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Monday, 11 November 2019


Photo-story from Janus 84
Soozy is not her real name, but her own fantasy identity — who she is in her rich imagination.
Soozy — ‘I tell everyone I’m 30’ — is a university graduate married with three young children, but her husband is not an aficionado of CP. For a long time, she made do with fantasies — powerful mental adventures in the world of female masochism, originally inspired by reading Story of O.
A few years ago, respecting her need and knowing that he was not the one to fulfil it, Soozy’s husband gave her permission to submit herself to a dominant, to whom she refers as ‘my Master’. She has continued to visit him regularly for sessions of CP and corrective training.
‘I need and enjoy corporal punishment,’ Soozy told us. ‘I find it transforming — it takes me to a higher level of consciousness, a state of more intense feeling. The pain and the sexual stimulation that is aroused by the pain are simultaneous. All my feelings become one feeling — in that moment I AM that pain, that enjoyment and that sensation, and nothing else. In that experience I become free, and anything that happened before it is just history. It’s like being born again… it’s a spiritual awakening.’
A full interview with Soozy will appear in Janus 86.

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  1. I do love the riding crop , not just the sound and the marks. The design of the thing always makes me smile :) Great blog this of my favorites . Keep posting please
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