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Tuesday, 26 November 2019


From Blushes Supplement 13
As she brought him the file, having to come close alongside him at his desk, David squeezed the ripe young bottom-cheek. Though it was covered with thin jeans-material, it still felt nicely resilient. He had to confess he had had his eye on that swivelling-wiggling bottom for something like six months. Now the ‘moment of truth’ seemed to be arriving.
‘Looking forward to it then?’ He didn’t exactly leer, but it was the nearest thing you could get to it.
‘Get off me!’ she tried to sound strong, yet she was a jelly inside. What one hell of mess she’d got herself into! ‘You… you’re just a pervert.’
‘I should watch your words if I was you,’ said David carefully. ‘Not in any position to get stroppy are you.’ He squeezed the buttock-cheek again.
‘Oh stop it… ooohh… who do you think you are?’
He grinned. ‘I’m your boss. And, as you well know, I’ve got you over a barrel.’
‘No you haven’t!’ She was still defiantly perky. Chin up, eyes blazing. Yet, he well knew, it was only a veneer. He’d caught the girl red-handed, so now he could call the tune. The mouth wobbled. She was trying hard, but the strain was showing.
‘Angie,’ he said with deliberation, ‘You know you have been putting your hand in the till for months. Why pretend otherwise? I’m not a fool. I’ve been watching the returns. Then, in the end, I actually caught you at it.’ He sat back complacently. No doubt at all she was very rattled.
‘You… you’ve got no proof…’ Still defiant!
David shook his head. ‘Oh dear… oh dear…’ He took out a folder. ‘There’s all the evidence I need in here. Do we have to go over it again?’
Angie pouted prodigiously. She knew she was on a loser at that moment. It maddened her. All the same, she was aware she was being given a way out. Even if it were a most humiliating way. Hell’s bloody bells! She would have to be smarter in future! ‘I… I suppose not. But… but it’s quite unheard of!’
‘Really?’ David looked as smug as he felt. ‘Are you so sure about that?’
‘It doesn’t happen these days. Not to girls…’
He laughed. ‘How can you be so sure? Anyway, it’s going to happen to you.’
Once again he squeezed one of those rounded buttock-cheeks.
‘Oh… oh… you beast… stop… !’
He gave that bottom a pat. ‘Better get back in the shop… and finish off. We’ll be off in half an hour.’
‘Yes… off to my place. You didn’t think I was going to do it here, did you?’ She looked daggers at him. Real wild. He liked that. He also liked blondes. And she was very blonde. Blonde and curly. It would be very interesting to see if that blonde were genuine. Elsewhere. That was the true test. They didn’t dye their hair there. Not usually, anyway. Yes… that would be interesting.
She swaggered out of his office, bottom swaying arrogantly. One could sense the seething rage within her. She was trapped. And he was going to do what he’d wanted to do for a very long time!
David had taken Angie on some six months previously. She seemed a smart, attractive girl, ideal to run the video shop he had set up, alongside the filling station he owned. It was in a good position and business was brisk. A nice little source of extra income.
However, before long, David realised that Angie considered it a nice little source of extra income for herself as well. Takings were not what they should be. So he investigated… and found out.
Angie was definitely fiddling.
Now she was going to pay the penalty.
‘Want to change your mind?’ They were travelling smoothly in his Sierra towards his flat. He glanced sideways and saw that lower lip sticking out more sulkily than ever. ‘It’s quite simple. I can take you to the nick instead.’
She uttered a groaning sound of furious frustration. A sound which indicated she knew he had the upper hand… and how much she hated it! ‘I still say you’re a pervert,’ she spat out.
‘Maybe I am,’ replied David mildly. ‘On the other hand, it is a fact you are a thief. So… let’s have a final decision now. The nick’s only half a mile away.’
He saw her shudder at that. ‘Get on with it…’ she said in a small voice. ‘But don’t think I won’t get my own back one day.’
David laughed. ‘I wonder what you’d do,’ he mused. ‘Or try and do.’
Angie stayed silent, but tossed her curly blonde head.
‘I’m only going to spank you,’ said David. ‘Nothing more serious than that.’
‘It’s quite enough…’ She was looking just a shade tearful, even though he had given her a stiff drink. Now they had arrived in his bedroom.
‘I could use something, you know. A slipper… or even a cane…’
‘Ohhh… shut up… you wouldn’t!’
‘Why not! It’s for me to decide.’ David was feeling very confident now that he’d actually got the girl into his bedroom. It really was an incredible situation. She was there to be spanked… and agreeing to it. How many men could have been lucky enough to contrive such a thing? ‘You can still get out of it,’ he said.
A funny look flashed across her face and, for a moment, he thought she was going to chicken out. Damn… what a pity that would be! Then she tightened her cheek muscles. ‘I’ve agreed… don’t go on about it!’ The raging within her was evident. And most enjoyable to behold. Saucy little monkey — she deserved all that was coming to her. And wasn’t he going to enjoy it!
‘Right then. Take off your skirt… and your knickers.’
‘W-what!’ The girl moved towards the door. ‘Do you think… think I’d do that?’
‘If you don’t,’ replied David, ‘We’ll leave now. And you know where we’ll be going.’ With amusement, he watched Angie pound her fists on the door in fury. He knew he had her exactly where he wanted.
‘O-ohhh… you are a swine… oh… why do you have to make me do that?’
‘It’s what I want. So do it. Now!’ He was getting a little impatient. Not wanting the initiative to slip away from him. Then he watched as she went over into one corner and slipped down her pale blue jeans. Beneath were pale blue panties. These too came down. In slow time. A delightfully rounded, girlish bottom was revealed. David felt his pulses begin to throb faster. Though he had dreamed about it, he’d never actually smacked a girl’s bottom before. This was becoming quite fantastic. There she stood in nothing but a brief white top. Still facing away from him.
‘Come over here,’ ordered David sharply.
‘Ohhh… ohh… you are a b-beast… a real beast…’ She kept her head down as she turned. David saw at once that blonde head of hair was matched by the blonde bush now revealed to him. That was nice. He liked genuine blondes even more than artificial ones. His pulses throbbed even faster.
‘No one else will ever know about this,’ he said reassuringly.
The blonde head came up. ‘I should bloody well hope not!’ she spat out. She looked quite enchanting. Trying to be bravely defiant yet, within, was quite obviously a jelly of girlish terror. David could not have wished for anything more.
‘Come here,’ he ordered, beckoning. She came slowly towards the chair on which he was seated. She came warily. Eyes nervous, lips quivering. ‘And remember, if you don’t do as I say, the whole deal’s off.’ He saw those pretty features pucker. And was quite delighted.
She stood before him, head down, cheeks colouring. By no means an innocent, he reckoned. She would have had plenty of boys in view of her looks. Would know what it was all about. What she didn’t like was being dictated to. Ah well, that was her hard luck. He was beginning to fancy her like crazy. But that was something which would have to come later. One thing at a time. He’d always wanted to spank a girl.
Now, here it was! Standing right before him. Naked from the waist-down. ‘Turn around,’ he ordered. To his relief, she did so without demure. There was that young plump bottom bare, right before him. He took a grip on himself. ‘Bend…’ he said. He said it with a firmness he did not inwardly feel. Then was quite delighted — not to say relieved — when the girl bent.
Her bottom curved tauter, her cleft widened. A blonde valley of delight was exposed. Oh what treasures to be plundered! David had to take a firm grip on his surging desires. There were other matters to be attended to!
‘P-pervert…’ she sobbed.
David slapped the luscious bottom before him. Not too hard, but not too gently either. ‘I don’t want that word used again,’ he said. ‘It is you who has committed a crime. Not me.’ With relish, he slapped that naked flesh again. What a marvellous bottom it was! So well rounded. So eminently smackable.
He slapped each cheek in turn. She didn’t make a sound, but then he was not doing much more than patting her hard. It was delightful to watch the soft flesh quiver. He had a terrific desire to thrust his hand into that downy cleft but managed to resist. That would really set the cat amongst the pigeons.
‘Up straight again,’ said David. ‘And turn around.’
Angie did so, looking immensely relieved… and he suddenly realised that she thought that was all he was going to do to her. She’d even started heading for her knickers and jeans when he grabbed her and pulled her over his knees. She cried out with shocked horror and began to struggle. Quickly he pulled her wrists behind her back and gripped them tight. ‘I haven’t started on you yet, my pretty,’ he said with a laugh. ‘You didn’t think that was it, did you?’
‘Oh beast… you beast!’
That superbly-shaped bottom curved nicely before him. Quite irresistible. David took a deep breath, and a tighter grip, then began to smack it. Hard! At each stinging slap, she gasped and yelped, bottom twisting with pain, legs kicking out.
‘Ahhh… oowww… aaahhhwoooo stop… stop… ohhh… stop!’
The room was filled with her cries and pleas but David went on slapping that soft flesh just as hard as he could. What a joy it was to do! To make her squirm. To watch the flesh change from cream to pink, then from pink to red.
Sslllaaappp! Smaacck!
Oh he was really giving it to her!
‘Yaaaahhhh! stop… that’s enough… see… enough… no more no more please.’
She was getting in a frightful state and several times David almost lost a grip of her wrists. But he was strong enough to hold her… and the slaps kept raining down on that bouncing bottom. At the top… on this cheek… on that cheek… down below… on the thighs as well.
Lovely! Oh so lovely!
Only when his hand was too burning hot, and his arm getting tired, did David desist. By then, Angie was sobbing like a little kid that’s lost its mum. She lay flat down on the rug before him, hands pressing to her behind.
David grinned down happily. He reckoned the girl had had a proper lesson. Just what she deserved, the thieving little monkey. It would be a long time before she put a hand in a till again. If she stayed, that is. Still, he reflected, she’d have to, if he insisted. He’d still got a hold over her, hadn’t he?
Very gradually, the sobs subsided, but the hands remained pressing.
‘That’s enough of that nonsense,’ he said at last. ‘It wasn’t all that bad.’
‘Ohhh… how can you say that! It was awful… you can’t imagine…’ ‘She looked up, indignation on her tearful features.
‘You obviously don’t know what a good hiding really is, young lady,’ said David. ‘Like the ones they used to give in olden times. Dad used to take his belt to a girl’s bottom. Now that really hurt! And what about a good caning? How would you like a dozen or more across that attractive backside of yours?’
She flinched, then flushed. Was it his use of the word ‘attractive’? ‘Of course, I wouldn’t,’ she replied sulkily. ‘But they were more like savages in those days.’
‘But it happened all the same,’ said David. ‘So what’s an ordinary spanking compared with that?’
‘Oh my poor bottie… it’s so hot. And sore,’ wailed Angie plaintively. ‘I’d never have agreed if I’d known you were going to be so… so severe.’
‘Severe?’ scoffed David. ‘You don’t know the meaning of the word! Come on, get up off the floor. You can’t stay there all the evening.’
Slowly the girl got up and at last removed her hands from her buttock-cheeks. She moved towards her clothes. She was mumbling something under her breath.
‘Where do you think you’re going?’ he asked.
‘To put my things on, of course…’
‘Not yet. I haven’t finished.’ She turned startled, disbelieving.
‘You… you don’t mean… more. I’m not having that.’ Oh very firm!
‘No… not more. Not if you behave yourself.’ He smiled encouragingly, wondering how far he was going to get. ‘Just stand here. Right in front of me.’
She looked a shade puzzled and did so hesitantly. ‘What’s all this then? Want to have a good look, do you?’ Her voice was scornful. ‘Like a dirty old man.’
‘That’s right.’ He grinned. ‘Not so much of the old, thank you.’ The girl had an excellent figure. ‘Let’s have those legs astride, shall we?’ he said. ‘Like when you’re doing gym exercises.’
The girl looked even more scornful. ‘You are a pervert, aren’t you?’ she said. ‘Can’t get it up, or something?’
‘On the contrary,’ replied David, rather nettled at the suggestion.
‘Supposing I don’t?’
‘Then you go back over my knees,’ came the swift answer… and David grabbed at her waist. That did it.
‘Oh… alright then… you horrible beast!’ The limbs spread wide. The view was even more enchanting. If only she wouldn’t look at him so contemptuously.
‘Perv…’ she kept saying. ‘Perv…’
‘I think,’ said David slowly, ‘it might be a good idea if I proved to you that I am not at all perverted. But just a normal, healthy male.’
Very gently, he moved his hand around the girl’s flank and laid it on the hot softness of the girl’s bottom. She didn’t jerk away as he had half expected she would. There was now a different look on her pretty features. Rather a strange one. In fact, Angie was finding that the heat in her bottom was having an amazing effect on her. Doing amazing things to her. Heating her up most excitingly in other places. The hand moved caressingly.
‘Sort of… sort of compensation?’ said Angie, with the hint of a smile.
‘You could call it that,’ replied David. He put both hands on the hot, soft buttock-cheeks and pulled the girl towards him. She was quite unresisting.

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