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Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Veronica Takes the Rap

Video featuring Sophie Fennington, I believe her first.
M/f; time:  27 minutes
We have been reviewing spanking films for 15 years, our preference for vintage, with storylines, some acting, length, and mostly British. By reading a lot of wiki-type information, we know that Sophie Fennington was the early queen of British CP. We had reviewed most of her films, and her 1994 Interview helps to cover her career. We have now found the first two films she made, thanks to a collector who must share our tastes.
This film, maybe titled The Errant Schoolgirl at one time, must have been made in the early 1980’s, a Tallion release. It features Sophie as a schoolgirl/waif, the disciplinarian will be her husband Christian Fennington, and according to various sources, the director is the inveterate spanko/pervert Michael Dawes. Dawes made many British spanking films, probably more than anyone else, most of which were distributed by Calstar. Those films document his perverse fascination with every essence of corporal punishment and the female bottom.
Sophie narrates here. Mr Whittaker is going to punish her for failing to exercise. A friend of hers was spanked by him. He is ‘kinky’ and likes to fondle his girls. In fact, Christian Fennington does just that in many films he made, director Dawes encourages it, and Sophie complained about husband Christian’s wandering hands with other girls in her Interview.
Veronica is deadly cute here, looking about 19. Long dark blond hair, two ponytails, white blouse, skirt, and a slightly dishevelled look which maximizes her vulnerability.
Christian starts her off with some PT, always a favourite with CP fans. Star jumps and touch-toes. Christian wants Veronica to strip to just panties, which she does, displaying some of the innocently erotic acting seen in all her films She is very much the schoolgirl, standing there in just full blue knickers, so young, and almost undernourished. More exercises.
She’s getting nervous, we like the direction this film is heading. She sucks the tip of a ponytail.
The spanking begins, for some offenses — smoking, and sneaking out to the cinema. OTK for a hairbrush, not hard, not yet. [traffic noises, always a problem for CP producers]
‘Fetch the cane,’ this for going to the cinema. First, some palm slaps, then 7 strokes on her knickers. ‘Stop snivelling.’ More star jumps. OTK again, more exercise, and 6 more from the cane.
Hands on head at the wall, Whittaker pulls down her panties himself. Standing for the hairbrush again; frontal glimpses. No one was shaving in this era. Nude exercises. Whittaker retrieves and flourishes her panties on the tip of his cane.
And some Dawes mastery — naked Veronica does some leg lifts lying on her side on the floor. Lovely glimpses between her legs. More caning when she stands, then Whittaker spreads cold cream, slowly. Long frontal shots. Slow sexy dressing.
Ms Fennington has touched all the classic CP ritual in this her first film.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:


  1. Bob here.
    Great movie,that! Thank you,fleas63.
    Sophie,what a cute little cracker! Just gorgeous!

  2. Yes indeed Michael

    Always good to order a naked girl to do things which demean her, then blame her for doing it with mockery & derision.

    So it is with the star jumps: tell a girl her tits look ridiculous and as they fly around - laugh at her.
    Then with the exercise revealing the pubic nest as she raises her leg up and down - scold her for lewdly inviting intercourse, as though it’s her idea, then come inside her making it as uncomfortable and embarrassing as possible, pinning the idea on her, denying all knowledge of it being your command. She will weep with frustration at you as you come.