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Sunday, 10 November 2019


Story from Roué 5
The bedroom was dark, the only light coming through the gap in the door where Debbie had left it ajar on her way downstairs. Jenny lay in her bed, the blankets up over her face so that only her eyes and the top of her head showed, and listened to the distant and repetitive sound of a palm smacking rhythmically against what was undoubtedly Debbie’s bottom. The regular smacks ceased, and Jenny caught the sound of her sister’s voice raised in tearful protest. There were some bumping sounds, and then the smacking started again, the noise somehow different. Sharper. More painful sounding. Debbie’s muffled sobs confirmed the analysis.
The bumping would have been Debbie having to kneel up on the chair, having first dragged it to the middle of the room. The crisper sound of the smacks would be the strap, whacking across Debbie’s helpless bum. The sobbing was self-explanatory. It really was a dismal thing to have to listen to.
The more so because Jenny was only too well aware that for her it was only an overture. Debbie was getting it now, and by the sound of it she was getting a really good whacking, but Jenny’s sympathy for her sister was tempered by the inescapable fact that when the sounds of Debbie’s spanking eventually stopped, then it would be her turn.
Jenny snuggled miserably down under the bedclothes. She listened intently, her hands tucking involuntarily between her legs, feeling at the same time the warmth of her body and the pathetically insubstantial material of which her pyjamas were made, a thin mixture of cotton and some man-made stuff. She couldn’t help stroking a hand experimentally around the curve of her bottom as she lay half on her side. She could almost feel the texture of her skin. It reminded her unavoidably of how much she’d feel the strap when it cracked across her bottom. She shivered, and not from cold, and strained her ears to catch any clue which might filter up from the lounge below.
Her heart skipped a beat as she realised that the monotonous rhythm of the strap across Debbie’s bum had ceased. She heard the lounge door, and the sound of Debbie’s crying drifted mournfully up the stairs.
That was Aunt Harriet calling from the foot of the staircase. Aunt Harriet called again impatiently. With the utmost reluctance, and forgetting her slippers, Jenny slid out from under the bedclothes and padded apprehensively down the stairs.
Aunt Harriet was standing in front of the crackling fire, her face turned towards the television set which squatted atop a cabinet in one corner of the room. Aunt Mary was clicking away at her knitting and Uncle Tom was pretending to be interested in the television news. Something about a crisis in Suez. Debbie’s bare bum looked hot and tender, the same bare and punished bum which Uncle Tom was pretending not to be interested in while the wretched girl gasped strangled sobs and wobbled uncomfortably as she knelt on her hard wooden chair. Her pyjama trousers were bunched around her knees and her bare thighs glowed here and there with a warm crimson hue. The strap was lying across the arm of Aunt Harriet’s favourite armchair. Jenny felt herself atremble with panicky anticipation.
Aunt Harriet’s cool eyes flicked towards Jenny, who was still hovering awkwardly in the doorway.
‘Well shut the door then girl!’ she said brusquely, and then she turned her attention back to the television. Apparently as an afterthought she added, ‘And get your pyjama pants down!’
Aunt Mary seemed not to have heard, while Uncle Tom made a quiet sighing sound which was a little difficult to interpret. Only Jenny heard it, standing as she was a mere twelve inches from her adopted uncle’s elbow. Her tummy twisting into knots, Jenny pushed the door closed and then darted an apprehensive look at her aunt, who didn’t seem to be taking notice any more. And then, as she knew she’d have to, she risked a glance at Uncle Tom.
A tiny, friendly smile lifted the corners of his mouth. Her loins seemed to have become liquid and she found that she couldn’t look away. The smile made her more certain than ever that he knew about her secret excitement every time she was punished in front of him.
‘It’s the Prime Minister,’ piped up Aunt Mary.
Uncle Tom allowed his attention to be drawn to the flickering grey image on the screen. Her insides a confusion of emotions, panic and the odd thrill that Uncle Tom was there to see her get her bottom tanned again, Jenny hooked her thumb under the elastic waistband of her pyjamas and inched them down. The air on her belly and her bottom felt slightly chill as the pants slipped lower to a point midway down her thighs. She dared not look, but she knew Uncle Tom’s eyes were on her.
She let her pants go and straightened up. Her pyjamas slithered to the floor and she hid her flourishing little muff of curly hair behind her hands. Mr Eden, on the television, seemed not to have noticed, possibly because what he was saying about the business in Suez was rather important. Certainly it held the attention of Aunt Mary and Aunt Harriet. Uncle Tom seemed less absorbed. His hand nudged against Jenny’s bare thigh, and then his fingers stroked gently and teasingly up the back of her leg.
‘They’re sending the troops in then,’ said Aunt Harriet to no one in particular, and Uncle Tom’s hand disappeared as if by magic.
‘Oo-oer,’ said Aunt Mary, and clicked her needles vigorously.
A moment or two later Uncle Tom’s hand brushed Jenny’s thigh again, then tapped insistently. Jenny tried to read the shapes of the words his lips were silently forming, darting quick, fearful glances at Aunt Harriet every few seconds. She couldn’t understand what he wanted to say, but his bright eyes on her modestly covering hands and his furtive sideways nods helped her to guess. The thrill of her vulnerability flickered tantalisingly in her tummy as she hesitantly, almost submissively, unfolded her shielding hands and put them behind her back.
Mr Eden faded from the screen. Aunt Harriet brought her attention back to the matter in hand and Debbie’s weeping subsided to a few sniffles every now and then.
‘Right! You —’ Debbie’s tender bottom bounced to the Smack! of a smarting spank, ‘— get yourself out to the kitchen and put the kettle on.’
Debbie squealed in a rather muted way and scrambled down off her chair. She scurried out of the door, dragging her pants up as she went.
‘And you —’ Aunt Harriet’s finger beckoned, ‘— across the back of this chair!’
Jenny stooped to retrieve her pyjama pants and she hoisted them up enough to allow her to walk. She shuffled to the chair and stood behind it, about to bend over its high back.
‘Kneel up on it stupid!’
‘Ooh — s-sorry.’
Her knees felt uncomfortable on the hard wooden seat, and her bum felt very naked and defenceless as she leaned forward over the chair-back and grasped the legs. She seemed to be very precariously balanced, as though any sudden move would have her toppling over. She looked sideways out of the corner of her eye and found Uncle Tom’s gaze resting eagerly on her bare, elevated bottom.
The strap dangled impatiently in her aunt’s hand while the girl arranged herself, then —
‘Now then, keep still —’
The leather snapped stingingly around the curve of Jenny’s young bottom and then snaked sinuously back ready for the next stroke. Jenny bit her lip and screwed up her eyes as the sting spread across her bum.
‘Oooh — oow — !!’
‘Oooooow —’
She couldn’t help it. The stifled cries sneaked between her lips and her bum-cheeks trembled as she tried ever so hard not to wriggle her hips. ‘Keep still’ meant just that — or else!
Jenny felt the sobs come bubbling up in her throat.
‘Ooooh — ooh — hoo — !’
‘Oooooo — ooogh!’
‘D’you think this will fit, dear?’
‘Pardon?’ said Uncle Tom, attention elsewhere.
‘Debbie. Do you think this jumper will fit her?’ repeated Aunt Mary.
Ooow — Ooo!
‘I should think, so,’ said Aunt Harriet.
Ooh — Ooo — Hoooo!
It was quite ridiculous, and so off-hand that it was utterly humiliating for the wriggling girl up on the chair.
The next stroke hissed smartly across the backs of her bare thighs.
Ahhh — Aaa —
Aunt Mary held up the half-knitted jumper and Aunt Harriet took it, considered it, and pulled a wry face.
‘Could be wrong though,’ she said, and held it up a little higher.
‘I suppose we ought to try it up against her and see.’ said Aunt Mary.
‘I suppose so,’ said Aunt Harriet, and promptly took herself and Aunt Mary out to the kitchen to accost Debbie with the unfinished birthday present.
Jenny was left to weep her tears, still poised over the chair-back, and the tears rolling heavily down her flushed cheeks blinded her to the fact that her uncle had left his chair. Warm, soothing fingers comforting her stinging bottom took Jenny completely unawares.
‘There, there —’
The smarting sensation in her bum fused suddenly with that same, yearning feeling which she’d had in her tummy before. The hands grew bolder, more intimate, brushing gently between her legs teasingly. Jenny gasped great gulps of air between her sobs and found herself squirming back onto the insulting fingers. The thrill in her loins bubbled closer and closer to that magic sensation which she had hitherto only known snugly tucked up alone in her warm bed — the thing that happened when she thought of Uncle Tom’s eyes on her the last time she’d been punished in front of him — while her own guilty fingers had tormented her to that beautiful, heavenly release.
‘Never mind Jenny,’ coaxed a faraway voice, ‘When you come to stay with us, I’ll never smack your bottom without making it really nice afterwards — alright?’
‘P-pardon? S-stay with — ?’
‘Us. Me and Aunt Mary. Next week, and until Aunt Harriet gets back from Canada next year.’
‘I-I didn’t know she was going —’
The touch lingered, teased, and suddenly it happened. She almost collapsed with the frantic pleasure of her coming. And then Uncle Tom was back in his chair, Aunt Harriet was saying, ‘Keep your behind up child!’ and the strap was flicking waspishly across her well-strapped bottom again and again.
Jenny wriggled and blubbered obligingly — not that she could help it anyway — and yet all at once it actually seemed bearable. When at last the two tender-bottomed girls were sent scampering upstairs to bed, to Jenny the future, like their two punished bums, seemed rosy indeed.


  1. It is nice to read of bare bottom chastisements being a part of the everyday household scene, and setting this very clearly in the 1950s makes it all the more believable. On the other hand I didn't very much like the idea of the girl enjoying what was being done to her in any way. Certainly the words "I'll never smack (for which I'd substitute the word 'cane') your bottom without making it really nice afterwards" should be spoken as a threat, not something to look forward to!

    1. Agreed. Nice for the punisher should he so choose: sexual intercourse unwanted by the girl. It’s a running discussion here on this blog around whether the girl should ‘like’ any of the punishment. Views vary and we all respect each other. I think it’s effective to come inside a tearful girl who is unwilling - it’s good discipline in putting them off boys when they are 16+ and so keeping the girl’s focus on schoolwork and housework. Obviously all the above should be requested by the girl’s mum & administered by a much older man who the teenage girl doesn’t like at all physically. I also punish the mum similarly for letting things ‘come to this’

    2. When it comes to fiction I don't want to read about the recipients of CP enjoying it. Of course, others may feel differently and I entirely respect that. Real life's another matter, though I think an intense recreation of the fiction/fantasy of coercion is something which can be enjoyed by both or all parties.

  2. A delightful tale of young submissive discovering the joys of submission and the ecstasy that awaits her. Still painful and humiliating - but her pleasure in experiencing those things is a delight.

    1. Milady I do believe my approach leads inexorably to a girl acquiring a taste for the pain followed by pleasure; as you have outlined in this blog. One girl this last summer was sent by her mum for her two weeks & I hadn’t intended the sexual element as Charlotte had behaved well since her previous punishment. However she requested the very intercourse she hadn’t been supposed to enjoy. (But only if I caned her bare bottom beforehand)

    2. One can get a very good idea of the cottage attic room Charlotte stays in from the cover of Blushes Supplement issue 17: an old-fashioned single bed with varnished wooden headboards & very squeaky springs which embarrass Charlotte during intercourse. As in the cover picture her knickers have been previously discarded before her caning & she has only a skimpy vest which she pulls down to cover her pubic nest. But not for long.

    3. Make no mistake her embarrassment and discomfort have been essential parts of all of my subs' experience. But the great charge eroticism, for me, had come from their uncomfortable reluctant realisation that no matter how they hate it they no that they want it. They want to be stripped naked in public, they want to be disciplined harshly until they cry, and they want to be brought, loudly, to pleasure, against their will knowing that they can be heard and knowing that once we are finished I will take her back outside, my hand in her neck, flushed in her aftermath, blushing with embarrassment in the knowledge that everyone knows exactly what has just happened to her.

  3. Bob here.
    Hi,Marco.I do hope and trust that Charlotte was indeed most thoroughly
    Caned during her two week stay with you
    and hope you will agree with me that no
    other single implement ie better than the cane for producing radical improvement in a girl's conduct and obedience.It's also a delight that her
    mother clearly approves of Charlotte's discipline.Charlotte is such a sweet
    name for a girl that that in and of itself would probably be enough to guarantee her a caning in my book.
    I very much hope you will not spare the
    rod when it comes to this young lady in future,that she may better profit by the strict,scorching lesson it imparts
    to her.

  4. Milady, Bob

    Just to update you both.

    Milady I wanted to confirm your descriptions of what Charlotte was feeling. I got her mother to send her punishment-loving daughter around ASAP & she was taken aback when I put it to her that she had enjoyed an orgasm despite herself as a result of the harsh caning & that she had then been filled with shame and self-reproach at her inability to avert climax while being punished.

    Bob, the minx said she came multiple times when I was performing dutiful punishment intercourse on her with the specific intention of putting her off sex! as previously outlined. I felt she was trying to humiliate me in this admission. You will appreciate I rightly flew into a rage and hit her hard around the face and breasts. The snag now is - does she enjoy all that too in terms of bringing orgasm despite the shame and self-loathing Milady has pointed us to in such cases.

    I had to find a way of inflicting something she doesn’t like despite the self-loathing which follows and accompanies what to her is nonetheless an irresistible turn on.

    I called her mum to say I had been thwarted in my endeavours to belittle Charlotte and asked mum whether there is anything Charlotte does not get excited by despite it being corporal and sexual punishment. Mum said she heard Charlotte & her sister Olivia discussing oral sex. Mum said Charlotte expressed an aversion to having come ejaculated in her eyes and all over her face. So that is how I did eventually get a grimace from the young lady and the tears which flowed also at that point where recompense enough for a singular case in my experience.

    1. Perhaps you should try thrashing mother and sister in front of her to see if their tears provoke rather more remorse in her?

  5. Thanks again Milady & will follow your advice. Charlotte is 16 & has many harsh lessons I intend teaching her. I want to make her far more remorseful about the fact of her shame at being turned on by her naked canings. You’re right & I hadn’t thought of showing her for what she is in front of her mum & sister. As I said I have caned mum on her bare bottom for sloppy parenting. The eldest daughter, Olivia, 18, I have had stay twice to deal with her promiscuity. Unlike Charlotte, Olivia was not turned on by her prolonged caning & repeated bouts of unwanted sexual intercourse had the desired effects of keeping her away from the distractions of her male peer group. Olivia is going to be very cross at being thrashed purely because of Charlotte’s behaviour. Mum will understand why she has to be caned again in order to bring matters home to Charlotte.
    I think you’re right that Charlotte will react to the sight of her mum & sister in punishment tears.

    What else do you think I should do to Charlotte?

    Mum says she caught Charlotte watching corporal punishment videos while she masturbated with her legs spread wide.


  6. Hi,Marco.What a situation! A mother with clearly lax parenting skills.A promiscuous elder daughter in Olivia and...shock! Horror! She (the mother) finds Charlotte watching and masturbating along to a corporal punishment movie.
    I think mum (you don't mention her name),Olivia and Charlotte should all have to come and stay with you for at least a fortnight (longer if possible)
    for some special attention.This cp film
    should be brought along too.Upon arrival,all three women should be made to strip naked with one small variation.They are allowed to wear panties when not actually being caned etc but the wearing panties moments will be accompanied by a few sprigs of stinging nettles inserted front and back.They are to sit on their nettled arses with hands on heads all day,every day and made to watch this cp movie over and over until they are sick of it.Each night,all three should be caned
    and strapped on their bare nettle stung
    bottoms while still having to watch the same movie over and over.The next day (and every day) you repeat the process.
    If they are not cured of their faults and bad behaviour after 14 or 14 plus days of such special attention,then I for one would be surprised.Worth a try,I reckon.
    Naughty girls...what are they like,eh ?

  7. Thanks for your suggestions Bob. Mum’s name is Antonia. We await further instructions from Milady who is expert in dealing with the likes of Charlotte- and you will recall that Charlotte is sexually stimulated by corporal punishment while hating herself for her nature. Milady’s plan above looks to exploit the vulnerability and shame in being unable to resist her base impulses. Your fortnight of 3-lady canings would serve in part to indulge Charlotte in providing her with the pain she craves but hates herself for.

    Milady I will begin the process of getting the 3 ladies together & would welcome full instructions of how to handle the situation to maximise Charlotte’s discomfiture.

    (Bob I have long since carried out sexual punishments for the improvement of young ladies. Charlotte is the first case where I have been informed of a specific sexual dislike to exploit - namely that ejaculation all across her face causes her distress and disgust. I am normally simply dutiful about my sexual punishment duties and don’t dwell on them. However, her pretty grimaces of distaste as ejaculate streamed with her tears down her face and onto her breasts does recur to me in a pleasurable way. Yesterday I caught myself looking in the exclusive and reassuringly expensive Aubade lingerie shop in London. I imagine Charlotte in expensive presents covering her pubic nest, bottom & tits as she is prohibited revealing these as she enjoys - in a qualified way - enduring pain in these sensitive female zones. With her dressed in Aubade I am punishing her by ejaculating across her crying face insulting her predilection for corporal punishment. Normally I do not indulge in my consideration of future scenarios, never mind consider treating bad girls to intimate gifts. Charlotte the harlot seems to have caused a fixation in me which must end).
    I’m sure a Milady can assist in ending it and return my focus to exploitation of this vulnerable young lady.

    1. Well for a start I would not try to change her. Instead I'd look to exploit her appetites for my own pleasure. She seems to have the makings of a perfect submissive. I'd look to continuously test and stretch her limits - and in so doing I'd look to see how far I can corrupt mother and sister into the same state until the three are willing to do anything for me. I would encourage her to masturbate while I dislike and then take my pleasure of Antonia and Olivia. And afterwards, while they lie broken, cuddling together for comfort I would insist she masturbates again while explaining how she felt watch her mother's and sister's humiliation. I would question her deeply about her desires and manipulate her into confessing sexual desire for them. And, critically, I would deny her the discipline she craves - at least until she has seduced them.

      There are other humiliations of course - you mentioned a lingerie shop - I might have her strip to try on various of their wares - in full public view of course - public nudity and indeed public punishment are valuable humiliations for a young strumpet - again though - my objective would be to get her to want to submit to ever more extreme ways of serving my pleasure.

  8. Bob here.
    Hi,Marco.Loving this fascinating topic
    of what can be done about "Charlotte the harlot".Love even rhymes!
    Ha ha! I think you and Milady de Larmes
    have made some very points about the general way of steering things with regard to all of these ladies but most
    especially this exceedingly naughty scamp,Charlotte.
    I can and do appreciate that you are perhaps on the edge of having feelings
    for this girl.I mean wanting to buy her
    fancy lingerie etc.This doesn't sound
    like the regular,no nonsense version of you we have come to know a little in these various posts but at the same time I think it is totally understandable.Okay,she is clearly badly behaved beyond belief but at the same time she sounds heartbreakinglyou adorable.I must admit,Marco,I would feel split in half over a girl like Charlotte,with her seemingly insatiable
    appetite for corporal punishment.
    Part of me would want to remain cold and distant in punishing her,showing her nothing but great displeasure at her incorrigible behaviour,while another part of me would probably fall madly for her and want to shower her with gifts (more cp implements ?) as well as love and discipline...and admiration at how much cp she can take.
    Milady already has suggested she seems to have the makings of a true submissive and I think she is spot on.
    You have a bit of a dilemma,Marco...but
    what a wonderful dilemma it is.
    I look forward to any further comments,observations etc you or Milady may wish to make and eagerly await any reports on how best to continue with disciplining this most richly deserving trio of minxes.

  9. Great comments & suggestions Milady & Bob. What I like about Charlotte Bob is that she is my first sub in the making. Instead of the usual satisfaction of bare-bottom caning a girl to tears, I can now get what I want by refusing to cane her as that is exactly what she wants. As Milady is explaining me through how to deal with her - we can get her to do almost anything as she pleads for the cane. As Milady says Charlotte is in two minds as she cannot resist corporal punishment but is equally ridden with guilt and shame about it.
    Milady’s suggestions are amazing.
    Milady do you really take a girl into a lingerie shop and get her to undress in the public area for total strangers to see? How wonderfully embarrassing for the girl! If I walk into Aubade on New Bond Street London & condone Charlotte to do this, though the sales staff will be keen to make a sale, there might be questions asked about the fact I am forty years older than the delicious 16 year old.
    That said I would make her try on lots and lots and lots of lingerie right in the middle of the shop before deciding which best suits her lovely bottom, breasts & pubic nest (I would insist we leave the visit until her pubic bush is fully thatched as I know she is embarrassed by having any hair around her vagina).

    I’m sure Olivia would love to be there to see her little sister Charlotte using the Aubade public spaces to strip. Olivia thinks her sister is pervy for wanting to be caned really hard.

    Bob do take a look at the Aubade website. And remember I already know Charlotte’s Achilles heel is a distaste for being cumshot on.

    More soon I’m sure.

    Milady talk me through how I should handle the lingerie shop part. I am minded to let Charlotte do all the talking (as she thinks she’ll get the cane If she does as she’s told beforehand). Presumably at the point where she is directed to a private changing room she just says ‘I’ll change out in the open’ & just takes all her clothes off?