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Friday, 8 November 2019

Letters from Blushes 3

From Blushes 3. In the first letter there is a reference to “such characters as Mr Dupont and Uncle Basil from the old days”. Does anyone know what this refers to? I’m aware of a couple of Mr Dupont stories (that I have already featured) in early Roué but not Basil (or Reggie) stories.
Dear Editor,
I have just received my introductory copy of Blushes from you. Wow! What a magazine! Although expensively priced it far outstrips (no pun intended) its competitors in the CP field in the quality of its fiction, photography and models and is certainly worth every penny. The only slight blemish is the cover story Approved School Report which I found slightly boring. Please stick to the modern day schoolgirl, Girl Guide (or Ranger!), secretary, nurse, shop assistant, library assistant, receptionist, waitress, bank clerk, student teacher etc. whom we can all identify in real life and mentally put in the place of the hapless victim of one of your stories.
The rest, however, was excellent and I congratulate your writers on maintaining a thread to connect several stories together and utilising the same characters in different stories. I am familiar with such characters as Mr Dupont and Uncle Basil from the old days, and I look forward to seeing these characters develop in future issues along with Reggie, Mr Howell and, of course, Arnold Dawson (let’s hope he manages to finally strangle his conscience and become even more of a bastard). How about introducing a girl character, about 16, who is very shy and inhibited and innocent and over about six issues (or even more) is completely twisted and perverted until she is totally submissive to the whims or desires of any strange man, or woman, she is sent to.
Is it also possible to have some stories on a woman-to-girl basis? I am sure there is as much CP potential in the aunt-niece or stepmother-stepdaughter relationship as in the uncle-niece relationship and equally fraught with sexual hazard for the girl since pretty young teenage girls tend to attract sexual interest from older members of both sexes. Anyway, keep up the good work and I await your next edition with eagerness. One more thing, stick to the stories and the photographs and no fatuous Readers’ Letters pages. I pay to read your writers’ words not mine. Best of luck and I am looking forward to reading The Perils of Penelope.
A.D. Derbyshire

Dear Editor,
I am sure that many of your readers will be as anxious as I am to congratulate you on the first number of Blushes.
If at first sight it appears a little expensive, further perusal proves it to be of excellent value.
As you will be aware, former publications of the schoolgirl bare-bummed genre have suffered a sad change. Titles may remain the same but the contents are a poor reflection of their former character. I am sure that your readers will have welcomed the appearance of a publication which so obviously sets out to please the connoisseurs of uninhibited young ladies’ punishment.
Your Approved School Report is just what the devotees of schoolgirl C.P. will have looked forward to. Can we expect your excellent Journal to come out monthly rather than bi-monthly as at present?
What I particularly like about the first number of Blushes is its professionalism. Firstly, the photographs. I am so glad that you have concentrated on just a few young fresh model girls so that one can feel that one knows them. The principal blonde nymphet in her blue and white striped dress is most charming. The colour photographs of her so-smackable bum are excellent. The study on page 49 is superb, with the line of interest from the girl’s blonde hair, the glistening red of her lips, the firm outline of her tits and her blushing bum-cheeks with the master’s hand about to descend thereon!
Incidentally, how refreshing that you avoid the art studies of most girlie mags — all bare boobs and beaver shots. I am sure that all your readers will have found the spanked schoolgirl sequence on pages 6 and 7 most erotic. The two teenage models in schoolgirl uniform: ties, virgin white blouses and suspendered sheer stockings are just what the doctor ordered; and yet not a bare tit between them! Let us see more, much more, of these leggy darlings.
Secondly, the drawings to illustrate the stories are first class — collectors gems!
In the story of The Cellar your artist captures to perfection the sense of foreboding as young Babs descends the rickety wooden cellar steps with the shadowy figure of her Uncle Basil close behind her. And what a little corker Babs is! No wonder Uncle Basil finds it difficult to keep his hands off her. The blush-high pink of her cheeks highlights the delicious pale tones of her curvy figure while the composition of her brief white blouse, stretched open above her deep-set belly button is superb. If your readers were at first mystified, as I was, by the contents of the wooden stool: the springy cane, the prefect’s badge, the discarded tin-foil pack, the jar of petroleum jelly, then the perusal of your highly literate story will have revealed all.
If young Babs, on page 13, is titillating, the same lass in the altogether on page 16 is fantastic. How thoughtful of Uncle Basil to permit his ‘niece’ to keep on her black patent flatties and her knee-high white cotton socks. These accessories only serve to emphasise her vulnerable bareness elsewhere. How naughty it was of him to have tanned her firm buttocks and how tender must be the blotches from the top of her bum right down her tender thighs to the level of her yanked-down knicks! Impudent indeed is the beguiling stance of young Babs; with titties like that it would be a saint who could refrain from a quick fondle of her fascinating boobs.
Finally the mystery is cleared. How rewarding for the reader to examine all the nuances of the study:- a veritable tromp d’oeuil! The wellies and the parcel of canes; the jars of strap oil and Vaseline; the prefect’s badge side by side with discarded tin foil packets; the stool with Bab’s blouse and tie — and what are those by the stool leg! Something interesting has been going on in the wood shed! No wonder Babs can’t wait for her eighteenth birthday!
If these two drawings are the writer’s favourites, all the rest are delightful:- fine studies of teenage schoolgirls, all getting their well-deserved cum-uppance. Take page 46. Who wouldn’t pay a king’s ransom to be in the place of the middle-aged dominie in the midst of no less than 7 bare bums of his class? We can be sure that the cheeky madam receiving the cane fully deserves her punishment. Just because she is 17 and very, very pretty, why should she get away with tempting the master with toe-peeping shoes and bra-less tits? No wonder her beguiling face is streaked with tears. That bum of hers deserves twelve of the best, and doubtless she will get them!
P.R. Sussex


  1. Love those early Blushes stories and artwork. The Cellar is a particularly fine example and that picture of young Babs' nervous descent into it is just wonderful and fully captures the lascivious spirit of the text.

    "One more thing, stick to the stories and the photographs and no fatuous Readers’ Letters pages." - what a curious thing for a 'letter writer' to say!

  2. I like the odd discarded pair of knickers in each of those drawings. So suggestive of what has preceded...

    1. Indeed Milady. I do like it to be made clear that knickers are off & irrelevant. It makes it obvious to the recipient of the punishment that bottom & pussy are fully accessible. I like to ask a girl to pass them to me for safe keeping & to very politely request them back when I have attended to her bottom, thighs & vagina (as you know I am an enthusiast of the sexual intercourse element of a punishment).
      There’s a favourite moment in Reform School Discipline 2 where the girl (who has already been thigh strapped and has a tear-stained pretty face) is asked to take off her regulation navy knickers. She hands them up & they are duly tossed aside by the caner - who shows no respect for the girl or her knickers. If you pause the video (which is on this blog) you can see your word ‘discard’ in action as the knickers fly through the air and away from the hapless girl - making her just that more vulnerable and ready for further exploitation.

      I commend your choice of the word discarded as it carries with it the forlorn hope of the girl that she will have any chance whatsoever of remaining in her underwear

  3. Fleas, your answer to who Uncle Basil is can be found in the second letter included in your post.

    1. Are you sure? I think Fleas is referring to supposed 'Basil' stories which preceded Blushes 1 (and were presumably in Roue?)?

  4. Am I correct in thinking those illustrations were by Alan Bell? If not can anyone name the artist? Thanks.

    1. I have read somewhere that this is the case and that he also wrote some of the early stories. If so, a true spanking renaissance man! Certainly I detect themes in films in which Bell has appeared as having similarities with some of the stories, particularly the theme of making one's young victims recite spanking doggerel verse and perform other acts of mental dexterity during punishment sessions and even during the act of being caned itself. Indeed this style of illustration is for me the perfect accompaniment to texts such as 'The Cellar'. I think of all the 'spanking art' I've ever seen these are my favourites.

    2. Bell was the man when it came to verbal humiliation of unintelligent teenage girls with their knickers down and off. He takes no notice of them and calls them ‘stupid’ which they prove by being unable to answer the most basic questions. It does the trick when it comes to demoralising them. I especially liked ‘you’re a mess inside and out’ in Reform School Discipline (the brunette being given the run around was actually quite pretty with a caning bottom & attractive little tits & an inviting pussy)

  5. I recently bought a lot of Janus spanking art originals from Michael who set up SFP. None by this artist though.