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Saturday, 2 November 2019

Sandy Learns the Hard Way

An illustrated poem by Hilary Johnson from Janus 51
Sandy stood with downcast eyes
Outside the study door;
In deep disgrace for telling lies,
She’d been there twice before.
Her fingers twisted nervously
Her palms were wet with fright;
Just anywhere she’d rather be
Than in this awful plight.
She daren’t wait any longer so
She knocked upon the door;
With sinking heart she thought, ‘Oh no,
I’m going to be so sore!’
‘Yes come right in,’ a deep voice said,
So stern it made her quake;
She stepped inside, her face bright red,
Endeavouring not to shake.
‘Ah yes, I’m glad that you weren’t late,’
The Head said, stony-faced;
‘Unpunctuality I hate,
I haven’t time to waste.
‘Now Sandy, you know why you’re here,
You’ve told some wicked lies,
And in a little while my dear,
You’ll know it wasn’t wise.
‘I’m going to whip your bottom hard,’
He lifted up the cane;
It must have been at least a yard,
He meant it — that was plain!
‘Remove your skirt, then go and stand
Before that table there.’
He stood up with his cane in hand,
And swished it through the air.
With sinking heart poor Sandy then
Unzipped her pleated skirt;
She felt her face flush hotly when
She stood there in her shirt.
And only thin white briefs to hide
The cheeks that were to pay;
Oh how she wished she hadn’t lied
To beastly Mrs Kaye!
She slowly walked past Mr Thripps,
And glanced up at his face;
But all she saw were tight-pursed lips,
Of sympathy no trace.
And so our naughty Sandy stood
Before the table top;
She looked down at the polished wood
As Mr Thripps spoke up.
‘Bend right across the top my dear,
And hold the other side,’
He said as he stood at her rear,
‘You’ll rue the day you lied.’
She gulped but did as she was told,
Her eyes were tightly shut;
She tried, but didn’t feel so bold,
Imagining each cut.
A spanking or a strap on hand
Was all she’d had till now;
She thought of where that cane would land,
‘Wish it were Kaye — the cow!’
The Head surveyed the splendid sight,
‘What pretty legs,’ he thought,
And o’er her seat her knickers white,
Were thin and neat and taut.
‘Ten hard strokes I’m going to give,
So Sandy, stay in place.’
‘It’s doubtful whether I shall live,’
She thought with screwed-up face.
He tapped her bottom once or twice,
Then lifted high the cane,
‘This naughty girl must pay the price,’
He thought, ‘with shame and pain.’
The cane came swishing through the air,
Towards the waiting rump,
Where it descended fair and square,
To make poor Sandy jump.
The second stroke was harder still,
She gasped but held on tight;
The third and fourth brought squeals so shrill,
The Head smiled with delight.
‘Now Sandy, for your final six
Your bottom must be bared.’
And as he grasped the thin white knicks,
The shamefaced girl felt scared.
But down they came right to her knees,
Oh what a lovely tail!
She cried, ‘Oh Mr Thripps please sir!’
But all to no avail.
‘My girl, it’s right you should feel shame,
Whilst you are being whipped;
You only have yourself to blame,’
Said Mr Thripps, tight-lipped.
His eyes upon her seat he cast,
Four stripes across both cheeks;
Said Mr Thripps, ‘The next will last
At least a couple of weeks.’
He lifted high the cane once more,
And brought it down full force,
Much harder than the ones before,
And Sandy yelped, of course.
A bright red weal appeared across
That pretty chubby bum;
‘Now down you stay or I’ll get cross,
You still have five to come.
‘Your head well down and bottom up
Is what I want to see.’
As Sandy stuck her rear right up,
He gave her two and three.
This time he struck the lower curves,
She screamed, ‘Oh please no more!’
But when her rear end ceased its swerves,
He gave her number four.
And now the tears began to flow
As she wildly bucked her hips,
Revealing all her charms below —
Sweet softly-pouting lips.
He knew where five and six would fall,
And knew the reason why,
Right on that tenderest spot of all
Where bottom meets the thigh.
Sandy gasped, then sobbed aloud,
The Head laid down the cane;
The stripes were neat, he felt quite proud,
Would she be back again?
‘Young lady, it is over now,
I hope you’re sorry, dear;
Replace your clothes for you may go,
There’s nothing more to fear.’
Sandy stood with shoulders bowed
Apologised and then,
She slowly dried her eyes and vowed,
She’d never lie again!


  1. Excellent. For some reason doggerel works very well when applied to the subject of schoolgirl discipline. There's another perhaps even finer example in the Spankers Gallery from Roue 26 entitled 'Julie' (30th March 2018). Alan Bell also had a very entertaining technique of making girls recite verses of 'spanking doggerel' during their thrashings in movies such as 'Sally's First Lesson' and 'Jane and the Tutor'. The technique is featured rather splendidly also in an extremely well written story called The Tutor from Roue 5 (2st January 2017). Personally I would make girls memorise any number of such poems on the subject of their own bare bottom chastisement and make them recite any one of them at random whenever the whim took me. Failure to get it right first time word perfect would, of course, result in a thrashing. Then during the actual caning she could be tested on another. Discipline for the brain and the body at the same time as it were.

    Some very nice illustrations also. I particularly like the self satisfied gloat on the Headmaster's face as he looks upon the nervously proffered pretty young bum and readies himself to go about his noble work.

  2. Bob here.

    I agree with you,Anonymous.That was an excellent spanking poem and the illustrations were also sheer poetry in their own way.
    Like you (and I very much suspect a lot
    of folk here) I love the idea of making
    a girl learn copious amounts of doggerel verse.Obviously spanking verse
    but also,might I suggest, some of the
    bawdy, vulgar fare that littered loads
    of seedy mags and pamphlets over the last few centuries.Some of those verses
    are most explicit and might make the learning and reciting of them quite embarrassing for some of the more snooty, posh and pretty girls.
    Yes indeed,all girls should be required
    to recite such material (as well as their adult Schoolgirl rule books) at the drop of a proverbial hat.
    And if they make mistakes,then as you rightly say,they must expect a thrashing.After all,as I feel sure you will agree,a girl learns best through her bottom.

    1. Drop of their proverbial hat? Drop of their knickers more bloody like!

  3. Excellent poetry and illustrations.
    Any ideas on the identity of the illustrator? It looks a little like proto-Hardcastle/Paula Meadows

  4. Bob here.

    Good question,QBuzz.I too am guessing it is Meadows or perhaps Hardcastle.
    Do you happen to know who the artist is
    on this post,fleas63 ?

  5. I don't know, I'm afraid. I'm pretty sure it's not Paula Meadows. It might be Hardcastle, as he was the main illustrator for Janus at that time, but it doesn't seem quite in his style. The style is more reminiscent, to me, of the artist known as Ronald who featured in the early Janus volumes with comic strips like the 'Bells of Whipstock' and 'Always in Trouble'.

    1. Thanks, it seems to be a combination of all three at first glance!

  6. Great elements in this story true to life:pretty women are all deceitful & can show marked improvement with very frequent bare bottom and thigh caning.
    Lots of flushing & blushing & crying when they are inevitably found out for their ‘wicked lies’
    My favourite detail is the long cane - a yard long. Girls respond with an extra nervousness when dealt with by what I call a full-length cane. There are good examples of the type in Blushes 3 & Blushes 31.
    The yard-long cane takes a little getting used to and one can practice at length of course on the bottoms of pretty but recalcitrant girls like the one in the story. Once mastered they have the advantage of being able to whip between a girl’s legs and her pussy can be dealt with. Girls tend to instinctively know this and a hand seems to automatically go to cover the pubic nest when a girl catches sight of a full-lengther. The longer the cane the more her fear of being fully dominated & to her a sexual penetration seems to be suggested by the full length cane. Here for once the pretty but stupid girls are not wrong.

  7. Bob here.
    Fear of the cane is almost as good.for
    a girl as is the actual act of caning
    Once upon a time,perhaps a good few decades ago now,girls were far more polite,demure and respectful than they are these days.It might be too much of a stretch to suggest that EVERY girl was better behaved just through fear of
    the cane or strap etc but those useful
    implements (and others) clearly acted as a great deterrent to naughty girls
    and boys too,to be fair.If they were
    naughty at school they would soon end
    up on the wrong end of a slipper,strap
    or cane.Which,once tasted laid on hard
    once or twice soon improved their bad behaviour.
    Even the swish of a cane cutting through the air was enough to make most
    girls weak at the knees.
    How massively times have changed.I bet
    if we could bring a few dozen twenty-something girls forward in time from,say 60 or 70 years back to meet their similarly aged counterparts of today they would be utterly stunned by
    their put it mildly!
    At home too,there was always,at least
    a hairbrush or an old,trusty slipper to hand to keep naughty young ladies on their best behaviour.
    Oh,how times have changed indeed!

  8. that is the way laurey and I spank
    the naughty girls at school

    otk hand spankings

    the tawse

    cane paddle strap

    write when you can william