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Sunday, 17 November 2019

Sixteen & Sixty

From Blushes Supplement 13
‘Little fish are sweet, Humphrey,’ said Bernard.
‘She’s not all that little,’ snickered his companion. ‘And you know where I mean.’ Humphrey, corpulently convex in too many places, patted his fat behind.
‘I’m not talking about size, you old fool. It’s the fact that she’ll only possibly be available once. Best make the most of it.’
‘Oh yes… that I’ll do.’ Humphrey snickered again. ‘All arranged is it then?
‘Yes, all arranged.’ Bernard was matter-of-fact. As far as he was concerned, this was simply business. He did not want to go into a lot of discussion about any particular client’s predilections. Most of them seemed to want to discuss them, though.
‘I prefer someone more regular, of course,’ said Humphrey. ‘You can train them up. Like that Marie… now there’s a girl…’
‘Alright… alright… but let’s not go into that. Just take my advice and consider this a ‘one off’.’
‘Why’s that?’
‘Because I reckon she’s going to be leaving.’ He saw that Humphrey was studying the photograph of the girl yet again. Old, pale blue eyes seemed to be gaining extra colour.
‘Sixteen, you say? She looks older.’
‘A lot of them do, these days. One begins to get used to it. In some Eastern countries, girls are considered mature — and marriageable — at ten years.’
Humphrey grinned lasciviously. ‘Could happen here one day,’ he chuckled.
This was ignored by Bernard. ‘The procedure will be as usual,’ he said. ‘The girl will be sent to you — since you are so called Head School Governor — for assessment of past misdemeanours and future attainments. You will question her as you think fit. Then you will act as judge and jury… and carry out the sentence.’
Liza stood up as the door opened and in came the Head of School Governors. ‘Miss Miles?’ he said, eyebrows going up. ‘Here for assessment?’
‘That’s right, sir…’
‘You may sit down.’ Liza did so and watched the elderly gentleman leaf through a file before him. She felt nervous. There was silence but for her own thumping heart and the Governor’s heavy breathing. Liza was well aware that she had not done too well last term. There had been so many other distractions. Exciting new things to think about. Finally, the long silence was broken. ‘I am not at all satisfied with this assessment,’ stated the Governor.
‘I’m sorry, sir… I did try hard.’
‘By no means hard enough,’ said Humphrey. He paused. ‘Are you aware child, that, under school regulations, the Head Governor is allowed to punish offenders? And that, if they do not accept his punishment, they will be expelled?’
Expelled!’ Liza repeated the word as if it had been excommunicated! Her parents would never get over it… not if she were expelled. They had sacrificed so much. It was unthinkable. ‘Oh… oh sir…’ she gasped out. ‘I’ll accept your punishment… if I must… but please… don’t expel me!’
‘Very well, child.’ Humphrey smiled complacently. Once again, Bernard had chosen well. He was a man well worth his rewards. ‘I think you have made a sensible decision. No girl wants to be expelled from St Anthony’s. So shaming for her… and her family…’
‘Oh yes… yes…!’
‘So best she takes her punishment, for her misdemeanours, then everyone forgets all about it, eh?’
‘Oh yes… yes…!’ repeated Liza.
What a good governor he was! So understanding and kind. Knowing the horrors which expulsion would bring her. Far better to accept a punishment. But what punishment? Her mind suddenly froze. Instinct told her that her escape from disgrace was not going to be entirely simple.
What did he mean by punishment exactly? He was an old-fashioned man… and old-fashioned people had some strange ideas. She heard him clearing his throat.
‘Liza,’ he said, with sudden firmness, ‘I am going to do to you what I used to do to my daughters when they hadn’t bothered with their lessons. I am going to thrash you. As I did them. It made an awful lot of difference to their work!’
Liza’s head span. Thrash her? She had been prepared for punishment, but not punishment like this. Loss of privileges, gating and so on, but not a thrashing! The idea was terrifying…
On the other hand, so was the alternative.
As usual, Humphrey had experienced little difficulty. When they were so young, they were surprisingly malleable. One could have far more trouble with an 18-year-old than a 16-year-old. The younger ones still had a childish mentality (even if they were growing up with remarkable speed!) and thus were more obedient. More naturally submissive.
This girl, Liza, fully accepting her waywardness of the last term, now knelt, as he had directed, on the seat of a chair, with her skirt raised and tucked into her waistband. She wore a pair of thin, dark blue cotton knickers. He was entranced by the sight of them, for they clung like a second skin to a young bottom that was remarkably plump. Puppy fat, he remembered it was called. In time, that fat would fine down into womanly curvaceousness. For the moment, it was simply plumpness. And quite delightful!
‘I am not going to be too severe with you, my dear,’ said Humphrey, feeling the familiar anticipatory pleasure. ‘This is your first term of backsliding. You just need a little warning. Don’t you think that’s right?’
‘If… if you s-say so, sir…’
‘Oh yes, I do say so. I’ve plenty of experience of this kind of thing. It will do you the world of good. As it has done others.’ He paused, savouring the moment. ‘I am going to give you six with the strap… followed by six with the cane.’
‘O-ohhh…!’ It was a gasp of shock. But what else could she have expected? Perhaps a spanking. Well, if she hadn’t been likely to be a ‘one-off’, as Bernard had suggested, he might have considered that. Spanking a young girl was really most rewarding. Before one moved on to other things. Now he hadn’t the time to spare. He must be quite severe from the start. Tenderise those chubby cheeks with leather… then bite into them with a cane. Yes… that was the programme.
‘That is by no means severe, Liza,’ said Humphrey sternly. ‘You should be thankful. But, first, we’ll have those knickers down. I only punish when a bottom is bare.’
‘O-ohhh…!’ Another gasp of shock. She had obviously expected to preserve a little of her girlish modesty. But Humphrey was not having any of that! He wanted a naked 16-year-old’s bottom presented to him and that was what he intended to get. That’s what Bernard was paid for — and that’s what he had to supply.
At that moment, of course, it was Liza who had to supply it.
‘Oh please… sir… please… that… that’s awful… I mean I’m grown up now…’
‘You’re just 16,’ stated Humphrey. ‘only a child. Take those knickers down at once. Don’t forget, I’m the Head of Governors… and whether you stay in this school or are expelled, is entirely my decision.’
That word expelled, had the desired reaction. It was, obviously something which quite terrified the girl. Delighted, he watched two thumbs go to the elastic about her waist… then saw the knickers pushed down and down. A sumptuous white, naked bottom was fully exposed. So girlishly soft yet, in another way, so curvaceously mature. The cleft was a valley of dark down. Uninvaded territory, at that moment, he guessed. But not for long. Not that that would be his concern. He was now beyond such exquisite diversions, much as he might have wished otherwise. No, he had to be content with the strap and the cane… and the exciting reactions they provoked. So be it. There was a time for everything in a man’s life. A time for violent, youthful lust… and a time for elderly, gentle perversion. Well, not too gentle!
Humphrey opened a drawer and took out both strap and cane. Neither was of a particularly severe nature. There was no need for savagery in these matters. An inexperienced young bottom could be made to squirm quite adequately with such relatively lightweight implements. He stood directly behind the girl, seeing the big, soft white globes quivering slightly… for it was his intention to lay the strap across each cheek alternately.
‘Be a brave girl,’ he cautioned, then brought the strap down stingingly across the right cheek. Liza uttered a loud gasp, her head being tossed back. At the same time, her whole bottom jerked back and forth several times, widening the deep cleft considerably. Humphrey looked on with approval. ‘There… that wasn’t too bad, was it?’ he said in avuncular fashion, gazing upon the inch-wide pink stripe the strap had produced. It encircled the whole of the cheek, from the cleft to around the flank.
‘It… h-hurt…’ came the meek reply.
‘Well Liza, it was meant to hurt,’ said Humphrey. ‘That’s what punishment is about. But I’m sure it wasn’t too terrible.’
He aimed a backhander at the left buttock-cheek and once again the strap cracked down. Actually, the sound it made was quite pleasantly loud, even though the leather was of no great weight. Another encircling strip of pink, balancing the one on the other cheek and, gasping out, Liza once more jerked her big behind back and forth several times in rapid succession. She was maintaining that fiercest of grips on the back of the chair.
‘There’s a good girl… you are being brave…’
Wwhhhaaaccckkk! Back to the right cheek, but lower. This time, the bottom not only jerked to and fro but twisted left and right as well. Delightful to behold — with all that soft, young flesh sent jelly quivering.
Wwhhaacccckkkkk! Another backhander on the left cheek, also lower down. This time one of Liza’s hands lost its grip and came halfway back to protect herself, before being replaced.
‘O-oh… please, sir… not… not so hard!’ came a whimpering plea.
‘My dear, child,’ said Humphrey. ‘I would not have called any of those strokes hard. I’m treating you leniently as this is your first offence — and you are inexperienced.’ He saw the big nates clench apprehensively as he kept her waiting. Obviously, the girl did think they were hard! Ah well… she had nothing to compare them with.
Wwwwhhhhaaaccckkkk! The fifth on the right cheek, just where it joined the thigh-top, followed quickly by the sixth over the left cheek.
Wwwhhhaaacccckkkk! This caused Liza to utter a gasping scream and quite lose her grip on the chair back. Her hands clasped urgently to her jerking bottom.
‘O-oh… o-ohhh… o-oohhh…’ she moaned.
‘Now, now,’ said Humphrey almost kindly, ‘you’ll soon get over it. Won’t be stinging at all in a little while. Just glowing.’ He spoke as if he were doing the girl a favour. He licked his lips. Oh yes, this was a most delicious girlish bottom. Big and soft and very wobbly. Just how he liked them, in fact. And, he thought with a stab of pleasure, it’s going to squirm considerably more when it feels the cane! ‘Take a little rest, my dear, before the second part. You may get off the chair.’
He watched the girl slide off, then modestly place her hands over her bush. She was blushing. Very naturally. ‘Does… does there have to be… any more sir?’ she asked plaintively. Oh how shy and nervous she was. So sweet.
‘I’m afraid so, Liza. Just a light strapping like that is most unlikely to cure you of anything.’
‘P-please… I don’t want the c-cane … that will hurt terribly…’
‘It will certainly hurt more,’ agreed Humphrey. Quite a deal more, he thought happily. ‘But never forget the alternative.’
He saw the fear flare in her eyes. Yes, even thinking about expulsion was sufficient to pull her up short. ‘Oh dear… oh dear…’ Liza buried her face in her hands and Humphrey knew she had decided to go through with it. Good… good. He allowed her another couple of minutes before replacing the strap and taking out the cane. It was thin and flexible, arching easily in his fingers. He saw her look at it with terror, lips quivering.
‘Are we ready now, then?’ he enquired.
‘Oh p-please, sir… not… too hard… you won’t will you?’
He smiled understandingly at the now tearful girl. ‘Don’t worry, Liza as Head Governor, I am experienced in these matters.’ It wasn’t really the answer to the girl’s plea but it was all she was going to get! ‘Come now, Liza, back on the chair, please. Let’s have no more fuss. Let’s get it over with.’ But not too quickly, he said to himself.
Now shivering with apprehension, Liza climbed back on to the chair and gripped its back with an even greater fierceness. The big, naked bottom curved provocatively before him again. How pretty were those candy-pink stripes! Now, using the cane, he decided on different tactics. He did not stand directly behind but to the girl’s left. This time he would lay on the cane from alternate sides so that both buttock-cheeks felt its impact simultaneously. He tapped the flesh lightly and the whole bottom flinched convulsively. Oh how very nervous she was!
‘Be brave again, Liza,’ he said. ‘In fact. be braver still.’
Raising his arm to shoulder height, he laid on a wristy, whippy cut. The thin weal intersected the pink stripes over both cheeks, its colour being of a much deeper hue. Liza, gasping breathlessly — disbelievingly — was up in the chair in an instant, hands pressing to the new streak of fire, bottom twisting uncontrollably from side to side.
‘A-ahhh… no… nooo!’
‘I told you it would hurt more,’ said Humphrey. He wondered if he were going to have much trouble with the girl; she was more sensitive than he had realised at first. Girls with very white skin, like she had, often were. ‘Come along, get your bottom up properly again.’
‘O-ohhh… I can’t… I can’t!’ Humphrey sighed loudly.
‘Liza,’ he said, trying to sound angry. ‘Don’t make me keep having to mention the alternative. It won’t do you any good, you know.’ Actually, these little refusals and delays were all part of the fun. He had plenty of time to complete the caning. Plenty.
He watched as, sobbing, the girl forced herself into position again. Oh the effort it cost! He moved to the other side of her and saw the bottom half twisting away in dread. That made no difference. He lashed down a second stroke about an inch below the first and, this time, Liza squirmed right down on to the floor as her hands clamped frantically.
‘Eeee… aaaiiieeee!’ she squealed. ‘Oh I… I can’t bear it!’
How often have I heard that, thought Humphrey. There were moments — like this one — when they really did think they couldn’t bear it. But, in the end, they did.
Often it took a long time to fully complete a caning of a nervous inexperienced girl. But, as Humphrey had just told himself, he had plenty of time. All he did know was that, no matter how long it took, this plump youngster was going to get six strokes pf the cane, across her buttocks before she left that room. Six strokes at least!
‘Everything alright, old man?’ asked Bernard.
‘Excellent,’ replied Humphrey, rubbing his hands. ‘Couldn’t have been better. I congratulate you. Once again.’
‘Give you any trouble?’
‘Mmm… yes… halfway through the caning, she got difficult. But I handled it alright.’ Bernard didn’t ask any questions about that. If a pupil didn’t take her punishment voluntarily, well, there were means…
‘Good… good…’
‘I’m afraid I had to give her a few extra, though. She’ll have a very sore bottom tonight,’ said Humphrey. He grinned maliciously.
‘That will do her no harm at all,’ said Bernard, grinning back.


  1. oh yes sounds like an excellent role that all of us would like.

    I'm sure all of us can think of ways to exploit the teenagers under our authority

  2. Bob here.
    Hi,David J.
    Who amongst us indeed would not relish
    such a role.How true,sir,how true!
    Naughty young women will always seek to tempt and torment us with their beauty,cunning,lies and other means of
    male exploitation;or so they like to think.That is why it is important for all senior gentlemen never to forget what an excellent implement the cane truly is in both exploiting and building upon the deep rooted submissive soul to be found and nurtured at the very core of a great many young ladies who would be loathe
    to admit to such yearnings on the face
    Of things...but beneath the surface,how
    many of them secretly crave such deep
    and powerful desires to be dominated and disciplined.We know it;they know it...their silly feminine pride just so
    often gets in the way of them being more honest about it.

  3. One of my all time favourite Blushes stories. Superbly written, its theme of a shy and nervous young lovely falling prey to the designs of a wily old spanker is most wonderfully conveyed. I particularly adore the delightful irony of the old gentleman's privileged knowledge of the girl's imminent withdrawal from the school, something about which she herself is entirely ignorant, and yet that the shame of her threatened expulsion repeatedly pulls her up short and forces her to persevere with her bare bottomed ordeal. The young lady's sufferings are quite enchantingly observed and detailed, meat and drink of course both for us as readers and for the gratification of the story's elderly male protagonist. That he and we should take such pleasure in her predicament is justification enough for its existence and yet we are also informed that the girl has, by her own admission, "not done too well" in her last school term due to there having been "so many other distractions" (too much time spent mooning away over unworthy boys rather than applying herself to her studies, in other words). And so even if our own pleasure did not warrant it (which it most certainly does!) she is certainly deserving of the punishment meted out.

    I do also applaud the gentleman for his humanity in his choice of “relatively lightweight implements” and the comparative leniency with which he applies them to the business at hand. Like him I am against “savagery in these matters”, so long as the young, attractive female victim is nevertheless made to adequately suffer, as Liza undoubtedly does, partly due to her own inexperience of being strapped and caned. Yet I am thrilled also by the way in which the later stages of her caning are given over somewhat to we the readers' imaginations, especially in that we are told that the girl had difficulties in accepting her full award of cane strokes but that there are ways (unspecified by the text) of making a “nervous, inexperienced girl” complete her full allocation. Enchanted also that, owing to her lack of cooperation (due not to any wrongful wilfulness on her part but just to her incapacity to bear pain), the old man awards her extras. Hear! Hear! Though, as I say, my instinct is, like the old gentleman in this story, towards leniency in punishment, especially if one is dealing with a shy, young innocent such as this girl, a young woman's failure to accept her award in the accepted decorous manner can only result in further cane strokes. One's propensity for kind heartedness can only be pushed so far!

    Another fine detail of this story is something that I am often given to reflecting upon and that is that the training and disciplining of pretty young ladies is such a pleasant and worthwhile activity for senior gentlemen, especially with them having worked and paid their taxes for so many long years. Such men are surely entitled to their diversions? I very much enjoy that part where Humphrey looks upon the “uninvaded territory” in the cleft between young Liza's legs and muses upon the fact that once upon a time such a display would have been occasion for his “violent youthful lust” but that now he has to content himself with such implements as the strap and cane and the “exciting reactions they provoke”. Yes, when the vigour of former days is not quite as present as was once the case, the pleasures afforded by this '(not so) gentle, elderly perversion' are a more than adequate replacement, whether in part or in total. Having said that, I am certainly of the belief that should an elderly gentleman wish to additionally take of his more physical pleasure with a girl, and be capable of rising to the challenge, then he is more than entitled and justified in doing so.

  4. what are peoples views on the first paragraph where it suggests hed like to punish younger girls? understandable i think when you see how developed some early teens are and the way they dress like pop bimbos

  5. At £250 per week I got offered the job of spanking teenage girls's all I could afford

  6. Sorry to say this story does not appeal nor sit comfortably with me.
    I agree with David J, the first paragraph does have a suggestion of younger girls.
    16 is too young for our line of interest and I feel uncomfortable with the coercion aspect of the story which boarders on child abuse. The reference to the “uninvaded territory” is just wrong.
    I know this was written in years past and we should not judge history based on today’s standards but tell that to the victims of Jimmy Saville et al.
    As I say, sorry, not my cup of tea

  7. 16 is fine of course but the suggestion of any younger is not fine. What age would you prefer the story to be about Fishmeister?

    1. Hi,
      My personal preference would be for her to be 18+.

    2. Would you then include a sexual element to the 18 year old’s corporal punishment - or would you just leave her in pain after you enjoyed beating her?

    3. I think my fantasies are my business and that is the way they will stay.
      I will say that I absolutely abhor the abuse of minors whether real or imagined and that is where I will leave it.

    4. I think this is a superbly written and very erotic story. It is certainly not unique in being about coercion and featuring a 16 year old girl. But it is a fantasy of coercion that hopefully no one here would want to repeat for real in real life, except if they were also enacting in their sexual lives a fantasy of coercion. But that is not coercion, it is pretend coercion. As to the girl being 16 - again 16 and 17 (as well as 18) year old female protagonists were just the norm in early Roue and early Blushes, 16 being the age of consent then as it still is, with some qualifications, now. Those qualifications mean that nowadays we tend to make 18 the minimum age in stories written nowadays, and I'm quite happy with that as I think most of us are. However as much as I love this story I do admit there is one bit in it I don't like and that is the seemingly approving reference to girls in some cultures being 'considered mature and marriageable at 10 years old'. I could have done without that and it is quite an unusual occurence in these stories.

      Other than that I do agree with Michael below, that this website is about enjoying our fantasies with a hopefully implicit understanding that it is about adult fantasy and nothing to do with genuine coercion against anyone and definitely nothing to do with harming children. Pulling it all apart and analysing it does tend to take the magic away which is something I'm now guilty of doing myself. So if you don't mind I'll end this incursion of boring old reality into what I have to say and henceforth go back to being my usual perverted 'elderly disciplinarian' self.

    5. Hi Fishmeister
      I agree wholeheartedly. The thing that keeps the spanking community safe and sane is proper boundaries. These include consent (in real life settings) and an absolute abhorrence of the abuse of minors. For me the thrill is seeing young women in their prime and fully aware of their allure being put in their place. Let's leave kids out of it.

    6. Harold, I think I have to respectfully disagree. It is unfortunate that one small section of this text seems to be approving of girls being 'marriageable at ten years'. Taken alone I have no hesitation in condemning that idea. It is a shame because I think the story as a whole is excellent and very well written. The tiny offending section to which I've already referred aside, I do not know why it is being singled out for some special form of disapproval. For in what way does it differ to many other early Blushes and Roue stories which featured guileless 16 and 17 year old girls falling prey to the lascivious attentions of cane wielding middle aged and elderly 'disciplinarians'? This is a very large part of what these magazines were about and still was when, in later issues, the minimum age of female protagonists shifted to 18. Hand on heart, can you really applaud for example Girl Training 1998 (which I also love) and condemn this by the same standards? The 16 and 17 thing is just a reflection of what was deemed acceptable at the time. If this had been written a bit later it could probably have been called 'Eighteen and Eighty' (something I very much like the idea of!) and ages aside been almost identical. Condemn this and you're condemning an awful lot of both Roue and early Blushes output. The changes in age were about changing definitions of sexual maturity and young adulthood and were nothing to do with 'kids'.


  8. Seriously if you are here to bring in current politics then don't. Just don't. There's plenty of great political sites.

  9. Bob here.
    Everyone here will have their own opinions,which is fair enough.At the end of the day,we should keep a sense of proportion about things.There is a lot of difference between fictional fantasy and real life reality.What we choose to play out in our imaginations is one thing but reality is another matter.Generally best to keep such things distinctly separate...especially
    on a blog about (for the most part) fictional stories.
    For what it's worth,I personally think
    18+ and consensual is the right and proper viewpoint to stand by.
    I would certainly hope nobody here would ever actively condone abusive behaviour towards anyone.
    This is an adult site for adult fiction,fantasy and comments.
    Always best and sensible to keep that in mind,I think.

    1. Hear, hear. This all started with my personal views about this one story. I love the rest of this site.
      One thing it has done is to provoke discussion and get a fair few readers onto their keyboards!!
      Let us draw the line, move on, and look forwards to the next post

  10. One of my favourite Blushes stories is ‘Company Policy’ in Blushes 31 in which Jane is given six cuts of the cane across a really lovely bare bottom. Her large breasts are nicely displayed as she bends forward over the back of the chair she kneels on. Her skimpy floral nightdress is pulled over her head so she can’t really see what’s going on: that’s a Long delightful idea.

    ‘After her caning he leads her upstairs & in the bedroom, Mr Vincent, sitting on the bed, lifted her nightdress for another look at his handiwork. Jane’s bottom positively glowing. His hand gently stroking the shaking girl. And talking softly to her. As one might talk to a young filly that has had its first taste of the bridle. Soft and soothing words. Because whether it’s a young filly or a young girl who needs taking in hand, the first stage, the first taste of the cane or bridle, is followed by the second stage. The sooner the better some would say. When the girl’s mind is so bedazzled, shocked by the first stage that its automatic reflexes are not operating. She is in the state when she will numbly do, accept, allow.
    He was getting in. In the bed with her. He had caned her dreadfully. The sobs still kept coming. He took hold of her. ‘I know what a girl needs now’. She was lying on her back. Mr Vincent’s hand down there. Indicating that she must part her legs. Jane’s legs opened. Her body all glowing from his cane. It was going to happen’

  11. What I should have said was this. If you wish to tell us what you think morally or ethically about the stories then don't. No one cares. Sorry I should have made that clear last time. Apogies.

    1. I don't think it's a problem if people want to discuss what they find troublesome and what they don't on here. The is plenty of other discussion.

  12. I really do not understand all the fuss about this excellent story. By her own admission the girl had done wrong and deserved to be thrashed. She even compounded her original error by claiming that she'd 'tried hard' at her studies when obviously she hadn't. The standout thing for me was the admirable restraint and leniency with which, in consideration of the young lady's tender years and inexperience, the old man went about his admittedly very enjoyable business. Doubtless had she been 18 years of age he'd have rightly taken the hide off her. But let us not forget also that the girl was of sufficient age to be legally fucked. And still would be nowadays. It is also clear that 'boy trouble' was the reason for her accepted 'waywardness' of the previous school term and that is something which, in my book, has to be very harshly clamped down upon indeed. If they're old enough for prick (especially young prick) they're old enough for stick. If it pleases those who cares about these things then perhaps her introduction to old cock can be put off until her 18th birthday, just so long as that 'territory' mentioned remains 'uninvaded' in the meantime.