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Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Legal Penalties II — Payback

Another of Firm Hand’s full-length videos featuring Amy Denison, Shannon Carson and others.
MF/5f; time: 40 minutes
The sequel to Firm Hand’s Legal Penalties, and mercifully, the conclusion to the series.
Head office girl Shannon Carson continues the corporal punishment of four legal secretaries involved in the intentional mishandling of documents which caused the loss of a valuable client. We thought from the title of this film that the girls would turn on Shannon, but in fact they receive continued spankings from her for various dishonesties which are too muddled to try to decipher. The only saving grace is four bottoms.
Sara Collins; strips to undies and is horsed by Amy Denison, the only girl tall enough to make this work. To continue on Sara, a ‘trestle’ is produced, nothing more than a blanket taped over a carpenter’s sawhorse.
The girls plot revenge (on whom we stopped trying to figure out), but they end up squabbling, so Shannon keeps on spanking. Amy and Lisa Wallace get the tawse, then Jennifer Mitchem tawses them over the table.
There is a brief nude scene with Lisa coming out of the shower. This actress must have been the only one signed on for nudity. She gets the tawse back in the ‘office,’ a cleared-out living room set.
Since all the girls have lied about one thing or another, ‘You’re all going to receive harsh punishment.’ Shannon uses a huge long paddle, even bigger than the traditional American fraternity paddle. Its length and weight would cause a sting even if gravity were the only force. Shannon does not smack hard. 5 for each of the girls, and another round.
Fade. Shannon reports to the faceless male in the film (there is a credit for an Ed Bennett) that she has emails implicating all the girls in document-gate. ‘We’re going to sort this out with the cane.’
The girls gets two harmless rounds of the cane, on their jeans, the second on their showgirl bare, except for thongs.
And finally, another private session for Shannon from her male boss, bend-over for the cane on her skirt and on the bare (thong).


  1. The americans seem to have a problem with the cane. The canings at the end were too light even though they were administered over trousers. Lee

  2. The blonde seem to take her punishments worse than the over girls & the Cannings were no were near hard enough. The cane should have had All the girls yelping & in tears.