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Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Legal Penalties

Another of Firm Hand’s full-length videos featuring Amy Denison, Shannon Carson and others.
MF/5f; time: 38 minutes
Not a masterpiece from Firm Hand; one of their early serial spanking films, filmed in a residence with too much window light. Someone from a law firm misdirected some documents, causing major business damage. Since no one owns up, the female office manager will spank all four legal secretaries. If the girls had objected more, all this would have been more fun.
Shannon (actress Shannon Carson) has the four girls line up. ‘Would you rather see the senior partner or take this?’ The girls will be spanked one at a time, Lisa (Lisa Wallace) first. ‘Are you going to make me show my butt to everyone?’ ‘It’s not like they haven’t seen it.’ Silly handspankings on thonged bottoms. Sara (Sara Collins) next; Jennifer (Jennifer Mitchem) has bruises; and Amy (Amy Denison).
The next phase will be in the ‘frisk’ position, hands on the wall, bottom out. Lisa whispers ‘You’ll get yours,’ a reference to the film sequel, Legal Penalties II — Payback.
The third segment: the girls face the wall and drop their pants and are left to think. Shannon returns with one of those big fraternity paddles Firm Hand liked. ‘Oh, my God,’ utters one of the girls.
The girls step out of their pants and each takes 10 paddle swats, fun but moderate. Since no one will confess, the paddlings continue, in the ‘thrust’ position, and grabbing ankles.
Fade to a new scene. We learn that supervisor Shannon herself directed the misdelivery; so the male boss will paddle her. She has to strip naked, a very nice scene, the only nudity in the film. She gets the big paddle, jiggling through it. The girls will get her in the sequel.


  1. Firm hand puts out mega quality material. This one not so much. I am not really into the g string bit. I want to see the whole ass! I hear the company is pretty much standstill now with vids and just releasing the ones they had in vaults. There is some great stuff to be found in that site.

  2. Love the blonde - excellent bottom. Would have liked to see the cane used at the end. American cp films are too reliant on the paddle. Lee