘Let’s meet and I’ll try to fill you in about my boss,’ Annette had suggested.
Miranda sat sipping coffee as she listened overawed at the terms that her present employer implemented.
‘He pays well, and his home is rather large. Your room, if he engages you, is comfortable and it is almost en suite. But he is a stickler for cleanliness and strict code of hygiene. I ought to prepare you, that if he discovers anything that displeases him, then he… well he punishes… he did me, several times.’
‘Punishes?’ Miranda had to fight the corners of her mouth from turning up as though she was smiling at such a situation.
‘Yes. He will put a cane across your bottom, and he won’t have you wearing panties whilst he does it,’
Annette went on to explain pay, conditions of holidays and what the duties actually entailed and, instead of being turned off, Miranda was all the more keen to get the job.
‘He is Ahmed. Asian extraction, but his family are very, and I mean very wealthy. Jewellers or some such,’
‘And you say you have recommended me,’ Miranda was responding to the excited reactions of her system.
The very idea of getting work again was worth all the irksome suggestions that she might have to have the cane across her bottom.
There is something about a girl who is prepared to be a maid that seems to accept the lowlier state of accepting punishment.
Even Miranda knew that from the very old days, a maid would often have to go to bed with a stinging bottom. It was all part of the vocation procedure.
She realised that her previous employers had not attempted to beat her rather shapely arse, but this was because they were past it. This Ahmed guy appeared to be a young type of employer and he seemed to be well educated in how to treat erring servant girls.
She liked him on sight. The fact that she felt rather gooey when she met the extremely good-looking Asian and for some silly reason, she could not get the picture that she might have to drop her panties to let him punish her naked hindquarters! The idea was not so unacceptable as some might imagine.
Even as she answered his obvious questions, she felt a blushing heat creeping up over her attractive face because this caning business was taking a very firm root and she just could not get the picture out of her mind.
‘Now I do not usually discharge staff if they displease me or misbehave but I do punish them,’ he told her.
He did not smile or his face did not change. It was, as far as he was concerned a most natural statement and was the normal code of practice.
Miranda blushed furiously, and she almost suggested that he might like to see the area that he would have to punish. The fact was that Miranda was very, but very fruity!
‘I shall physically punish any bad behaviour… any slovenliness… and this we total on a weekly basis. The end of the week shall be retribution day… do you understand?’
‘Yes… yes, I do believe I do,’ she told him in a hushed tone.
‘You do I hope realise that I am rather old fashioned in my methods. It will be your bottom that I shall punish… your bare bottom, and you shall be suitably attired whist the failures are read out. I shall tolerate no protest… if you think that you might want to look for other work, then please do so. I am prepared to accept you on Annette’s recommendation,’ he explained that he was not bothering to seek other girls, and for this she was grateful.
She felt very strange when she walked from the drawing room in which he had interviewed her. She wanted to make the cheeks of her magnificent bottom as small as she could! It was the strangest of sensations that rippled through her body. Miranda just knew without a shadow of a doubt that the day would most certainly come when she would be exposing her undraped bottom and getting the cane across it! Oddly though, she was not adverse to the sensations now causing delightful thrills in an ever-increasing stream to invade her emotions and for the first time in her life, Miranda began to accept that there was indeed something masochistic about her personality.
She was envisaging her torso in a complete state of adulation to the good looking Ahmed. The fact was that she was in a state of pure crushy infatuation with him. Lord, but he was dishy! She knew that he would be able to demand anything he liked from her, and strangely enough, she felt that she would be pleased to be slavishly obedient to anything he suggested. Her dreams that night were the most fantastic visions she had ever had.
She had paid up the landlady after assuring the bank manager that funds would be coming and that worthy official seemed to be content to let her increase the overdraft, but it was with the vision of Ahmed firmly anchored in her mind that she eventually went to sleep. Then the nocturnal hours were filled with the stern Ahmed making her respond to the strangest and weirdest of directions.
She woke up feeling very, very randy, and was obliged to lay on her back, spread her lovely legs very wide and stroke the heated furrow of her sex into a happier state whereby she was able to get some relief from the tense sexual discomfort of her quim.
She was measured and fitted with the uniform of her job. The whiter than white blouse with the front black tie-scarf, and the starch cap for her head, but the leather-type skirt was something else again. It fitted the shapely roundness, of her bottom and this seemed to emphasise the perfect rotundness of her arse, then the curvy legs all the way down to the high heeled shoes, black hosiery and the front apron all completed the proper dress and presentation of what Ahmed expected of a maidservant.
Her room was a delight to sleep in, she decided. This was something else again and she could not have asked for better if she had lived at home. He was very fair, and she was surprised that he did not demand much attention. There were the usual chores which she was able to carry out. If nothing else, Miranda was a first class maid and because this was the only occupation she knew, she was a natural hand at her job.
He would leave her little memo-notes on anything he wanted her to do if they were not in the daily order of things. Errands and that sort of thing. He employed a cook, a daily cleaner and also a valet. Miranda had little to do with the other staff except at meal times. She waited on the table and he always seemed to be entertaining. When his guests spoke in their mother tongue, she felt piqued because she could not follow the conversation, but there were occasions when she recognised the fact that she was subject of their chatter. She could not possibly have known that Ahmed on the Thursday evening was telling his male guests that he intended to have Miranda in a state of complete and utter begging for him to do with as he liked!
‘I am going to have this delightful young Miss completely stripped and kneeling. I shall cane her bottom and hear her begging for every stroke. Just look at that mouth… those perfect lips… imagine having that paying oral tribute to my pecker! See her breasts… I shall I promise you, before this week is out, ensure that she offers them to me, on her knees and she will tell me that they are my toys… and I shall ensure that she thrusts them forward… can you see them when she bends over the table… no you can’t… you are too busy studying that tight leather skirt as it clasps her arse… and that arse… the arse of this shapely white lady will soon be carrying my brand mark of the cane.’
‘You are truly a bastard,’ his friends laughed at his prophecy.
‘How can you make us all so randy… but you must tell us all about it next week.’
‘Better still… I shall have her undress in front of you and as she poses, naked, I promise; so she will recount exactly what she had to do to please me.’
All this time, Miranda was standing by the hot tray waiting to serve them more food and she could not possibly have the slightest idea what they were cooking up for her. It is doubtful if she would have tried to change their or his mind even if she had known!
Miranda could not believe that she had made so many mistakes, although as he outlined them from the list that he was reading from, she had to admit that he had not been unfair, and that there really was no reason for her to have been so careless. Mostly it was the business of leaving her bedroom untidy, and she discovered he had a thing about untidiness.
‘So what is it to be?’ his serious, handsome face was unflinching in his intent to have her bending!
‘I suppose I deserve a thrashing,’ her very red face expressed the deep shame that she was feeling.
‘I am sure you deserve a thrashing. It is up to you,’ he said reasonably, ‘a thrashing on your bottom without the skirt or panties on, or immediate dismissal.’
As far as Miranda was concerned, there was no choice. All she could simply do was to slowly release the securing buttons and zip of her skirt. By the time she was thumbing the brief panties down her shapely limbs, he had produced a long, whip and thin cane. He tapped the end of the bed and she slowly adopted the kneeling position.
‘Head down,’ he directed.
Although she had imagined this in her first days at the residence, she was now feeling squirming responses of deep humiliation at having to present herself in such a demeaning position.
She felt the tight skin of her bottom stretching even tighter as she bent right down and then she had to dip the hollow of her back so that the full rounded cheeks of her arse were fully rounded and at the very optimum of presentation for a caning.
He stood to one side and enjoyed the open view of her defenceless modesty! The smooth lips of her sex were delightfully revealed and he let her know that he was able to see it when he delicately ran his fingertips lightly down the soft gorge formed by her labia.
He heard the appreciative hiss of her breath as her whole being reacted to the sheer force of the sensational fire ignited by his simple caress. He also stroked the plump balloons of her bottom in a manner of full possession. He really did sense the ‘ownership’ of this helpless lovely and he was going to enjoy it to the full.
‘Admit that you deserve the cane.’
‘I… I do… I deserve the cane,’ she choked.
‘And you deserve it across the cheeks of your bare bottom.’
‘Tell me so,’ he insisted.
‘I deserve the cane across the bare cheeks of my bottom,’ she shuddered as the traumatic waves of both strange passion pleasure and equally deep shame engulfed her causing pandemonium with her straight thinking.
‘I think you rather like this,’ he teased as once again his fingertips travelled the full length of her soft-lipped quim.
‘Aaaaaaah… yes… yes, it is very nice,’ she moaned.
‘Then stay still… and if you are good I might play with your pussy some more.’
She was even more confused than ever!
She heard the swish after he had stroked the pliant stick backwards and forwards across the rounded taut-skinned buttocks. The swish soon let her know that it was the cane speeding unerringly towards the very presentable target of her bottom. The sheer flashing heat when the cane struck her backside was unbelievable! It seemed to set the cheeks alight in a single line of fire.
‘Ooooooooow… Aaaaaaaah!’ was the only reaction she could possibly make!
Her hands flew round protectively to cover and rub her offended cheeks, but he told her to place her knees far apart and then her hands were placed so that they were actually gripping her legs.
‘And keep them there,’ he snapped.
It was a crazy world of sheer pain and fire, and yet she felt that her palms were glued to her legs as the cane whistled down, unhurriedly on top of the ripe moons of her bottom.
‘Please… oh please… I’m sorry… I’ll be good and careful in future I swear it please no more no more I’ll do anything, anything I swear it… willingly… without question…’
She found herself lugged over his lap and his palm was now adding to her confusion… the sting was not so bad as the agony of the cane, but it seemed that her bottom was getting more and more fire-filled as his hand managed to eventually cover the whole area of her writhing buttocks.
‘Right… now get into the bed… undress first. I shall be back soon,’ he directed her.
She hastily removed her clothes and then gingerly let her bottom onto the welcome coldness of the cotton sheet… her face expressed the gratitude of the solace of the coldness as it cooled down the fiery skin of her bottom. She was pleased to stay like that as the woes of skin heat eddied away slightly making the whole area more tolerable as the cheeks of her bottom cooled down.
When he came in, she was surprised to see that he was in silky pyjamas! She immediately thought quite naturally that she was about to be fucked!
And being the type of girl that she was, she felt distinctly that this was something that could quite easily enjoy!
He eased the clothes down so that her supine torso was nakedly exposed. Her breasts were thrusting up and the nipples were already stalky so that when he placed his hands on her titties she gasped when the pleasurable sensations flooded her mammaries….
‘Yes, I thought you would like this,’ he told her as he started to fondle and caress her aching titties.
His thumbs and fingers enhanced the sheer hot passion that caused her breasts to become firm as they seemed to swell under the influence of his clever fingers…
‘Legs raised and apart.’
She immediately opened her thighs wide and raised them so that the soft lips of her cunt were now fully open for him to study and then to stroke.
When his middle finger lay the full length between her lips he was rubbing up and down so that he was actually stroking the throbbing bud of her clitoris. She was soon hissing as her middle torso started to push up against his tormenting fingers… his middle finger laying along the grooved furrow, his two fingers, one each side of his middle finger pressed against the lips themselves so that she was being fully manipulated into a high sexual ascendancy… when he slipped the tip of his middle finger into the well of her sex-orifice, Miranda was in a state of sexual hunger and readiness to do whatever he demanded.
‘Next week…I want you to tell my friends everything that has happened and also other things that are going to happen… what I am going to do to you… and make you do for me… you are to be prepared to tell them in minute detail everything that has happened… and you will start by telling them how you removed your skirt and panties and then bent over to get your arse caned… understand?’
‘Yesssss… yes… I shall… whatever you say,’ she could only choke out as the passion-fire grew in intensity.
‘And before you begin your narrative, you will undress and stand before them… so in the nude, you will feel more inclined to be honest,’ he told her.
Miranda could only respond to the fantasy picture he was portraying into her mind… she felt the natural sense of shame and shock and yet as the sheer delight of his caressing finger brought her more and more to the abyss of orgasm release, so she felt through the shame and ignominy of what he was going to make her enact, a stranger sense of helpless pleasure. She could visualise herself, naked and ashamed detailing before his friends all that she had gone through and even the things that she was still to do… and with the fantasy-picture in her mind, she felt strange elated randiness. Ahmed seemed to guess that she was seeing close to release and slowed down… he did not want her in a state of orgasm… yet.
He turned her over and was once again studying the sheer perfection of her buttocks… they were red but not deep scarlet… he could see the distinct lines where the cane had striped her… his hands were feeling the soft cheeks and he enjoyed the freedom of ‘ownership’.
Miranda could only lay there letting him shape the cheeks of her bottom whichever way, and in any other way that he liked. She sensed that he was now able to demand whatever he wanted and she was absolutely helpless to refuse him… whatever he wanted, then she sensed that she would be pleased to supply!
‘Admit you will do anything I tell you.’
‘I will… I swear I will… happily… I will do anything to please you,’ she told him firmly.
‘Her voice was filled with the sexual heat that she knew was filling her very soul…
‘Get off the bed and kneel naked at my feet.’
He watched the manner in which her breasts jiggled as she hastened to obey him.
‘Hands behind your head.’
He watched as she reached up and the response to her sensational titties was terrific! They lifted and tilted up in a perfect pose of tautened balloons.
Again, Miranda hissed when she felt his palms holding the firm orbs of her breasts… he thumbed the nipples and then he was tweaking them between the thumb and finger of both hands… she looked down at the shocked delight that was flooding through her… it was like a roaring tidal wave of lava heat that was spilling over from the volcano of her sexuality… her body had never felt so randy…
‘Right… reach into my pyjamas and take out my pecker.’
Miranda discovered her fingers were trembling and then she was holding the firmness of his maleness. It was not just firm, it was hard… very very hard and seemed that it was capable of doing untold damage if it collided with anything at all.
‘Ask nicely… permission to suck and lick it,’ he smiled wickedly.
‘I want to… please… I really do want to lick and suck your marvellous prick… please… please,’ she moaned.
She let the tip of her tongue tease the underside of his massive tool… then unable to prevent herself any longer, she let the tightness of her mouth slip over the throbbing hot end and it sank into the warm cavern of her mouth.
He did nothing except to sit there watching the slow pistoning of her head and her delightful tongue managed to move round and round the mushroom head of his solid muscle… she sensed that she was soon to be swallowing… there were little jerks… hardly perceptible but they were there all the same… a very hot emission… not a jet nor a jerking emission… but just a slight heated drop warned her that the rod inside her mouth was about to fill her… and when it came, she had to work hard to contain it. She swallowed and drank his seed until he was satiated… what was worrying her now was how was she going to explain and put into words when she had to narrate to his friends her first punishment session.

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