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Thursday, 7 November 2019

Punishment Series 9 — Penny

From Janus 63
Penny, who starred in Independent Values in our last issue, was born in Nigeria and came to Britain as a teenager. She is now 22 and lives in London. Although she was brought up in a culture where CP is far more prevalent, she never received physical chastisement, either at home or at school. However, Penny believes that the high incidence of corporal punishment in the environment of her youth — which included witnessing her friends’ canings — implanted intriguing images in her imagination that ultimately created a longing to experience bottom-smacking at first hand. And when a suitable opportunity presented itself, she seized it zestfully, as is her wont…
JANUS: How did you become involved in spanking for pleasure?
PENNY: About four months ago I was with a friend and he brought out a magazine about spanking. I said, ‘Do you like spanking girls?’ and he said he did. I said I was interested and he said that he knew somebody who would spank me, a friend of his. He gave me his number and I went down there. When I first got there I said that I didn’t know if I’d be able to take it. It was the first time I’d met him, and I told him I had never been spanked before. So he asked me to lie flat over his lap and he gave me a spanking there. I was fully clothed. I couldn’t feel a thing so I asked him if he could make it a bit harder. He told me to tell him how hard I wanted it. By this time my knickers were down, and the spanks started to get harder.
JANUS: How did you feel?
PENNY: It was such a good feeling. It turned me on and I got sexually excited.
JANUS: Was your excitement more intense than it would normally be if you met a man that you fancied?
PENNY: Yes, definitely.
JANUS: Was it more sexual because you were being spanked?
PENNY: Yes, I was more turned on than I could believe. He carried on spanking me and it started to really hurt. It lasted for about two hours. We did have little breaks where we would smoke, drink and talk. We were talking about my new experience and how I felt being spanked for the first time.
JANUS: How did your bottom feel? Did you cry?
PENNY: My bottom felt red hot but I didn’t cry because I enjoyed it. I said I wouldn’t mind getting another spanking and he said he’d give me a call. After a week he did call and I went back to him, in his office after everyone else had gone home.
JANUS: How did you feel as you were going back for a further spanking?
PENNY: I felt really great because I was looking forward to seeing him again. The second time I had a bit of hand-spanking and a bit of the cane. It wasn’t really all that hard.
JANUS: Do you like the cane?
PENNY: I don’t really fancy the cane all that much, but then it wasn’t really that hard. It does sting. I don’t enjoy that as much as hand-spanking. It hurts too much in one place, but I prefer the spread-out tingling from spanking. Hand-spanking is the thing for me!
JANUS: Did you feel turned on at the end of the second session too?
PENNY: I felt very, very turned on and it also relaxed me.
JANUS: Did you enjoy the stinging sensation when you were being hand-spanked?
PENNY: It felt great. I like the sting. What I like most of all is the contrast of the hands and my bare bottom. I also like being stroked after each spanking, in between the spanks. That’s very sexy: hard and soft together. I love the soothing feeling of my bottom being caressed and rubbed when it’s burning hot from spanking.
JANUS: If you’d been really naughty, I’d cane you hard, with no stroking.
PENNY: I’d probably deserve it!
JANUS: When you first heard you were going to work for Janus, how did you feel?
PENNY: I felt happy because I knew I was going to be spanked and to see myself in Janus actually being spanked. I was looking forward to the spanking and the photography together.
JANUS: How did you find your first Janus session — Independent Values?
PENNY: I had a marvellous time. Apart from getting spanked in front of the camera, which really turned me on, the atmosphere was great and I enjoyed it.
JANUS: Did you prefer your private spankings from the man who initiated you, or the photographic session where there were other people around?
PENNY: I loved the crowd because I’ve got a good body and I like to show off. My feelings were much stronger then.
JANUS: Can you imagine being on a stage in front of an audience of people in dinner jackets who had come to watch you being spanked under floodlights? Would that be a fantasy?
PENNY: Yes, very much so. I’d like to think people were saying, ‘What a body she’s got!’
JANUS: Would you imagine yourself nude, or with just your bottom bared?
PENNY: In the nude.
JANUS: If you got married or lived with someone, would you like to be spanked in the relationship?
PENNY: Yes, I think I’ll always enjoy it — I would love it always to be in my life. I like spanking and I like sexual domination. I love the guy to dominate me. When making love I like him to dominate me. I like him to tell me what to do and how to pose, and to order me around. I would like him to be very strong with me but not frightening, in a very loving atmosphere. I’d like to kneel before him if he wanted me to.
JANUS: A real slave, a total servant?
PENNY: Exactly that. In making love, that would turn me on tremendously. I love the feeling of it.
JANUS: Would the best thing for you be to be spanked in a sexual situation where you are being completely dominated?
PENNY: I’ve not had that yet, but I know I’d love it. The very idea makes me feel alive and very feminine.
JANUS: You look like a dream for the role.
PENNY: I feel like a dream.


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