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Thursday, 10 October 2019

The Punishment Series 5 — Lies

From Janus 45
In Janus 42 we published another letter and photo from K. & L. de R. who wrote from the Netherlands describing themselves as ‘an exhibitionistic spanking-minded couple’ and asking why we had not taken up Mrs L. de R.’s previous offer to model for Janus. Her husband promised that she possessed ‘a gorgeous pair of buttocks’ which she ‘just loves to show turn red as hell!’ Whereupon we summoned them to London to explain themselves — and to test their claim, which Mrs de R. passed with flying, not to say flaming, colours.
We are pleased that Kris and Lies made it hard for us to ignore them for they are an engaging young couple with a delightful story to tell.
LIES: My background? I’m 34. I was born in Amsterdam. I had a very ordinary childhood, very happy. When I was 18 I went straight from my parents’ house and married Kris. We met on a very special night, at a party and it was love at first sight.
JANUS: How sweet. Had you already had any experience of CP or spanking?
LIES: No, none at all.
JANUS: So Kris introduced you to it?
LIES: Well, we found out together really, when we saw a magazine. And there were a few things before, when we had just met, like the man downstairs.
JANUS: What about the man downstairs?
LIES: When we are making love I make a lot of noise and I cry out a lot. The neighbour downstairs heard, and asked Kris, ‘What do you do, do you cane her or spank her to make such a noise?’ He said, ‘Well no, but it sounds nice, I might try it!’
JANUS: Did that actually start it? Was this before the magazine or after?
LIES: Oh, long before.
JANUS: So that just put something in the back of your mind?
LIES: Yes, it was just that.
JANUS: But you didn’t try it after that?
LIES: No, no. In fact Kris had it more in the back of his mind than I did, I didn’t really think about it. But about three years ago Kris was looking at some magazines and he found a copy of Janus 11. He looked through it and he liked it so much he bought it. When he got home we read it and he said, ‘This I’ve wanted for a very long time.’ So we tried it. Actually, one of the stories, A Price To Pay, is still my favourite of all the CP stories we’ve ever read. Perhaps it was because I could so closely identify with the girl in the story. I remember that I was so impressed that I read the story onto tape and used to play it back to Kris because it turned him on so much!
JANUS: That’s understandable!
LIES: But he said, ‘Let’s set up a spanking photographic session,’ and I was willing to do this, and said, ‘We’ll try.’ So I did, and I really enjoyed it.
JANUS: Can you tell us about the photographic session and about your attitude towards it beforehand?
LIES: I was very curious about how it was going to be. I just put on my things and made up just as for any other photographic session.
JANUS: Were you excited?
LIES: I was, yes, but more curious than excited in the beginning. But when we started, I just willingly bent over to take it.
JANUS: Who was the photographer?
LIES: Oh, he’s a friend of ours. We had done ‘normal’ erotic photos with him before. He had never seen spanking actually happening up till then, and he liked it immensely!
JANUS: Was it a hand-spanking or were any instruments used?
LIES: No, it was spanking, from Kris’s hand.
JANUS: Can you remember what it felt like the first time that Kris’s hand hit your bottom?
LIES: It hurt more than I thought it would.
JANUS: How many spanks did he give you?
LIES: About 15 or 20, and he really struck me very hard.
JANUS: How did you feel when he had finished?
LIES: The moment that the strokes came down, I was too dazzled because they hurt so much. But afterwards it started to glow so nicely, it was really very nice.
JANUS: You began to feel it was, worthwhile?
LIES: Oh yes. Certainly.
JANUS: Because of the after-effect?
LIES: Yes.
JANUS: Did you feel sexy?
LIES: Oh yes!
JANUS: Did it make Kris feel sexy?
KRIS: Sure, it’s sexy to start with, it’s sexy when it’s over, and what I like especially is the way she’s delivered into my trust. Normally there’s a little bit of shyness left in a person, but Lies loses all of this when I spank her. What I like is when she gets out of control and she has spasms that she doesn’t have otherwise. The way she’s lost in the wobbling.
JANUS: Wobbling? You like the way the bottom moves, Kris?
KRIS: The bottom moving, and the shouts of Lies. Just the breaking of the rules.
JANUS: Do you like the power that it gives you?
KRIS: Sure, because it’s not my ordinary way in daily life. I’m not the powerful type. I like to feel the power and I think Lies likes that too.
JANUS: Do you like to be at the mercy of his will, Lies? Do you like to feel submissive towards him?
LIES: Yes. Normally, I’m not the submissive type, but I like the feeling that he’s the powerful one and I am submissive and that I have to endure it all.
JANUS: Do you like to be dominated by Kris in other ways, or purely in a CP context?
LIES: No, not in other ways, just in that context.
JANUS: And it’s just an erotic thing, is it?
LIES: Purely erotic. I don’t think we would do it in any other way. As a pure and simple punishment I don’t think we could do it, but CP does improve the balance between us.
KRIS: It’s erotic, I’ve got power. Lies happens to be very jealous. It’s not my good fortune, but she can’t stand me fooling around. In our lives I respect her jealousy, it’s one of the points which give her power in our relationship and I accept that I know the rules. Therefore it’s such fun for me to break the rules and punish her for her jealousy, knowing that I hurt her more than that funny way that friend of ours does — he beats her as if she’s fragile. I’m not jealous at all.
JANUS: Lies, can you tell us something about this friend of yours?
LIES: Yes, but can I say something about the first point first? I think, in a way it is a punishment, and because I know it’s wrong I take the punishment for that gladly. Maybe that is a reason.
JANUS: We’re back to a point that has so often been made about CP: that it cleanses the conscience and cleans the slate, leaving the recipient feeling purer afterwards. Do you feel after you’ve been spanked that you’ve taken the punishment for your jealousy and now you’re starting at zero again?
LIES: Well, I’m not sure it cleanses me entirely, because it remains a vice really. It takes a bit off it, yes.
JANUS: Perhaps the punishment is not severe enough then — that would be logical! Tell us about this friend.
KRIS: We’ve got a photographer friend and he doesn’t keep his hands strictly on his camera! It’s funny you know, but when he takes Lies over his knee she always pleads ‘Not too hard!’ But she would be very disappointed if I was fooling about in that way, by not hurting her properly. She is proud if her bottom is red and hot and sore but she can stand it and still take more.
LIES: Yes, because there’s no reason at all why he should punish me, but for Kris, well, there may be many reasons why he should punish me. I think from Kris I take it happier than from this friend, but he likes to photograph it, that’s for sure!
KRIS: He photographs it in colour.
JANUS: Does this always lead up to sex?
LIES: Yes.
JANUS: Is the sex better for it? Are your feelings heightened?
LIES: Yes, you are feeling very erotic, it glows so nicely and you just can’t wait to go on.
JANUS: As a married couple, do you think that the fact that you practise CP — sometimes, you feel, as a punishment for your particular vices — stops you arguing or allows you to get your frustrations out, rather than bottling all the tension up and then having arguments which could cause a division between you? Is there this effect, or not?
LIES: I think you mention something very important We’re not arguing a lot anymore in the last few years, and we’ve been doing physical punishment a lot in that time. Maybe it’s something — I never realised.
JANUS: I wondered, because we’ve recently interviewed another couple who have been married as long as you two and their marriage is far happier and more contented now than before they started practising CP. And you seem to be a very happy couple.
LIES: Oh yes, we are.
JANUS: It’s a strong contrast to observations one has had of couples who have only been married a few years or so, whose marriages are falling apart. They are continually arguing, they throw things at each other, they seem to have no outlet other than that for their frustration with each other’s inadequacies and personal vices. It appears that perhaps you have found a way of removing those frustrations and sparing yourselves these conflicts without realising it.
KRIS: I think it could be a bit of an exaggeration to say that CP was what saved our marriage, but we like to explore many avenues and certainly there is much joy for us in this one.
LIES: We’ve argued a lot in the past and it’s less now, so it might be because of the corporal punishment.
JANUS: In receiving CP, Lies, do you have a preference for the hand, the strap or the cane, or do they have individual places in your experience of CP? Is there a time when you would say, ‘I would prefer the strap’?
LIES: Not really. I think on the whole I prefer the hand, because of the physical contact. The position I like best is being bent over the knee — contact again — and on the bed. One of the aspects of being spanked that I like is that you’re exposed so much. It’s probably the exhibitionist in me. Every aspect of your being is exposed, there is nothing that you can hide.
KRIS: We haven’t only been married 17 years but we are with each other 24 hours a day, and so everything’s sexual and also our CP episodes build up over a long time. She wears something very short, and she’s tantalising all the time, so she has to pay for it. And there’ll be some crazy accident, like finding there are no tomatoes in the vegetables. That’s enough to get her spanked. I tell her, ‘OK, you pay for that,’ and I’m sure she loves it because if I’m drawing, or occupied with something else, she won’t let me forget that there was something promised.
JANUS: You do a lot of erotic drawings, Kris. Does CP often feature in them?
KRIS: Yes — If I’m not forced to! Normally my drawings are soft porn. I don’t like to make them really sadistic, you can watch television for that. I like Paula Meadows’ drawings.
JANUS: Final question. Would you punish your children?
LIES: I have actually beaten them, yes, but on the spur of the moment, not a deliberate spanking on the bottom, just a whack around the head. I don’t think I could give them a formal spanking as such.
KRIS: There’s so much sex in the house, they find it really fun that we enjoy each other. Our son spanks Lies!! But I don’t think a Dutch teenaged girl would accept being spanked, they are so free and independent. She never would take it.
JANUS: I think also that as Kris said, you can’t have two values. You can’t have spanking for erotic purposes and mix it with spanking for punishment in the same home. You can’t have the two together.
KRIS: I think it would be punishment if I stopped spanking Lies.


  1. She certainly does have a gorgeous pair of buttocks!

  2. Bob here.
    Truly gorgeous bottom indeed.The photos
    of Lies bending over and being caned are epic!
    Another absorbing interview.
    Thank you,fleas63.