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Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Sophie Fennington Interviews – part 1

After featuring the Janus interview with Sophie Fennington recently, here is a video interview with her including clips from her films. To be posted in two parts.
We commend this film for those who relish vintage British spanking. Actress Sophie Fennington, an early CP queen and one of the first to create identity and brand, appeared in about 10 films, most of which we have found, cherish, and will collect and review here. Ms Fennington is a thin, pale-eyed blonde, with a Waterford crystal British accent, which suggests this interview could have played on BBC, except for its subject matter. We’d guess a lot of folks at BBC would never admit they knew exactly who Sophie was in the 1990’s.
She does not mention much about her business ventures. There are indications of her directing and producing films in a number of sources. This film was meant to excite you by watching a pretty girl discuss getting spanked. Sophie played this part in this ‘documentary’ with as much cunning as when she bends over a table.
Sophie wears a blue top and short denim shorts and sits in a rocking chair on a simple set. She is kept full screen, the male interviewer is off-camera, and the camera angle is slightly from below, so that her bare legs are the centrepiece. Barely one minute into the interview, the male interviewer asks her about her first spanking. She laughs in mocking surprise. ‘Goodness… you’ve hardly said hello to me.’
She talks about her first school spankings. The interviewer wants the salacious details, because we do. Bare bottom? How many strokes, etc. Regarding her first caning: ‘I wasn’t counting them… I didn’t have to lift my skirt… sorry to disappoint you,’ she utters a laugh, knowing we want to hear these naughty details.
She describes her stubborn pride, enjoying spanking and accepting the challenge of a high pain threshold. She teased her husband-to-be Christian so as to earn spankings. Christian wants to market her in the CP world and sends photos to Janus magazine, which are published. Research finds references to issues #53 and #54, back-in-the-day. She admits enjoying being spanked in front of people and recalls a dare once where husband Christian and CP film maker ‘Michael’ vied to get a tear from her with a leather belt. She boasts they whipped her ‘until their arms fell off.’ Hopefully you will share our voyeuristic eroticism in seeing this stunning blonde chat about having her bottom beaten by her men. ‘Were you naked?’  ‘Gee… I don’t remember,’ she teases us.
They chat about her films. Her first was Veronica Takes the Rap made at ‘one of Michael’s places.’ Extremely sexy amateurishly filmed scenes of Sophie waif-like in just blue knickers, blond pigtails, being caned. The interviewer discusses her involuntary ‘wobbling’. She chortles and corrects him to describe it as ‘quivering’, actually more illustrative and in keeping with her theatrical CP instincts. Cute stuff, the idea of Sophie quivering under the cane. Big bottoms would wobble.
The next film clips from Painful Promotions, we also haven’t found to see, shows naked girls lined up at a fireplace and Sophie in a slinky knit dress before she pulls it over her head and is naked underneath, showing off every curve. The discussion of Lisa Must Be Caned is worth hearing, then seeing the film. She remembers some 70 cane strokes (we remember them too), as being ‘severe and painful,’ high praise from this lady. It is a film we would list in our Top-10, and we will post a review.
Next is Corrective Therapy Trilogy, where she played a thin and spankable little nurse caught stealing. She called it a ‘more severe film.’ When watching the hairbrush scene, she was induced to talk about which implement hurts the most. ‘The table tennis bat is worse than the hairbrush.’
To be continued next week…
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:


  1. I suppose that if young women are going to make brazen, nude exhibitions of themselves it's as well that they're being soundly thrashed whilst doing so. Nice to see a pretty girl whose body is not defaced with tattoos also. Happier days.

  2. Bob here.
    Great interview and a very hot caning
    sequence in part four.
    Superb stuff!